New York Crime Rates Increase In The Aftermath Of Sandy

Police officers worry New York crime rates could increase in the aftermath of Sandy due to power outage. Street patrols were boosted and banks of light were brought by police to make sure city streets remain safe at night, the Associated Press reports.

Neighborhoods with high crime rates pose problems for the New York Police Department now that the city was submerged in darkness by hurricane Sandy. Authorities fear people who managed to escape the wrath of the “Frankenstorm” could become victims of crime. Special measures were adopted to increase street lights and keep neighborhoods safe.

The art galleries in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood had to hire private security in order to make sure their works remain safe. Superintendents working in residential buildings became guards for an evening because they were afraid the darkness could attract burglars. The stores and banks that suffered damages during the super storm were stoically guarded by hundreds of police officers.

Shaken residents were somewhat relieved to see that authorities take a genuine interest in offering them protection. 12-year-old Oleg Kharitmov told reporters at the Associated Press that he was very worried when he first saw the damages left behind by hurricane Sandy, but the arrival of police officers has given him lots of comfort. “I’m pretty happy that the cops are here,” he added.

Precautions were absolutely necessary given that the city of New York had to go through a second powerless night.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg was just as worried as the rest of the residents, especially since he was notified by officials that the power will not be back until the weekend.

The news panicked everyone, especially since hundreds of people living in New York City rely on electricity to travel and carry out their daily tasks. While some bus service resumed their activity and some bridges were reopened, the prospects don’t look so good for the subway. The underground railroad suffered the worst damages in its 108-year history and officials were unable to estimate when the subway would run again. 

Police Investigate Mysterious Death Of U.S. Navy Soldier

A U.S. Navy soldier was found dead near a Japanese train station. The first investigations indicate that the soldier suffered a severe head injury, but police will continue to investigate his mysterious death for more information, Fox News relates.

A U.S. Navy soldier, identified as Petty Officer 2nd Class Samuel Lewis Stiles, was found dead near a Japanese train station on early Tuesday morning. The man was lying breathlessly on the platform in Haiki Station in Nagasaki Prefecture when police officers discovered him. He was surrounded by eight empty cans of alcoholic drinks and had suffered a severe injury to the head. It is believed that the head injury might have led to the man’s death, but medical analyses will shed more light on the case.

Given the lack of sufficient evidence, authorities think the case could turn out to be either an incident or a murder. The death comes at a difficult moment for the U.S. military in Japan because two sailors were arrested two months ago after they were found guilty of raping a Japanese woman. In response, the U.S. military imposed a curfew on its troops prohibiting soldiers to leave their bases, personal homes or hotels between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. The lifeless body of the man was found around 5 a.m. which is a clear indicator that the sailor breached the curfew.

Stiles was dressed in civilian clothes, instead of uniform, when police officers found him on the Japanese train station. Authorities looked for his personal belongings, but they didn’t manage to find anything, so investigators do not exclude the possibility that the soldier was robbed. Samuel Lewis Stiles was stationed at the U.S. base in Sasebo, a city in Nagasaki where Haiki Station is situated.

Mitt Romney Will Bring On The Zombie Apocalypse

We love it when celebrities get creative in endorsing politicians. Joss Whedon’s last video says Mitt Romney is the president who will bring on the zombie apocalypse. The “Avengers” writer poked fun at Mitt Romney’s policies with a fake “endorsement”.

Whereas some celebrities don’t even want to joke about it, Joss Whedon decided to go with a visual and fun example of what America would look like under the Mitt Romney presidency. Josh Whedon’s Mitt Romney video endorses the GOP candidate as the man who will bring on the zombie apocalypse.

The video starts with Josh Whedon in the kitchen holding a straight face as he explains how life is going to be when fighting zombies and struggling to stay in business and live a normal life. Basically, if you vote for Romney prepare for the zombie apocalypse. It’s a good thing however that Mitt Romney isn’t afraid “to face a ravening grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already”.

“Like a lot of liberal Americans  I was excited when Barack Obama took office four years ago” says Joss Whedon in his Mitt Romney zombie video. “But it’s a very different world now, and Mitt Romney is a very different candidate, one with the vision and determination to cut through business-as-usual politics and finally put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse” the writer adds.

Under the Mitt Romney presidency, “the 1 percent will no longer be the very rich, it’ll be the very fast”. Mitt Romney’s presidency and policies on “health care, education, social services, reproductive rights…will guarantee poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, disease, rioting”, all elements Josh Whedon says are crucial “in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland”.

