Jay-Z Rocks The Stage At The Brooklyn Stadium Launch

Rapper Jay-Z rocked the stage at the Brooklyn Stadium launch during a sold-out concert on Friday night. The Brooklyn Nets’ owner kept the crowd entertained all night long with some of his famous songs and delivered emotional speeches inspiring people to accomplish their dreams, according to Reuters.

After months of preparations, the big opening of the much –awaited Brooklyn Stadium finally took place on Friday. The host of the evening was none other than the Nets’ minority stake owner, Jay-Z. He was impressed by the large number of people who have chosen to spend their Friday evening on the newly opened 18,000-seat stadium in New York, so he sprinkled his show with emotional speeches.

Jay-Z told people in the audience that he had come a long way and encouraged everyone to dare follow their dreams no matter how big and unattainable they may seem. The singer, who grew up just two miles away from the Barclays Center arena, confessed that being on the stage of Brooklyn Nets’ new home has made him more emotional than any other occasion, even though he had been on stages all over the world.

Beyoncé Knowles’ husband recalled that he started his career in Marcy Houses, a Brooklyn public housing project which was just 15 minutes away from the new stadium. He released his first rap album in 1996 and grew into being one of the most successful rappers around the world. He recently got involved in sports after acquiring a minority stake from the Brooklyn Nets basketball team.

The rapper has been more preoccupied about the promotion of the basketball team, lately, so he didn’t have time to release a new album. Nevertheless, he delighted the crowd with the recent single “Empire State of Mind”, as well as with hits from his debut album Reasonable Doubt. In the end, Jay-Z stated that he believes everyone was endowed with “genius level talent”, so people should apply themselves to whatever they are genius about and they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

The completion of the Barclays Center Arena has given Brooklyn Nets the possibility to return home after spending 55 years in Los Angeles. Many other celebrities including Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan and the Smashing Pumpkins will perform on this stage in the following two months.

It’s The Final Tour For George Strait

If you somehow missed out on a George Strait performance until now, you’d better make it fast and buy a ticket because this is the final tour for him.

For a country music legend, with more U.S. platinum records than The Rolling Stones, touring is a way of living. But George Strait says he is retiring from the road after the 2013-2014 tour. Basically, the two-year “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour” is George Strait’s final tour.

Calling George Strait a country music icon feels almost like an understatement. The man has 59 hits that were no. 1 and has made 65 million album sales. For the past 30 years playing country music, George Strait got more U.S. platinum records than The Rolling Stones. At only 60 years old, George Strait is definitely in for more impressive numbers to add to the list.

At a press conference in Tennessee, at the Country Music and Museum in Nashville, George Strait announced he has decided “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour” is his final. “It’s been a hard decision for me to make, but … I’ve decided I’m not going to tour anymore after the next two years” said George Strait.

“Don’t think I;m retiring, because I’m not” the 60-year-old country music legend explained. “If a special event happens to come up somewhere I want to do, by all means, I’m going to do it” said George Strait. “I hope I still have a lot of those left in me” he added.

Anyway, while this is the final tour for George Strait, it’s not going to be his last project. “I’m still going to make records as long as Mike [Dungan – label chief] will let me” George Strait promised. “I’m going to write, and after two years, when I’ve quit touring” other such events occur he’s not going to say no, but “as far as a structured tour goes, at the last date of 2014 goes, that will be it for touring”.

George Strait’s decision to quit touring is not something that just happened. “I always had it in the back of my mind when I turned 60 that it might be time to start thinking about it” George Strait explained. “I also never wanted to show up for a tour when nobody came. I believe I made the right decision. Only time will tell” the country music legend added.

Bieber Saddened By The Death Of 6-Year-Old Mrs. Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber was deeply saddened to hear that his youngest fan, the 6-year-old Mrs. Bieber passed away on Wednesday. The “Girlfriend” interpreter wrote on his Twitter account that Avalanna’s death was the worst news he received, according to Us Weekly.

Justin Bieber has grown very close to his 6-year-old fan, Avalanna Routh. In fact, he was so impressed by the little girl’s story that he agreed to take part in a staged wedding ceremony last year; thus becoming Mrs. Bieber. Given the strong friendship between Bieber and Mrs. Bieber, the interpreter was very saddened to hear that the girl passed away on Wednesday at the age of 6.

