Bono May not Play Guitar Again

Bono has said that he may never play guitar again, following a bike accident that took place in New York, last November. The star made the revelation in a post shared on the U2’s official website. 

“For the last few weeks I haven’t been able to move around physically so I have more than made up for it by leaving my mind to wanderlust, untethered except electronically,” the 54 years old musician claimed. Bono is currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment after the medical intervention he underwent. The musician claimed that his on-going rehabilitation has actually given him the opportunity “to look back and review the year in a way I’ve never had time to do before.” 

Bono went on to claim that due to his accident, he has to work really hard to be ready for the tour that U2 is set to have. The musician claimed that his “freak accident” made him “have to concentrate hard to be ready for the U2 tour in fitness terms.” “I broke my hand, my shoulder, my elbow and my face but the real injury this year was to my Irish pride as it was discovered that under my tracksuit I was wearing yellow and black Lycra cycling shorts. Yes, LYCRA. This is not very rock ‘n’ roll,” Bono wrote. 

He went on to make the sad revelation that his recovery has been very difficult, more difficult than what he imagined. Moreover, Bono claimed that as “I write this, it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again. The band have reminded me that neither they nor Western civilization are depending on this.”

In the message he shared, Bono also paid tribute to his bandmates Adam Clayton and Edge, claiming that they are his dearest friends. The musician talked about his vision problems, too, but the topics that Bono covered in his long post are very varied. He also talked about the band, claiming that U2 is a live band and showing how proud he is of what his band turned out to be. 

Hopefully, Bono will make a full recovery soon and fans will once again be able to see him on the stage, playing his guitar. 

Dr. Dre is Highest Paid Musician in 2014

Dr. Dre is the highest paid musician in 2014. However, although the star has released something new when it comes to his music, these earnings are mostly from other projects, it has been revealed by Forbes. 

Forbes also revealed that Dr. Dre has earned no less than $620 million this year. The famous magazine claimed that the popular musician made most of this money from selling his Beats headphone company to Apple. So, Dr. Dre has surely made an important business decision in 2014. Of course, none of the other entertainers in the industry was able to equal this amount, although Beyonce did amazing this year, too. 

The beautiful singer made $155 million in 2014, being ranked on the second place on the list released by Forbes. Beyonce based her earnings on the success of her surprise album, but also on her world tour with husband Jay Z, On the Run, which has been a hit. Beyonce also had great deals with companies such as H&M and Pepsi, which brought her impressive revenues. 

At number 3 is situated The Eagles, who made $100 million. Bon Jovi also had a great year, making no less than $82 million, while Bruce Springsteen made $81 million in the same period of time. Justin Bieber also had a successful year in 2014, despite the numerous scandals in which he had been involved. The star made the sum of $80 million. Taylor Swift had a spectacular year, becoming one of the most powerful women in the industry. She made $64 million in 2014, according to Forbes. 

Other female celebrities who have been listed with impressive incomes in the top released by Forbes are Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. They made $40 million, $36 million and $33 million, respectively. It surely seems that many stars have had a profitable year in 2014. The calculations made by Forbes include incomes from concerts, touring, recorded music, but also publishing, merchandise sale and endorsements or other ventures. 

Forbes revealed that the data presented at this point has been registered between June 2013 and June 2014.

2015 Grammy Nominations Revealed

The 2015 Grammy Nominations have just been revealed. Among the stars who got nominated are Miley Cyrus, but also Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. Just the first batch of nominees has been revealed at this point. 

The announcement was made on Friday by Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams. The Grammys ceremony is set to be held on February 8, 2015, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will air live on CBS. The nominees include the following.  

Best Country Album category includes Dierks Bentley, Riser; Eric Church, The Outsiders; Brandy Clark, 12 Stories; Miranda Lambert, Platinum; Lee Ann Womack, The Way I’m Livin’

Best pop vocal album nominees feature Coldplay, Ghost Stories; Miley Cyrus, Bangerz; Ariana Grande, My Everything; Katy Perry, Prism; Ed Sheeran, X; Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour

Best urban contemporary album category features nominees Jhené Aiko, Sail Out; Beyoncé, Beyoncé; Chris Brown, X Mali Music, Mali Is…; Pharrell Williams, Girl

