Taylor Swift Sells More Than 1 Million “Red” Units

Taylor Swift is like the golden egg goose for record producers. Billboard sources estimate that Taylor Swift is going to sell more than 1 million “Red” units in one week. If that pans out, Taylor Swift could become the first woman since 1991 to have two albums that sold more than $1 million units in a single week.

For the heartbroken, Taylor Swift is their favorite treatment for heartache and best soundtrack when falling in love. “Red” was just released but Billboard sources say it is “red hot” and estimate the album will break the 1 million mark within the first week of release. If that happens, Taylor Swift will have two albums breaking that 1 million mark.

“I think the one thing that I want my fans to get from this album is that I want them to blast it in their cars and dance in their bedrooms alone to it, and if they need to, have that really pathetic cry in the bathtub, that they would choose one of my songs to do it” Taylor Swift told MTV News in a recent interview.

And the secret to success is exactly that: fans are pleasantly surprised to find out that Taylor Swift’s heartache is so similar to theirs. “Like these are real moments in life when we need music, and I just hope that they choose my songs to be the soundtrack” Taylor Swift said of her new album.

“There’s new territory covered lyrically, and storytelling-wise, there are a few stories that I’ve kind of written observing other people’s lives and reflecting on that” the singer confessed. “I think you’ve got 16 new possibilities for people to learn about me, and I’m really excited” she added.

Last Friday, in an interview with Katie Couric, Taylor Swift revealed she’s just like many, many other people today. Having a normal relationship isn’t something she just knows how to do. “I don’t know how to have a normal relationship because I try to act normal and love from a normal place and live a normal life” she said “but there is sort of an abnormal magnifying glass…on everything that happens between me and anybody else”.

James Blunt Withdraws From Music Industry

Singer James Blunt announced his intentions to withdraw from the music industry during a press conference organized on Monday. The interpreter did not provide an explanation for his decision and simply stated he has no urge to write songs for the moment, according to the Washington Post.

James Blunt could be singing his final “Goodbye My Lover” to the music industry, according to the recent declarations he has made during a press conference. After relaxing in Ibiza for a long period of time, the British-born interpreter realized is no longer interested in producing music. At least, not for the following period.

James, who produced hits, such as, “You’re Beautiful” and “1973”, told reporters that he wants to “take some time out” for himself. The artist did not say whether he plans to return on stage or not, but stated that music is no longer his primary interest. In fact, soon after he finished his world tour, the artist took a long vacation in Ibiza and spent most of the time chilling with his friends.

The 28-year-old singer became famous with his 2005 album “Back to Bedlam” including the highly praised songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover”. Before he discovered his artistic abilities, James used to be an officer in the British Army’s Life Guards. He even took part in several missions, such as, the stint he performed under NATO in 1999 in Kosovo.

The subsequent albums he released in 2007 and 2010, that is, “All The Lost Souls” and, respectively, “Some Kind of Trouble” were well-received by the public, but they never managed to rise up to the success of his first album. “Back To Bedlam” sold 11 million copies worldwide and was awarded with numerous prizes. The collection of tracks brought James Blunt five Grammy nominations including Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Adele Has A Boy; She And Boyfriend Simon Konecki Are Thrilled

Daily Mail reports that British singer Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki are thrilled to announce they have a baby boy. The couple welcomed their first son on Friday night, but refused to make an official statement for the moment.

Singer Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki first announced they were going to have a baby in June. Four months later, sources close to the couple have stated that the 24-year-old interpreter has become a mom for the first time after giving birth to a healthy boy on Friday. Although they didn’t provide many details in relation to the youngest member of the family, insiders described the couple as “over the moon” to meet their boy for the first time.

Adele was just as happy when she disclosed that she was pregnant in June 2012. She wrote the good news on her website adding that she wanted to be the first to announce her fans that she was going to be a mom. In the end, she requested everyone to respect their wish for privacy during these intimate moments. A week later, Konecki made an important announcement, too, namely, he was getting ready to propose to the British singer.

Even though she has been very busy, lately, Adele still found time to work on her new album which is going to be slightly different than the previous ones. According to her manager, the singer’s experience with the baby has contributed to the lighter tone of her future tracks. Being a mother has radically changed Adele’s music style as she has used maternity as her main source of inspiration.

