Miley Cyrus Wants to Have Fun, Parents Want her Tour Cancelled

As Miley Cyrus keeps on shocking, there is no wonder that people want her tour to be cancelled. The star now says that all she wants is to have fun, even though apparently parents are willing to do anything to see her tour cancelled. 

Provocative dance style, outrageous TV appearances, the twerking and the revealing outfits have helped Miley Cyrus get a lot of attention, the former Hannah Montana star becoming quite a famous public figure. 

Miley Cyrus always wanted to distance herself from the Hannah Montana character she interpreted for years and it seems that she achieved this purpose with the image she created for herself. Miley said that she loves her music and she adores going on tours, while all that she wants is to have fun. 

Well, her latest Bangerz tour might have not receive the reviews that Miley hoped for. In fact, it is claimed that Miley really managed to shock, even the patrons of the tour. Actually, the people who went at Miley’s first concert were kind of shocked, too. 

After the first concert that Miley had everyone said that she has just gone too far this time. And we can surely say that her performance has been more than crazy. One of the most controversial moments in her performance have been a scene of imaginary oral sex with former president Bill Clinton. 

Naturally, Miley’s outfits managed to shock, but the star was also seen riding atop of a gigantic hotdog. Unfortunately, that is not all. The former Disney princess also appeared to chew a fan’s underwear during her concert. 

There is no wonder that after the performance that Miley had, numerous parents have requested the tour organizers to cancel the show. Moreover, the concert has no age limits when it comes to attendance at the show. 

Well, while many complaints came from parents, US arenas have even threatened to pull out the show. Many people who purchased tickets for Miley’s shows are also asking for a refund. So, Miley, organizers and all her staff had an emergency meeting, but it is yet unclear what will happen. 

Naturally, while some totally disapprove with Miley, the star still has many fans who love her and all her performances. Of course, fans who want to see Miley in concert hope that it will not be cancelled. However, angry parents seem to be determined to do all they can to get the entire tour cancelled. 

Pharrell Williams Announces New Album

Pharrell Williams just confirmed that he will release new solo album G I R L, which will be out on March 3. Apparently, fans of the star have only a few days to wait until they will be able to get the new album.

Pharrell already announced that the album G I R L will feature the highly popular song Happy.

The famous singer said in a statement that Columbia Records were the ones who approached him with the proposal to make a new album, which was actually considered to be a great honor by the singer.

“One was the sense of overwhelming honor that I felt when I realized that they were interested in partnering with me on the album that I had always dreamt of making. Two, it would have to feel festive and urgent.  And three, I instantly knew it would be called ‘G  I  R  L’. I hope you like it,” Pharrell said in his statement.

Pharrell is a very talented singer and producer, who has actually worked at some of the biggest hits released last year. Naturally, this includes the popular Get Lucky and Blurred Lines. After many high profile and successful collaborations, Pharrell is willing to launch his solo album.

This will be the first solo album for the star since 2006, when In My Mind was released. Pre-orders already are available for this new album, which will feature 10 tracks.

Until the release of G I R L, fans of Pharrell Williams can see their favorite artist performing at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, which are going to take place in Germany this month. Naturally, Pharrell will perform at this event his single Happy.

Happy is an amazing success. The song was created by Pharrell to be featured on the soundtrack of the successful movie Despicable Me. This is now the highest-charting Oscar-nominated song since the release of Lose Yourself, the much appreciated song by Eminem.

Happy sold in more than 2.3 million downloads all around the world, so there is no wonder that everyone expects Pharrell’s new album to be a great success. The singer already revealed the cover photo of the album, as well as 30-second trailer presenting it. 

Billy Ray Cyrus to Release New Hip Hop Remix

If his daughter Miley can easily shock with her choices, we can definitely say the same thing about Billy Ray Cyrus. The singer just released a new hip hop remix of his Achy Breaky Heart song. 

The music video comes with an introduction by Larry King, such as a breaking news segment. The legendary Larry King says that an unidentified flying object has been seen over Kentucky. 

The song is named Achy Breaky 2 and was released in collaboration with Buck 22. The rapper and Billy Ray Cyrus can be seen in the video for the new hip hop remix surrounded by many female aliens, as it all happens in a spacecraft, where Cyrus is taken after being abducted to attend the party. 

