Javier Colon is “The Voice”

The season 1 finale of “The voice”, which airs on NBC, is won by Javier Colon. The singer is going home with 100,000 dollars in his pocket after a hard competition against other three brilliant performers. In addition, he gets a recording contract.

Colon wasn’t expecting to win and he was really amazed by the triumph on Wednesday. “Wow, thank you” the performer said while confetti were pouring from up above down on him. “The three women behind me are absolutely awesome and it was a pleasure to be here with them.” He said referring to the other contestants: Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan.

Each of the contestants in the grand finale had a singing coach whom he trained with during various parts of the competition. Colon’s coach was Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine who, on the last appearance before the finale said about Colon “this guy’s voice is out of control.” Well, he must have been right since his protégée is carrying the load. Colon performed one of the songs in a duet with singer Stevie Nicks.

The other contestants had celebrity coaches and duets as well. Dia Frampton, who was the youngest of the four, is from St. George, Utah. She has trained with Blake Shelton and sang in a duet with Shelton’s wife, country singer Miranda Lambert. Dia, 23,  got second place, with only 2% separating her from the No.1 spot.

Vicci Martinez was trained by rapper – producer Cee Lo Green and shared the stage with Pat Monaham. Martinez is 26 years old and comes from Tacoma, Washington.

The oldest competitor, rocker Beverly McClellan, 41, had a duet with singer – songwriter Ryan Tedder and was coached by Christina Aguillera. She comes from Virginia and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

All the four contestants will start a tour in July which will include six cities. They will be joined by other contestants: Frenchie Davis, Nakia, Xenia and Casey Weston.

“The Voice” has proven to be a great audience bomb for NBC. The selection for the new season has already begun and more details are available on NBC’s website.

Stevie Nicks performs on NBC’s “The Voice”

UPI announces that American singer Stevie Nicks will perform on the Season 1 finale of The Voice, which airs on NBC, together with other singers such as Pat Monahan, Ryan Tedder and Miranda Lambert.

Singer Stevie Nicks is one of the guest voices in the season 1 finale of “The voice” show. She and guests Pat Monahan, Ryan Tedder and Miranda Lambert will be singing in duets with the finalists of the competition. The four finalists are to perform on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The winner will be announced at the end of the last episode of the season.

 “The Voice” is the American version of the European show “The Voice Of Holland”. It is hosted by Carson Daly and it features music coached such as Christina Aguillera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green. They are working with the most talented music contestants through various phases of the competition.

Nicks will be singing with Javier Colon for team Adam Levine. Pat Monaham will perform with Vicci Martinez for team Cee Lo Green. Team Blake Shelton will be entering the final competition with a duet of Dia Frampton and country singer Miranda Lambert, Blake’s wife. The fourth team, Christina Aguillera’s, will show up on stage with a duet formed by singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder and finalist Beverly McClellan.

The expectances of the public were that rocker Beverly would sing with Stevie and that Javier would share the stage with Monahan. Nevertheless, the audience will be high as everyone is excited to see how the consecrated singers lead the contestants and push them to give the best they can. Daly reminded the viewers that the show will start an hour earlier.

The winning performer will enjoy a price of 100,000 dollars. Every team has chances of hitting the top spot. “She really is that one in a million performer” Christina said about her alumn, Beverly, while Levine said about Colon “this guy’s voice is out of control”. Shelton praised Frampton saying she is “a shooting star” and Cee Lo believes that he and Martinez will own the stage: “Sorry guys, but we’ll be victorious!” 

Eva Mendes sings for new Angel campaign

Actress Eva Mendes is both the face and the voice of the new Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance campaign. On Thursday, the actress revealed that she will be singing in the commercials that will be on-air starting this fall.

Actress Eva Mendes, 37, is considered one of the sexiest Latinas in Hollywood and now her fans have one more thing to love her for: her “Angel” voice.

Mendez tells Omg! that the campaign has been so beautifully collaborative. She confesses that it is one of the most beautiful and creative moments in her career. “I really can honestly say I’ve never felt so creatively satisfied with doing a campaign before. “From the costuming to the music to the fact that I sing on the commercial to the overall look, I just feel like it’s been a true partnership and I couldn’t be happier,” she tells omg!

