Daniel Radcliffe stars in “Woman in Black”

Leaving behind a franchise that was “the movie” of a generation, actor Daniel Radcliffe, whom we will all call Harry Potter for a while still, has landed a role in a gothic horror movie called “Woman in Black”. Keeping the enchanted /paranormal type of action, Radcliffe has opted for the role of a man who is trying to uncover the mystery of a ghost.

“It was certainly not a part that people can really compare to Harry… But [the] main attraction, to be honest, was simply the story, and how compelling it was, and being a part of a really, really good horror film”, the actor told Matt McDaniel from MovieTalk. Radcliffe describes the movie as “a character-driven, well-written horror film that had the capability of being just as scary as any ‘Paranormal Activity,’ or any of those films that have recently come out, while also having a depth of character that you don’t often find there.”

The former Harry Potter star admits that he is not into horror movies, but he accepted this role for a good reason. Woman in Black has a story, being far from what people usually expect from this type of films. He says that even though there are some scenes when “people do jump out of their seats”, the movie catches your attention with the enigmas of the story.
Woman in Black is based on a novel written by Susan Hill, which appeared in 1983. Radcliffe plays a single and young lawyer who has a child and who is given the assignment of dealing with the paperwork of a deceased client. It is this case that draws him to a nearby town that he finds out is haunted by the ghost of a woman.
Curious about the trailer? You can see it below:

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