Dell Chromebook 11

Several school districts offer students a dedicated tablet or laptop. It is a good thing, but the big question is what device or platform to offer? Tablet or Laptop? OS X, Windows, Chrome, Android or iOS? A good thing is that Dell has many of these bases covered. Dell offers in 2015 an impersonate lineup of devices for the education market, which can role on Windows, Chrome and Android. The flagship of these devices is a new 11-inch Cromebook, which was designed to be “schoolyard tough”.

This new product has the same name as the previous version, Dell Chromebook 11. However, the newest model comes with a hinge that opens a full 180 degrees, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a Bay Trail-generation Intel Celeron platform and a so called “activity light” on the back of the lid. The laptop also has a Corning Gorilla Glass for its display and a semi-rugged plastic chassis. The “activity light” situated in the top right corner of the laptop, indicates if students are ready to answer a question and raise their virtual hands to answer a question. The light is controlled through an app and features three different colors. Every colors has its own meaning, such as rise their hand when they need some help. Previous Dell education models have the same light, but it indicates network activity.

Dell Chromebook 11 feels very solid in the hands, but it is a little clunky when compared to other Dell models. It also has a touchscreen option, a very good feature if the students must search something quick on the internet. This laptop contains just what it needs to run Chrome operating system. Users will find under the hood a dual-core, Intel Bay Trail-M Celeron processor clocked at 2.16GHz, 16GB of storage and 2 or 4GB of RAM. This entire package will cost 299 dollars. If you opt for the 2GB RAM version, the price will be 249 dollars.

The battery life is also impressive, Dell declared that it will last approximately 10 hours. The trackpad and keyboard are also excellent. The keyboard can easily be used at fast typing.

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