Evelyn Lauder died at age 75 of ovarian cancer

Evelyn Lauder, the Estee Lauder Cosmetics CEO and creator of the Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon, died this past Saturday, from complications of ovarian cancer. She spent her last moments at her home in Manhattan, Fox News reports.

The cosmetics industry has lost one of its most remarkable leaders, in the person of Estee Lauder Cos. Executive, Evelyn Lauder. She passed away on Saturday, at the age of 75, from ovarian cancer complications, four years after receiving the diagnosis.

Daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder, who founded the company that bears her name, she inherited the burden and the satisfaction of running a worldwide known beauty products company. Evelyn has proven to be more than just a great CEO. She was also an innovator. Evelyn Lauder is the one who designed the pink ribbon that is now the symbol of every breast cancer campaign in the world. It all began in 1992, when Evelyn and one of her friends who ran the Self magazine at the time, started a breast cancer awareness campaign and came up with a logo for it. It was a delicate pale pink ribbon that the campaign workers (at that time, there was a small number of people involved, mostly her family) had to give away. The pink ribbons were handed out to women at the department store make-up counters in order to raise awareness and to encourage them to get tested for breast cancer.

Due to the high cultural impact of the campaign, October was designated as the Cancer Awareness Month, where the fund raisings would take place.  Recently, Avon Cosmetics, another worldwide known company, has adopted the pink ribbon awareness campaign as well.
Evelyn Lauder is also the founder of the Clinique brand and author of a cookbook: “In Great Taste: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Eating and Living Well”.

Dakota Fanning ad, banned in Great Britain

British critics have been shocked by the daring Marc Jacobs fragrance ad of actress Dakota Fanning and have banned the ad in Great Britain, The Guardian reports. The scandal began in June, when the ad first started to circulate and the reasons for the ban are multiple.
Sweet Dakota fanning looks at us from under her blonde locks, while dressed in a pale pink organza dress. She holds an oversized bottle of the Marc Jacob fragrance with her left hand, while holding it in place between her legs. The fragrance in cause is “Oh, Lola!”
The U.K.’s self-regulatory Advertising Standards Authority believes that the ad is “irresponsible” and “likely to cause serious offense”. And there are several reasons why they have come to that conclusion. First of all, Dakota Fanning is still a minor (being only 17 years old), placed in a “sexually provocative” ad. Second of all, the way she is dressed and the way she poses in the photo makes her look even younger, which takes us to the delicate subject about the sexualization of the children. On top of that, the fact that the perfume’s name is provocative by itself doesn’t help the case.

As a conclusion, the ASA states that “because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualize a child” and therefore, the ad will no longer circulate on British lands.

The original idea of the ad came to creator Marc Jacobs as he wanted to illustrate something “innocent and sweet”, and the American young actress seemed perfect for the campaign. When Dakota was asked to be a part of the project, back in June, she was “humbled” by the invitation.

Lindsay Lohan does not go full-frontal in Playboy, mother says

First of all, Dina wanted to let the public know, that her daughter does not intend to go full frontal. She says that Lindsay has previously worked as a model and knows “how to work that”. Her previous experience with Ford Models will assure the elegance and taste of the photos.

Dina also confirmed that Lindsay will be on the cover of the magazine, which is thought to be the December issue.  The cover photo will be selected by both Lohan and Hefner. After the pictorial, Lindsay will pick five photos that she thinks are the best for the cover, then they will be sent to Hef and he will pick the one he considers to be the most cover-appropriate.

The Insider will reveal the full interview with Dina Lohan – including her thoughts about Michael Lohan’s drug accusations against Lindsay and her daughter’s recent trial – on Thursday night on CBS.

Lindsay Lohan got teeth fixed, can smile again

Two weeks ago the actress attended a Hollywood red carpet event presenting a rather discolored, yellow-teeth-smile. Now, she can finally smile freely again as her treatment seems to have put her on the recovery lane.

Lindsay used the WhoSay page to “promote” her bright new smile by adding a picture who depicts a happy Lohan as well as a night stand overcome by beverage glasses, cans and a cigarette ashtray.

Lindsay thanked her dentist, doctor Dorfman for the transformation although she still suffers from gum soreness. Dr. Bill Dorfman is a renowned high profile L.A. dentist who worked with several other celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Anne Hathaway, Usher and Ozzy Osbourne.

One problem solved is not enough, though, for the actress, as her bigger issues will come into the picture on Wednesda,y when her hearing with Judge Sautner is scheduled. For violating her probation terms, Lohan could face up to 18 months in jail.

Lindsay’s career started in 1998 when she stared in Disney’s The Parent Trap. Between 2003 and 2007 she performed in productions like: Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Herbie: Fully Loaded, A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby. In 2007 her career came to a halt when charged with DUI twice and being admitted to rehab facilities three times. From 2008 she stared in a TV series Ugly Betty, a comedy Labor Pains and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete.

