The new HTC One A9

Well, it looks like famous brands are starting to release high-end devices with Google’s latest operating system, 6.0 Marshmallow. So, HTC has unveiled its new One A9, which runs the new operating system. 

Even if the new phone is part of the company’s top-end One family, the A9 comes with low specs and a different design. Moreover, this phone is probably a cheaper alternative to the famous One M9 series.

However, HTC One A9 comes with a full-HD 5-inch display, an octa-core processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera, a fingerprint reader that is hidden in a physical home button and an all-metal design.

Since its release, everyone has been claiming that the new HTC One A9 looks similar to the iPhone 6. Is that true? Well, it looks kind of similar, but this doesn’t mean that HTC had wanted to copy the design of Apple’s phone. HTC One A9 looks pretty good and packs some interesting features that will certainly attract a lot of clients. The new device is available at the price of 399 dollars, which is a fair price, but customers should be aware, as this is just a launch promotion. After November 7, the new HTC One A9 will have the price of 499 dollars.

Its price range will put HTC One A9 in a direct battle with LG G4 and Moto X Play. Probably, at this amount of money, users will not get the features and performance that they might expect, but for everyday use, this phone could be perfect. 

As it was earlier mentioned, this device comes with a 5-inch full HD display and 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution. It also has an all-metal body and is available in dark gray, gold and silver colors. An interesting feature is the fingerprint reader that is hidden under the physical home button. The scanner works pretty well and it is accurate and fast. Users just have to place their finger on the scanner and the phone will wake from standby.

The most attractive part it that HTC One A9 works with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow software, meaning that users will have the latest and most updated apps. Under the hood, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, which is perfect for general navigation. 

The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle

What can be even better than a cup of coffee? Well, a nice cup of tea. So, the new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is recommended for tea fans. Making a cup of tea is not as easy as everyone thinks. Users must set the water temperature depending on what leaf they are using. 

The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle knows all these things and comes equipped with intelligent modes for preparing a larger variety of tea. This new machine is available at the price of 100 dollars and can pull out some interesting tricks.

So, why is the new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle so special? For starters, it comes with an integrated metal infuser basket for loose leaf teas and a steep timer. These two components help the machine to be a very user-friendly device. The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is probably better than Oxo Barista Brain 12-cup Brewing system that costs approximately 300 dollars. 

However, tea fans who are in search of a serious tea brewing technology will probably choose the Breville Tea Maker that costs 250 dollars. Breville Team Maker is a fancy team machine that comes with some interesting features, like adjustable water temperature and motorized steeping action.

Returning back to Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle, this tea maker is quite compact and measures 10.1 inches tall, 7.8 inches deep and 6.8 inches wide. This means that it is not so big and users can easily find a spot in their kitchen where to put it. Its construction is very simple and comes with just two main parts. 

The first part is the flat base and the second one is the electric kettle which is located on top of it. The glass container is not so big and comes with a maximum recommended water capacity of approximately 8 cups. 

The new Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is pretty easy to use. Users just have to fill the glass kettle with cold water and decide which tea leaf they want to brew. For example, if they are in the mood for a green tea, they just have to press the labelled button. There are also labelled buttons for black tea and white tea. 

The new Monoprice 13773

People who are willing to invest into a home theater system will realize that this is not cheap. Setting up a home theater system can go up to a couple of hundreds of dollars, which doesn’t sound really encouraging, especially for beginners. However, the new Monoprice 13773 is not that expensive. 

This new set of 5.1 speakers is available at the price of 250 dollars. Monoprice 13773 is composed of a center channel, two fronts, two rear sounds and a subwoofer and it can be bought from the online accessory retailer.

For this amount of money, the new Monoprice 13773 sounds amazing. However, there are some rumors on the market, claiming that this set of 5.1 speakers are unauthorized clones of the Energy Take Classics. Therefore, after a lawsuit from Klipsch, Energy’s parent company, Monoprice has managed to replace the design, which should be enough to stay away of further legal action. The new Monoprice 13773 is without a doubt a huge contender on its field. These speakers come with an incredible design and they sound even better than the previous model. 

To be added that the previous model, 10565, featured a wider center channel and four satellite speakers, but it looks like the newest model comes with five identical satellites instead. Is this a good thing? Do they sound even better? Well, it looks like they do. 

