NYC Serial Killer Puts Police On The Alert

The New York City Police Department has issued a warning in relation to the number eight serial killer who put them all on alert. According to a recent report published by the Associated Press, the unidentified man, who made three victims since August, might have a preference for Middle Eastern men whose addresses contain the figure eight.

After surviving the wrath of hurricane Sandy, a new threat menaces the residents of New York City. Police officers announced on Tuesday that the Big Apple might be confronting with a dangerous serial killer based on a series of links identified between three recent murders.

Three Middle Eastern men have fallen victim to the unidentified killer since July 2012. The first shopkeeper who was murdered was 65-year old Mohammed Gebeli who owned a store in Bay Ridge. The following victim, 59-year old Isaac Kadare, was found dead in August in his 99 store in Bensonhurst. Last Friday, the serial killer made another victim at the She She Boutique in Flatbush.

Police officers’ attention was drawn by numerous resemblances occurring between the three cases. First of all, ballistics testing has shown that the same .22-caliber gun was used for the killing of all the three men. In addition, the three bodies were covered or hidden in more or less the same way enabling the murderer to escape the crime scene. While there are many characteristics suggesting that the three killings were all produced by the same man, police officers don’t want to panic New Yorkers by making early assumptions.

The fact that the unidentified suspect chose different methods of killing his victims is one of the reasons why NYPD officers refrain from calling him a serial killer. One of the victims was stabbed in the neck before being shot in the head, whereas two of the victims were robbed after the murder, so police officers were unable to identify a clear pattern.

They are, nevertheless, willing to take into account every piece of information they discover during the investigation in order to identify the man. The first lead they are following is the occurrence of number eight in all of the victims’ addresses as officers think it could be of great importance to the case. In addition, the police are trying to find the identity of the man nicknamed John Doe Duffel Bag, who was spotted on surveillance cameras near She She Boutique before the incident.


Best Black Friday 2012 Deals In Electronics

The rule of thumb for Black Friday electronics deals is making sure they are really saving you money. We’ve warned you before that some electronics deals aren’t as great as they look in Black Friday ads. So here’s what we found to be the best Black Friday 2012 deals in electronics that retailers have prepared.

If you’re planning to buy an iPad this Black Friday, then forget about getting a discount. However, Target will give you a $60 gift card at the purchase of an iPad 4, but you’re going to have to be at the store at 9 p.m. Remember the deal does not refer to the iPad mini. Target also features a great deal on Nook Simple Touch. It sells for just $49 but you will have to be there at 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Target also sells a Nikon L310 digital camera for $99,00 and a Memorex DVD Player at $19.99. Gamers will get a $20 gift card for the purchase of Halo 4 at the full retail price. You can also get the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect + Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disneyland Adventures for $200.

Another Black Friday iPad deal comes from Walmart. At a $399 iPad 2 purchase the retailer will give you a $75 gift card. The deal is available between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. The Walmart Thanksgiving Day night deals also feature Emerson 32” 720p LCD TV for $148 and a LG Blu-ray player for $38.  Even if these sell out, the retailer promises a guarantee card for any of those items, but you will have to pay for it before midnight.

“That is nice because unfortunately most stores’ door busters in any store are limited quantities. Almost no one gives rain checks, almost nobody price matches on Black Friday” notes Edgar Dworsky, founder of

Best Buy has a deal on the 13” MacBook Air that will help you save about $200 on that device. Apple’s 13” MacBook Air sells for $1,025 on Black Friday at Best Buy. The retailer also sells the Kindle Fire HD at $200 with a $30 gift card you can use in the store.

Is It Worth Investing In Gold? Gryphon Gold Thinks So

Gold prices went sky-high since the economic recession was officially declared in 2008. Given these circumstances, companies like Gryphon Gold Corporation are making efforts to bring the best experts on their teams and invest in the excavation of the precious metal, Reuters reports.

Investors were surprised in the summer of 2008 to see that the price for gold ounce had exceeded $1,000. Investing in gold seemed to be the most profitable business, especially since costs continued to grow. In July 2011, another all-time record was set as the gold ounce price jumped to $1,900. A small decrease has been registered since then, but analysts claim the trend should not scare investors; quite the opposite, those who can afford to make investments in the precious metal should take advantage of the somewhat smaller prices.