In 2004 Lohan started a secondary music career and released two pop albums, “Speak” and “A Little More Personal”.

Lately, the actress  managed to get her probation revoked during a preliminary hearing conducted by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner. The judge found enough evidence to revoke it as Linsay got herself kicked out of the facility where she was supposed to be serving her community hours sentence. The Downtown Women’s Center program decided to pass on her services due to Lindsay repeatedly skipping her appointments.

Melissa McCarthy about her plus-sized clothing line

Comedy actress Melissa McCarthy talks to Us Magazine about the clothing line that she started designing a while ago. McCarthy first wore an item of her collection at the Emmy Awards this year.
Finding a sexy and comfortable dress for plus-sized women has always been a challenge.  Somehow, the clothing giant producers believe that women who have extra pounds already feel so bad about it that they don’t care about how sexy they could look in a dress. But women always love to feel attractive and this proves once more that there is no connection between the size you are and the amount of care that you put into your look.

For the Emmys ceremony, Melissa McCarthy has tried to find a perfect dress. And failed. So she decided to make her out outfit, one that would fit all her needs. At that point, however, she already started designing her clothing line. “I went to school for clothes and textiles, so I always thought I was going to do women’s clothing anyway”, she told Us Weekly at the Ma Mere/Art Pere Night to benefit Livestrong Thursday night in Los Angeles.  She said that the purpose of her collection is to make people “feel good about themselves.” She admits that while creating the clothes she only thought about herself. “It’s just a lame way to get me clothes I want”, she joked.

McCarthy, 41, revealed a few weeks ago that she always had a problem with the way she looks before the birth of her daughters, 4-year-old Vivian and 1-year-old Georgette. “The stupid stuff like what I wear or how I look I can’t control, so I just try not to give too much energy to it”, she told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview. She says that, if in her 20s she cared a lot about the opinion of other people regarding her appearance, now, in her 40s, she believes that there are other things defining her.

Beyoncé releases new fragrance, “Pulse”

On Wednesday, Grammy-Award-winning Beyonce released a new fragrance in her collection. “Pulse”, was presented in a blue futuristic bottle, that evokes both the essence inside and the expression of modern and vigorous life of the women who will wear it. “Pulse” features an ingredient never used before in a perfume and is created in collaboration with one of the finest perfume designers at the moment.

Beyoncé was present at Dream Downtown hotel in Manhattan for the promotion of her new fragrance, “Pulse”. She looked ravishing in a blue sequin outfit that showed her baby bump and a whole lot of legs. Apparently, she was not only promoting a new perfume, but also a pregnancy look. “It is important that I don’t look at this as like an illness. I am not sick. I am the same woman and I have the same passions.” She added that excitement is the fuel that keeps the things going. “It is natural and comes from adrenaline”, the diva said.
“Pulse” was released in collaboration with the famous fragrance and cosmetic company, Coty. The fragrance is described as being a mix between citrus and orchid. It is a perfume recommended for daytime, as it is energetic and full of excitement, just like Beyoncé feels when she is performing on stage. The top notes of the perfume are pear blossom, frozen bergamot Blue Curacao liqueur. The heart notes feature a flower used for the first time in the making of a fragrance: the blue orchid. And the base features Madagascar vanilla, musk and precious woods. The sensual, bold and irresistible smell will make heads turn at every corner.

Beyoncécalled in Bruno Jovanovic for help with the Pulse fragrance combination. Jovanovic is “responsible” for other famous fragrances, such as the “CK IN2U” Calvin Klein collection, “Onde Extase” and” Idole d’Armani” for the Armani house, Island Hawaii for Michael Kors, “Naughty Alice” for Viviene Westwood and “Lady Million” for Paco Rabanne.

Miss France believes Leila Lopes shouldn’t have won the Miss Universe crown

Following the Miss Universe pageant, Miss France gave an interview to a French magazine in which she made a series of remarks from which it is clear that she believes Miss Angola Leila Lopes shouldn’t have won the crown, the Washington Post reports.

Just a couple of days after the Miss Universe pageant crowned its 2011 queen, one of the beauties in the contest speaks against the new most beautiful woman in the world, stating that she doesn’t see the reason for which Leila Lopes, Miss Angola, is now wearing the crown.
Miss France, Laury Thilleman, talked to Premiere.fr about Miss Angola’s unpleasant behavior, her lack of personality and her questionable fashion taste. Her declaration started with the complaint that Lopes was not sociable. “She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much.” Then she criticized her looks. “She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win”. Thilleman explains that many other contestants worked more and were not rewarded as they should have been.  “I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament”, the 20-year-old French beauty added.

Miss France believes that the main reason Lopes won is that the contest was held in Brazil. “The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.” Miss France was in the top 10 finalists and Miss Brazil made it to the top 3.

