Creative Sound Blaster X7, good sound and great features

Looks like Creative keeps on releasing newer and unusual products. The new Creative X7 is probably the Frankenbeast of features and even if there are some products that have USB amps combined with DACS, the new Blaster X7 is probably the only device with so many features. Even if it has some compromises in building, this device will certainly win the respect of any customer who is looking for a powerful sound card. 

Probably, the fans of Creative’s sound cards had poor expectations from the X7’s abilities to drive a pair of speakers, but they will definitely be surprised by the sound quality.

Available at the price of 400 dollars, the new Creative X7 is probably a little expensive for a sound card, but it offers so many features and a great sound. Probably, it will end up being the only one of its kind on the market, but it is a perfect device for people who want to record to their PC. Unconsciously, its triangular shape design is a little similar with a well-known set of speakers used in mixing studios, called Triple P Designs’ “Pyramid” speakers. 

The device is quite tall, featuring approximately 6 inches high, the front of it is dominated by a large metallic volume knob, below is a honeycomb grille that hides the onboard noise-canceling microphone and nearby there are situated two buttons: an SBX enhancer control and a Power/Bluetooth toggle.

In the end, at the very bottom there is located a 3.5mm microphone input, plus a 3.5mm and a ¼ -inch headphone output. At the rear of the Blaster X7, there are the speaker connectors, a toggle for choosing between 4-ohm or 8-ohm speakers and assorted inputs and outputs. However, most consumers own 8 ohm speakers, so they won’t need to touch that toggle. To be mentioned that if they have 4-ohm speakers, they need to buy a separate power pack to enable 4 ohm operation.

Unfortunately, like many other amplifiers at this price range, the new Creative Sound Blaster X7 doesn’t come with a remote. To compensate the lack of a remote control, the device can be controlled by the X7 Control app for Android and iOS, which pairs via Bluetooth.

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