Cole Hamels Of Philadelphia Phillies Gets Suspended For Five Games

Cole Hamels, the left-handed starting pitcher from Philadelphia Phillies, got suspended for five games on Monday. The baseball player admitted after the Sunday game that he intentionally hit Washington’s Bryce Harper with a pitch, thus drawing the League’s attention.

Cole Hamels managed to upset the Major League Baseball and his team manager after admitting that it was his intention to hit Bryce Harper with a pitch during the Sunday game. His candid declaration made things even worse as professionals from the League felt offended by his nonchalance. As a result, the left-handed pitcher received a five-game suspension and an undisclosed fine.

Phillies’ Manager Charlie Manuel was not very pleased with Hamels’ reaction, either. He told reporters before the Monday night game against the Mets that Cole should have been more discreet or a little less honest. Manuel, however, decided not to worry about the episode and recommended the baseball League to solve this problem by sending the two teams back on the field again.

The All-Star player refused to release an interview on Monday, but the confession he made a day before was more than enough. The Phillies’ player sent a 93-mile-an-hour fastball on Harper’s back; in response Nationals’ pitcher, Jordan Zimmermann, hit Hamels on the left shin during an attempt to perform a third-inning bunt. Unlike Hamels who confessed his intentions at the end of the game, Zimmermann told the press that he accidentally hit the Phillies’ pitcher.

The 2008 Most Valuable player made things even worse when he tried to justify his act by paying homage to the old baseball. According to him, it was a common thing among old baseball players to try to hit each other during games, so he should not be held accountable for trying to continue the tradition.

Nationals’ General Manager Mike Rizzo disagreed with Hamels and called him “fake”. He further added that he has never seen a similar “classless, gutless” act in his 30 years of baseball. Cole Hamels is “the polar opposite of old school,” were Rizzo’s final remarks.

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