Steps To Get Long Natural Lashes

False lashes seem to be everywhere these days, but not everybody can wear them because they tend to confer a very unnatural look. If your eyelashes are rare or short, you can still make them appear long with the help of several tricks.

First of all, there are various medical products that may be used to enhance the growth of your lashes from serums to eye creams and supplements. Before using any of these medicines, you need to perform a medical checkup to see whether they are good for you or not. The most recommended product at present is Latisse which is applied as a regular ophthalmic solution. Some people are allergic to this product which is why you should stop using it as soon as you notice that your eyes are itchy or red.

The eyeliner is the beauty product that should never miss from your purse because it makes your lashes look fuller in just as few seconds. Before you apply anything on them, trace the contour of your upper lids with black eyeliner. The line doesn’t have to be continuous; in fact, many celebrities place small dots of eyeliner between lashes to confer more volume and look natural.

Since standards are very high these days, your eyelashes also have to be curled, not just long and voluminous. A curler can solve this problem for you, but you first need to learn how to use it: place the curler as close as possible to the tip of the lashes and gently press them until they get the form that you want. Don’t use sudden or violent moves as you might cause them to fall out.

In the end, you only need to apply two coats of mascara and you will get instant longer lashes. Choose natural products that are enriched with vitamins because they will protect your eyes and will make your lashes grow longer. You should also avoid waterproof mascaras as they are very toxic and very difficult to remove even when using special cleansers. The residues will affect your eyelashes on the long run making them shorter and thinner.

Take It From Ashley Greene – Big Brows Are Beautiful

For Ashley Greene the Twilight success brought her so much popularity that her looks are now iconic. Not only that, but there’s a lot of interest regarding Ashley Greene’s beauty secrets. In an interview with Stylelist, Ashley Greene revealed some of her own beauty secrets and blunders. To most people’s amazement, the 25 year old actress now says that big brows are beautiful.

It’s not that often that we get the scoop from the horse’s mouth, but Ashley Greene just did it. The actress talked with Stylelist about her worst hair mishaps, beauty secrets and take on makeup. All we have to say is prepare for some memorable hair mishaps.

Like most teenagers, Ashley Greene liked to experiment. Unfortunately, not all experiments are successful, but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And to tell the truth, Ashley Greene learned her lessons wisely.

One of the hardest lessons she had to learn was that big brows are beautiful. Ashley Greene said that she still “doesn’t know what she was thinking” when as a teenager she plucked her eyebrows beyond the limits. “When I was younger I used to pluck them and wax them, and I don’t even know what I was thinking” she said.

But, for the time being, Ashley has a different technique: “I kind of follow the line of my brows and fill them in with a pencil or powder. That’s one of the big things I learned: your brows really frame your face. It draws the attention to your face”.

Let’s talk hair mishaps, shall we?! It goes without saying we all have some hair style experiments hidden in the closet we hope they’ll never see the light of day again. And Ashley has her own share of that too. “My hair’s been every color under the sun. I used entirely too much hair gel. It was highly flammable, extremely crunchy. I feel like you could break it. It was not a good look for me” she told Stylelist.

Plus, when the actress was 14 she took a bad piece of advice from perhaps not very good friends: “I think the biggest mistake I ever made was when one of my friends was like, ‘You should just iron your hair with an iron. It was not good at all. It was just stick-straight”.

Face, Body And Hair Masks With Olive Oil

The cosmetic properties of olive oil have been discovered centuries ago when people from Syria started using it as a natural moisturizer for skin. Modern science has enabled us to understand what is it that makes this product so good for our body and face. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which help us assimilate vitamins A, D and K. Due to these natural properties, olive oil speeds up the regeneration of our skin, while slowing down the aging process.

Given its indisputable importance in cosmetics, olive oil is the one ingredient that can be used to create various masks for face, body and hair. Experts combine it with other ingredients to obtain customized results, depending on every person’s needs.

For a brightening face mask, mix a spoon of virgin olive oil with an egg and some honey until you create a homogeneous product. Apply the mix on your clean face, let it sink in for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. The ingredients in this face mask will bring different benefits to your complexion; the honey works as a gentle cleanser removing all the dirt from your pores, the egg has soothing properties, whereas the olive oil will nourish your face.

