Demi Lovato to release “Unbroken” tomorrow

Singer Demi Lovato marks a much-expected and powerful comeback with her third album, “Unbroken”, which will be released tomorrow (Tuesday). The first reviews of her album claim that the pop star has grown up.

The New York Times makes one of the first reviews on the upcoming album of Demi Lovato. “Unbroken” is released following a time of struggle for the singer, who had to deal with a broken heart, highly aggressive outbursts, eating disorders and cuttings. Since she came out of rehab, more than eight months ago, the former Disney star has been working on a new album, in which to illustrate all the experiences she has been through and the resources that brought her back on track.

The New York Times states that “‘Unbroken’ represents the opportunity to wipe clean several slates, something Ms. Lovato is well suited for”. According to the publication, she has been “the least musically predictable” of the Disney club generation she was a part of. Her other colleagues were Miley Cirus, The Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez.
“Unbroken” has a different sound from her first two albums, “Don’t Forget” and “Here We Go Again”, which were described as “full of biting and aggressive pop-rock”. The new songs have more to do with the R&B and dance sounds. However, this album does not totally break her from the original sound. However, she has shown that she can “pull off R&B siren” as well, and not only rock goddess. Her voice remains “strong and versatile”.

Demi Lovato, 19, performed on Saturday at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, as part of a promotion tour for “Unbroken”.  Among other songs, she performed “Skyscraper”, which was released on July 12. Her album includes 20 new songs, made in collaboration with Dreamlab, Rock Mafia and Ryan Tedder.

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  1. Demi lovato is a beautiful person inside and out. i have been a fan of hers from the very beginning. what she has done ,and what she is doing ,has helped me learn to love my body and who i am. not who i think i should be. i fully support her. 🙂

  2. Yeah I like that she can switch it up. She is very spontaneous. It’s going to be amazing. Demi is a true artist, you would want to buy this album. Probably the best decision I did with my money so far. 7 hrs 42 min left. Let the countdown begin. Muah <3

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