D-Link PowerLine AV2 2000, faster but expensive

D-Link has come with a new product on the market and it is called D-Link PowerLine AV2 2000. This new product promises to deliver up to 2,000Mbps, which is an impressive thing. There are also other products that promise approximately this kind of speed, but the question is if they really are capable to do that? The new PowerLine AV2 2000 is available on the market at the starting price of 142 dollars. 

However, it is an interesting device, but unfortunately its design is big, meaning that it is difficult for users to find a suitable wall socket to plug into. Knowing that, probably the best deal for customers is to opt for something small, like Netgear PL1200-100PAS, which is easier to use with any wall socket, even if it is a bit slower. To be mentioned that even if the package is small, once you open it, you will realize that the device is bigger than you imagined. The adapter measures 3.89 x 2.86 x 1.34inch, meaning that it is approximately 50 percent bigger than the Netgear PL1200S. 

So, size is very important for an adapter, because the larger it is, the more likely are the chances to block adjacent wall sockets when in use. It will be a hard thing for users to find a wall socket where they can place the adapter and not use that socket with other plugs. Unfortunately, power-line adapters need to be plugged directly into the wall to work at its full capacity, meaning that customers need to be prepared to sacrifice one or two power outlets. The new DHP-701AV is very easy to set up, like many other power-line adapters. As for users who haven’t managed to set up the adapter, there is a Quick Install Guide included in the box, with step-by-step instructions.

The new DHP-700AV adapter comes with a Gigabit network port on one side, which the company claims that delivers up to 2,000Mbps. Next to the Gigabit port, there is a Simple Connect Button and a recessed Reset button. On top of it there are three little LED status lights for the power, the Ethernet connection and the power-line network.

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