Eva has started taking singing lessons a few years ago, but she confesses she is not planning on releasing an album anytime soon. “It’s not a goal of mine, to make an album or anything like that. With my singing, I was just doing it as a fun exercise. That was always the goal. Try to hone a skill and have fun,” the actress says.

She explains that she has always been of the mentality that “if you prepare yourself for something, if you work on your instrument, opportunities will present themselves and that’s exactly what happened with this.”

In the fragrance commercial she will be singing Windmills of Your Mind which she confesses it is one of her favorite songs. Asked if she thought she had the voice of a angel, she replied, laughing: “My mother would think so!” Far from thinking of herself as one of the best voices in the world, a shy Mendez says “the good thing about [‘Windmills of Your Mind’] is that it’s almost like reading poetry.”

You will be able to have your own opinion on Eva’s singing voice in September, when the Angel commercial will air.

Beyonce, first woman on the Glastonbury Music Festival’s main Pyramid Stage

Singer Beyonce accomplished one of her greatest dreams, being the first woman to sing on the Glastonbury Music Festival’s main Pyramid Stage in England.

On Sunday night, Beyonce made history. She is now the first woman to ever perform on the Glastonbury Music Festival’s main Pyramid Stage. At only 29 years old, she accomplished her greatest dream. I wanted you all to know, right now you are witnessing my dream she told the 175,000 people who came there to see the concert. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me and my band here. I always wanted to be a rock star, and tonight we are all rock stars. I still can’t believe I’m performing at Glastonbury!”

Her show lasted 90 minutes. She performed wearing a glittering sequined gold blazer, black leotard, glittering round earrings and red sexy nails. She was accompanied by a band including only females. She received the best reviews ever for the show. The Rolling Stones magazine described her show as a “bold, crowd-pleasing spectacle”. Billboard magazine went further with the appreciation, naming it “career-defining” Her performance included the hits “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies”, a cover version of “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, a cover of Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know”.

The live performance was applauded, among the thousands of people present there, by Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z and pals Gwyneth Paltrow, Adele and Ewan McGregor. Adele was supposed to sing with Beyonce, but her appearance as cancelled due to a medical condition. A source said that Adele “was absolutely gutted, Beyoncé is one of her big heroes” but the doctor had tolde her to “rest her voice or risk damaging her prized asset”.
After receiving the glowing reviews, on Monday, the singer said she was still under the influence of Glasgow: “You’ll have to forgive me because I’m still high from yesterday”.

Billy Ray Cyrus releases new album

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus is releasing a new album on Tuesday, Associated Press reports. After years of being Hanna Montana’s dad, the country singer decided to step away from the television spotlight and get back to recording music. His new album, “I’m American” especially salutes the military, offering seven new songs and the remakes of some if his earliest hits.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s life in the last years had been rollercoaster. He nearly got divorced, he had to answer to the press for his famous daughter’s behavior and had to separate from the Hanna Montana phenomenon which came to an end. What’s a man to do?

Te cowboy in him retuned to the surface and he decided to compose new songs in honor of the military, a theme that he has been fond of since the beginning of his career. “I’m American” is a tribute paid to the military men that served the country over the years and wars. Cyrus, who has visited military hospitals and has regularly performed for troops that were overseas fighting, said that the idea for the album came to him while he was in a visit in Afghanistan during the war.

It was during a performance in Afghanistan on `Some Gave All’ when some bombs went off in the background, a young soldier stood up and said, `Keep going Mr. Cyrus. We’re used to it” the country and patriotic singer said. “At that moment, I knew that I felt like I was going to come back and record `Some Gave All’ and start an entire album on a concept that was based solely on taking my hat off and saluting our troops.” he concluded.

The new album is produced by Buddy Cannon and includes, besides the new songs, the remake of the most popular of his hits, “Achy Breaky Heart”. In the remake, you can hear the voices of Jamey Johnson, Craig Morgan and Darryl Worley of whom Cyrus says “Three guys that not only are they veterans themselves, but they also just sing with their voices and the power and the realism that they put into the song. For me as the writer, to hear them sing it was just absolutely an awesome experience.”

Cee Lo Green dresses up like Patty LaBelle at BET Awards

At the BET Awards in 2011 Cee lo Green paid a tribute to Patti LaBelle in a more personal manner. He decided to “become” Patti LaBelle on stage, dressing up like her and acting like her at the music ceremony that took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles, Digital Spy says.