Olive oil works just as good for the body as it does for the face, especially when it is combined with coffee grounds. The latter are coarse enough to gently peel off dead skin cells, whereas olive oil will make it smoother. You can rub this mask on your skin a few minutes before the shower and then, wash it off with your regular bath products.

Dull tresses can be brought to life, too, with the help of olive oil. You can combine it with other organic oils, such as, avocado and castor oil, or you can use it as it is. Either way, your hair will be softer, shinier and easier to manage if you apply this mask for 15 minutes before normally washing your hair.

No matter how good these DIY remedies may be, it is recommended that you apply them once a week. Overusing these products will load your skin and hair causing undesired results.

Kate Walsh Says Throw Your Cosmetics Out

Even if you’re not exactly a celebrity fan, each time you see an actress or singer at TV or in magazines they have a perfect and stylish makeup. In fact, even when paparazzi take them by surprise barely walking out of pubs early morning they still look like goddess. So, what’s their secret? What kind of expensive cosmetics are they using, have they had procedures done? Well, one celebrity, Kate Walsh has a surprising advice when it comes to makeup: just throw your cosmetics out.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has recently had a talk with PEOPLE in Los Angeles about the new trends in makeup for 2012 and particularly for this spring. Kate Walsh’s makeup secrets might seem a little bit farfetched but throwing out your cosmetics is in fact smart.

Not only keeping your makeup to the basics keeps your face tighten and healthier for a long time, but many of today’s cosmetics carry allergens that might not go well with your body. So, the actress suggests you do some spring cleaning in your makeup drawer too:

“The biggest tip is to throw out your makeup. I think as women even if we don’t mean to be hoarders, when you buy makeup it’s just so juicy you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ll keep it forever!’”. But Kate Walsh points out a thing that many of us might overlook at times: cosmetics have expiry dates.

As the actress explains, expiry dates on lipsticks are particularly tricky. Even if their labels read the selling pitch “they last forever” that doesn’t mean the expiry date isn’t essential: “They last forever, right? Then you have a collection of them. But you can usually tell oddly by the smell that it’s time to throw them out”.

Kate Walsh’s makeup style isn’t very bold or exaggerated. It is a stylish and very natural makeup style that always makes her look like a goddess. Some of the essentials cosmetics in her collection are the eye makeup and a bold lipstick. “I’m usually pretty lazy about makeup because I’m in it professionally so much, so when it’s just me out and about, I try not wear much at all”.

Selena Gomez’ First Perfume Is In

One of the very first things people that become famous usually do is associate their name and image with a perfume. It’s a win-win situation, and everybody involved in this particular business knows it. So, it only made sense that Selena Gomez was going to follow in the footsteps of other celebrities. This week, Selena Gomez’ first perfume line was released.

When you start looking at the range of perfumes branded and endorse by celebrities, you’ll find a shockingly successful industry. Basically, it can count as one of the recipes to financial and fame success: take a highly popular celebrity, make a perfume and sell it under the star’s name. People will buy it just for the opportunity to smell like a celebrity.

Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, to name a few, have been bringing huge incomes to perfume retailers. And Selena Gomez’ first perfume is bound to get raving success. Just take it from Nestor G. Cuartero, a journalism professor and entertainment editor, who explains why celebrity perfumes will always be successful: “Celebrities are cultural icons. They are often beautiful, accomplished, wealthy and sexy — all dreams that consumers project themselves into if they are wearing that celebrity’s signature scent”.

Maybe Selena Gomez’ perfume won’t be as successful as her boyfriend’s Justin Bieber, but that doesn’t mean young girls won’t go crazy over it. The teenager star has released her first perfume this Wednesday in New York City, branded with her own name. Apparently, the thought of creating her own perfume was inspired by the Olsen twins:

“I’ve always wanted [to create my own perfume] since Mary Kate and Ashley had their little body sprays”, said Selena adding that she loved those body sprays so much it was more like an obsession.

The 19 year old actress also explained exactly why the perfume carries her name and not a more figurative version. “It’s called my name because I didn’t want to get all philosophical with my first one” explained Selena adding that she wanted her first perfume to “be representing me so it’s really fun, very sophisticated and also fruity. The only way I can describe it is yummy!”.