Among the most recent projects concluded by the “Set Fire To The Rain” interpreter is also the production of the title song for the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”. Her breakout album “21” sold 18 million copies worldwide and brought her numerous Grammy Awards. However, the singer was forced to take a break since the end of 2011 because she underwent a surgical intervention to treat a vocal cord hemorrhage.

Maroon 5 Announces New Tour

2013 is going to get even busier for “The Voice” coach Adam Levine, as his band starts its 2013 North American Tour. Maroon 5 announced new tour dates in a video message.

The Maroon 5 2013 North American tour dates starts February 13 in Ohio and goes across the country for 30 other gigs. It will end April 6th in Rosemont, Illinois. According to frontman Adam Levine, the 2013 tour will be the biggest tour yet for Maroon 5.

“This is our biggest tour yet” said Adam Levine in a video message posted this Monday. “Anybody who has seen a Maroon 5 show, even those people are going to be blown away by what we’re doing now because we really feel this calling to put on the best show we’ve ever put on” the lead singer added.

Adam Levine promised the 2013 US tour will be just as exciting to their fans as it is for the band. And from what he says in the video message, the next Maroon 5 US tour will be “something we want the whole world to see”. “We feel like we’ve had this resurgence, this kind of second life where we’re are pushing ourselves that much harder now to make the best concert experience” Adam Levine announced.

In the meanwhile, this November, a new single from Maroon 5’s “Overexposed” album will hit the radio. We’re positive “Daylight” will fast become a hit just as popular as “One More Night” and “Payphone”. “Overexposed” is now No. 18 in this week’s Billboard Top’s 200 albums, after making a debut at No. 2, whereas “One More Night” is still toping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for a fifth week.

At a recent concert in the band’s hometown Los Angeles, Adam Levine talked about the origins of some of Maroon 5’s songs. “I never really talk about where the songs come from. I never talk about this s—t” Adam Levine told his audience at the Orpheum Theatre. Even so, the frontman revealed that “Harder to Breathe” angered one of his ex girlfriends so bad he had to tell her it wasn’t about her.

“It was actually about a record label. If my record label didn’t know, the cat’s out of the bag. Sorry guys, but we were pissed” Adam Levine confessed.

Flavor Flav Arrested For Threatening To Kill Fiancee’s Son

Looks like Flavor Flav just isn’t family material after all. Flavor Flav was arrested for threatening to kill fiancee’s son. During the argument, the entertainer also attacked his fiancée and girlfriend for eight years.

Entertainer Flavor Flav got himself in a hairy mess this week after an argument he had with his fiancée and her son at their home in Las Vegas. The 53-year-old retired rapper was arrested after he chased with knives and threatened to kill the 17-year-old teenager. Girlfriend Elizabeth Trujillo was thrown twice to the floor.

At about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday night, Flavor Flav was arrested. Police set up a $23,000 bail for the 53-year-old retired rapper but he still spent time in jail. He faces a maximum of six years behind bars if prosecutors prove the charges of assault with a deadly weapon and of domestic violence.

Flavor Flav’s girlfriend and fiancée, Elizabeth Trujillo told police officers that the whole argument started over infidelity. She said the entertainer grabbed her and threw her to the floor, during which her earring was ripped out of her ear.

At that time, her 17-year-old son intervened to help her and wrestled with the 53-year-old former rapper until Flavor Flav began chasing him while holding two large knives. The 17-year-old teenager told the police that he ran to his sister’s bedroom with Flavor Flav chasing him with the knives threatening to kill him.

This isn’t the first time Flavor Flav got in trouble with the law. His criminal record includes several arrests, and whereas most are due to traffic infractions he did spend four months in jail for attacking his girlfriend in 1991 and shooting at a neighbor in 1993.

Although he hasn’t released a new song in years, Flavor Flav made several reality TV series appearances. “The Surreal Life”, “Strange Love” and “Flavor of Love” saw their share of Flavor Flav’s oversized chest clock. The rapper’s quest for love even led to other spin-offs, such as “I Love New York” and “I Love Money”.

The rapper even has several recipes named after him in restaurants in Las Vegas, Clinton and Iowa.