The singer-songwriter-producer appeared on the stage dressed in lady’s, jacket, mostly black but with sparkling green, violet and blue lines. His impersonation of the diva didn’t stop to copying her outfits; he was also wearing a spiky black hair wig which he stopped to spray from time to time. You can actually see the can of spray in his hand in the photo. He kept it in his hand during the whole performance.  Cee Lo Green has taken the stage singing LaBelle’s “Somebody Loves You”. 

Patti LaBelle was the recipient of the BET Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s BET Awards, which was broadcasted live from the Shrine Auditorium. Other music artists played in honour of LaBelle as well. The list includes Beyonce, Gladys Kinght, Shirley Ceaser and Marsha Ambrosius. Shirley Ceaser sang “You Are My Friend” and Marsha Ambrosius sang “If Only I Knew”. 
 LaBelle herself performed the songs “Love, Need And Want You” and “Lady Marmalade”. During the show, she wanted to thank everybody and show that she is worthy of the award. “I would like to thank everybody for everything you’ve done for me” se said. “I plan to hold myself higher because I have gotten this wonderful award.”

Cee Lo Green, 37,  is best known worldwide for his success hit in “Crazy”, released in 2006. The song has reached No. 1 in  series of music charts. In 2010, after taking a break from recording with Gnarls Barkley, he released the album “The Lady Killer”. The single “Fuck You!” released in August 2010 has stopped at Nor.2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and got the top spot in the UK and the Netherlands charts.

Jermaine pays tribute to Michael Jackson at IIFA Rocks

Jermaine Jackson took the opportunity to pay a tribute to his late brother, Michael, at the Indian International Film Awards in Toronto, Associated Press says.

On Friday, Jermaine Jackson performed in front of the public present at the 12th Indian International Film Awards, which took place in Toronto. He used the opportunity to mark the second anniversary of the king of pop’s death. Jermaine was dressed in a typical Michael Jackson outfit: a military jacket, black slacks and a black cummerbund with the number 5 emblazoned on it. He sang several of his brother’s hits, including “Scream”, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” and “Can You Feel It.”

Just a few moments before dedicating the ‘This Is It” song to Michael Jackson, Jermaine said: “This is a special moment in the show because it’s a tribute to my brother. Soon after this, he was joined on the stage by Indian singer and songwriter Sonu Nigam. “This is it” was written by Nigam after the star’s death and was performed by the two artists on stage in honor if the former pop icon.

The artistic performance of Jermaine Jackson and Sonu Nigam was a part of IIFA Rocks, which is a Bollywood-inspired concert and fashion show. The concert is at its turn a part of the IIFA festivities, which last three days in a row and culminates with an awards ceremony on Saturday.

Jermaine Jackson will honor his younger brother’s life in another way, as well. He has planned to launch a book about the Michael Jackson phenomenon from his perspective. He is not the only Jackson brother to do so. La Toya Jackson already released a book about Michael’s last days. The book is called “Starting Over” and is written in collaboration with Jeffre Phillips. The fans will be able to read about La Toya’s own opinions regarding Michael’s death and not only.

Jermaine’s book is scheduled to be released in September.

Missy Elliott fighting Graves disease

Famous rap singer Missy Elliot has been fighting Graves disease for almost three years. But, as she told the press herself, this hasn’t slowed her career down, Reuters reports. The good news is that her condition recently improved.

Missy Elliott’s disease has been diagnosed in 2008 and some media reports that were recently released speculate that the disease may have been the cause in the delay of a next album. However, the rap star says in a statement that her illness hasn’t been an obstacle in her career. “I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease about three years ago, but it really hasn’t slowed me down at all.”

Her fans will find out more about Elliott’s condition in a taped interview in which the singer will give more details about Graves disease and her dealing with it. She will tell how the disease caused her hair to fall and her nervous system to shut down. The interview is set to air in VH1 on June 29, during the “Behind the Music” show.

On Friday, Missy Elliott stated that her condition recently improved. Under the doctor’s close supervision, she has been off medication for some time and is following the rules of a healthy lifestyle to help held back the symptoms. “I’ve been off medication for about a year and I’m completely managing the condition through diet and exercise,” Elliott said.

