Dennis Rodman Gets Community Service Sentence

When it comes to Dennis Rodman, people tend to remind him more for his flamboyant style rather than his performance as NBA star. He always had quite the taste for booze and drugs and hardcore partying. The slacking seems to be put to an end by a judge who gave Dennis Rodman a community service sentence for failing to pay child support.

More than a lesson of life regarding Dennis Rodman lifestyle, the sentence he received should definitely be a warning for all those dads who fail to pay child support. Perhaps the sentence doesn’t look to be as much hassle, but that doesn’t mean slacking would cut it.

For a former NBA star, 104 hours of community service is not exactly the most “elegant” sentence. Dennis Rodman is also looking at three years of probation. He still has to go back in court June 22 to settle remaining child support issues.

According to a court official with the Orange County, Dennis “Rodman also must pay current child and spousal support, and he still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional back child support”.

Earlier this year, Dennis Rodman was said to face even time in jail if he doesn’t pay some $870,000 in child and spousal support. However, as his financial advisor, Peggy Williams told The Times, Dennis Rodman is broke. “In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic. His sickness impacts his ability to get work”.

The truth is that Dennis Rodman has shifted out of media focus for the past few years. Perhaps he should do something outrageous to his hair and get some media coverage for a day or two. Or maybe launch a reality show featuring a 51-year-old former NBA star that has to find work to pay for child and spousal support.

And the man has done it all: went out on a date with Madonna, changed his hair color for several times and even tied the knot with Carmen Electra. He was quite the character in “Fifth Element” and agreed to wear a wedding dress during a book promotion campaign. The cops were called 80 times to his once beachfront home in Newport Beach and about $31,000 a month went in supporting his hard partying.

At 51 years Dennis Rodman might be broke and looking at a community service sentence, but he’s got quite a lot of stories to tell. 

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