The new Monoprice 13773 has an incredible sound and it will fit perfectly in everyone’s living room. To be added that this set of 5.1 speakers also has some competitors on the market and it will be an interesting battle between them. The satellites are all coming in the same size: 6 inches tall and 4 inches square, while the subwoofer features 15x10x13 inches. Moreover, the subwoofer has an 8-inch paper driver with 100 watts of power.

As it was earlier mentioned, Monoprice’s performance is incredible and it fits perfectly with Denon AVR-S500BT receiver or Yamaha RX-V479. It turns out that Monoprice 13773 is perfect for watching movies or TV, because it delivers a detailed and open sound. At this amount of money, these speakers could be a great choice. 

Interesting facts about Sonos Play:5

In the last few years, Sonos has been one of the most appreciated brands on the wireless speakers market. This company has added several speakers to its multiroom audio lineup, some of them being highly appreciated by customers. 

Well, these days, Sonos has released another wireless speaker, called Sonos Play:5. This new speaker is actually an upgrade to the original Play:5. To be added that the original Play:5 is Sonos’s flagship speaker and it wasn’t upgraded from almost 6 years. 

Well, it looks like the popular company decided to add some new features to its flagship speaker. The new Sonos Play:5 is available at the price of 500 dollars, which is approximately 100 dollars more than the original model. However, it definitely is worth the extra money. 

The new Sonos Play:5 comes in two different colors: black and white. Moreover, the new speaker can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Customers should know that the speaker looks amazingly on the vertical mode and while it works well as a single speaker, they can also spring two speakers, making a stereo pair and get some real sound in their room. Even if in the past, Sonos had some serious problems delivering a focused stereo image, now the new Play:5 sounds amazingly when paired with another speaker.

To be added that the new wireless speaker seems to be about 20 percent bigger than the original model and it comes with significantly more bass. The new Sonos Play:5 comes with 6 drivers, including 3 tweeters and 3 mid-woofers, meaning that users will not have to get a separate Sonos Sub to have more bass. 

Another interesting fact is that this new speaker has the capability to work with all of the company’s existing wireless speakers, meaning that they can be linked together in a multiroom audio setup. Users who have a poor Wi-Fi connection can opt for a Sonos Bridge that costs 50 dollars, or Sonos Boos, at the price of 100 dollars. These devices can be connected to the user’s rooter and create a very reliable wireless connection to their Sonos components. 

A new smartphone on the market: Oppo R7 Plus

Oppo has some huge plans with the new R7 Plus. This super-sized phone comes with a 6-inch AMOLED display and packs some interesting features. The new Oppo R7 Plus is the larger version of the original Oppo R7, but it comes with some new tweaks and an impressive battery life. 

All these new features are packed into a mid-range device that comes at an attractive price, being a good offer for everyone. In the last year, the Chinese-based manufacturer has managed to enter on new markets, like Australia and US. The new Oppo R7 Plus is available at the price of 499 dollars, which is a good deal.

Oppo R7 Plus comes with a beautiful design, featuring a matte metal finish on the back, which is perfect because it will not leave any fingerprints. Moreover, on the rear is located a fingerprint scanner that will unlock the phone with a single hand. This is a good move for Oppo and is very useful for owners, because they will just touch the scanner, even if the display is off, and they will unlock it in a moment. 

The new Oppo R7 Plus is an excellent choice, especially for customers who are big-screen fans. However, Oppo R7 Plus is a massive device, because it has an extra half-inch of screen, compared with so called “phablets,” like the new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

However, the larger screen is clear and bright, but it doesn’t have an amazing resolution compared with other phablets. So, Oppo R7 Plus comes with 1,920×1,080 pixels, compared with Samsung’s Galaxy S6, 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution. 

However, at the price of 499 dollars, this display is perfect, especially for watching videos, gaming or reading a text. As for hardware, the new Oppo R7 Plus comes with the same chipset as the original version, Oppo R7. So, under the hood there is hiding a Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. 

To be added that users can expand the internal storage to 128GB via microSD slot. Moreover, Oppo R7 Plus comes with the same 13-megapixel rear camera and in the front there is an 8-megapixel camera.