Graves disease is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the thyroid. The gland produces thyroxin in excess, leading to change in appearance and energy level. Although the condition cannon be cured, the symptoms can be controlled with medication and a healthy lifestyle overall.

Missy Elliott has been in the spotlight since 1990. Her most popular hits incude Get Ur Freak On, No More Drama, Work It. She has won four Grammy Awards and her last album, The Cookbook, has been released in 2005. After a long pause in the studio, she is currently working on a new album called Block Party, with notorious rapper and produce Timbaland.

Since she has been diagnosed, Elliott has been touring Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and has written and produced a series of songs for artists such as Monica, Keysha Cole and Jazmine Sullivan.

Lady Gaga says Japan is safe to visit

Eccentric pop icon Lady Gaga has given a green light for the visits in Japan following the tsunami disaster. She says that it’s not only safe to come, it’s also very beautiful.

Associated Press reports that the most powerful artist of the world, lady Gaga, loved Japan. Her message to her fans and to everybody else is to come visit Japan as it is a wonderful place, despite the disaster that hit earlier this year. I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan right now, Japan in general, is very safe” she says. She couldn’t wait to show her support for Japan and her fans there and advices her fans all over the world that, if they want to support Japan, they should come visit it. “The most important thing, and the best thing, we could do for Japan right now is to boost tourism, and so everyone come to Japan and come enjoy the beautiful country.” She added that the food is great, too.

On Thursday the star received an official sign of appreciation on her efforts to support the public image of the country and for the money-raising efforts: a certificate of honor from the commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency.

Following her appearance at MTV Video Music Aid Japan on Saturday, the next destination in the schedule of lady Gaga is Taiwan, which she will be in starting July 1.

After the multiple disasters – earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis – that hit Japan this year, many celebrities have cancelled their show in the area, out of fear of the effects that might occur. The drama of the nation started with the earthquake that occurred in March 11.

It was followed by the tsunami and the destructions that followed included the destruction of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which was only 140 miles from Tokyo. Following the disaster, tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes because of the radiation danger. Since then, many performers and athletes have canceled their appearances scheduled in Japan, even if far from the radiation affected area. Now, the government is making efforts to reestablish order in the life of the Japanese.

Lady Gaga Tops Forbes Celebs 100 List

Forbes Magazine has released the annual Celebs 100 list, where it included the most powerful celebrities in show business in the last year. The icons have earned a total of 4.5 billion dollars in the last 12 months. And Lady Gaga alone made 90 million dollars.

This year’s Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities is taken over by Lady Gaga. The No. veteran Oprah, has only given this sport only 3 times in the last 7 years. She earned over 90 million dollars with a monster tour and with the help of her Facebook fans and her Twitter followers 32 million people on Facebook and 9.5 million people on Twitter helped her new single “Born This Way” boost with 1 million digital downloads. She also sold Monster headphones and Virgin Mobile phones that can be seen in her video.

In second place we can find the media mogul Oprah, who earned 290 million dollars last year. This year she is 25 million dollars short, mainly because of the reduced payday at SiriusXM.

On number 3, we find teenage singer Justin Bieber. At just 17 years old, he has made it to the Top3 of the list. He cashed in 53 million dollars from concerts he held over the past 12 months, and 100million dollars from a 3d documentary movie at the global box office. Bieber was an internet sensation from the beginning. His first hit single “Baby” has established a new YouTube record, as it was viewed 500 million times.

Top 10 includes the following other celebrities like Elton John, Taylor Swift and Tiger Woods. The sports star has earned 75 million dollars last year. He has been losing a lot of money since the revealing of his infidelities and he aso withdrew from The Players Championship. But he still has its sponsors, Nike and EA Entertainment.
Taylor Swift is at no.7 and Elton John ranks #5.

The complete top 10 includes:

10. Lebron James – 48 million dollars
9. Simon Cowell – 90 million dollars
8. Bon Jovi – 125 million dollars
7. Taylor Swift – 45 million dollars
6. Tiger Woods – 75 million dollars
5. Elton John – 100 million dollars
4. U2 – 195 million dollars
3. Justin Bieber – 53 million dollars
2. Oprah Winfrey – 290 million dollars
1. Lady Gaga – 90 million dollars