Lady Gaga Invites People At Fame Party To Watch Her Sleep

Lady Gaga throws parties like no other celebrity. To mark the end of the New York Fashion Week and celebrate her first fragrance, Lady Gaga invited people at “Fame” party to watch her sleep.

It sounds just a bit too eccentric doesn’t it? Well, we’re talking about Lady Gaga. For her eccentricity is all in a day’s work. So why not throw a sort of slumber party for her famous friends at the Guggenheim Museum. It sounds unusual enough to get everybody’s attention. So celebrities such as Marc Jacobs or Paris Hilton showed up at the party to watch Lady Gaga sleep.

The New York Daily News writes that Lady Gaga showed up one hour earlier to the Guggenheim Museum and managed to bypass reporters. Around 9 p.m. the artist began her performance called “Sleeping with Gaga”, the highlight event of her party: the slumber itself.

Lady Gaga slept in an egg installation that allowed guests to stick their fingers through a hole and touch her during her sleep. Yes, it doesn’t sound creepy at all. 45 minutes later, Lady Gaga was done with sleeping and assistants took her out of the egg installation and “stripped her down to lingerie and thigh highs”.

It didn’t take long before Lady Gaga returned back to her egg, but this time with a tattoo artist and got a new tattoo live during her “Fame” and Fashion Week party. An insider explained Lady Gaga worked very hard for her “Fame” launch party and personally handpicked the guests. “She personally decided who got the nod for invitations and who couldn’t come” the source explained.

It looks like Lady Gaga is super serious about her new fragrance “Fame” if she tried that hard to be extra eccentric for one launch party. In an interview with CNN, Lady Gaga explained “Fame has a very interesting prospect with dangerous encounters around the corner…Fame is ultimately about the cycles of desire and how to do away with them or manage them well”.

But when you take the fancy words out, Lady Gaga herself admits her fragrance is going to smell slutty. “I wanted it to smell slutty, to be totally honest…I don’t think that women need to smell interesting. I have an interesting mind but I want to smell like a slut” Lady Gaga explained.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is The Best Dressed Woman

Looking for a stylish celebrity to steal some fashion tricks from? Well, make sure it’s actress Gwyneth Paltrow, because according to People magazine she is the best dressed woman in the world.

There are a few celebrities that seem to have all their life figured out. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of them. She is a stylish beautiful woman that remained successful even when movies such as “Twilight” and “Avatar” stole the picture. Married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and mother of two boys, Gwyneth Paltrow makes for an amazingly stylish and elegant appearance each time.

It’s really no wonder Gwyneth Paltrow got designated as the best dressed woman this year. The 39-year-old actress tops People’s list that also includes fashion icons Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, 23-year-old Emma Stone and actress Jessica Alba.

With Gwyneth Paltrow named the best dressed woman it just stands to reason that being fashionable doesn’t mean wearing awkward outfits and exceeding the limits of eccentricity. It shows that a clean cut style as that of Gwyneth Paltrow is more praised than Nicki Minaj’s colorful eye-hurting outfits or Lady Gaga’s weird and complex dresses.

People editors, fashion bloggers and 48 million readers agreed Gwyneth Paltrow is the one that deserves the world’s best dressed woman title. People magazine says “Gwyneth Paltrow is a fashion plate first and foremost” with “unparalleled” red carpet skills and “unexpected, yet chic looks”.

Elizabeth Salztman, stylist for this year’s best dressed woman, told People Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t have a thing for trends in fashion. In fact, she likes to stick to a simple, clean cut style. “She doesn’t do fringe. She has a uniform. It’s simple, not overdone” Elizabeth Saltzman said.

Other celebrities made it to People’s best and worst dressed issue. For instance actress Jessica Alba topped in the best jeans category, while Jennifer Lawrence stormed in the category for best dressed under 25s.

When it comes to best dressed men this year, it’s a plethora of actors topping the list. Andrew Garfield, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth and Robert Pattinson are frontrunners, but so is rapper Jay-Z.

People’s double special issue Best & Worst Dressed will hit the stands this Friday.

Katie Holmes, Spokesperson For Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

From the looks of it, Katie Holmes hasn’t been shedding too many tears over her divorce from Tom Cruise. In fact, the actress seems to be doing just fine as a single mom. According to a recent statement, Katie Holmes got a new gig as spokesperson for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

The cosmetics company has been staying away from naming celebrities to represent its products. But everybody seems to agree Katie Holmes is the perfect face for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. For Katie Holmes, now single mother and a recent divorcee, being the first celebrity spokesperson for Bobbi Brown makeup is a huge step forward.

Earlier this week, Katie Holmes was sat down by WWD for an interview about her take on fashion. It was just minutes before that Katie Holmes and Bobbi Brown confirmed an upcoming collaboration. She is the first celebrity face to represent the makeup cosmetics company with an experience of over 21 years in the market.