Cyrus plays his song surrounded by nearly nude female aliens, who are dancing on his music. Rapper Buck 22 is also abducted onto the spacecraft, the star claiming that “it happened ‘cause I happened to meet up with Billy Cyrus.” 

The song even makes a mention to a wrecking ball, naturally making the connection to Cyrus’ star daughter, Miley. Moreover, Buck 22 raps about Miley in this song. “Miley keeps twerking, daddy’s song is working, now Billy sing that crazy hook again,” Buck 22 says. It has actually even been claimed that Cyrus released this project to make his daughter realize that she is not on the right path. 

Achy Breaky Heart was first released in 1992, the country song being quite a success for Billy Ray Cyrus. Well, it seems that the star felt the need to release this song once again, in a slightly changed version. 

Actually, Buck 22 claimed that he approached Billy Ray with this new project in mind. The rapper said that he asked the country star to allow him to release a remaking of the hit. Buck 22 said that Cyrus liked what he heard, so he agreed to record this new track with the talented rapper. 

The music video for the new song was released on February 11. In just 24 hours the song registered no less than half a million views, which is surely something absolutely impressive. Still, reviews from fans seem to not be that positive.

Justin Bieber, First Artist on the Moon

Those of you, who were hoping Justin Bieber would change residence to another planet, shouldn’t get your hopes too high. Biebs may be heading towards the outer space, but only for a limited period of time; the artist has just booked a ticket on the Virgin Galactic suborbital flight, E! News informs.

Justin Bieber, the youngest, yet most controversial singer in L.A. announced on Thursday, using his personal Twitter account, that he will be among the first persons to visit the suborbital space as a tourist. The rumor was first spread on Wednesday when Virgin Galactic manager, Richard Branson touted on his Twitter account that the “Justin Fever” could expand in the outer space. The manager wrote that he was glad @justinbieber and @scooterbraun have booked a ticket on SpaceShip Two.

The rumor was confirmed by the artist himself, who retweeted the message on his personal profile. His manager, Braun, limited himself to saying “im going to space momma!”, an exclamation, which I’m sure, would turn Morgan Freeman green with envy.

The singer joins the large group of celebrities, who will experience space tourism for the first time and, in case a slight wave of jealousy might seize you, just remember what happened to Laika. 530 stars have signed up for the first commercial flight performed by billionaire Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic. Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio are just two of the many stars who will be on flight, an image which I can’t help but associate to Bruce Willis’ “Fifth Element” movie. Or at least, this is how I visualize space tourism.

Some celebrities have paid huge sums of money to get on the passengers’ list. From what we know, Kutcher has paid $250,000, but other celebrities might have given bigger sums of money. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, alien readers of an extraterrestrial version of Daily Gossip, are seeking refuge on a more distant planet.

DUBTurbo Beat Maker Software Review

DUBTurbo Beat Maker Software is the perfect product for beginner and intermediate music producers looking for an inexpensive program that may be used to create different sounds and rhythms. There are many options and features that the software has been provided with so DUBTurbo Beat Maker is a great alternative for more advanced and expensive programs.

Download DUBTurbo Beat Maker

Just because DUBTurbo costs a lot less than the programs that professional music producers use, it doesn’t mean that it has not been provided with all the necessary features. In fact, the DUBTurbo Sequencer allows owners to use keyboard shortcuts and quickly create sounds. 16 tracks of stereo booming sound, as well as 1000 sounds and drums have been added to the software giving users the possibility to mix them and create an unlimited number of songs. The created sounds can be easily edited and modified with the help of the keyboard shortcuts.

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The Drum Machine Panel may be used to produce beats on the keyboard by simply typing them, whereas the Octave Keyboard reproduces the melodies through keys and not through MIDI controllers. This component has been foreseen with a large range of sounds from pianos to saxes, stabs, hip hop sounds, quirks, bass, bells, etc. The archive can be enriched by uploading the sounds available on your computer, as well.

DUBTurbo Beat Maker is not just compatible with PCs, but with pretty much any type of device you have in your home. You can install it on your Mac, on an iPhone or an iPad and start creating sounds. Moreover, the software may be accessed online, so buyers can use it any time and place as long as they have an Internet connection.

