Clay Aiken Talks About Gay Marriage Opposition

Mother’s Day was an opportunity for revelations. Former “American Idol” runner-up and current “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant talked about gay marriage opposition on CBS’ “Face the Nation”.

Sunday 13th was more than just the day to celebrate our mums. Clay Aiken appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” in a chat about gay marriage opposition along with Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, columnist Mark McKinnon with the Daily Beast and Evan Wolfson, chair of the Freedom to Marry.

With even president Barack Obama supporting gay marriage, the overall matter has now reached the boiling point. Opposition of gay marriage is slamming as hard as possible, but there are more and more people endorsing same sex marriage. This looks like a fight that anti gay marriage supporters are going to lose.

During CBS’ “Face the Nation”, the “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant said that anti gay marriage supporters will feel ashamed by their current opposition. Give them twenty years to understand they’re doing the same thing they did when opposed marriages between different races, and feel ashamed, says Clay Aiken.

“I really strongly believe that in the next twenty years, we’re going to look back on this, and be sort of ashamed of the fact that we were against this” said Clay Aiken and compared the situation with the time when “we didn’t let people of – of different races get married”.

Clay Aiken had his own share of scrutiny for coming out of the closet. Asked by the “Face the Nation” host how his coming out influenced his country music career, Aiken said that “it hasn’t really had much of an impact at all in a negative sense. It’s had more of a positive impact”. Still, in 2012 people are way more supportive and tolerant as compared to where they were in 2003.

Aiken talked about the same change in mentality. “I think between the time of 2003 to today, we’ve seen as we’ve seen with gay marriage polling, we’ve seen minds changing. We’ve seen people becoming more open and understanding of – of homosexuality”.

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