“Bobbi is exceptionally talented and Bobbi Brown cosmetics is a company that we, as women, all turn to because it is makeup that is very accessible and makes you feel pretty” Katie Holmes said of her new partnership.

“Sometimes it is just a lipstick or a blush that makes you feel like you can do what you need to do. Makeup is powerful and I am thrilled to be a part of this brand” the 33-year-old actress said.

The Katie Holmes – Bobbi Brown makeup collaboration is set to kick off soon enough and sources with the industry say the actress is making between $2 to $3 million from the multiyear contract.

Katie Holmes will not only be the first celebrity face for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, but she will also be a brand’s muse and an actual collaborator. The advertising campaign featuring Katie Holmes endorsing Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is set to hit the market next spring.  And as of next year’s fall, Katie Holmes will launch her own capsule collection of color cosmetics under the Bobbi Brown makeup brand.

In the meanwhile Katie Holmes is preparing to launch her first designer fashion collection this week in New York City. So, it looks like Katie Holmes is just fine without Tom Cruise.

Jessica Simpson Talks About Losing The Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson is one of the few celebrity moms that haven’t lost their baby weight within a shocking month. Shockingly, Jessica Simpson talks about losing the baby weight saying she’s been having a hard time dropping the pregnancy pounds and return to supermodel size.

For the most part, celebrity moms have their babies and within a month they’re back to their pre-birth slim body. Women all over the world would love to hear the secret workout that gets celebrity moms to drop baby weight just like that. From what Jessica Simpson says the secret to a fit new mom body is determination.

Jessica Simpson joined the Weight Watchers program just a few weeks after delivering her first child. She took on a position as a spokesperson, but since then she hasn’t done all that much to drop the baby weight. “Being a mom is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. Everything she does is exciting to me” said the singer, but as one celebrity trainer would say that’s no excuse for not getting back in shape.

Back in March, two months before she gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, Jessica Simpson weighed 170 pounds. She hasn’t told the media what was her starting weight with the Weight Watchers nor what her goal is.

One thing is for sure according to the singer: “I didn’t realize it [the weight] didn’t all come off with the baby”. Baby Maxwell Drew was 9 pounds and 13 ounces at birth, but there’s still a lot of baby weight left. While she says the baby weight is actually coming down fast, Jessica Simpson revealed she’s having a hard time working out and “eating less of everything”.

To begin with Jessica Simpson complains her “boobs are way too big to run at this point” so she’s just walking, but eating less helped her lose “weight every single week”. And she’s just not the woman to say not to chocolate. “I allow myself a fun-size M&Ms. I eat one of those, and my craving is satisfied. I don’t need the whole bag of M&Ms”.

Plus, as Jessica Simpson says her losing the baby weight fast isn’t a priority. “I’m a mum now, and get to be a role model for this beautiful girl… I’m not a supermodel. My body is not boucing back like a supermodel” revealed Jessica Simpson.

Taylor Swift To Launch New Perfume

It goes without saying: Taylor Swift is having a great time. Taylor Swift is reportedly dating one of the Kennedy’s, she just launched a new album and a single and is about to launch a new perfume too.

Taylor Swift’s new fragrance seems to fully integrate the concept of the singer’s new album, “Red”. The ad for Taylor Swift’s new perfume has just been released and it’s more Taylor Swift than anything before. “Wonderstruck Enchanted” will be available starting September 2012.

“Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance” said the country singer of her new fragrance. Taylor Swift explains the perfume wants to inspire “that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone”, “that feeling of being completely enamored – enchanted”. It’s about that moment “when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection”.

The new fragrance signed by Taylor Swift is described to be a “blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals, wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature”. And the ad campaign for Taylor Swift’s new perfume seems to make that promise too.

Taylor Swift employed KraftWorks NYC and Elizabeth Arden to work on her new fragrance’s advertising concept. Magnet Agency’s set designer Thomas Thurnauer and Kara Glynn Productions brought to reality a fairytale.

“I love the look of my Wonderstruck Enchanted ad” Taylor Swift confessed in a statement for She wears a beautiful red gown signed Monique Lhuillier and a hair due created by hair stylist Jemma Muradian. In a nutshell, stylist Joseph Cassell and Taylor Swift made a great team.

“I’m wearing this amazing red gown that I loved as soon as I put it on. It’s a classic look, and that’s been my recent style obsession” confessed Taylor Swift. “Anything classic and timeless” she added.

Seeing as Tyler Swift is one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, her new fragrance is poised for success. “Wonderstruck Enchanted” will hit the stores one month before Taylor Swift’s new album, “Red”, which is anticipated to be the kind of raving success that breaks records.