The new Oxo Barista Brain

The new Oxo Barista Brain is an interesting coffee maker, which not only makes good coffee, but it also offers a larger variety of water heating and brewing options. The new coffee maker from Oxo is available at the price of 300 dollars and has the mission to offer a delicious cup of coffee every day. 

Besides this, the new Oxo Barista Brain is intelligent enough to tell it to serve small ports or to make a whole 12-ounce pot of coffee. However, this coffee maker also functions as an electric kettle with precise temperature control, meaning that it is perfect for tea drinkers, as well.

Well, at the price of 300 dollars, this new coffee maker seems to be pretty expensive compared with other coffee makers on the market. Therefore, the new Oxo Barista Brain offers some extra features that are pretty useful in the kitchen.

So, users can get plenty of hot beverage-related utility at this price, but unfortunately it has some flaws, too. The main minus for the new Oxo Barista Brain is that it lasts longer than any other traditional coffee maker to make a full pot.

As for design, the new Oxo Barista Brain comes with an incredible look, being a unique appliance. This coffee maker is 15.9 inches tall, 14.7 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. So, this means that Oxo Barista Brain is absolutely massive, compared with other large coffee makers on the market. However, Oxo has done a great job disguising its large footprint. Unlike many other larger coffee makers on the market, which are coming with a massive plastic and blocky construction, the new Oxo Barista Brain is pretty decent and nice.

So, as for controls, users should read the manual at first. Why? Because even if the coffee maker comes with just one physical interface, the control handles numerous functions. So, before using for the first time the Barista Brain, users should calibrate the scale embedded inside its kettle pedestal. However, after reading the manual and figuring out all the functions, the new Oxo Barista Brain is an incredible coffee maker that will make a delicious cup of coffee every morning.

The ultimate 4K streamer: Roku 4

Well, it looks like the nice little box from Roku is now streaming 4K video. Moreover, the new Roku 4 comes with the widest variety of 4K video on the market, including YouTube, Netflix, M-Go and Vudu. To be added that this new streamer makes finding actual 4K movies and TV shows much easier. 

However, it is still early for users to find 4K videos at any corner and at the moment 4K movies actually cost a fortune. 4K resolution has the capability to deliver better picture quality than HD, but for this, users should has a big 4K TV at home, a fast internet connection and the most-expensive subscription plan. 

The new Roku 4 is available at the price of 130 dollars, which is not pretty expensive, compared with 4K TVs. However, on the streamer market, this little puck is pretty expensive compared with other streamers. For customers who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and who already own a 4K TV, the new Roku 4 is probably unnecessary, because their TV already has access to Amazon’s 4K content, Netlifx or YouTube. 

On the steamer market, Roku 4 has some serious competition, like Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia Shield. Both of these devices are coming with 4K support. To be added that another strong contender has entered the market and that is the new Apple TV, which offers a large amount of features and has the power to unseat Roku 4. 

The new Roku 4 comes with a wonderful design, even if it’s larger than the previous Roku 3. The new box is thicker, wider and deeper than other streamer boxes on the market. The top is matte black and on the sides it is glossy and has a big “4” up top. Moreover, it has the traditional trademark purple fabric Roku tag on the side, while the bottom is rubberized to minimize slideage. Moreover, there is a bottom located on the top that can be used to operate the remote locator function, in case users have lost the remote.

Users can find a USB port on the side and around back there is the best selection of ports that a streamer can have, like Ethernet, HDMI, a MicroSD card slot and an optical digital audio slot.

A fast portable drive called Akitio Palm RAID

The new Akitio Palm RAID is compact enough to fit into everyone’s hand and it probably delivers the fastest sustained read speed on the market, approximately 500MB/s.

The new Akitio Palm RAID is an impressive portable drive that also comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable, which turns out to be very useful. 

However, this device hides another surprise for its customers and that is the two solid-state drives on the inside.

So, the new Akitio Palm RAID can work in either a RAID 0 or a RAID 1 setup. The new Akitio Palm RAID is available at the price of 600 dollars for 512GB of storage space. This portable drive is probably the most expensive SSD on the market, but its write speed is far from the best. 

Probably, its main flaw is its only one-year warranty, which is pretty short for a drive at this amount of money. However, customers who are searching for a super-fast portable drive and super compact, the Palm RAID is the right choice for them.

It is very important for customers to know that they need a computer or laptop that supports the Thunderbolt connection. 

