Corian Charging Surface charges mobile gadgets wirelessly

It seems that the way of charging mobile devices has got a big power up. This big step forward is thanks to Dupont, the famous materials maker, which announced that they managed to build induction chargers into a select version of its Corian countertops.

This interesting release is named the Corian Charging Surface and it provides power for smartphones, tablets and even laptops. The best part is that this surface charges these devices without cords.

Users who recently bought Android phones, like Droid Maxx, Nexus 6 or Galaxy S6, have the possibility to try the pleasure of charging their recent handsets wirelessly.

To be mentioned that these phones boast compatibility with the QI wireless charging standards, meaning that their battery can take electricity from QI cordless charging station without needing some extra accessory. However, iPhone owners could also enjoy this new invention, even if they do not have the ability to charge their phones wirelessly. Thanks to the Powermat Charging Ring accessory, users will connect this feature to their Apple product and will receive the gift of wireless energy. 

After this new release, many people are asking themselves if Corian Charging Surface is easy to use and how it actually works. Dupont has unveiled their technology at the NeoCOn commercial interior industry trade show, and had the possibility to explaindirectly how this surface works. For starters, users need to place their phone on the hot spot and then power will instantly begin to flow into the device.

To be mentioned that the charging process is not that fast, so users who are expecting the speed of a corded Quick Charge adapter will definitely not opt for a wireless solution. However, it is an interesting solution that will definitely be used in the future. Many high-end devices like Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Google Nexus 6 support this wireless charging technology. 

For the moment, the wireless charging process is really low, but Dupont hopes that Corian Charging Surface will get better. The company did not announce a price for this surface yet, but it is expected to come at the price of approximately 200 dollars per charging station.

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