Madonna To Launch Workout DVD Series

She’s 54 and she looks insanely fit, healthy and energetic for her age. It’s no brainer everybody wants to know the diva’s secret fitness exercises. Madonna will launch a workout DVD series, “Addicted to Sweat, featuring fitness advice from personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer.

Since 2009, Nicole Winhoffer has been working intensely with Madonna. The 54-year-old international diva never looked better and seems to be fitter than in her 20s. It’s not much of a surprise, the Madonna – Winhoffer workout DVD series will be a raving success. All women dream to be half as fit as Madonna is after 50.

For the most part, the secret to Madonna’s amazing body is intense workout. Her dance moves are surely exhausting and just watching her go on stage is enough to understand why Madonna looks this great at 54. “Addicted to Sweat” the fitness DVD series Madonna and Winhoffer are about to launch, will feature some of the dance moves the pop queen is using in her current world tour.

All you’ll need to train like Madonna is a chair and the floor. You’ll learn some of Madonna’s most popular dance moves, such as the Drop Down, Ride The Horse and the Hop Forward. It’s basically a dancing workout using toning and cardio exercises with innovative dance.

Madonna’s workout DVD series include a four-disc set and training sessions similar to those at the Hard Candy Fitness. “Addicted to Sweat” is not only the name of Madonna’s upcoming workout DVD series, but also the name of the diva’s training program at the global fitness chain.

Nicole Winhoffer became Madonna’s personal training in 2009. Winhoffer told Shape magazine that Madonna’s former “trainer was recruiting professional dancers for the dance cardio portion of her fitness training. I was brought on board to assist her on her last tour”.

“When the tour ended, I immersed myself in understanding anatomy, physiology and the latest fitness trends while continuing my dance training” said Winhoffer of her first months with Madonna. “I continued to train Madonna and now I’m her primary trainer” added the professional dancer and fitness expert.

Winhoffer’s advice for people trying to commit to an effective fitness program is to “commit to change”. “Ask yourself if you’re living at your highest potential: physically, mentally and spiritually. If the honest answer is no, ask why”.

Where Gwen Stefani’s Signature Red Lipstick Came From

It is likely most of you fought hard against grandma’s style advices as you grew up. Gwen Stefani on the other hand didn’t. In fact, her grandmother is where Gwen Stefani’s signature red lipstick came from.

In a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Gwen Stefani talked about being a mom, working out and obviously her fashion style. The crimson red lipstick she’s been wearing for so long has become a signature that many fashionistas today love to copy. Long story short, it was her grandmother that gave her the first tube of crimson red lip color.

“I remember sitting in my ghetto, beat-up Honda Prelude, and putting on that lipstick in the rear-view mirror and being like, ‘Uh-huh, I like that. That’s the sh** right there” the singer told Harper’s Bazaar. “I never stopped after that” added Gwen Stefani.

Then she revealed to Harper’s Bazaar another secret about the famous Gwen Stefani signature look. Gwen Stefani recalled her hair turned platinum blonde when she was 25. It took her eight hours in a salon in Long Beach to dye her hair platinum blonde. According to Gwen Stefani it was love at first sight.

“It was like I’d unlocked the key. I remember feeling like, ‘I have arrived. This is me. Finally” said Gwen Stefani of her signature look.

The rock star also talked about what she does to keep such a great figure. Gwen Stefani delivered the ultimate down-to-earth answer after explaining she hates talking about her body all the time. “There is no secret. You just have to eat healthy, work out and torture yourself!” said Gwen Stefani.

But Gwen Stefani talked with Harper’s Bazaar about her private life too. Of being a mom, Gwen Stefani confessed “it’s superfun” but “hard too”. And she’s one busy mother. No Doubt, her 6-year-old son, her working out, fashion line and even marriage keep her busy enough. “Finding that balance between work and family is the hardest thing I’ve ever done – by far” she added.

Just like many other celebrities, Gwen Stefani’s private life isn’t so private. Oftentimes the media rumored her marriage to Gavin Rossdale to be over. But Gwen Stefani says “none of that stuff matters…It’s not part of my reality, so it’s okay”.

Nivea Drops Rihanna As A Spokesperson

Us Weekly reports that Nivea has decided to drop Rihanna as a spokesperson after a 1-year collaboration. The company realized the Barbadian singer’s image has nothing in common with the message they are trying to convey, so the campaign will be stopped.

Nivea’s decision to drop Rihanna as a spokesperson came as a surprise because the two parties have been collaborating for at least one year. The news was even more discussed after Stefan Heidenreich, the head of Nivea’s parenting company, Beiersdorf, told the press that Rihanna’s “outrageous” image was the main reason behind their decision.