Gryphon Gold Corporation, a company that is specialized in gold exploration, development, and production, has foreseen the positive evolution of the gold market and decided to make a proficuous change in its board of directors. They have thus, invited William B. Goodhard to join the Company’s Board as an independent director knowing that he will be of great benefit for the corporation.

William B. Goodhard has worked in the industry of gold mining for more than 35 years and is perfectly aware of what the company needs in order to expand its business. Marvin K. Kaiser, Chairman of the Board of Gryphon Gold revealed that the company has numerous goals set for their Borealis Property in USA, Nevada and hopes Goodhard will help achieve them. They decided to get him on board of the company because he is trained and experienced enough to supervise all the phases of their projects.

William was equally excited about his future collaboration with Gryphon. He told reporters that he was pleasantly surprised to see that the corporation has evolved so much in the past years and is looking forward to share his experience with the rest of the board.

Boris Strugatsky, Russian Sci-Fi Writer, Passed Away At 79

Famous sci-fi writer from Russia, Boris Strugatsky, passed away on Monday at the age of 79. The author of “Roadside Picnic”, who was suffering from heart problems and pneumonia, received medical care at a hospital in Saint Petersburg until his death was officially declared, the Associated Press reports.

Boris Strugatsky’s biographer announced during a show on Ekho Moskvy radio, on Monday that the Russian author passed away after experiencing various health problems. The writer’s health condition worsened in the last part of his life, so the family was forced to hospitalize him in a clinic in Saint Petersburg. The news was later on confirmed by sources close to the family.

The Strugatsky family has been very prolific in terms of writers. Both Boris and his brother, Arkady, who passed away in 1991, started their writing careers at an early age. Most of the novels that made Boris famous were written in collaboration with his brother, including the world-renowned “Roadside Picnic” which was adapted for the film “Stalker” by director Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979.

While Boris Strugatsky’s name may not be very familiar among international readers, it was definitely known to readers in the Soviet Union. The two brothers published 27 novels between 1958 and 1988 and numerous other short stories. They were translated mainly in English, French, German and Italian, but it was only the Russian audience that understood the sci-fi universe described by the two authors.

Boris’ novels suffered various modifications during the Communist era. Words and ideas were replaced by censors so the novels will be in keeping with the party’s propaganda. Nevertheless, the message conveyed by the novels of the two authors was clearly understood by readers, which is why Boris and Arkady’s works have always been appreciated.

The World of Noon, or the Noon Universe is the surreal location that the two authors used in most of their stories. The new dimension is characterized by an extraordinary social, scientific and technological development, which could be related to Boris’ first work experience as a computer engineer.

Petraeus’ Mistress Paula Broadwell Regrets Damage Caused By Extramarital Affair

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former CIA director David Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell, regrets the damage she has caused by the extramarital affair. The biographer was deeply saddened by the fact that Petraeus was forced to resign, as well as by the numerous problems they have caused to their families.

One of Paula Broadwell’s friends told the press that the American author is afflicted by the consequences of her affair with David Petraeus. The biographer has been portrayed as a villain woman by the press, but friends and acquaintances claim the description doesn’t do her justice.

Paula, her husband, Scott, and their young sons have been constantly haunted by the media ever since the affair was made public a month ago. Luckily, the neighbors have been kind enough to offer them support during the week she spent at her brother’s house and upon her arrival in Charlotte, N.C.

Broadwell feels responsible for all the efforts that people had to make in order to protect her from the prying eyes of the media. Furthermore, she regrets all the damages that she has caused to everyone, including Petraeus’ family.

In spite of all her good intentions, David Petraeus’ mistress continues to be investigated by the FBI due to the classified documents she had on her laptop and in her house. Investigators have reached the conclusion that the biographer has gathered all these documents during her research for Petraeus’ mission in Afghanistan. Allegations against Broadwell may soon be dropped, however, as the documents are too old to be considered classified. The only aspect that remains unsolved is whether Petraeus is guilty of handing the classified documents to his mistress or not.

The affair between the former CIA director and his biographer was uncovered due to several threatening messages that Broadwell sent to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. The author raised suspicion after warning Kelley to stay away from David Petraeus and Afghanistan war commander John Allen.

Why Black Friday Starts on Thanksgiving Day in 2012

The National Retail Federation estimates 147 million people are going to hit the stores for Black Friday this year. But that’s not enough since holiday spending for this holiday is smaller than last year’s 5.6 percent. In an attempt to minimize the loss, retailers have decided to start Black Friday earlier, on Thanksgiving Day evening.

