Celtics fight back and defeat Magic

Reuters reports that the Boston Celtics team managed to fight back and defeat Magic during the Thursday game that was held at the Amway Center in Orlando. The basketball game ended with a score of 91-83 after the Celtics overcame a 21-point deficit in the second half.

This was the third victory of the Boston team even though they were missing some of their key players. Guards Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen, as well as center Jermaine O’Neal were forced to miss the game because of previous injuries. On Monday, they defeated Magic for the first time with an 87-56 score.

The end of the game could have been foreseen from the beginning of the Thursday match. Orlando started slowly as a consequence of Dwight Howard being sent on the bench for getting into foul trouble. Nevertheless, Magic dominated the first half of the game evincing a 27-point lead at halftime.

Celtics’ forward Paul Pierce told the press that the recent results should give them great confidence, given that the team was missing its most important players. In fact, the players were expecting to lose, but they were inspired by the light of the locker room, added Pierce in a joking manner.

During the second half, the Orlando team was forced to settle for poor shots because the Celtics increased their defensive pressure. Magic performed nine turnovers and 23 percent shooting from the field.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy tried to make an excuse for his team’s bad results by telling reporters that players got frustrated with the physical play. Officials led the Orlando players to get out of their game, added Gundy. He further confessed that it was very difficult to watch his team lose.

E’Twaun Moore scored 16 points for the Celtics, whereas Dwight Howard was held to 16 points and had 16 rebounds. Magic, on the other hand was helped by Ryan Anderson who scored 12 points in the first quarter.

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