Some people were disturbed by the fact that the artist was judged according to her appearance and they labeled Heidenreich’s statement as discriminatory. What these people forget, however, is the fact that Rihanna was co-opted as a spokesperson for Nivea and she was supposed to increase sales with the help of her image. As a result, Nivea’s executives are entitled to choose another spokesperson if the people they are currently working with no longer represent them.

Choosing Rihanna to promote Nivea, a fervid supporter of natural beauty, was clearly a mistake because the artist’s style is far from natural. The 24-year-old singer doesn’t miss any opportunity to add a new ink to her body. Moreover, she is known for her frequent hair color changes, so I would have to agree with Heidenreich in saying that the “advert starring Rihanna was a no go”.

The images that were created for the campaign displayed a red-haired Rihanna posing seductively for the camera. Nivea’s reps stated at the time when the pictures were taken that they are excited to join forces with Rihanna for the promotion of their products. The goal of the campaign was to determine younger generations to become faithful consumers of Nivea, but according to executives, the objectives were not attained. Either way, the advert helped organize a perfect anniversary for the 100th celebration of the company.

The Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup

There are moments when every woman wishes she never had to wear makeup, yet none of us feels safe unless we put a little bit of mascara or lipstick on. Permanent makeup sounds like a good solution for women who want to look perfect even when they wake up, but is it really safe? Here are the pros and cons one should expect after getting a permanent makeup.

There are some limits to what makeup artists can do and what they can’t do when creating a permanent look. Thus, you can only get a permanent eyeliner, lip makeup and eyebrows because you can’t tattoo the rest of the face to make it seem covered with foundation. 

The permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution for women who want to have their eyes emphasized at every hour of the day. The makeup professional will recommend the best design for your eye shape making the line thicker or thinner, depending on your preferences. Moreover, you will no longer have to waste time applying the annoying eye liner or kohl crayon and you won’t have to worry that your makeup gets smudged. On the other hand, the permanent eye liner fades aways after several years, so you will have to get tattooed over and over again in order to keep it looking fresh all the time. In addition, you can end up with a wrong tattoo if the artist is inexperienced.

Getting your lips permanently tattooed can help you get rid of many problems. Many women choose to tattoo their lips as an alternative solution to collagen injections. This method is much more convenient because the lips will appear fuller, while preserving their natural aspect. The process is permanent, so you won’t have to repeat it every once in a while as with other techniques.
People have unique lip colors, which is why professional makeup artists find it hard to match their natural shades. Thus, most of the times, the permanent lip contour is different than the lips and this leads to an unpleasant effect. Those who suffer from the herpes simplex virus could be even more prone to outbreaks. 

Finally, the permanent eyebrows are recommended for people who suffer from alopecia or those who have undergone chemotherapy. There are many techniques that professionals use, nowadays in order to obtain the most naturally looking eyebrows. Their color and shape is customizable according to the needs of each and every client, so you don’t have to worry that the permanent eyebrows won’t match your look. Nevertheless, make sure you carefully choose your eyebrow tattoo as you won’t be able to change its shape or color once you have made it. The process is also very painful and can lead to keloids formation.

See Beyoncé’s Sexy New Fragrance Ad

Beyoncé has released a sexy new fragrance ad for her perfume “Midnight Heat”. According to Us Weekly, the interpreter looks sexier than ever in the ad proving that the new momma is back to her pre-natal shape.

Following in the footsteps of other famous musicians, Beyoncé prepared a sexy new fragrance ad for her recently launched perfume “Midnight Heat”. The superstar is wearing a one-shoulder violet dress that complements her gorgeous blonde locks. It is not just the image that was carefully chosen to emphasize Beyoncé’s physical assets, but also the shape of the bottle. The elongated design of the violet bottle is as elegant and simple as the woman who wears it.

“Midnight Heat” could be described as a sensual fragrance due to its fruity flavors of Armenian plum and star fruit. The middle notes are orchid, black tulips, and purple peony, but they gradually evolve towards an oriental base of sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

Although the competition on the fragrance market seems to be increasingly bigger, many more celebrities release their own lines of perfume each year. The most recent product was Lady Gaga’s perfume, “Fame”. This fragrance is expected to significantly increase Lady Gaga’s income due to its originality and unique scent. “Fame” was declared the most innovative fragrance because it is capable of changing its color when airborne; therefore, Beyoncé’s “Midnight Heat” will have to prove it is better than any other competitor.

So far, Lady Gaga’s ad campaign was the most appreciated because the singer used a naked picture of herself to promote “Fame”. Her intimate parts were covered with tiny little black men that seemed to be climbing her body. The black and white pic was the sensation of the Internet, but that is no news as the singer is famous for her out of the ordinary campaigns.

Even though her hair is wavy and bouncy in the ad campaign, Beyoncé changed her hairstyle. She was recently spotted taking a walk with her baby girl, Blue Ivy, and the singer was rocking box braids. Could Bey prepare a new material for her fans?

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