Ryan White Commemorated By Elton John During AIDS Gala

Ryan White, the HIV positive teenager who inspired the British musician to start a foundation, was commemorated by Elton John during a special AIDS gala hosted on Monday. The artist confessed that the young victim enabled him to overcome his personal addictions and find a method to give back to the community, the Associated Press reports.

Elton John was very close to Ryan White which is why he was deeply affected by the young boy’s death in 1990. White contracted the disease in 1984 during a blood transfusion for his hemophilia and was discriminated by the society until his death in 1990. The boy’s demise represented a major “turning point” in the life of the 65-year-old musician.

Six months after Ryan passed away, Elton decided to set things straight in his life. At that time, the British artist was “out of whack”, but after being sober for one year, he decided to contribute to the well-being of the society by setting up the AIDS foundation. Although people have come a long way since the 80s, John thinks there are many other things that need to be done to help change mentalities towards HIV positive patients.

The singer then recalled that as soon as Ryan publicly admitted he was suffering from AIDS, he was expelled from middle school and was forced to radically change his lifestyle. The boy’s image was later on used to represent the young patients who were afflicted with the disease. The only solution to prevent this type of behavior from people is to get HIV positive people to come out and behave as role models for the rest of the patients, according to Elton.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was founded in 1992 with the attempt to raise money for a variety of HIV/AIDS services, such as prevention programs, campaigns and discrimination. Robert Kraft, Diana Jenkins, chairman, CEO and founder of beverage company Neuro, as well as devoted benefactor, Joseph Blount, received Enduring Vision awards from the British singer.

Rolling Stones Announce New Tour

After recently celebrating their 50th anniversary, the Rolling Stones announced on Monday that they will embark on a new tour at the end of the year. Fans who would like to watch the famous band perform on stage again, can buy tickets to one of the four concerts that Rolling Stones will host in Newark, New Jersey and London.

Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary has made everyone nostalgic including the members of the band who announced their intentions to work on several other projects by the end of the year. However, it was only on Monday that the band released a statement expressing their plans to take part in a new tour in the last part of the year.

As usual, the good news is always followed by bad news. In this particular case, the bad news is that the legendary band will not perform all over the world; they will only host four concerts in cities like Newark, London and New Jersey.

Despite the success that Rolling Stones registered in the 70s with singles like “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Street Fighting Man” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, touring has been the only lucrative activity for the band in the past years. At the beginning of their career, the Rolling Stones managed to sell 200 million records, but their number diminished considerably since then. “A Bigger Bang”, their last global tour helped them cash in $500 million between 2005 and 2007. Given these circumstances, Rolling Stones decided it would be best to hold several other concerts before they withdraw from the music scene.

The dates of the concerts haven’t been released yet, but the spokesperson of the band will keep fans up to date with everything they need to know. The concerts will include some of the band’s famous songs, as well as new singles that the Rolling Stones members produced in 2012. 

Is Jonas Brothers’ New Track “Wedding Bells” About Miley?

The Jonas Brothers have released a brand new track that has everybody thinking they’re pulling a Taylor Swift. So, let’s find out if the new Jonas Brothers track “Wedding Bells” is really about Miley?

For those of you having a hard time recalling what’s the connection between the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, we’ve got one thing to tell you: Niley. Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas had a rollercoaster of a relationship, which eventually ended in 2009, when the Disney star met her current fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. The band’s new track “Wedding Bells” is said to be all about Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

Last week, the Jonas Brothers performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall for their big reunion show, the first performance together since 2010. It was also the night that the band released a brand new track called “Wedding Bells”. Several media voices have wondered whether “Wedding Bells” is about Miley Cyrus, particularly since the Jonas Brothers announced their next album is going to be more personal than ever before.

“We’re in the process of recording a new album, which is both good and bad” Nick Jonas told MTV News. The new Jonas Brothers album is going to “dive into subjects that make us uncomfortable and write about them” with the king of songs they will “apologize for…later”. Take “Wedding Bells” for instance, a song that makes Nick Jonas the most “uncomfortable”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever written a song that makes me as uncomfortable as this song does” Nick Jonas told MTV News. “Some things happened in the last year that affected me in that moment…This song is called ‘Wedding Bells’” he added.