Unlike other music programs, DUBTurbo offers the best quality price report you can find on the market. The package that you can order on the Internet for only $29.99 contains the DUBTurbo Sequencer, a DT Instrumental pack, 4 premium sample packs and movie or mood music. The program will become even more advanced in the future as the producing company offers customers 20 years of premium updates.

If you want to start a career as a music producer, DUBTurbo is the software you want to start with. It does not require too much money, it has numerous audio editing features and it can be used to create an infinite number of sounds and beats.

Unexpected Winners At This Year’s Grammy Awards 2013

This year’s edition of the Grammy Awards was full of surprises as many of the honored artists belonged to the young generation of musicians. The singers, who received the greatest number of awards were Fun., Gotye, Black Eyes, R&B singers Frank Ocean and Akron, according to Los Angeles Times.

Well-established artists have taken a step behind during the 55th edition of the Grammy Awards in order to give young, indie singers the possibility to make their voices heard. The ‘Best Album’ category was won by the British band Mumford and Sons for their collection of songs entitled “Babel”. Upon receiving the prize, the group confessed that they never expected them to receive the award for this category because the competition was very strong.

Unlike the previous Grammy Awards editions, this year the majority of the honors were given to groups that become popular using online streaming websites, such as, You Tube and other Internet outlets. The moment marks an important change in the music history as so far only songs that have been promoted on radio and TV could take part at the awards.

Gotye’s one hit wonder “Somebody That I Used To Know” continues to be successful even though the single was released almost one year ago. In 2012, it was named the best song of the year, whereas many more awards are expected for Gotye and Kimbra this year. The song was one of the most popular videos on You Tube registering 400 million views by the end of the year, so the jury at the Grammy Awards named Gotye the winner of the best record category.

The best new artist of the year 2013 is the New York indie group Fun., according to the event. Nate Ruess, the frontman of the band was very pleased that he and his group managed to surpass the success of other singers nominated for this category, including Frank Ocean and the Lumineers.

The most awarded band of the evening was Black Keys. Dan Auerbach, the front runner got five statuettes, one for himself and four others for his band. He was named the best producer of the year and received honors for the best rock performance, rock song and rock album “El Camino”.

Madonna’s Face Plant Photo Goes Viral

Madonna took a few days off to ski with her family in the Swiss Alps and the trip turned out to be very funny. At least for those who have had the chance to see the pop queen face plant on the ski run. The photo of the 54-year-old singer went viral in just a few hours after it was posted on the Internet, according to Daily Mail.

Madonna took her 25-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat and her daughters, Lourdes, 16, and Mercy, 6, to a weekend holiday at the Swiss Alps. Trying to prove that she can still keep step with her teens, the singer attempted several outstanding ski moves, but ended up face planting on the bunny slope. The moment was immediately captured by by-passers and the picture was posted on numerous social networks, to the detriment of Lourdes, Mercy and Brahim, who will most likely have to cope with the embarrassment for many weeks to come.

Ski fails, like all fails, draw millions of viewers on the Internet, which explains why Madonna’s picture went viral as soon as it was posted on Twitter. This didn’t seem to bother the singer-turned-director since face planting in the Swiss Alps seems to be the only way for her to get the public’s attention lately.

The small accident did not interrupt Madonna’s holiday; on the contrary, she continued to practice her skiing skills throughout the rest of the day without experiencing other unpleasant incidents. Her youngest daughter, Mercy, chose to get professional lessons from a ski instructor, whereas Lourdes and Brahim had a great time snowboarding on the Gstaad, Switzerland slopes.

Madonna was not accompanied by her other two children, 12-year-old Rocco and 7-year-old David. The two boys prefer to spend great part of their time in company of their father, Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex-husband. The singer will continue her winter holidays for several more days as she needs to relax after her “MDNA” world tour. 

Rihanna, Chris Brown Spotted Together at Lakers Game on Christmas

Rihanna and her on again, off again boyfriend, Chris Brown were spotted together at the Lakers- New York Knicks game on Christmas. The couple looked very close at the Staples Center even though they both deny they are back together, Us Weekly reports. 

RiRi had a wonderful Christmas day in company of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. The two attended the Los Angeles Lakers Vs. New York Knicks game that was held at the Staples Center, on Tuesday. According to sources, the two interpreters seemed to enjoy each other’s company very much. They sat courtside, drinking beer and “laughing and chatting” throughout the whole game.

