Mexican-American Singer, Jenni Rivera Dies In Plane Crash

NBC News reports that Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera, passed away during a plane crash which occurred on Saturday night. The news was also confirmed by the father and the brother of the singer.

Jenni Rivera, the Mexican-American interpreter who worked as a coach on “The Voice Mexico”, was heading towards the airport of Toluca, a town outside Mexico City, at the end of her concert in Monterrey. According to airport officials, the connection with the plane was lost 10 minutes after the singer took off. Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, confirmed that the remains of the plane were found on early Sunday.

The Secretary further stated that authorities will continue the investigation in order to find the singer and the rest of the people who were travelling with her aboard the plane. Even though the body hasn’t been found yet, investigators doubt that Rivera could have survived the plane crash. She was accompanied by publicist Arturo Rivera, stylist Jorge Sanchez, makeup artist Jacobo Llenares and attorney Mario Macias.

The Monterrey airport began rescue operations as soon as they lost contact with the plane. The plane was eventually found in the early hours of the morning near a ranch in Iturbide in the state of Nuevo León, a few miles away from Monterrey. Jenni’s father and brother released a statement on Sunday afternoon confirming that the singer was present aboard the crashed plane. 

Jenni Rivera was expected to take part in the semifinal of “The Voice Mexico”. Her colleagues were devastated by the news of her sudden death and they have decided to postpone the edition. The network Televisa will broadcast a special show on Jenni Rivera instead of the talent program.

Rivera had a strong Mexican identity even though she was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Most of her songs were interpretations of the traditional Mexican music known as nortena and banda.

Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey Go Viral With New “All I Want for Christmas” Vid

It’s that time of the year again when we make snowmen, decorate Christmas trees, listen to carols and watch Mariah Carey make millions with her “All I Want For Christmas” cover. This year, the singer worked with Jimmy Fallon, and his band, The Roots, to create a new video that could soon go viral, says the Inquisitr.

During Wednesday’s edition of Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Show”, Mariah Carey teamed up with the talk show host and his in-house band The Roots to give a unique interpretation of the much-loved song “All I Want For Christmas (Is You)”. The artists grabbed some of the funniest instruments they could find backstage, such as, a recorder and a melodica, and pulled off one of the best interpretations of the song.

The first to start singing was Jimmy Fallon, who was soon accompanied by his band members. The empty space next to Fallon was later on filled by the ravishingly good looking Mariah Carey all dressed in red. Mimi’s amazing voice and the soul sound of The Roots have successfully transformed the classic Christmas song into a joyful and modern track. Several children would play along with the ad hoc band during the most important moments of the song.

It seems Jimmy Fallon’s audience is not the only one who appreciated the new version of Mariah’s song. The video recorded more than 2 million views in just one day and it has all the chances of becoming viral given the arrival of the holiday season.

Just like the 1994 version of “All I Want For Christmas”, the new video has been embellished with lots of festive elements. The singers are all dressed with funny colorful sweaters, whereas the backstage of Jimmy Fallon’s show was decorated with Christmas ornaments and garlands. 

Kid Rock To President Obama: “No Hard Feelings”

Kid Rock and President Barack Obama met for the first time after the elections during the Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors at the White House. The rock musician, who is a strong supporter of Mitt Romney, shook hands with Obama and hoped there were no hard feelings among them, Reuters announces.

Kid Rock has never been a fan of Barack Obama and he used every opportunity he had to express his opinion during last summer’s election. He even gave his permission for his track “Born Free” to be used as a theme song for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Rock also took part in numerous fundraising events for the political candidate.

Now that Barack Obama has won the election, Rock was forced to reconsider his behavior towards the President. He was invited during the Sunday’s gala at the White House and was glad to take part in the event. Since Sunday was an important evening for David Letterman, Led Zeppelin and Dustin Hoffman, Rock and Obama acknowledged that their political differences have to be cast aside in order to give praise to the artists who brought their contribution to the American culture.

Kid Rock spoke with reporters at CNN and told them that his conversation with the President was quite friendly. Obama told the rock star that he is still at the helm of the United States, whereas Kid Rock responded with a peaceful “no hard feelings”.

Rock stated he was honored that Mitt Romney chose his single as his campaign theme song, but unlike the rest of Romney’s supporters, he is willing to move on with his life. The singer understands that he must respect the office of the President of the United States and work together for the sake of the country. “The great thing is in four years, we get to choose again,” he concluded.

Rihanna Straddles Chris Brown In New Twitter Pic

All media’s eyes turned towards Rihanna’s Twitter account on Friday when the singer decided to post a new pic of her and her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. This time, however, the image is expected to make many more headlines as the singer reveals her generous posterior while straddling Chris Brown, says Us Weekly.

The never ending love story between Rihanna and Chris Brown continues as the “Diamonds” interpreter posted another pic on her Twitter account on Friday. The image shows RiRi dressed in an all-white outfit and straddling someone that appears to be her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. The photo was taken by a third person and slanderous tongues have even suggested that the singer carefully studied her body posture in order to emphasize some of her physical assets. Indeed, the 24-year-old singer’s bottom is the focal point of the picture.

