Charlie Sheen: dead or alive?

Lately, there have been rumors about the death of several movie stars. Among them, Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes have been the most popular searches online. Is this true or false? Are the actors dead or alive? And if alive, why the hoax?

Charlie Sheen is alive, although we couldn’t say how well, if we think about the huge amount of bad luck he’s been carrying around lately. Charlie Sheen is not dead. The media kind of killed him. The rumors are not false 100 percent though. They refer to his character in Two And A Half Men, which apparently will be killed. Some reports claim that CBS is planning a script in which to exit Charlie’s character forever, in away that he may never come back. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by any of the CBS’s official staff. Either way, Charlie is dead; not Charlie Sheen, but his character, Charlie Harper.

In May, rumors about a replacement for Charlie Harper have begun to consolidate around a new character played by the charming sexy actor, Ashton Kutcher. After going through the portfolio of another famous actor, Hugh Grant, CBS has stopped its searches when Kutcher said he would play the part. After Grant turned off the offer, Kutcher was assigned the role. He gave the first hint on who is replacing Sheen in the show on his Twitter page. He wrote “what’s the square root of 6.25?” It is 2.5.
From the beginning of the replacement story, nobody had in mind to keep Charlie Harper alive as it is impossible that Harper would look, talk and act differently from Sheen. No one can play Charlie Harper but Charlie Sheen, they are one and the same. So the creator of the sitcom was prepared to create another character that would better emulate the new actor filling in the trio … well, the duo and a half, actually.

Charlie Sheen has not been the only celebrity victim of the recent death hoax. The same type of rumor hit actor Wesley Snipes, who is imprisoned since December last year for tax evasion. The rumor was dismissed by GossipCop, saying the actor has not been involved in any prison fights and is healthy and alive behind bars until 2013, when he will be free again.

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