And there’s more. Mitt Romney’s policy on economy is going to dive the United States “into true insolvency and chaos”, the kind the government won’t be able to “buy back”. So, if you want to vote for Mitt Romney, take Joss Whedon’s advice and ask yourself: “Am I ready for the purity and courage of Mitt Romney’s apocalyptic vision?”…Well, “Mitt’s ready”.

Joss Whedon’s video on Mitt Romney is surely going to spark controversy with the GOP advocates, but remember “if Mitt takes office, sooner or later the zombies will come for all of us”.

Hurricane Sandy Will Cost Us $20 Billion In Damage

With an estimated 60 million Americans expected to be impacted by hurricane Sandy, economists predict that the storm will cost us $20 billion in damage.

Hurricane Sandy bulged into 12 US states with the same force it dents the country’s GDP. 12 people have already died, two New York nuclear plants and hospitals were shut down, whereas millions are already in the dark as the superstorm took down power lines. As Sandy is set to hit other highly populated areas after New York, the economists’ $20 billion in damage estimate might be accurate after all.

Wall Street shut down for Sandy this week. It’s the first time weather shuts down US stock trading operations since 1888. New York was hit with a record storm surge of 13.88 feet and experts expect 10 million people to be affected by power outages for more than a week. That’s 7.9 million more people than what Hurricane Katrina impacted.

It was Monday when Eqecat, disaster modeling company, announced its estimates that Sandy will cost us $5 billion to $10 billion in insured losses, and another $10 to $20 billion in economic damages. But damages could easily break through the $20 billion mark. Times writes that “the real cost is probably somewhere in the middle”, as some have estimate Sandy damages to even $100 billion.

Charles Watson, research and development director at Kinetic Analysis Corp, told Bloomberg it’s going to be hard to assess Sandy’s damages until the flood recedes. “It kind of reminds me of Katrina, the actual wind damage from Katrina and coastal storm surge damage was easy to pull down” the expert said. “But once you start getting water going over your protective measures and getting into your infrastructure the numbers start to go crazy”.

But it’s not just damage to the infrastructure, which the New York subway could easily make that list. For the duration of Sandy, Wall Street shut down, oil refineries are impacted, nuclear power plants are on alert. Yesterday, some 10,000 flights were canceled, while restaurants, small businesses and stores in the impacted cities are shut down.

And Sandy easily cancels most of the Halloween parties and activities. Adding the costs of what people have already spent of costumes, decorations, food and so on, this year’s Halloween isn’t looking that great.

Hurricane Sandy Puts US Nuclear Plant On Alert

As expected hurricane Sandy turned into a superstorm as it hit land. Hurricane Sandy already killed 12 people, flooded New York and put a US nuclear plant on alert. Experts expect Sandy to cause damages worth at least $20 billion.

Hospitals have been evacuated, people have bought supplies and hoped for the best as Sandy, the strongest tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean, hit the land. The hurricane moved along the East coast before bulging into the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday. A nuclear power plant in New Jersey is now on alert, while 9 others remain under watch.

Bloomberg writes that Hurricane Sandy is the biggest test for the US nuclear power industry. Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant is the worst-case scenario engineers in US are now trying to avoid. Inspectors have been dispatched to 10 facilities in the path of hurricane Sandy to monitor water levels and cooling.

“Given the breadth and intensity of this historic storm, the NRC is keeping a close watch on all of the nuclear power plants that could be impacted” said Allison Macfarlane, NRC Chairman. Inspectors will “verify that the safety of these plants is maintained until the storm has passed and afterwards”.

The Associated Press and Reuters reported that two nuclear plants in New York had to shut down their activity because of Sandy. The nuclear plant in New Jersey is on alert since last night because of high levels of water in the water-intake pipes. The Oyster Creek plant is 33 miles north of Atlantic City and close to Sandy’s eye.

Exelon, the operator of the Oyster Creek facility, explained via e-mail that there is “no challenge to plant safety equipment and no threat to the public health or safety”. The company added that it has “on-site and off-site emergency operations centers to monitor weather and plant conditions and to provide updated information to local state and federal officials”.

Whereas experts say a Fukushima scenario is unlikely in the United States, there is a chance that some nuclear plants could “lose access to grid power… for extended periods of time”. “This is not uncommon, and they have had some warning of it, which Fukushima did not” Peter Bradford, former NRC commissioner, told Bloomberg. “They also have Fukushima itself to thank for advance warning of the possibility of extensive flooding and so should be reasonably well prepared” he added.

