Charlie Sheen Still wants to return to Two and a Half Men

Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen would want to return to the show. In an interview with Extra, Sheen claimed that he would return to the famous television series if producers would ask him to. 

Charlie Sheen has been the star of the show for years, but was fired due to his troubled behavior and his personal issues that impacted his career. However, now it seems that Sheen is quite sorry for leaving the show. “Never leave a hit show unless you’re fired, right? Was that out loud?” Sheen said. 

“I would definitely do it, yeah, yeah. If they’ll still have me, I will be there. Yeah, I owe it some measure of closure. I owe it to the fans … I just think it makes sense,” the famous actor claimed when being asked if he would return to the popular series. However, it might be quite hard to see where Sheen can return, having under consideration that his character was killed off in Two and a Half Men. 

Still, it seems that Sheen knows exactly how this can be pulled through. “I have a brilliant idea, but don’t want to give it away. It’s the type of moment I think people would talk about for a long time and it wouldn’t get in anybody’s way. Think it would be a nice tip of the hat … they know I want to do it and I know they’re open to it, so, guess we’re just a meeting away from making it happen,” the actor said.

Sheen might be returning as part of a dream when characters imagine how it would be if Charlie would still be alive. Moreover, he can make an appearance while characters remember past events. Or simply producers can come up with a plan to convince the audience that there is a way Charlie survived and had been missing during all this time. After all, it’s television and anything can happen. 

So, it is yet to see if Sheen will really make a comeback or not. Meanwhile, filming for the last season of Two and a Half Men has already started. 

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