Lana Del Rey Is The New Face Of H&M

H&M released a statement announcing the name of the model they have chosen for the presentation of their fall/winter 2012-2013 collection. The Swedish brand has selected Lana Del Rey as the new face of their upcoming collection because her look is very feminine and retro.

Indie singer Lana Del Rey is gaining popularity in the fashion industry as many more brands want to use her image for their collections. H&M is the company who announced on Tuesday that they have signed a deal with the singer for their upcoming ensemble. While the video will be released on September 19, the first pics featuring Lana have already been published on the Internet.

H&M PR manager Chloe Bowers told the press that the company decided to use Lana Del Rey as their representative because her look is the best for their autumn collection. H&M has designed their new clothes for a modern, yet very feminine woman. Most models are meant to emphasize the soft attitude of the woman, as well as her physical assets, namely, the curves and the waist.

The winter collection will preserve some of the characteristics we have seen in other H&M designs. The most important aspect is that women look stylish without compromising their comfort or their health. The pictures that the Swedish company has provided recall a Los Angeles noir mood. Lana looks very elegant and polished, but everything has been kept within the boundaries of simplicity and functionality.

This is the second time this year when Lana Del Rey is co-opted to collaborate with a fashion brand. Mulberry named one of their bags after the artist at the beginning of the year because they liked her name and they thought it was appropriate for their brand.


Lady Gaga’s Fragrance “Fame” Branded As Innovative

Lady Gaga has managed to break all boundaries not just in the music, but also in the cosmetics industry. Her new fragrance “Fame” was branded as innovative by the Coty chief executive officer.

Whether she conquers the hearts of her fans or she makes everyone hate her, Lady Gaga’s success is entirely based on her unprecedented attitude. She has raised numerous controversies by now thanks to her downright shocking lyrics and her fashion and makeup style.

Yet, the singer won’t stop here. She announced a while ago that she will be releasing a new fragrance, “Fame”, which will most likely mirror her unique personality. Some of her plans were too big for us to handle as the “Born This Way” singer stated that the perfume will display notes of blood and semen. In the end, she opted for a different fragrance formula that is, nevertheless, just as innovative as the initial one.

According to Coty’s chief executive officer, Mr Beetz, Gaga’s perfume has many reasons to be branded as one of the most original beauty product in the past decades. First of all, the color of the fragrance is unique because “Fame” is the first black perfume. Customers don’t have to worry as the eau becomes invisible once airborne.

Second of all, “Fame” is the first perfume that doesn’t have top, middle and bottom notes. Steve Mormoris, Coty’s marketing senior VP explained that the notes of the fragrance are no longer arranged in a certain order; on the contrary, various flowery and fruity scents surface randomly depending on the person who wears it. Thus, the perfume undergoes various metamorphoses in time, but the notes remain harmonious no matter what. The new technology used by the singer in the creation of “Fame” was described by Coty as “push-pull”.

The fragrance contains notes of poisonous Belladonna plant, honey, saffron, apricot nectar, tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. It is a dark perfume because it represents the black soul of fame, according to the singer’s declaration.

Tips To Prevent Oiliness In The Summer

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you got… oily skin on your mind. Sweating is usually benefic because it helps purify and regenerate our skin. However, high temperatures may be really annoying, especially for people who have oily skin. The following tips could help you prevent oiliness in the summer and enjoy your sunny vacation.

Use a purifying lotion. Opting for a cleanser that has a slightly more acidic formula is one of the first changes you should consider if you want to prevent shine. You don’t necessarily have to have pimples or acne to use this product; it is also recommended for shine-prone skin. Salicilic acid based cleansers represent the best choice because the ingredients they contain are neither too harsh, nor too mild, so they do not affect the natural pH level of the skin.

Change your face cream. In the winter time, we tend to use fat products to protect our epidermis from cold. Most women who complain about oily skin forget to switch to a lighter face cream in the summertime; as a result, their pores are weighed down with too much product and skin begins to produce too much sebum. If you have mixed skin type, you may even skip the areas that are problematic, such as, the forehead and the nose.