Carly Fiorina Slams Richard Mourdock For Rape Comments

Carly Fiorina seemed to have abandoned her candidate, Richard Mourdock, due to the rape comments he made last week. The Indiana Senate candidate was slammed by many Republicans after declaring that children resulting from rape are sent by God, the Inquisitr informs.

Carly Fiorina was forced to take sides with Mitt Romney after Richard Mourdock made an uninspired comment about rape-resulting pregnancies. The Indiana Senate candidate declared last week that pregnancies occurring as a result of rapes are, in fact, intended by God, so they should be accepted as such.

When asked what her opinion about Mourdock’s comments was, Fiorina chose to support Mitt Romney and to cast aside the other candidate. The former CEO of Hewlett Packard told the press that Richard said “a really stupid thing”, but his point of view is not shared by Mitt Romney, whose position on life is identical to that of Mourdock’s Democratic opponent.

By making this statement Romney is not giving up on his convictions; he simply considers that Richard’s opponent is less radical and, therefore, closer to his own point of view. In the end, Carly Fiorina provided a few reasons why Mitt Romney is so successful among women. In her opinion, Barack Obama’s opponent has shown a lot of interest in the areas that usually preoccupy women, such as, economy, children’s education and health care.

Speaking about the President, the vice chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee stated that Obama has failed to meet her expectations. The commander-in-chief promised to register a 4.2 economic growth and only two percent have been achieved instead. Fiorina doesn’t think the unemployment rate has diminished considerably; as a consequence, she believes other candidates could do a better job than the current President.

Barack Obama’s image was also affected by the recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya after the Secretary of Defense revealed that the President denied requests for help during the 7-hour attack. According to Carly Fiorina, such episodes clearly prove that the President has failed to deliver his promise. 

Hurricane Sandy Causes School Closings

Various schools across the East Coast were closed in advance of hurricane Sandy. The government declared a state of emergency and troops are waiting to intervene in case major incidents will be produced by “Frankenstorm”, Reuters reports.

Hurricane Sandy could hit New York on October 30, just a day before the Halloween celebration. The storm is expected to produce lots of damages, so 400,000 people could be evacuated in the following days. The government declared a state of emergency and various measures have been adopted, such as the closing of schools and airports.

According to recent weather reports, Sandy is due to arrive in New York on late Sunday evening. Governor Cuomo allowed the 62 counties to have access to federal funding and national guard in order to better prepare themselves for the arrival of the dreadful storm. Cuomo estimates that $1 billion worth damages will be caused by “Frankenstorm”, so people residing in low-lying areas like Battery Park City, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Far Rockaway and Midland Beach should be evacuated as soon as possible.

The National Weather Service declared that people living on the East Coast should expect to face heavy winds of up to 80mph for at least a 24-hour period. Heavy rain, flooding, as well as downed trees and power lines will most likely occur within the following days as experts think this could be the worst storm, so far. According to longtime weatherman Chad Myers, hurricane Sandy poses the greatest risk to human life.

Stores and hypermarkets were crowded this weekend with residents buying non-perishable food, water, battery-powered radios, first aid kits, flashlights and batteries for storm kits.  President Barack Obama urged the nation to prepare itself for one of the biggest storms in the history of America. He and his opponent, Mitt Romney were forced to cancel some campaign programs because of the bad weather conditions.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered people in coastal towns to evacuate their homes and head towards higher areas where they would be safe. Authorities warn people that emergency workers’ lives would be put at risk if they continue to stay in these regions.

Hurricane Sandy To Make The History Books

With just a few days to go until Halloween, hurricane Sandy is set to hit the US coast. According to forecasts, hurricane Sandy will make the history books and will most likely give your backyard a proper Halloween makeup.

Governors in states unfortunate to be on Sandy’s course have already put together emergency plans including mandatory evacuations. The area between Delaware and New York, New Jersey will be the most impacted by hurricane Sandy, a storm so damaging experts see it making the history books. A 700 miles – area will be slashed by 105 miles winds, and this is just in the area close to the storm’s center.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have declared states of emergency after hurricane Sandy ravaged through the Caribbean, leaving 66 people dead. The National Hurricane Center’s 11 p.m. update set Sandy’s core 305 miles south-southeast of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. For the moment, winds blew at 74 mph, 105 miles away from the storm’s eye.

“It is still too soon to focus on the exact track… both because of forecast uncertainty and because the impacts are going to cover such a large area away from the center” the Miami-based National Hurricane Center said. However, most people agree Sandy is going to turn into a storm for the history books.