Last year, Black Friday was a huge success for retailers. It was an impressive start of the holiday season that had retailers hoping it will mark the beginning of a new prosperity era. But here we are, one year later, and Black Friday estimates don’t look that good. Retailers are trying to save what they can, and if 24 hours aren’t enough to get your discounts, Walmart, Target and several others have decided to extend that.

The National Retail Federation estimates holiday spending to rise 4.1 percent, but in 2011 that was 5.6 percent. Since income growth, consumer spending and unemployment were the year’s issues, buyers don’t have that much cash to spend on other things than food, gasoline, monthly expenses or most recently the damage of Sandy.

“Consumers don’t have a lot of cash. We are adding jobs, but doing so only at a modest rate, and growth and wages are weak relative to employment growth” explains Moody’s Analytics expert Scott Hoyt. “We still have limited access to credit and wealth that hasn’t fully recovered from the recession” he added.

So, opening as early as 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night extends the chances of retailers to actually make money on Black Friday. But when summing up the costs of having employees working on Thanksgiving Day, keeping the stores fully functional for extra hours and then the subsidies to products, Black Friday doesn’t seem all that worth it.

“Consumers only have so much to spend” Retail Industry Leaders Association’s Casey C. Chroust told The Baltimore Sun. “When your direct competitor is opening up before you, it puts pressure on you to mirrors those store hours as well. The last thing they want is for [shoppers] to go to the competition and spend it all before you open” the executive vice president of retail operations added.

And 2012’s Black Friday earlier openings are not the end of this trend. Casey C. Chroust says retailers will keep opening earlier each year “because consumers keep showing up”. “Consumers love it because they get a head start on shopping. There’s a convenience element. A lot of people would rather shop at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving than at 5 a.m. on Friday morning” Chroust added.

World Bank Warns About Cataclysmic Changes

It’s not the first time we hear off dire predictions for the planet because of global warming. But when the World Bank starts warning about “cataclysmic changes” that will impact all nations, turning down the heat is more serious than ever before.

Environmental groups have been urging governments and consumers to do something about it, but from an economic point of view many companies don’t really have in mind reducing global warming. The World Bank is now taking a more direct stance under the management of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

The World Bank released a report called “Turn Down the Heat” that shows the impact of climate change on the world by the end of this century, when the planet will get 4 degrees Celsius warmer. By 2100 that increase in degrees would boost sea levels by a meter, causing “cataclysmic changes” in Mexico, Mozambique and Philippines. Even before that, coral reefs could be destroyed, ruining crops in India, the United States and Australia.

“A 4-degree Celsius (warmer) world is so different from the current one that it comes with high uncertainty and new risks that threaten our ability to anticipate and plan for future adaptation needs” said Jim Yong Kim, World Bank president. It’s something that “can, and must, be avoided” he added.

“We will never end poverty if we don’t tackle climate change. It is one of the single biggest challenges to social justice today” the World Bank president added. The bank has been pushing for global warming policies in 48 countries. Last year alone, the World Bank funded almost 50 countries with $7.2 billion to develop policies that would help them adapt to climate change.

Jim Yong Kim is the first scientist in charge of the World Bank and he says his hope is that the “Turn Down the Heat” report will shock everybody into action. It’s a massive change of policy for the World Bank which has been focusing on different issues for the past ten years. In fact, as Governor Ignazio Visco with the Bank of Italy explained, “the World Bank has gone back to being in charge of climate change. For a certain period from 2001, it had stopped”.

Try These Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Day is that day of the year when it’s all about delicious traditional food and family. So, if you’re planning to take on the cook part for the day, you should try these Thanksgiving recipes for a delicious holiday meal.

Cooking for Thanksgiving Day is most of the time a challenge even for the most experienced chefs. Back in the old days, cooking the Thanksgiving Day wasn’t as hard as today’s. You have to take into account special diets, avoid allergens such as gluten and peanuts. In fact, most times the chef has to cook two kinds of the same food just to make sure everybody can eat it safely.

We browsed the Internet and cooking books and found several Thanksgiving Day recipes that will make cooking for all your guests on special diets a little bit easier. Remember, that today more and more people go vegan or are allergic to gluten or simply can’t eat something because of their diabetes.  Nobody said cooking for everybody is going to be easy!

