Colbert’s Super PAC raises more than $1 million

Stephen Colbert never expected his quasi-satirical presidential Super PAC to become so popular among U.S. electors, but the program managed to raise $1 Million, says New York Times. The announcement was first published on the comedian’s website on Tuesday morning. His reps declared that the “Super PAC” had filed $1,023,121.24 with the Federal Election Commission.

The first name that Colbert used for his plan was “The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC”. The original name was replaced by viewers with the “Colbert Super PAC”, but the official denomination remains “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”. The plan raises money to fund comic things like ads which portray Mitt Romney as a serial killer.

Colbert told the press that the Super Pac was created on his show in order to prove that elections can be influenced without actually breaking election laws. Important public personas like Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California also donated money for the project. Newsom admitted that he has donated $500 to the Super PAC. The 147-document also includes donations from actors Laura Sangiacomo ($250) and Bradley Whitford ($250). Not all donors are celebrities; some people on the list have dubious identities because their names are rather obscene. 

The report that was published on the website was accompanied by a cover letter addressed to the F.E.C. The letter was signed by Shauna Polk Treasurer at Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Inc. who quotes Colbert saying that he has 99 problems, but his “non-connected independent-expenditure only committee” isn’t one of them.

The mockery created by Stephen Colbert points at several drawbacks in the American laws which govern the nation’s system of campaign financing. Even the name of the project “Super PAC” is meant to deride the system because Super PACs cannot be coordinated with the campaign of the candidate who received support. Consequently, Colbert named his colleague at Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, in charge of the entity, a move which gives Stephen the chance to run for the “President of the United States of South Carolina” without infringing any laws.

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