Apply facials. Summer is the best season of all, considering the wide variety of produce we have at our disposition. Now is the time to give up expensive spa visits and use homemade facials to minimize your skin problems. Cucumbers are moderately astringent, so they can work miracles when applied on oily skin.

Eat right. Vegetable and fruits will have better results if you also include them in your diet. Greasy food, such as, French fries and hamburgers, as well as heavy cakes, will contribute to the amount of sebum that your skin produces. If you really feel like eating sweets, it is better to switch to bitter chocolate as it is natural and, therefore, benefic for your epidermis.

Use mineral based makeup. It is important to wear lighter makeup when the weather gets too hot because your skin needs to breathe. Mineral based products are highly recommended as they match your sun kissed complexion without burdening it.

Taylor Swift Launches Second Fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift announced on Monday that she will release her second fragrance at the beginning of this fall. The singer will continue the tradition of her first perfume with the help of the new collection “Wonderstruck Enchanted”.

Taylor Swift’s first fragrance, “Wonderstruck” was highly praised by stylists and celebrities. Its success determined the singer to prepare a new line of perfumes called “Wonderstruck – Enchanted”. Although the name is more or less the same, Swift reassured fans that the new fragrance is totally different from the first.

According to the statement released by Taylor’s reps, “Wonderstruck Enchanted” is a feminine fragrance with many fruity and flowery notes. The first scents that are felt upon the opening of the bottle are the notes of passion fruit, pink poppy, and wild berries. The middle fragrances are the flowery ones as the perfume was enriched with notes of peony, white freesia, and sugar-glazed champaca petals. Vanilla, blond woods and white musk are the three scents that are left behind as the fragrance begins to fade away.

Whenever celebrities launch a perfume they correlate it with an important even in their lives or add a special story to it. Taylor Swift described her perfume as mysterious and, as the name says it, enchanting. Those who will choose to wear the fragrance will experience that strange, yet pleasant, sensation of being charmed by someone at the first sight. Nevertheless, the feeling lasts even after you find out things about the respective person.

Unlike the first product launched by the singer which was accompanied by a purple bottle, “Wonderstruck Enchanted” comes with a passionate red tone bottle. The perfume is just as elegant as the original one because it is accessorized with several crystal charms representing a flower, a leaf and an antique bird. Its debut on the market will take place in September 2012. Fans will be able to purchase the perfume in exchange of $49.50 for a 1.7-oz. bottle and $59.50 for a 3.4-oz. bottle.


Choose Your Nail Polish Color Like A Star

As a teenage girl, with lots of black spots and pimples I may add, I learnt that the color of your nail polish has to match the eye shadow and/or the lipstick. Nowadays, everything is pretty much the same, except for the fact that we no longer match the shade of the nail polish with the one of the makeup. Once again, we set our eyes on our beauty goddesses – celebrities at Hollywood – and we found out the new ways we can use our nail polish to complement our overall look.

According to stylists at Hollywood, it is still correct to choose the same color for your nails as for your lips. In fact, there are many celebrities who wear red, cherry and brown lipstick combined with a similar shade on their nails.

However, the new summer collections contain numerous brightly colored shades, so matching them with your makeup is no longer an option. At least for those who don’t like to wear green or yellow glosses on their lips. In this case, celebrities choose to wear contrasting colors, only this time, the nail polish is chosen based on the color of the clothes. Thus, if you opt for a yellow gown (a color that is very popular at present), you can choose purple, violet or even blue for your nails as these clashing shades emphasize each other.

Another combination that was often spotted on the Red Carpet presupposes the use of two different hues that come from the same class of colors, be it warm or cold. Many celebrities opted for blue nail polishes and matched them with green dresses and, judging by the looks of the pictures, it is a good choice for the summer. The two cold shades work well together and they cast a breeze of freshness during hot summer evenings.

Warm colors can be easily matched, too, but stylists prefer to temper the brightness of some colors, such as, fuchsia and orange by matching them with black outfits. If you, nevertheless, prefer to surround yourselves with many warm colors this summer, you should stick with soft pastel shades as they can be easily matched with outfits belonging to the same color palette.