Unlike their previous public appearances, Chris and RiRi looked tamer this time. They did not post any wild pictures on their Twitter or Instagram accounts and they were stylishly dressed for the occasion. Rihanna wore a black ensemble made up of a black top and a black pair of pants. Brown, too, opted for an all-black costume accessorized with an attention-grabbing wrist-watch.

Even though their relationship came to an end several years ago, Chris and Rihanna seem closer than ever at present. The two were seen together on numerous occasions and posted intimate pictures on their social media accounts. Despite this, the “We Found Love” interpreter claims she and Chris have remained very close friends which is why they spend so much time together. Moreover, the singer has constantly declared that she is single.

On December 18, the singer sent a Twitter E-card to her followers making another allusion to her single status. The artist wrote: “Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f–k I want to do”. 

UPDATE: Soon after the Lakers game was over, Rihanna uploaded another picture of her and Chris Brown on Instagram. The two “thugs” pulled over to take a picture of themselves while smoking on the hood of the car.


Beyoncé Is Pepsi’s New Brand Ambassador

Huffington Post reports that Beyoncé is Pepsi’s new brand ambassador after signing a $50 million deal with the company on Monday. The pact brings lots of benefits both for the singer and for the beverage company.

Beyoncé has finally entered the group of singers who have been selected to represent the Pepsi brand across the world. The R&B singer is now the brand ambassador of the company and will receive $50 million to use her image next to the one of the famous bubbly juice.

Based on the previsions of the contract, the singer-turned-actress will take part in various promotional events organized by the company and will feature in the upcoming Pepsi commercial. The beverage brand, on the other hand, will make significant investments in the singer’s creative projects.

Pepsi, like many other international companies is trying to make its way in the music business in order to increase products’ visibility. This strategy has been adopted by many other companies, such as, Red Bull, Scion and Converse. Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Media House have been funding original content for a long time so they could supply for the declining marketing budgets.

This is not the first collaboration between Beyoncé and Pepsi. The singer has been working with the company since 2002 and her most recent commercial was created with Britney Spears, P!NK, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham’s participation. In addition the Super Bowl halftime show that Beyoncé will host next year is also sponsored by Pepsi.

According to a recent report published by Billboard, Pepsi and Coca-Cola are the biggest companies that are willing to invest in advertisements that rely on the music business. These two have spent around $330 million on campaigns that feature entertainment and sports personalities. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, on the other hand, are the best paid celebrities in the entertainment industry at present. The “Love on Top” interpreter earned $40 million last year, whereas her husband was only $2 million behind with a one-year revenue of $38 million.


LAPD Apologizes For Releasing Notorious B.I.G.’s Autopsy

The Los Angeles Police Department published an official apology after failing to notify rapper Notorious B.I.G.’s family about the release of his autopsy report. Authorities have put the blame on an administrative error, according to the Associated Press.

Rapper Notorious B.I.G. was killed 15 years ago during a drive-by shooting, but it was only recently that the LAPD decided to publish his autopsy report. On Saturday, police disclosed all the information they possessed in relation to the rapper’s death; thus, offending Notorious B.I.G.’s family, who had no idea about the report.

LAPD’s spokesperson wrote an official apology on Sunday telling the rapper’s family that they had intended to ask for their permission, but the report was released prematurely “due to an administrative error”. Capt. Billy Hayes, who heads LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division, reassured reporters that a special unit headed to the residence of the Wallace family to apologize for the mistake they have made.

Police officers have been investigating Notorious B.I.G’s killing for more than 15 years, but they are still far from solving the case. They concluded their official statement by suggesting potential witnesses to offer all the information they possess in order to conclude the investigation.

Notorious B.I.G.’s autopsy report was not disclosed until now because a security hold had been placed on the document. The prohibition was lifted last week, so the 23-page report was revealed to the public. According to the coroner’s declarations, the rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was shot four times in March 1997. His death occurred as a result of the heart, lung and colon injuries he suffered during the spray of gunfire.

Notorious B.I.G’s death occurred one week after another rap legend, Tupac Shakur, was killed in a street shooting. A small rivalry settled between the two rappers as a part of the East Coast-West Coast movement and police officers thought the killings were the result of the conflict between the two rapper gangs. No real explanation was found for the death of the two singers.