Avalanna Routh was diagnosed with a rare teratoid rhabdoid tumor when she was only 18 months old and she went through various treatments all her life. Dr. Charles Robert of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute told the press that the girl initially responded very well to the medical treatment. Unfortunately, her condition worsened in the past two years because the treatment became ineffective and Avalanna eventually passed away on Wednesday. Robert further added that Routh was a very courageous girl despite her young age and that she helped raise awareness about the atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors by making her story public. In addition, Mrs. Bieber stated on various occasions that further research needs to be performed in this medical domain.

Justin Bieber took to Twitter to express his sympathy for Avalanna’s family. He told his followers that he received the worst news in his life and explained that “one of the greatest spirits” he had ever known was gone. The artist asked his followers to pray for Avalanna and for her saddened family, in the end. An hour later, he posted another message on his Twitter account reminding everyone that it is important to respect the privacy of Avalanna’s family. 

Lady Gaga Was A Bulimic And Anorexic Teenager

Ever since she gained 25 pounds, Lady Gaga has been subject to various critics related to her fluctuating weight. The singer decided to put an end to all the discussions by admitting that she has been a bulimic and an anorexic teenager, according to the Inquisitr.

Lady Gaga fights back against critics with a Body Revolution campaign. After being in the center of attention due to the 25 pounds she has gained, the singer took to her fan site and posted various pictures of her wearing nothing but yellow bra and panties. One of the pictures was accompanied by the caption: “Bulimia and Anorexia since I was 15”. The description added to the following pic, however, wrote that the “Born This Way” interpreter has decided to join the Body Revolution campaign to inspire people to be brave and to “breed some m$therf*cking compassion”.

As usual, Lady Gaga encouraged her fans to join her in the new campaign and be proud of all their flaws. She reminded her fans that she created the Born This Way Foundation precisely because she wanted to inspire bravery and to celebrate what people perceive as “flaws” in the modern society. The campaign that the artist created should be regarded as an extension of the foundation’s mission as the Body Revolution is meant to make “flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous”.

The campaign was inspired by the severe criticism that was brought against Gaga several months ago when she told her followers that she killed back to back spin classes and ate a salad despite dreaming of a cheeseburger. Many people thought the singer was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle because of the hashtags “#PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay”, but Gaga explained this month that she doesn’t care that she gained a few pounds. In fact, she feels quite happy about it, considering that she no longer has to observe the strict diet which was imposed to her.

Madonna Calls Obama A Black Muslim On Stage

Isn’t it amazing how rebellious and controversial Madonna seems to become as she ages? On Monday, Madonna called Obama a black Muslim on stage, in what could easily be one of her weirdest endorsements yet. Plus, Madonna promised she’ll strip if Obama wins the re-election.

Monday night at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, Madonna’s fans heard their diva endorse Barack Obama in a weird way. The 54-year-old pop diva shouted at her fans to vote for Obama, the “black Muslim in the White House!”. Madonna’s choice of words had the media scrutinizing her, but the diva explained she was being ironic when she referred to Obama as a black Muslim.

“Y’all better vote for f**king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing s**t” Madonna told her fans at Monday night’s concert. Madonna also stripped down to her bra to reveal a black “Obama” stencil on her back. The 54-year-old diva also promised she’s going to strip everything “when Obama is in the White House for a second term”.

“Now, it’s so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House…we have a black Muslim in the White House” Madonna said while sipping from a water bottle. This “means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man” she added.

Tuesday night, Madonna explained she was only being ironic when she said Obama was a black Muslim. Her speech says it all, but the tabloid media loves to stir some confusion and cause a fuss. Headlines early morning read about Madonna making a confusing speech about Barack Obama being Muslim.

“I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? Madonna reacted to media scrutiny. “The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don’t care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America” she added.

Katy Perry Honored By Billboard With Woman Of The Year Award

While her love life isn’t all that great, Katy Perry has been having a great year career wise. Katy Perry is getting a new career highlight as she is going to be honored by Billboard with the Woman of the Year award.

