Chrysler Recalls 895,000 SUVs

Chrysler seems to experience some issues with its vehicles, as well. The famous car maker has announced the recall of no less than 895,000 SUVs. Apparently, the reason why Chrysler has made this recall is linked to an increased risk of fire. 

The recall came after an investigation conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the recall, there are included about 895,000 sport utility cars, which apparently have a wiring problem in the vanity mirror. The issue can cause a fire, which naturally can be extremely dangerous. 

The recall will affect a series of vehicles in the United States, including 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango models. The number of vehicles that will be recalled in the US is 651,000. More than 45,700 cars will be recalled in Canada. The number of vehicles that will be called in for repairs in Mexico is 23,000, while 175,000 cars have been traced outside America. 

Now, Chrysler claimed that the company is very much interested in solving this issue. However, it has been said that the problem was first discovered back in 2011, at the assembly plant of the famous company. Apparently, Chrysler has received some complaints from owners regarding the potential issue. In 2013, an investigation started on this problem, by federal regulators. They began to look into this case in August. 

Apparently, Chrysler received no less than 41 complains, while the issue has been linked to a number of 38 fires. In three of these cases, people were injured. Luckily, most of the fires were minor and no more serious problems have been reported so far. 

Chrysler conducted its own internal investigation on this case and claimed that the problem is limited and has caused just little issues so far. They also said that they learned about no injuries. Still, Chrysler agreed with the recall to make sure that the users of its vehicles are going to be as safe as possible. 

Currently, Chrysler is not the only company under investigation. Other car maker that found itself in the situation of having to recall certain of its models is Ford. 

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