If you have friends that don’t eat meat (be it holiday time or not) a Thanksgiving Day traditional menu won’t be that appetizing. But some vegan recipes can be a great addition to your holiday menu even for meat lovers. The Vegetarian Resources says to try a pumpkin soup (since it’s their season) or butternut squash with wild rice stuffing. By the way, eggs, butter and milk are animal products. However alternatives such as soft tofu and soy milk are just as delicious.

People who have a gluten allergy are always having a hard time eating food they haven’t cooked or bought themselves. So eating somewhere else on Thanksgiving Day is always kind of risky. Make sure you don’t “poison” your guests and be careful about cross-contamination. You can find a list of gluten-free foods on Gluten-free recipes websites say you should try oven-baked mashed potatoes or Riesling baked pears.

When it comes to diabetics, the problem is that they have a restrictive diet that dictates for low sugar and carbs foods. The Thanksgiving Day turkey roast is a good place to start, but that’s not all you’re putting on the table, right? Plus, since they need to nibble on something every now and then it’s a good idea to put on the table slices of vegetables.  Sugar Free Chic recommends you try a bacon Brussels sprouts dish for your diabetic guests.

U.S. – Myanmar Relationships Strengthened By Obama’s Visit

Reuters reports that the relationship between the United States and Myanmar have been strengthened by Obama’s visit on Monday. The American President was welcomed by numerous residents and pro-democracy protestors making people in the Republic hope for a democratic regime.

Barack Obama never expected to be so well-received by Myanmar inhabitants. Yet, the streets of the Republic were crowded with people taking pictures as the African American President visited some of the most important attractions of the country.

Facebook pages were immediately flooded with photos of the President as he was walking barefoot through the Buddhist pagoda, Shwedagon or shaking hands with Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

While some people remain reserved about the implications that Obama’s visit could have on the adoption of a democratic regime, others regarded the U.S. commander-in-chief as the knight in shining armor they had all been waiting for. They were, in fact, upset that Obama didn’t make the trip to Myanmar earlier, but they admitted that it is always “better late than never”. “Things would have been quite different if a U.S. president had come to us much earlier,” teacher Thein Aung, 37, told Reuters reporters.

Myanmar has been through decades of hardline military regime, which led to its current poverty and isolation. Pro-democratic protestors have always been persecuted and Suu Kyi was arrested due to the beliefs they held. Residents, however, hope things could turn better in their country, especially now that they have received President Barack Obama’s visit. “His visit to Myanmar will surely strengthen the good impression of our country among the international community,” stated Chan Tun, one of the country’s former ambassadors to China. He further added that he hopes Obama will help the country make the transition towards democracy.

The President’s visit to Myanmar could have positive consequence on its reputation, as well. Obama’s arrival in the country also known as Burma coincided with the release of 52 political prisoners. The majority of the residents believe the American President has contributed to their liberation.

What Was UN Ambassador Rice’s Role In The Benghazi Attack?

Republicans are determined to find out what was the UN Ambassador Rice’s role in the Benghazi attack on September 11. They believe the Ambassador intentionally modified the report in order to help President Barack Obama win the elections, Reuters informs.

Despite the efforts that Democrats are making to protect the UN Ambassador Rice against the Republicans’ accusations, the latter seem evermore determined to pillory her. Discussions related to Susan Rice’s report have not cooled down during the weekend as Obama’s opponents want to get her to testify in the following weeks.

Susan Rice was appointed the first major spokesperson of the Obama administration and reporting on the status of the U.S. Embassy in Libya was one of her main responsibilities. During the September 11 attack that led to the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ demise, Rice reported that the “spontaneous protest” organized against the anti-Islam video was disrupted by “extremist elements”. Further analyses have shown that the attack might have been, in fact planned by Al-Qaeda members; thus, raising many questions in relation to Rice’s decision to modify the report.

Republicans claim the spokesperson altered the communication in order to reinforce the “political narrative” that the president needed to win the elections. Great part of Obama’s political campaign focused on Al-Qaeda’s defeat, so admitting that the attack in Libya had been orchestrated by the famous terrorist group would have proven electors that the President did not keep his promises. This hypothesis was also put forward by Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who claims the intelligence community knew the real facts behind the attack, but Rice’s declaration was changed five days after the Benghazi attack.

Obama, on the other hand, claims the UN Ambassador has fallen victim to the conflict between the Republicans and the Democrats. He further suggested his political opponents to come after him instead of wrongfully accusing Rice. Susan Rice is said to be Obama’s first choice for the replacement of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

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