“The size of this alone, affecting a heavily populated area, is going to be history making” warned hurricane specialist Jeff Masters on the Weather Underground website. Sandy could easily spell disaster, since there are major cities on its path, like Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

Weather forecasts see hurricane Sandy turning into a damaging “superstorm” as soon as it hits the land. As forecasts can’t pinpoint the exact location where the hurricane will hit, people in the vulnerable states are gathering supplies and preparing for the worse.

“They’re freaking out. I’m selling people four, five, six packs of batteries – when I had them” a hardware store clerk in Glenside, Pennsylvania told Reuters.

On Sandy’s path there are five oil refineries that account for 7 percent of the U.S. gasoline production. Seeing as experts expect them to shut down operation for at least one day, the price of gas could easily rise to a new troubling level just ahead of the Election Day.

Tsunami Hits Hawaii After Canadian 7.7 Earthquake

Saturday, the US state of Hawaii was under a tsunami warning following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Canada earlier that day. The tsunami hit Hawaii late Saturday without causing damage, however experts say the next waves could be much larger.

Hawaii was on red alert last night after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of British Columbia in Canada. Authorities released a tsunami warning for Hawaii and the first waves hit the land late Saturday. Whereas the first tsunami three feet high wave was less than what some had forecasted, experts with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center say the worst hasn’t occurred yet.

“The tsunami arrived about when we expected it should” said senior geophysicist Gerard Fryer in a press statement. “I was expecting it to be a little bigger” he added. And so have others, fearing the tsunami would be up to six feet high. “Typically, the first wave is not the largest. If the waves are big, the all-clear may take six or seven hours” he added.

But as images from a television on the island of Oahu showed, the first tsunami waves were pretty small. Although it didn’t meet the high expectations of reporters looking for a story, it’s a good thing the first tsunami waves that struck Hawaii were this small, since authorities and people had little time to react to the warning.

The tsunami warning prompted confusion and then chaos, as Hawaii dealt with traffic congestions since everybody tried to flee to higher areas. According to scientists at the Tsunami Warning Center there were 100,000 to 150,000 people living in risk coastal zones who were urged to move to higher ground.

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle told Hawaii News Now the situation is “very, very dangerous”. “If you are stuck in traffic, you might consider getting out of your car and consider walking to a higher ground. You will have to assess your own situation, depending on where you are right now. Right now it is critical” he added.

Following the destructive tsunami that hit Oahu in March 2011, everybody in Hawaii is taking tsunami warnings seriously. Movie theatres halted their programs and urged clients to go home. Hotels also took precautions even if the first waves were not as big as expected.

“Non-essential hotel functions were shut down fast, and restaurants across the island closed early” said Wilson Rothman with NBC News. “Our hotel asked all guests to evacuate ‘vertically’ to the 4th, 5th or 6th floor, and asked guests on those floors to ‘make new friends’”, he added.

CNN Criticized For Ovulation And Voting Report

You know how you’re feeling so great when you’re ovulating?! According to CNN when women are ovulating they are more likely to vote liberal. The ovulation and voting report was retracted after CNN was highly criticized for saying that female voters are influenced by ovulation.

“Post removed: Study looks at voting and hormones” the CNN website reads on the page where not so long ago there was an article claiming that female voters tend to be more liberal when they are ovulating. So, if that coincides with the Election Day, female voters would be influenced into voting liberal…

CNN published and then removed a study that claimed female voters are influenced in their political choices by their hormones. The controversial study looked at 275 women and how they’d vote based on the month period. “When women are ovulating, they ‘feel sexier’ and therefore lean more toward liberal attitudes on abortion and marriage equality” it read on the CNN website.

Unfortunately for the CNN writer behind the controversial piece, the article received so much criticism that even Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin pregnancy rape uninspired comments seem less offending. Elizabeth Landau, the CNN reporter who authored the piece, said the she was “reporting on a study to be published in a peer-reviewed journal & included skepticism”.

CNN had to pull down the article linking female ovulation to voting behavior just several hours after it had been published. The website now reads that the “post previously published in this space regarding a study about how hormones may influence voting choices has been removed”. Apparently “some elements of the story did not meet the editorial standards of CNN”.

“I think why people were so offended is the idea that you’re reducing women to their hormones, and this goes back to a very antiquated notion about women’s leadership and abilities” said Debbie  Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics in a statement for FOX 411.

“What it does is reduces women to this notion that their hormonal changes keep them from being taken seriously and they can’t be trusted because of their hormones” she added.

So CNN is now being criticized for “poor judgment” and not taking women seriously. “The whole notion of women and their hormones has been used in the past as an excuse. That’s just absurd, Debbie Walsh added.

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