Rihanna left a comment on Chris Brown’s Instagram account saying that she doesn’t want to part from him. “I dont wanna leave!!!” she wrote underneath the photo of her and the R&B artist. She further added: “Killed it tonight baby!!!” making reference to the concert that Brown held in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday.

The on again off again lovers have spent Thanksgiving Day together in Berlin. Soon after, they posted a picture on their Twitter accounts showcasing their matching Rolex watches. Rihanna was very excited about her “new toy”, so she invited her millions of followers to take a look at her new watch. Her post was quickly followed by Chris Brown’s Instagram photo of his gold Rolex accompanied by the message “Ball game!”

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been very affectionate with each other in the past months, but they never agree to tell the press whether they have decided to get back together or not. Rihanna recently told host Andy Cohen that her relationship with Chris Brown is “nobody’s business”. Yet, she continues to post revealing pictures of her and the R&B star.

Spotify Names Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” Song Of The Year

The Associated Press reports that the Swedish music streaming service Spotify named Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” the top song of the year based on the worldwide success it has registered. The single was the most listened tune on Spotify being streamed by visitors from all over the world.

Gotye’s has hit the musical jackpot with his 2012 track “Somebody I Used To Know”. The tune brought him numerous awards, record sales for his new album and worldwide recognition since it was first released in the spring of 2012. Spotify, the music streaming service from Sweden, published a new report on Thursday declaring “Somebody I Used To Know” the most streamed song of the year.

Gotye is closely followed by Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” and fun.’s “We Are Young” which landed on the second and, respectively, the third position in their musical chart. According to statistics, Gotye owes great part of his success to fans in the United States because they were the ones who streamed the song most often. However, “Somebody I Used To Know” was also shared on Twitter and Facebook by fans all over the world, not to mention the numerous spoofs that were made for TV or You Tube videos.

Among the artists who received Spotify’s recognition were also the French DJ-producer, David Guetta as well as Rihanna and Coldplay. Guetta had the most streamed album due to tracks like “Titanium” and “Turn Me On” produced in collaboration with Sia and, respectively, Nicky Minaj. The French DJ was also named the most streamed male artist of the year in Spotify’s charts.

Rihanna’s songs have always drawn the public’s attention and appreciation. The Barbadian singer was, thus, crowned the most streamed female artist according to the Swedish website. Coldplay remains the most listened group even though their success is not always mirrored by the rest of the music charts.

Nicki Minaj Slams Steven Tyler as Racist

It’s been some time, Nicki Minaj started her gig as judge on the “American Idol” panel, but for some this isn’t news that has settled well. Steven Tyler just joined the Mariah Carey side with a comment Nicki Minaj slammed as racist.

It felt like the people are finally accustomed with Nicki Minaj as the “American Idol” judge, but Steven Tyler reignited the fire. Nicki Minaj has fired back immediately and slammed Steven Tyler as a racist for a comment that criticized her judging on the show and the feud with Mariah Carey.

In a recent interview for MTV News, Steven Tyler was asked to give his take on the new judges on “American Idol” and the controversial debate between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. “I know that they’ve got something going on on the judges’ panel, it shouldn’t be that, it should be just the opposite. They should have something going on, which is called ‘camaraderie’” Steven Tyler said of the new judging panel.

“You just have to give your opinion. It wasn’t hard for me, but I would imagine it’s hard for some people, and they need a manager to say, ‘Shut the f— up, and just give them your opinion” Steven Tyler said, most likely talking about the feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

But then he took a direct shot at Nicki Minaj, which got the rapper slamming him for being racist. “These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere, and they’re in New York City, they’re scared to death; you’re not going to get the best (out of them that way)…” he told MTV News.

“If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield!” Steven Tyler added. “Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Philip Philips. Just saying.”

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers” Nicki Minaj reacted to Steven Tyler’s comments. “I haven’t done anything to you. That’s a racist comment. You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan???why? black? rapper?what? go f— yourself and worry about yourself babe” she added.

“LOL lets make him a shirt that says ‘No Coloreds Allowed’ then escort him down 2 Barbara Walters so he can tell how he was threatened w/guns” Nicki Minaj later added dragging Mariah Carey into the rant too.

Dolly Parton Denies Lesbian Rumors

Rumors related to Dolly Parton’s lesbian orientation have begun to surface after the country singer was seen in company of her best friend, Judy Ogle. The folk star denied the rumors claiming that her friendship with Judy has been misunderstood, Us Weekly reports.

Dolly Parton is going through the same problems that haunted Oprah Winfrey at the beginning of this year. The two stars have been called lesbian due to the close relationships they have with their childhood friends.

The country singer wanted to set things straight, so she agreed to release an interview for the show called “Nightline”. She told the talk show host that she is very much aware of the lesbian rumors, but she denies them all. She reassured everyone that she and Judy Ogle have been close friends since they were in the third or the fourth grade, so is very natural for them to stay in each other’s company all the time. Parton confessed that she loves Judy very much, but reassured everyone that they are not romantically involved. In the end, the singer-turned-actress reminded the audience that she has been married to the same man for more than 46 years old; thus providing a final argument against homosexual rumors.

Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey don’t have many things in common except for the fact that their heterosexual orientation has been recently contested. Just like Parton, Oprah Winfrey spends a lot of time in company of her BFF, Gayle King. The two have known each other for a long period of time, but they never shared other feelings besides pure friendship.

This is not the first time that Parton’s sexuality has been brought in discussion. The singer first dealt with the subject in 2009 when she was forced to tell Larry King that she is not gay. She stated back then that she has many gay friends, but she is not a lesbian.

Katt Williams Sued By His Fans For A Bad Comedy Show

What do you do when you pay money for a concert that sucks? File a class lawsuit against the artist. Katt Williams is being sued by his fans for a bad comedy show.

I’ve always wondered how bad one comedy show has to be to have fans sue the artist. Katt Williams had such a poor performance that ten minutes in the concert he started a fight with three of his fans.TMZ writes that one of the people at Katt Williams’ concert is suing on behalf of those at his comedy show in Oracle Arena for the artist’s meltdown.

Katt Williams “confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members” just 10 minutes after he started his concert. “I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to come back to Oakland” he was heard saying.

Despite being arrested several times for the past years, Katt Williams isn’t at his first annoyance with the fans. Last year, he had to react after he intimated and embarrassed a fan by moving a bald eagle statue on the stage and singing the National Anthem. “Do you remember when white people used to say, ‘go back to Africa’, and we had to tell them, ‘we don’t want to?’ So if you love Mexico b****, get the f*** over there!” Katt Williams ranted.

Several days later, Katt Williams issued several explanations for his Mexico rant. “I was offended because [the heckler] was making a statement that we’re not allowed to make in this country. In this country, you have to pledge allegiance to America first, and your country of origin second” he tpld TJ Holmes in an interview last year.

“And we did a lot of free work. Whatever [Mexicans] did was in another country, and we certainly applaud their history, but we don’t come here talking to sons of slaves about that” the rapper added. “And if there’s something anti-Mexican about what I said, then I apologize for the anti-Mexicaness of it. I was talking to one individual” he said.

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Disgusting Remarks

It’s not much of news that Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account after some controversial tweets. This time, however, Chris Brown deleted his account after some disgusting remarks at a female comedian.

It was an interesting Sunday for Twitter users. Chris Brown had one of his rants and deleted his Twitter account following several controversial comments, even disturbing some are saying, in a dialogue with female comedian Jenny Johnson.

It all started with a photo of Chris Brown he tweeted himself with the message: “I look old as f—! I’m only 23”. Jenny Johnson has been poking fun at Chris Brown ever since he pleaded guilty for assaulting Rihanna. “I know! Being a worthless piece of s— can really age a person” the comedian replied. Chris Brown fired back with insults that soon started spinning out of control and evolved fast to what fans called disgusting jokes.

“Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d— HOE” Chris Brown replied, then Johnson called him an “ignorant f—-“ for misspelling “ho”. Several tweets later, an oral sex insult and a disappointed mother comment later, the two eventually called it quits. “Let me leave this bitch alone … it’s good to know my worth by listening to a bitch that is worthless! #win #bushpigswag” wrote the rapper.

“Okay. I’m done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to (expletive) on me… I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing” the comedian ended the rant.

Before deleting his Twitter account, Chris Brown took two more disturbing shots at Johnson. “Don’t run for support now… Lol. Ur a comedic writer!!! If u can take a dick, u can take a joke” read the first comment. “Just ask Rihanna is she mad??????” he later tweeted.

Some did not agree with Johnson’s comments and took the rant so personally they sent her death threats. “It’s alarming how many death threats I’m receiving via @replies. I encourage everyone, including @Twitter to look through them. Not cool” she tweeted Monday morning.

Fans Break Into Lady Gaga’s Garage on Thanksgiving Day

Much like her clothes, Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Day was a little bit unusual. The singer tweeted on Friday that 35 fans broke into her garage on the eve of the holiday, Us Weekly reports.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for the family, but when you’re an international superstar, your guest list could become significantly larger. Lady Gaga received an unexpected visit last Friday when 35 fans tried to break into her garage. The star didn’t seem to be bothered by their behavior; on the contrary, she tweeted her followers telling them that this type of behavior is, in fact, what makes the singer love her fans.

Judging by the facts she described on her Twitter account, the 35 fans didn’t have the best intentions. They opened Gaga’s garage and woke the entire house up due to the noises they were making. The singer wrote: “#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow”.

The “Born This Way” interpreter further added that the fans’ visit was a pleasant surprise. She confessed she was amused by the images she saw on the security cameras when she woke up in the morning. “Thanksgiving story: woke up for leftovers in kitchen (naked)- stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu,” the pop star added. Instead of getting mad at them for breaking into her garage, Lady Gaga tried to share some Thanksgiving Day leftovers with the trespassers, but she couldn’t do it because her door doesn’t have a cat-flap.

Unlike her, Lady Gaga’s father was annoyed by the noises that the fans were making, especially since he was trying to get some sleep. The singer made a joke on her Twitter account telling fans that if they see “A LARGE ITALIAN MAN yelling about sleep IT IS NOT JOE GERMANOTTA”.