Record of the year can be received by Iggy Azalea, “Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)”; Sia, “Chandelier”; Sam Smith, “Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)”; Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”; Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass”

Best solo performance nominees are John Legend, “All of Me (Live Version)”; Sia, “Chandelier”; Sam Smith, “Stay With Me”; Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”; Pharrell Williams, “Happy”

Best rock song can be elected between Paramore, “Ain’t It Fun”; Beck, “Blue Moon”; The Black Keys, “Fever”; Ryan Adams, “Gimme Something Good”; Jack White, “Lazaretto”

Best new artist category features nominees Bastille; Iggy Azalea; Brandy Clark; Haim; Sam Smith

Sam Smith has managed to get a ton of Grammy nominations, including one for Record and New Artist of the Year. The popular singer definitely deserves these nominations, as he has an amazing voice and unique singing skills. Beyonce also got a couple of nominations this year, while Eminem received three. Pharrell and Taylor Swift were also on the nominees list.

A series of spectacular tracks have been released this year, so it is yet to see who will win the awards . Sam Smith is definitely expected to get at least one award, having under consideration the success of his singles. However, anything can happen, so we can only wait until next year to find out who will be the winners.

Mariah Carey Struggles during Live Performance

Unfortunately for the beautiful star, Mariah Carey was unable to deliver the performance she wanted during her appearance at the Rockefeller Center, on Wednesday night. Mariah opened the live NBC telecast of the annual Christmas tree lighting. 

The star performed her widely famous sing All I Want for Christmas is You. However, she seemed to have serious issues in delivering the expected performance. So, Mariah seemed to struggle during the entire live performance. The 44 year old star seemed unable to hit certain notes and appeared to be avoiding others. She seemed out of breath and actually this was shocking, Mariah being well known for her great singing skills. 

And that was not all. Mariah actually disappointed her fans, letting everyone wait for her no less than three hours. The star arrived later than scheduled at a pre-tape for the performance and this made hundreds of fans wait in the rain. It has been reported that the popular actress was actually on the phone with her lawyer, establishing the last details of her divorce from Nick Cannon. In fact, it has been a difficult year for the star, who is going through a divorce from her famous husband. 

Mariah took to Twitter to apologize for the fact that she did not show up for the pre-tape. “Last night’s situation was beyond my control, I apologize to all that showed up, you know that I would never want to disappoint you,” the beautiful star said. “You’ve kept me here, in your hearts, and I keep you mine always. We are #Iambily! #ThereFor Me. I will be opening tonight’s live show in Rockefeller center with ‘All I want For Christmas Is You’!!!” she added. 

Well, Mariah was not the only star who delivered a performance for the event. LeAnn Rimes, Lady Gaga, but also Tony Bennet and Cyndi Lauper took the stage. The Christmas season is here and everyone enjoyed the moment when the tree at the Rockefeller Center was lighted. The event is always beautiful to enjoy and this year made no exception from this point of view. 

Cher Cancels Dressed to Kill Tour

Medical problems have determined famous singer Cher decide to cancel her Dressed to Kill Tour. It had been revealed that her doctors advised the famous star to take some time off and focus on her health and on her recovery. The star has been suffering from an ongoing viral infection. 

The fact that she has to take some time off has not been great news for Cher, who actually claimed to be devastated. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me,” she said in a statement. “I sincerely hope that we can come back again next year and finish what we started,” the star added.

The 68 year old singer had to cancel no less than 29 dates. Some of the shows that she was set to sustain were actually planned for cities such as Boston, Chicago and Toronto. Cher earlier revealed that this would be her last tour, so numerous fans wanted to see the talented singer on stage. However, some of them did not get that possibility after all. 

However, Cher claimed that she hopes to be able to continue with these canceled concerts next year, if her health will allow her to do so. “I sincerely hope that we can come back again next year and finish what we started,” the singer claimed. 

“I cannot apologise enough to all the fans who bought tickets,” Cher also said in her statement. “I’m so proud of this show. It is my best ever.” She went on to talk about this sad news on her Twitter, saying once again how sorry she is for canceling the performances. All the fans who purchased tickets for the shows will be able to get a refund at the point of purchase. 

“While her progress has been consistent, Cher’s doctors have advised her to take more time to ensure and complete and total recovery,” an official statement indicated. So, it seems that with the right care and treatment, Cher will get better. 

