Creative Sound Blaster Jam, an inexpensive pair of headphones

Probably, it’s relatively hard to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones that sound decent and cost less than a 100 dollars. This situation will change, after the release of Creative Sound Blaster Jam. Costing around 50 dollars, these pair of Bluetooth headphones are relatively comfortable to wear, lightweight and sound pretty good, compared with its modest price.

At the price of 50 dollars, Creative Sound Blaster Jam comes with a pretty decent design, which reminds us the Walkman back in the 80s. However, there is something on these headphones that will certainly attract a lot of customers. Probably, not everyone likes an on-ear design, but they will certainly have their place on the headphones market. Creative Sound Blaster Jam feels sturdy, but they don’t fold up in any way, so probably it will be hard to travel. Due to their lightweight, probably they will fit most users pretty well.

These pair of Bluetooth headphones feature a pause/play button that also works for cell phone calls, as answer/end button. The volume controls are also on board, and if the user will hold those button down they will allow him to advance tracks forward and back. There is also a bass boost button placed on the headphones, but using this button will sacrifice the sound clarity. However, the main attraction is the NFC tap-to-pair technology that will allow the owner to pair devices like Samsung Galaxy phones. To be mentioned that these headphones will also pair with any Bluetooth-enabled phone or other audio source, like iPhone. The user will only need to press the pairing button.

Unfortunately, using these headphones to take calls in noisier environments is not really a good idea. The caller may hear background noises and voices may sound a little recessed. However, these headphones are designed with simple phone pads, so it does let some ambient noise in and probably will leak sound. Creative Sound Blaster Jam come with a great battery life, for up to 12 hours of intense use. It also delivers a clean and dynamic sound, which is a good thing for a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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