It looks like the Jonas Brothers, or at least Nick, are heading towards a Taylor Swift kind of songwriting. The one that carries puzzles and cryptic messages. We’ll we tried to debunk Nick Jonas “Wedding Bells” song and we found a lot of reasons to believe the new track is actually about Miley Cyrus.

“She says, ‘Can you keep a secret?/ A ceremony’s set for June/ I know it’s a rush, but I just love him so much/ I hope that you can meet him soon” the song begins. “If you recall our anniversary falls/ Eleven nights into June” might be the biggest smoking gun in the song. June 11, 2006 was the date Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas first met. It’s in Miley Cyrus’ autobiography.

Nelly Arrested For Guns And Drugs Found On His Tour Bus

Nelly and his band of rappers were arrested on Wednesday because the patrols at the Texas border found guns and drugs in their tour bus. Brian Keith Jones took responsibility of the illegal items that were found in the bus, so Nelly and his colleagues were released from prison, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It seems that every year there is a celebrity that is caught red-handed at the checkpoint near I-10 in Texas. This time it was Nelly who was detained by the police because the patrol found guns, heroin and 10 pounds of marijuana in his tour bus. The rapper and six other people were taken to the nearest police station, but they were released later on after the real culprit was discovered.

According to Boarder Police reports, one of the guys on the tour bus, Brian Keith Jones told police officers that the loaded gun, the packets of marijuana and heroin belonged to him and not to the rapper. As a result, Jones was arrested, whereas Nelly and the rest of his band members were released.

Brian Keith Jones accompanied Nelly on the bus as his personal bodyguard. The artist took to Twitter to notify his fans and followers about the problems he encountered at the Sierra Blanca border in Texas. Nelly wrote on Wednesday that he was very disappointed to see one of his staff members jeopardizing the safety of the entire band by bringing illegal substances on board of the tour bus. He further stated that neither him, nor the rest of the band members were aware that there were drugs on the bus. Nelly concluded by saying that law enforcement officials did not press charges against anyone other than Jones.

The “Country Grammar” interpreter was downright outraged by his bodyguard’s behavior, especially since the latter had worked for him for almost 10 years. Despite this, Nelly felt sorry for Brian Keith’s family and kids who will probably suffer the most because their husband and father was arrested for drug possession.

Rihanna And Nicki Minaj Top AMA Nominations

It looks like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj will be the highlights of the upcoming 40th annual American Music Awards. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj top the AMA nominations with 4 each.

Both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj made the headlines over the past weeks and have sparked controversy more than on one occasion. Tuesday’s announcements have Rihanna and Nicki Minaj topping the American Music Awards nominations. The 40th anniversary of the awards show is set for November 18 at the J.W. Marriott Los Angeles.

The three-hour show has Rihanna and Nicki Minaj at the top of the nomination list. Rihanna is competing with Maroon 5, Drake, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber for artist of the year award. Album “Talk That Talk” brought Rihanna another nomination for best album in addition to two other for female soul / R&B artist.

Album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” had Nicki Minaj nominated twice at pop/rock and rap/hip hop. Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga compete for the same award, for favorite rap artist. The new “American Idol” judge will go head-to-head with Rihanna in the female pop/rock artist category.

Drake, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Usher and One Direction scored three AMA nominations each, while Carrie Underwood, Gotye, Katy Perry and Pitbull have each two. Last year’s favorites Adele and Taylor Swift got only one nomination each.

The 40th AMA introduces this year, for the first time, the Favorite Artist: Electronic Dance Music. DJ stars David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Skrillex were nominated.

But the 40th anniversary of the awards show isn’t just Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s shot at winning four nominations each. November 18’s event is the first show since the death of creator Dick Clark. AMA producer Larry Klein announced the show will run clips from past editions in addition to 17 live performances. 

“Terrific performances, outrageous acceptance speeches – those moments when you feel strong emotion” said producer Larry Klein. “Dick used to say we’re an entertainment show with awards in it and I like wall-to-wall music. It’s a celebration of music” Klein told Billboard.

Christina Aguilera is the artist that made the nominations announcement and is also the first announced performer at the AMA 2012.