To be added that there are other competitors on the market that do not come with a Thunderbolt option and are really fast, for example LaCIe Rugger All-Terrain. This portable drive isn’t as compact as Akitio Palm RAID, but it has similar performance and costs approximately 170 dollars less and works with USB.

As it was mentioned earlier, the new Akitio Palm RAID comes with an ultracompact design that has support for RAID configurations. This portable drive measures 4.72×3.11x.0.55 inches and weighs approximately 7 ounces. 

Akitio Palm RAID is probably the most compact device on the market that houses two internal drives. So, this drive houses two 256GB mSATA solid-state drives, also known as SSDs. Unfortunately, this portable drive is not water-resistant, because it has a few openings that will allow water or dust to enter and make contact with circuit board and other internal drives.

Akitio Palm RAID comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable, meaning that users will not have to buy a separate Thunderbolt cable. 

Lenovo has released the new Zuk Z1

The new Lenovo Zuk Z1 is available at the price of 320 dollars and it has a beautiful design. Probably, customers will say that it looks similar with the iPhone 6S Plus, but Lenovo Zuk Z1 has some tweaks that make it unique. 

It homes a rear camera that makes decent pictures and a fingerprint scanner. Probably, its strongest point is its battery life that lasts pretty long.

To be added that this phone comes from the Chinese electronics giant’s subsidiary brand, called Zuk Mobile. Even if the new Lenovo Zuk Z1 cannot be found in western markets, customers can order it from Zuk’s online third party retailers.

Now, the new Z1 is Zuk Mobile’s first smartphone and is available at a very attractive price. As any other smartphone that comes at a low price this new device also has some flaws. However, for customers who love the iPhone’s design and Google’s operating system, this new phone is an incredible catch. Lenovo Zuk Z1 comes with a 5.5-inch display and a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution. It measures 6.13×3.04×0.35 inches and weighs 6.17 ounces. The phone is available only in two colors: white and dark gray.

As it was earlier mentioned, the new Lenovo Zuk Z1 has a very similar design with Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus. If we put these two devices side-by-side, we will realize that they look the same, but with a few tweaks. Both devices are featuring a pure white with metal antenna bandings and an identical front color scheme. Moreover, even if the finger print sensor and home button have a different shape, the positioning is almost the same as the one of iPhone 6S Plus. Another interesting thing is that Lenovo Zuk Z1 comes with the same speaker grilles and Type-C USB port like those on Apple’s device.

Under the hood there is a Qulacomm Snapdragon 801 octa-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Moreover, it has a large 4,100mAh battery and runs Google Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS. With such kind of hardware, users will have no issues playing games or browsing the Web with the new device. 

A luxury gaming controller, Microsoft Xbox Elite

The new Microsoft Xbox Elite is probably one of the most comfortable controllers on the market. Moreover, even if this controller was designed for Xbox One, it can also be used on gaming PCs. 

The new controller has some interesting features and other tweaks that make it better than other controllers from different platforms. However, probably that biggest minus for the new Microsoft Xbox Elite is its price. 

The new controller is available on the market at the price of 150 dollars. Now, hearing this price, customers may say that they don’t need a controller at this amount of money. To be added that 130 dollars is two and a half times more than a regular Xbox One controller.

However, even if it is expensive, there will be customers willing to spend this amount of money, just to have a better experience while playing.

Therefore, the new Microsoft Xbox Elite will deliver incredible gaming experiences like any other controller on the market. While holding the new controller, users will realize that this device is heavier than the original Xbox controller and feels much luxurious and substantial. Every button found on the new Microsoft Xbox Elite operates with satisfying smoothness and incredible feedback. To be added that a matter rubberized coating covers approximately the entire controller and offers the feeling that you are holding a high-end gadget. 

However, the main attraction that this new controller is offering is the massive amount of customization possible with the analog triggers, sticks and D-pad. To be added that this controller also comes with three sets of magnetic, stainless steel analog sticks that can be easily changed. Moreover, the controller has detachable paddles located on the back, which will allow users to program them through a free Xbox app designed for the controller. However, some users will find these paddles really useful, especially to gas on a race car or for switching arms, but other will find them really inconvenient. 

As for the free Elite app, this app is not only for programming the back paddles, but it can also remap any of the 14 digital inputs from the gadget.