Chris Brown to talk about Rihanna Dating Drake

Chris Brown’s relationship with Rihanna has surely managed to cause many headlines. The couple seemed to be very happy until the widely known event when Brown physically abused his girlfriend of that time. Since then, Brown has been having many problems with the law, while Rihanna seemed ready to move on with her life. 

Well, now Brown decided to talk about the men in his former girlfriend’s life. The popular singer claimed that she actually started dating Drake to get back at him. These latest statements were made by the troubled singer during an appearance at Hot 97 radio station. So, what Brown said was that he actually believes that Rihanna started to date Drake because she wanted to hurt his feelings.

Moreover, Brown also talked about the 2009 assault on Rihanna. The star claimed that he obviously has remorse linked to that event. Brown said that it was a huge mistake and something that he would never do again. He added that he considers Rihanna a friend and is really committed to his duties. The singer revealed that he is still doing community service and sees a judge each month and a half. 

Chris Brown is currently dating Karrueche Tran, but it seems that he has never moved on from the romance with Rihanna. However, Chris Brown seems to be in a better place now, being calmer and more focused on positive things, such as his career. 

“I think my demons as of right now are being afraid of failure,” he said. “I think my only demon is the doubt in myself sometimes. But I think that also makes me great at the same time.” Earlier last month, Brown has been in the middle of a new scandal linked to his comments about Ebola. The star tweeted that Ebona epidemic is a “form of population control.” Later, he apologized for his comments, claiming that they were stupid. 

Maybe, Chris Brown is on the right path now both when it comes to his career and when it comes to his personal life.

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