Many think celebrities have it easy, but take it from Katy Perry: it’s not. For the past 12 months, Katy Perry saw her love life fall into pieces. Her marriage, then her two other failed relationships surely took their toll, but Katy Perry kept it professional and managed to stay on top of the pop music industry. For that Katy Perry will be honored by Billboard with the Woman of the Year 2012 award.

On November 30, pop star Katy Perry will be handed Billboard’s Woman of the Year award. It’s an impressive prize for Katy Perry, seeing as she’s got only five years in the industry and is already one of the most popular and influential women in music from Billboard’s point of view. Her saucy hit “I Kissed a Girl” made it all over the world and broke records in sales.

“Katy Perry broke into the industry not even five years ago, and has already accomplished more than most artists can hope for in an entire career” reads a statement from Billboard’s editorial director Bill Werde. “We are thrilled to celebrate these incredible achievements and her amazing past 12 months by honoring her with the Billboard Woman of the Year Award” Bill Werde added of the honor Katy Perry is set to receive in late November.

The candy-colored singer has broke records selling her album “One of the Boys”. According to data from Nielsen SoundScan, the hit album sold 2.5 million copies in the United States alone, where hits “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream” spent dozens of weeks in the Billboard 200.

“With what seems like a never-ending supply of record-breaking, chart-topping hits, coupled with her unique and fresh style, Katy Perry is hands-down one of the most exciting and inspiring artists in the industry today” added Billboard’s Bill Werde.

The Billboard Woman of the Year award puts Katy Perry on the same list as Taylor Swift, Fergie and Beyonce.

Psy Increases Father’s Company Value With “Gangnam Style”

After becoming the most popular South Korean singer on You Tube, Psy increased the value of his father’s company thanks to his famous hit “Gangnam Style”. The song, mocking the consumerism of the Gangnam district in Seoul, has raised awareness about his father’s software company, according to Reuters.

Psy never expected his single “Gangnam Style” to become as successful as it is today. The surprise was even bigger when his father’s software company, D I Corp almost doubled its value thanks to the single. As a chairman and controlling shareholder of South Korean semiconductor company, Park Won-ho saw its market capitalization grow to $101.29 million last Tuesday. Thus, D I Corp became the 459th most valuable stock measured by size.

Analysts have explained that the success of the company is related to the increasing popularity that Psy has gained on You Tube. However, the share value is expected to decrease in the following period as this type of growth doesn’t last for too long. “Gangnam Style” was well-received by online users because it pokes fun at people’s consumerist lifestyle in the district of Gangnam, Seoul. In addition, the interpreter made use of humorous images and dance moves, thus determining YouTube users to watch the video.

Since it was released in mid-July, “Gangnam Style” raised more than 267 million You Tube views. Investors, too, were enchanted by the sound of the new music hit, so they all turned their attention towards the company that is run by Psy’s father and uncle.

Using speculative stocks is the strategy that most middle-aged retail investors resort to when it comes to buying new shares. The software company of millionaire Ahn Cheol-soo lost great part of its value after the executive announced that he would run for the presidency of the country.

Billie Joe Armstrong Goes To Rehab After Losing It On Stage

Green Day’s frontman had an epic meltdown on stage that shocked all fans and has the media searching for ear-plugs. Billie Joe Armstrong is now heading to rehab after losing it on stage, yelling he’s not “f*cking Justin Bieber”.

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day seems to be having more of a full plate than he’d imagine. At Friday’s night iHeartRadio concert Billie Joe Armstrong had an epic f-bomb on-stage meltdown that shocked everyone. The Green Day frontman lost it on stage after his band’s time was cut to half to give Usher and Rihanna more time to play. His rep says Billie Joe Armstrong is now checking into rehab.

It all went to hell in literally one minute. Billie Joe Armstrong gave fans at the iHeartRadio concert last Friday one performance they will always remember. He was just cutting short the band’s “Basket Case” 1994 hit, when Billie Joe Armstrong literally turned into one. He wanted to play a new song but then got sight of a digital ticker letting everybody know the band had one more minute on stage.

