Denial And Cancer Fear Cause Thousands Of Deaths

It’s not easy to find the courage to call your physician and have him test you for cancer. And it surely doesn’t get much easier once you have the results in your hands. As you hear the doctor explaining you have cancer it’s hard not to feel that’s the end of your life. For many people out there fearing they’ve got cancer or refusing to accept the diagnosis, the wasted time can mean finding a treatment. A recent study shows that denial and cancer fear are causing thousands of deaths each year.

March is the National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time dedicated to promote awareness and prevention. And when it comes to colorectal cancer prevention and early diagnosis are the best chances a patient has. Having this in mind, whether or not you fear it is colorectal cancer, schedule an appointment with your physician and come to terms with whatever is going on. Even if many times the results show there’s no cancer, gambling with your health isn’t exactly the safest bet.

As March has just begun a new study from UK regarding people’s awareness and perception of cancer and its symptoms brings focus to the matter. The data emphasizes the importance of coming clean to your doctor about your symptoms ahead of time and as hard as it might be accept the disease and start treatment immediately.

A recent study by scientists with Cancer Research UK shows denial and cancer fear are causing thousands of deaths that could have easily been avoided. Their findings showed that about 40 percent are denying the symptoms and the appointment with the physician because they are scared of the actual results. But what they’re failing to remember is that early diagnosis is essential in successfully treating cancer.

Peter Johnson is a professor with Cancer Research UK and author of the study at hand. He explained that the “report highlights just how much more we have to do to raise awareness about the early signs of cancer”. He points out that detection of “the cancer in its early stages before it has had a chance to spread to other parts of the body it is more likely that treatment will be successful”.

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