Can You Go Nude?

Most women are afraid of going nude because they mistakenly think this type of makeup will pinpoint all their complexion flaws. Others think that they will look washed out if they give up bold cosmetic shades in favor of more soft and natural ones. Experts, on the other hand, reassure women that they won’t encounter any of the above mentioned problems as the nude make up is all about matching and highlighting your natural skin tone.

Lipsticks represent the key element when wearing a nude makeup which is why you need to carefully choose them depending on your skin color. Make sure you get a lipstick that contains a hint of color, so your face won’t look too pale. Women with pale or fair skin tone should wear pink or peachy hues, whereas olive skin tones can opt for darker shades of caramel. Light coffee color and deep honey are more appropriate for dark skin tones.

The best way to emphasize your natural beauty is by wearing the perfect foundation. For that, you need to determine what the closest shade to your skin tone is and what formula you need to enhance your best facial features. When it comes to the color of your blush, there is a test you can perform to see what shade fits your complexion. Experts use a simple trick: they gently pinch their models’ cheeks and then, select the shade depending on the natural rosiness of the cheeks.

Nude eye shadows have become the favorite item of most celebrities in Hollywood because they illuminate the eyes and they do a wonderful job concealing dark circles. The secret to create a “nude glance” is to apply the same rules as in the case of the lipstick.

Although red and cherry nail polishes are still in fashion, there is also a growing preference towards nude shades. Unlike previous years when nude hues were usually equaled to French manicure, this year, beauty experts recommend beige and peach varnishes for women who want to adopt a more natural look.

Hair Color Trends Summer 2012

This summer is going to be no ordinary summer. At least when it comes to hair colors. The new trends suggested by hair stylists are incredibly bold and bright because they do not take any rules into consideration.

Asymmetry is the word that best describes this summer’s trends, whether we refer to haircuts or hair colors.

Even though the majority of the 2012 hairstyles look natural and unprepared, it is recommended that you let specialists color your tresses with these bold shades because it is a very laborious process.

You might be tempted to think that the highlights or the chunks of hair have been created without any previous preparation, but the hairstylist carefully chooses their place in order to obtain various effects.

The dip-dyeing technique is the most requested at present among Hollywood celebrities, but also among regular customers.

The dye is applied only on the tip of the hair, thus giving the impression that the hair has been dipped in the dye.

Hairstylists recommend bright shades of fuchsia, pink, yellow, green and blue for this technique because they must stand out from the rest of the strands.

If you want something more than just some traces of color on the tip of your hair, you can opt for chunky color blocks. As the name says it, the effects are created in this case with the help of larger chunks of hair.

The shades of the highlights and the lowlights remain just as bright as in the previous case.

Colorful chunks that are placed on the crown area confer volume to the hair do, whereas chunks that are created on the lower sections of the hair will turn the dullest do into an ultra-modern hairstyle.

In the end, there is always the option of dying all your hair in one of the above mentioned colors.

Some celebrities like Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have already changed their normally looking tresses in brightly colored locks of soft violet, blue and pink. The best way to wear this trend is with pastel shades.

Eva Longoria Launches New Fragrance: EVAmour

Eva Longoria is one of the numerous actresses who decided to invest their money in perfumes. The actress told Daily Makeover that she will soon release a new fragrance called EVAmour. This is the second line of perfumes that the “Desperate Housewives” star has launched so far and it was created in collaboration with perfumer Annie Buzantian.

Who doesn’t want to smell like a celebrity? That is probably the first question that stars ask themselves whenever they want to find a new profitable business to increase their incomes. Since the answer to this question is, most of the times, flattering for celebrities, consumers learn that new fragrances are being launched almost each month by various celebrities.

Unlike the above mentioned stars, Eva Longoria has decided to enter the perfume business because she tends to develop various allergies from regular fragrances. However, one line of perfumes was not enough, so the actress is now preparing to put her second fragrance on the market. The collection is called EVAmour and is said to reflect the personality of the actress. Kind of like the first perfume…

Judging by the ingredients that were used for the new collection, we may conclude that Eva is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, but most of the times, rough. The perfume contains floral notes of tiger lily, rose, frangipani and pink peony, but also juicy fragrances of bergamot blossom, pink lady apple and red currant. Musky and vanilla notes have been used to compliment the floral and the fruity scents.