The Green Day performance at iHeartRadio concert was cut short to give Usher and Rihanna more time on stage, but that got Billie Joe Armstrong losing it. He went into a swearing rant and then smashed his guitar. “Give me a … break. One minute left. One minute … left. You’re gonna give me … one minute? Look at that … sign there. One minute” Armstrong reacted.

“Let me … tell you something. Let me tell you something. I’ve been around since …1980…8 and you’re going to give me one … minute? You gotta be … kidding me… I’m not… Justin Bieber” Armstrong went on. It was certainly not easy to see Billie Joe Armstrong losing it on stage, but fans applauded him and went cheering when they heard their idol saying he’s “not f*cking Justin Bieber”.

After Billie Joe Armstrong’s meltdown, a Facebook statement by a spokesperson said the frontman is checking into rehab for substance abuse. “We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas” the statement added.

We don’t think there’s something wrong with Billie Joe Armstrong. It’s a punk band in the end and the I Heart Radio site itself declared the Green Day performance to be “one of the most epix, punk rock sets in recent memory”.

LMFAO Splitting For Some Time

This is news that could easily send the dance world in mourn. LMFAO is splitting for some time, as Redfoo and SkyBlu are starting individual projects.

Yes, unfortunately this is now the sort of news in the category “rumor has it”. LMFAO has broken up, but at least it’s not forever. LMFAO are just taking a break to do what feels natural. Meaning both Redfoo and SkyBlu, the uncle-nephew duo, are looking forward to start their very own musical projects.

It happened before, this is not the first time a beloved party rocking crew is calling it quits. Well, at least for a while. But we saw it before: either they will never get back together or they’ll do it like years from now. For the moment being, the only good news is that at least we’ll get two kinds of LMFAO, so party rocking remains their business.

“I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years” said Redfoo earlier this week about the decision to break up LMFAO. “And we’re kind of like saying, well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of like forcing it all the time” he added.

Of his solo project, Redfoo revealed, much like you’d expect, it’s “always going to be LMFAO-ish”. He says he’s been working on his solo material for a while now. “I was really passionate about bringing party music to the world, so I will always be making some kind of party music” he added.

Truth be told, Redfoo’s solo career is pretty hectic. He has a gig for the New England Patriots to write a song, while the U.S. women’s gymnastics team booked Redfoo on several dates for their gold-medal victory tour. Plus, he’s even a tennis coach.

 “I think that we naturally just started hanging with two different sets of people, two different crows, but we’re always family” says Redfoo of LMFAO splitting. “He’ll always be my nephew, I’ll always be his uncle” he added.

It looks like rumors got confirmed. Earlier this year, just before the “Sorry for Party Rocking” tour, Sky Blu faced the media about reports that LMFAO was calling it quits. “It’s completely false. We’re family at the end of the day. Blood is stronger than anything” said Sky Blu back then.

R. Kelly Receives Biggest Number Of “Soul Train” Nominations

Singer R. Kelly received the biggest number of nominations at this year’s Soul Train Awards, according to a recent report published by Billboard. The two awards that the interpreter could receive at the gala have set the first Soul Train record in history.

Billboard has released the nominations for this year’s edition of the Soul Train Awards. R. Kelly was nominated for two awards, thus setting the first record in the history of the soul music event for the largest number of nominations. One of the nods that were handed to him was for the Ashford & Simpson songwriter’s category, whereas the second for the category of best album. Thanks to these two nominations, R. Kelly gathered 21 nominations through his entire career.

Usher is the soul artist who received the biggest number of nominations this year as he was suggested for five categories. The other big nominees of the year are Estelle, Nas, Trey Songz and John Legend.

The late artists who have been nominated for this year’s edition of the Soul Train Awards are Whitney Houston who received a nod for best gospel inspirational performance and Amy Winehouse for best international performance. New Edition will also receive an award for the achievements they have registered throughout their career.

Cedric the Entertainer was elected to host the ceremony which will be taped on November 8 at planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The show will also be broadcast on November 25 on BET and Centric. The nominees have all confirmed their participation. Other soul music performers, as well as celebrities from the music industry, in general, will take part at the festivity.