World’s Most Expensive Face Cream

Based on a recent report published by Telegraph, the Japanese company Shiseido Co will launch the world’s most expensive face cream on September 21.The new beauty product is meant to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the luxurious line “Cle de Peau Beaute”.

“Cle de Peau Beaute”, the famous line of beauty products produced by the Japanese company Shiseido Co turns 30 this September, so the executives decided to launch a special face cream to celebrate the event. The price, however, was established taking the properties of the product into account; therefore, a 50-gram bottle of cream will cost around £8,440.

Although the cream is more expensive than gold, executives think it will be worth every penny. The price of gold is £33 per gram, whereas a gram of “Cle de Peau Beaute” will amount to the lavish sum of £169. Nevertheless, the beauty product is endowed with powerful anti-ageing properties, so women who want to lift and tighten their skin will be pleased with the results of the new cream.

There are several other reasons why the cosmetic product is so expensive. First of all, the container was produced in collaboration with the French glassmaker, Crystal Saint-Louis, whose designs are highly appreciated by collectors. Moreover, the bottles are hand crafted and embellished with 30 layers of crystals and three platinum rungs. There will be only three cream jars available on the market because the new line is limited edition.

Those who want to become the possessors of the precious cream will be able to place their orders at the company’s main store in the upmarket Ginza district of Tokyo starting August 30. If there are more than three customers willing to buy the beauty product, Shiseido will organize a draw to determine the winners.

Megumi Kinukawa told reporters that this was the first time when the Japanese company produced a limited edition line. The company hopes that the new face cream will appeal to their loyal customers and will determine many more people to try their gorgeous products.

Lady Gaga’s Perfume Leaked

Weeks after Lady Gaga announced her intentions to produce a new fragrance a photo of her perfume was leaked on the Internet spoiling all the surprise. The singer eventually decided to tell her fans all the details about the new perfume, says People magazine.

Many zeros were added to the singer’s bank account since she began concerting across the world during the “Born This Way” tour. Naturally, this called for an investment, so Lady Gaga announced that she will launch a new line of fragrances for her little “baby monsters”, as she likes to call her fans.

The first declaration that the interpreter made in relation to the perfume sent some shivers down our spines, but luckily a photo was leaked on the Internet and we were thus able to come out from under our beds. Lady Gaga initially declared that the fragrance will be called “Monster” and the smell will have a “sense of blood and semen from molecular structures”. The recent image, however, displays a perfume bottle called “Fame” and an elegantly shaped package.

The leaked pic constrained Gaga to use her Twitter account and let fans know everything about the fragrance. She explained that the bottle contains notes of orchid, belladonna, apricot, saffron and honey drops. The description on the bottle was, nevertheless, rendered more poetic to mirror the artist’s style: “tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops”.

The 26-year-old pop star claims her perfume is unique due to its color. Gaga wanted her fragrance to be black without leaving any spots on the skin; therefore, the black liquid turns invisible as soon as it is pulverized. The dark shade of the fluid is meant to symbolize the black soul of fame, according to the singer.

The fragrance is designed for women, but men could wear it, too, in Gaga’s opinion. She wrote on her Twitter account that she is convinced her gay friends will be among the first persons to wear the perfume.

Tips To Hydrate Dry Skin In The Summer

Most problems related to dry skin tend to diminish in the summertime because the heat enables us to sweat and balance the pH level. Yet, the more water we eliminate from our body, the drier our skin will become. The best thing to do is to make sure you take all the necessary measures to keep your skin hydrated all summer long and use the right products for your needs.

Body lotions are highly recommended for people with dry skin, so use them as often as you can even if it makes you feel greasy. The products that you use during these hot months must ensure the biggest sunscreen protection possible. In addition, you may opt for lotions with improved formulas that contain vitamins A and E because these maintain the elasticity of the epidermis.

Use gentle cleansers and exfoliators that cannot strip away your natural skin moisture. Alpha hydroxy acids can work miracles for dry skin, so make sure they are included in your shower gel and other daily care products. If you must use an exfoliator opt for organic gels instead of commercial ones because the latter tend to be too harsh.