Miss Universe judge, Lea Salonga, gave an interview to Funfare in which she says she believes that the contestants and the public should respect the judges’ decision, as it was made fairly. “We were told to judge them all objectively. What I now don’t understand is the brouhaha following the pageant’s conclusion”, she said. “Everyone needs to respect the judges’ decision. I stand by my ranking.”

Miss Angola is the new Miss Universe

Leila Lopez, Miss Angola, was crowned Miss Universe on Monday in Brazil, Reuters reports. Lopes is 25 years old and a business student. She is the 60th winner of the Miss Universe pageant.

On Monday, September, 21, the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil hosted the most beautiful women in the world. The annual Miss Universe pageant was crowning its next queen of beauty. 98 women came from around the globe to participate in the contest and win the title that would bring them the most wanted crown. The contest was hosted by two American TV stars: Andy Cohen and Natalie Morales.
As usual, the contestants had to wear an evening gown and a bathing suit. The ones selected had to answer a question, in order for the judges to pick the woman who also has the brains and not only the body.  The judges made a pre-selection of 16 contestants and then another selection, which eliminated 11 of the beauty queens.
The 5 finalists of the pageant were:
•    Olesia Stefanko, from Ukraine
•    Shamcey Supsup, from The Philippines
•    Luo Zilin, from China
•    Priscila Machado, from Brazil
•    Leila Lopes, from Angola

Miss Angola wore a bright swimsuit and a beautiful silver strapless gown, with sequins and feathers. She did not get many votes for the bikini suit (3.6), but the dress had a score of 7.2. When asked if there was something she would like to change about her she stated that she was happy just the way she was. “I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty,” she answered and explained that this, among others, is a value that she inherited from her family and is planning to follow the teachings that she received for the rest of her life.

Miss Angola was crowned Miss Universe by the former beauty queen who wore the crown: Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete, from Mexico.

Hottest hairstyles for the fall – what do experts say

Get the latest news about the hottest hairstyles for this fall and see what the experts have to say on where and how to wear your hair for the season. Allure.com keeps you posted on the latest hairstyle trends.

According to Allure.com, this fall is all about details. Famous runway stylists recommend a series of ideas on what to do with your hair in order to look trendy and gorgeous.

The fashion houses Lanvin and Pucci propose a loose braid type of hairstyle. It was popular on the catwalk during the summer, as well, and it still is in the fall. If you want for the braid to hold for a longer period of time, just wet the hair first.

 Ralph Lauren, Prada and Balmain opted for a simple way to wear your hair, that does not take much time to elaborate. The classical ponytail is caught very low. In order to give it a more glam look (for an evening out), all you have to do is add a shiny leave-in balm (or spray). You can also straighten your hair so it would look more clean-cut. If you want to keep it wavy, like Jessica Simpson, it will add more texture and glam to it.

For another type of glamorous diva look, choose soft waves that will hang back on your shoulders. Oscar de la Renta’s stylist, Orlando Pita, parted the hair at the center, tucked the front pieces of the hair behind the ears and used a curling iron to curl the hair in its lower half.

Other trendy looks are given by Dolce & Gabbana’s Soft chignons, left on one side, Nina Ricci’s half-up hairstyle, Chloe’s rumpled textures, Jason Wu and Haider Ackermann’s flashes of complementary colors, Gucci’s frizz and Prada’s  sophisticated deep side part.

And don’t forget about the accessories. Valentino, Prada, Chanel, Nina Ricci – all opted for hair accessories. Try a jeweled headband or a simple barrette. For a more sophisticated look choose  asimple black ribbon.

New website for the latest beauty news

Beautypod is the latest website where you can find fresh news about beauty and style. The French website offers both journalists and common people the latest in fashion, make-up, fragrances and beauty tips.

The journalists that write beauty columns and news have now a helping hand when it comes to documentation. On August 30, a new website offers the possibility of quick documentation on the latest beauty and style news: Beautypod.

The website Beautypod is actually an online press release agency which offers journalists the latest information in fashion, make-up, fragrances, and cosmetics. It is accessible 365 days a year and, according to PremiumBeautyNews, it was conceived as “a showroom fully dedicated” to offer information about product launches, discoveries, business plans and many more, in regard to the beauty industry.

The website was created by Ravensara Distribution& Communication, an agency that is specialized in cosmetic brands that function at an international level. Claire Viger, the head of the company’s press office, believes that there was a need to invent such a website:

“In light of technological advances that have been occurring for 10 year”, she says, “and of the correlated media needs, it appeared necessary to invent a web-based solution that would be… fast, easy, targeted… in short magic”. Viger, who has an experience of over a decade in the field, added that Beautypod aims “to hit always faster, farther and to save time for everyone”.

In order to get the latest information from the beauty news website, all you have to do is make an account. Beautypod is online since for almost a week and it already has 1500 journalists that have registered in its database. In addition to that, each press release that is posted on the website is read by an average of 200 people.