Cher started her tour in March and took a break in July. After the scheduled break, she was set to continue the shows in September, but she had to postpose due to her damaging health. 

Beyonce to Release Single Ring Off

Just when rumors on the possible relationship problems of Beyonce and Jay-Z stopped, the beautiful singer makes a decision that fuels once again the speculation. Beyonce is set to release a new single, Ring Off, which is another ode to the independent women. 

Naturally, this leads to new rumors on the troubles in the relationship of the power couple. “In the mirror you would stare/ And say a prayer like, ‘I wish he said I’m beautiful’/ I wish it didn’t hurt at all/ I don’t know how I got here, I was once the one who had his heart,” the lyrics of the new song reveal, “… Until you had enough, then you took that ring off/ You took that ring off/ So tired of the lies and trying and fighting and crying…”

This is not the only time when Beyonce has herself sparked speculation on her marital problems. Is this another publicity stint for Beyonce to draw more interest on her upcoming Beyonce: The Platinum Edition Box Set? What is certain is that this is a song about a relationship that has been torn apart by infidelity. 

While the song talks about the suffering of ending a relationship, it ends with a happy note. “Now the fun begins / Dust yourself off.” Is the song inspired from Beyonce’s personal life? Well, 2014 has surely been a successful year for Beyonce and Jay-Z, but also a year filled with rumors on their marital problems. 

Rumors on the fact that Jay-Z cheated on his wife first surfaced in May, when the already famous elevator video was published. In this video Solange, Bey’s sister, is seen attacking Jay-Z in an elevator, while the famous singer is looking without doing anything. Naturally, this only increased the rumors on the cheating affair. Beyonce and Jay-Z never talked publicly about these rumors, but they constantly fueled rumors with certain decisions. However, the couple also posed as happy in various pics shared on social media, leading to mix opinions about the actual state of their relationship.

Valerie Bertinelli Talks about Feud with Christina Aguilera

In a recent interview, Valerie Bertinelli claimed that she is no longer a Christina Aguilera fan. So, the actress talked to Andy Cohen on Wednesday, November 5, about the feud between her and the famous singer. The star made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

During her appearance on the show, Valerie claimed that it all started when she saw Christina backstage at a Van Halen concert, years ago. The Hot in Cleveland actress claimed that she went to the Dirty singer because she was actually thrilled to see her there. However, it seems that Christina was not that happy with the encounter, as she reportedly gave Bertinelli the cold shoulder. 

“I was a fan at that time — a long time ago — and I went up to her ’cause she was at a Van Halen concert, and I said, ‘Oh my god, I think you’re a beautiful singer.’ And she just went like, ‘Yeah, whatever,'” Bertinelli revealed. She also clarified that he never had a feud with the star, but this is what happened and what made her stop being a fan. “She gave me the cold shoulder,” Bertinelli also said, “and I thought, ‘Bitch, I’m a fan. You can’t be nice to me?'”

“She might have gotten better. But I heard she hasn’t,” Valerie said, adding that she never had contact with the singer following that event. Apparently, Valerie was extremely hurt about what happened between her and Christina, as actually this is not the first time when she talks about the event. Previously, Valerie Bertinelli said that Christina was extremely mean to her when they first met. 

Bertinelli is well known for her many successful acting roles. In fact, the star has won no less than two Golden Globes for her role in One Day at a Time. On the other hand, Christina is one of the most successful singers in the world, impressing with her unique, powerful voice. Recently, it had been revealed that Christina will return as a judge to the Voice for its eight season, which is set to premiere in 2015. 

Chris Brown to talk about Rihanna Dating Drake

Chris Brown’s relationship with Rihanna has surely managed to cause many headlines. The couple seemed to be very happy until the widely known event when Brown physically abused his girlfriend of that time. Since then, Brown has been having many problems with the law, while Rihanna seemed ready to move on with her life. 

Well, now Brown decided to talk about the men in his former girlfriend’s life. The popular singer claimed that she actually started dating Drake to get back at him. These latest statements were made by the troubled singer during an appearance at Hot 97 radio station. So, what Brown said was that he actually believes that Rihanna started to date Drake because she wanted to hurt his feelings.