Always carry a rich serum with you in case you want a natural way to minimize wrinkles. Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum is one of the best products because its formula helps diminish wrinkles. Experts recommend serums with phytochemicals and plant extracts like Sesbania which have the capacity to regenerate cells.

During your summer holiday you should pay twice as much attention to the skin care, especially if you are prone to dryness. Take a shower every time you come out of the pool or the sea because the chemicals and the salt will render your skin even more sensitive. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day to avoid dehydration and to replace the minerals that you lose through sweat. You may also freshen up with natural juice or lemonade, but you should avoid alcohol as it eliminates water from your body.

Kardashian Sisters Launch Khroma Beauty Makeup Line

The Kardashian sisters never miss a chance to expand their business empire. Their reps recently announced that the famous reality TV stars will launch a new makeup line called Khroma Beauty in December 2012.

Few people might remember this, but before there was the sex tape and the reality TV shows, Kim Kardashian used to be a stylist for many celebrities like singer Brandy and actress Lindsay Lohan. In fact, this is how her entertainment career started in the first place.

Although Kim and her sisters are now famous thanks to their reality TV shows and clothing lines, they continue to invest their money in various products. Based on their statement, the three sisters will launch a new line of makeup products in December 2012. The collection will be called Khroma Beauty and it will be promoted with the help of Boldface Licensing+Branding. Products will be available in Ulta stores at the end of the year.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have stated that they are very happy to be able to work with Boldface Licensing+Branding. They told reporters that they all like being glamorous, which is why it gives them great pleasure to produce their own makeup collection that will reach out to women around the world.

The collection was designed to meet the needs of the mass consumers. Nevertheless, the products will be highly qualitative and luxurious, according to the reality TV stars. They have included some of their favorite items in the collection, that is, numerous false eyelashes, Kardazzle Compacts and Million Dollar Masks.

The statement further explained that the three celebrities chose to sell their new collection in Ulta stores because they are more appropriate for their target customers. Market analyses have shown that the average beauty products consumer goes to Ulta whenever he/she wants to purchase “fresh, exciting and significant” items. Nicole Ostoya, CEO of BOLDFACE Licensing+Branding, also opted for Ulta because it matches their profile.

The fact that the Khroma Beauty line is luxurious does not make them expensive. The sexy brunettes reassured everyone that the price will be very affordable because they want to share their beauty secrets with as many women as possible.

Halle Barry Reveals Her Beauty Secrets For Stylelist

Actress Halle Barry has agreed to release an interview for Stylelist in order to let people know what her beauty secrets are. The 45-year-old star discusses everything from complexion, to makeup and hairstyles in the new issue of the magazine.

Halle Barry always surprises stylists with the choices she makes on the Red Carpet, not to mention her flawless complexion and enviable body. The actress doesn’t usually speak about her beauty routine, but this time, she spoke with reporters at Stylelist and revealed her secrets to her fans.

Speaking about her complexion, Barry confessed that she got all the good genes from her father who has a perfect skin. In fact, the “New Year’s Eve” star thinks genetics is the main factor influencing one person’s complexion. The way we treat ourselves and the self-destructive habits we adopt, such as, drinking, smoking or doing drugs also influences the look of our skin.

Given that Halle Barry doesn’t have skin issues, she usually likes to wear very little makeup. Her five-minute make up routine presupposes only two ingredients: face powder and lipstick. She uses face powder because her skin tends to become shiny during the day and lipstick because the actress has the habit of chewing her lips. Just Bitten Kissable in Honey is the product that Barry usually uses for her lips because it is moisturizing.

When it comes to her hair, Barry prefers to wear it short because it seems like the perfect choice for her. She cut her long tresses for the first time when she first started acting at 18 or 19 years old. She made the decision because all the other girls auditioning for roles had long hair and she had to be different in order to stand out. The trick worked as two weeks later Halle received her first part in a movie.

Barry is currently engaged with actor Olivier Martinez and she has a daughter, Nahla, with former fiancé, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The actress hopes to help her daughter embrace “all of who she is”, given that her parents come from different cultures.