Eva told the press that she wanted her perfume to be clean in order to enable women to preserve the smell of their freshly showered skin for a longer period of time. In her opinion, the fragrance is unique and will, therefore, convince numerous women to test it.

Betsy Olum, general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy at HSN, was also very pleased with the scent of the new collection. Olum described the new fragrance as very seductive and playful; in other words, Eva Longoria. EVAmour will be available in HSN stores starting March 29. 

Kate Moss’ Tips For Staying Stylish

Kate Moss seems to have discovered the secret to youth without age and life without death as the model remains as beautiful as always despite the years that have gone by. The 38-year-old model has agreed to reveal some of her tips for staying stylish in a recent interview she released for Telegraph UK.

Kate Moss admits that she is not a fashion victim. She prefers to stay true to the styles that best fit her and advises all women to do the same. She told reporters that her favorite combination is made up of jeans and blazer, which is why she dresses like this on most casual occasions. She likes wearing both skinny and wide-legged jeans, but in the past months, she has opted for more comfortable clothing items. Beside jeans, Moss thinks every woman should have a black pencil skirt in her closet. In her opinion, this garment is perfect for all women and may be worn on various occasions, so we should definitely buy one.

According to Moss, fashion trends should not dictate our style, but moods. The 38-year-old British model admits that she likes to prepare her outfits in advance, especially if she is going to attend an important event; however, she always wears the clothes that reflect her mood. If she is having an “off day”, Moss will most likely dress in black as she will obtain the opposite outcome if she dresses in brightly colored clothes.

The third most important aspect you need to take into consideration in order to make sure that you are always stylish is your attitude. In Kate’s view, women should not worry that they constantly wear the same clothes because it is the way they wear them that makes them look unique and enables people to identify their signature styles.

When it comes to accessories, Moss believes “less is more”. She told reporters at Telegraph UK that the accessories that we wear can turn a casual look into a glamorous outfit, but over-accessorizing will lead to unwanted effects. Kate Moss’ favorite accessories are the hat, the scarf and the sunglasses, but she never wears them all at once because she might look as if she is wearing a disguise.

Buy the perfect gift for International Women’s Day

There’s no point denying it: women love the International Women’s Day. It’s not just the celebration of femininity that makes this day so special, but also the advent of the much-awaited spring season. Cosmetic brands are aware that women want to look hot and sexy on this day, so they have created the perfect gift packs for those special ladies in your lives.

1. The Sanctuary Escape & Unwind Collection is the right choice in case you don’t know your partner’s preferences very well. You simply can’t fail if you choose this package because it contains all the products that women use during their bath routine. The warming body oil, the nourishing bath soak and the warming massage stone will make your partner’s days more relaxing.

2. A make-up set from Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2012 collection will melt any girl’s heart. The pastel shades included in the collection will fit your girlfriend’s skin tone like a glove, so you don’t have to worry that she will not use the eye shadows or the lipsticks. This gift will be all the more appreciated since the peach and neutral shades are highly sought after at present.

3. The third gift idea is actually a present for both of you. All women love the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Lingerie, which is why, she will be very happy to receive this present on Women’s Day. These garments will make any woman feel confident and sexy enabling both of you to enjoy wonderful romantic moments together.

4. If your girlfriend or wife loves to wear perfume, she probably knows that Guerlain has recently launched its latest fragrance “La Petite Robe Noire” which is available in bottles of 30, 50 and 75 ml. The perfume is subtle and floral with patchouli, almond, red fruits, bergamot, rose, licorice, smoked black tea, tonka bean, vanilla and iris notes.

5. Tony&Guy have prepared a Daily Style Bag that contains all the styling products that busy women need to use to get a perfect look in no time. The Daily Style Shampoo and Conditioner, Protein Protection Mist, Texture Paste and Paddle Brush that were placed in the bag are, according to hair experts, the products that should never miss from a woman’s beauty bag.