Moreover, Brown also talked about the 2009 assault on Rihanna. The star claimed that he obviously has remorse linked to that event. Brown said that it was a huge mistake and something that he would never do again. He added that he considers Rihanna a friend and is really committed to his duties. The singer revealed that he is still doing community service and sees a judge each month and a half. 

Chris Brown is currently dating Karrueche Tran, but it seems that he has never moved on from the romance with Rihanna. However, Chris Brown seems to be in a better place now, being calmer and more focused on positive things, such as his career. 

“I think my demons as of right now are being afraid of failure,” he said. “I think my only demon is the doubt in myself sometimes. But I think that also makes me great at the same time.” Earlier last month, Brown has been in the middle of a new scandal linked to his comments about Ebola. The star tweeted that Ebona epidemic is a “form of population control.” Later, he apologized for his comments, claiming that they were stupid. 

Maybe, Chris Brown is on the right path now both when it comes to his career and when it comes to his personal life.

Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea Hate Each Other

The feud between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea has just started and it seems that it is far away from ending. So, the popular rapper continued to post offensive messages aimed at Iggy. 

It all started when Snoop Dogg posted a photo of an Albino woman on his Instagram, with the caption: “Iggy Azalea no make up.” Naturally, the star was not happy with the comments made by Snoop and she took Twitter to express her disappointment. 

“And everytime I’ve spoken to you, you’ve always been nice as hell. I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason,” Iggy wrote. Well, even though everyone thought that this is where things will end, it seems that the feud is not over. Nick Young, the boyfriend of the talented singer, felt the need to defend his life partner. 

So, Nick Young posted a number of tweets blasting the popular rapper. “These old heads turnin into sucka’s .. I’m so West Coast .. Ain’t nobody worried about no SnoopLion .. This dude Just goin thru a midlife Crisis you Go get convertible yet . OG’s out here losin,” he said. 

Snoop could not remain quiet, so he went on and posted another photo with a character from White Chicks. “U finished b***h cuz I got a lot more where that came from ufunky b***h u!!” a post said. “Iggy was a man So says Todd. Hahahahahahah goodnight bitch !! Kangaroo yo pink punk ass bac to the land down unda !!” another post from Snoop revealed. 

Apparently, Snoop was upset with the fact that Iggy posted an ugly message, too. “When your drug addict aunt gets clean,” the singer shared, although she later deleted the post. “I could post a million more memes (pictures) about Snoop Dogg making fun of the way he looks too, that’s easy… But the real joke here is the middle aged man whose butt hurt I asked why he was pulling a Regina George move on social media… ,” Iggy said then. 

The popular singer also claimed that she is going to be the “bigger man in this situation,” and she is going to let it go. It is yet to see if the feud will end here. 

Katy Perry to Perform at the Super Bowl

Katy Perry is becoming and more and more successful. Now it has been revealed that the famous singer will actually perform at the Super Bowl. The singer is set to play at Super Bowl halftime. 

Multiple sources have already confirmed that Katy Perry will take the stage on February 1, in Glendale, Arizona. Earlier this year, it has been reported that Katy and Rihanna were the singers considered for a performance in 2015. However, it seems that Rihanna lost in front of Katy Perry also because of her latest controversial decisions. 

Katy Perry recently claimed that she is “not the kind of girl to pay to play the Super Bowl.” So, sources claimed that initially Perry chose to not consider having a performance at the event, as she claimed that she is not going to pay to sing. Starting with 2015, the Super Bowl has a new policy which indicates that the stars are required to pay in order to perform at the famous event. 

“We had some conversations, and I would be honored, of course, but … I have let them know that I’m not the kind of girl that would pay to play the Super Bowl, so … the ball is in their field,” the beautiful singer said during an appearance at the College Gameday. What made the star change her mind is something that remains unknown for now. 

The fact that last year’s performance drew an audience of more than 111.5 million viewers might be a factor to change Katy’s mind. All the performers who have been at the Super Bowl registered significant boosts in sales, gaining more popularity. 

Well, some reports indicate that Coldplay and Rihanna have also been in talks for a performance at the most famous event of the year. This led to many rumors indicating that maybe there is also going to be a surprise performance that organizers are planning for this year. 

The 2015 Super Bowl is set to take place in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, February 1. The event is not only extremely popular in the United States, but it actually is watched by millions of people from all over the world.