CEO Montezemolo Announces The First Ferrari Hybrid

There are many car buffs that can’t even begin to picture a Ferrari turned into a hybrid. Most likely the guys at “Top Gear” will be the first to slam it down, but the truth is the auto market is evolving towards a better use of resources, cheaper energy solutions and protecting the environment. Given that, CEO Montezemolo announced the first Ferrari hybrid.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and just take a moment to find out more about Ferrari’s upcoming project before you slam it. It’s been years since car developers first brought the world a hybrid that would push the speed limits. So, chances are the first Ferrari hybrid is going to look and drive amazingly. At 900HP, the Enzo successor packs more power under a more energy efficient system.

Yes, it remains unthinkable, but leave it to the amazing designers and engineers at Ferrari to make a hybrid that looks like a muscle race car. Ferrari CEO Montezemolo announced that the company’s first hybrid is expected to hit the markets in 2013. A preview will be available by the end of the year.

These days, Ferrari released its earnings report. It looks like business has been going well for Ferrari, thanks mostly to developing markets sales. First quarter of the year has brought revenue worth 556 million euros and another 42.1 million euros in profit. During the first months of the year, Ferrari has produced and delivered 1,733 units.

It was in this positive earnings report that CEO Luca di Montezemolo slipped in his announcement. “At the end of the year, we’ll also be unveiling the new Enzo, a limited series model and our fist ever hybrid car”.

Meanwhile, at the Beijing Motor Show, Ferrari has revealed an electric motor that would give the hybrid 900 HP. As the New York Times writes, think of it as the way Ferrari engineers are working to “make the brand’s machines faster, stronger and more efficient through electronic wizardry”.

The powertrain that the first Ferrari hybrid is expected to pack in, was initially put on display two years ago in a Geneva motor show.

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