Sean Combs Changes Name Back to Puff Daddy

Known as Sean Combs, Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff or Puff Daddy, the famous rapper seems to have decided on just one name. He changed back his name to Puff Daddy.

Puff Daddy has actually used this name for his new single, Big Homie. The rapper has already released a tease for the clip of his song, in which he is seen walking through a supermarket with his impressing fur coat.

Luxury cars, fur coats and bling-blings have always been seen in the videos released by Puff Daddy. The big release of the new video is set to take place on March 31. In the video fans will be able to see French Montana and Rick Ross, too. French Montana is the executive producer of the new album released by the star.

So, the new video is not the only project that Puff Daddy plans on working at. Actually, the famous rapper will release a new album, which is surely going to make all fans extremely happy. The fourth album of the singer, MMM, is actually the first that Puff Daddy releases in no less than 4 years.  

Until now, Puff Daddy remained silent about the date when the new album will be out, but he is surely working at his comeback. So, the new album is expected to be absolutely great. The last album released by the rapper is Last Train to Paris. Reports indicate that this will be a completely solo album, the first since 2006.

Maybe, Puff Daddy is just willing to return to his successful musical career and this is why the change of name came at this point. However, it is yet to see how successful the new single will be and how fans will receive this album that Puff Daddy plans on releasing.

Throughout the years, many successful projects have been linked to this star. Puff Daddy made his debut in the music industry back in 1997. Then, he released the album No Way Out. In 1999, the rapper released Forever, while in 2001 The Saga Continues was out. We Invented The Remix, Press Play and the Last Train to Paris, are other successful musical projects of the famous singer.

George Michael’s Album is Number One

George Michael is without a doubt very happy. The singer’s new album is number one, achieving an incredible success.

The new album, Symphonica, managed to beat the highly successful album of Kylie Minogue, in UK charts, this week. This album marks a highly successful comeback of George Michael after no less than 10 years in which the singer seemed unable to make an important presence on the market.

Symphonica is an interesting album, as it actually is inspired by a collection of live performances of George Michael between 2011 and 2012. The performances are from a tour that the 50 year old star held. The album also features covers of some songs, as well as hits of the singer. It seems that fans were really happy to discover a new George Michael album, so happy that this project is now number one.

Symphonica was able to beat Kylie Minogue’s latest album, Kiss Me Once only by 20,000 extra copies. This means that the Kylie’s album is currently number two in UK charts. What had George Michael to say about this? “Symphonica is at this moment sitting at Number 1 in the UK, and it’s so nice to be able to savour this wonderful moment. I am a lucky man!” the star claimed.  

On number three in the UK is now Pharrell Williams and his album G I R L. Paloma Faith with A Perfect Contradiction can currently be found on number four. The UK top charts this week also include a series of new entries. They include In The Arms of an Angel, released by Nicholas McDonald, who is at 6, this week. The star became famous following his appearance at the X Factor.

Other singers who made it to the top include Duke Dumont, Jake Jones, as well as John Legend.

With the success of this album, George Michael dismissed all rumors indicating that the singer plans of retiring from this business. And it surely seems that the talented star still has numerous fans who are eager to discover once again his singles and performances.

Backstreet Boys to Team Up with Avril Lavigne for New Tour

Backstreet Boys are back! The famous boy band will team up with Avril Lavigne for a new tour, it has been revealed. 

It seems that the singer and the boy band make a perfect team on the stage and fans are really excited to see them together. Backstreet Boys made the official announcement on their return on the stage on March 12. They have scheduled a tour in North America. 

Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne might have different styles, but this makes them an even more interesting combination. Avril will actually have an opening act on the guys’ new tour. The team will begin with a few Canadian shows in early May, while starting with May 22 they will sustain the 23 concerts they have planned for the United States. 

Apparently, the team is just happy to be back on the stage. “We really wanted to put together a great show and do our best to give everyone their money’s worth,” Brian Littrell said in a press release. He also talked about the collaboration with Avril Lavigne. “Avril is an unbelievably talented artist who’s a perfect fit to make these shows extra special for our fans,” the singer said. 

The World Like This Tour actually started last year, but it enjoyed such a huge success that the guys continued the series of concerts. Backstreet Boys debuted in 1996. Between 1996 and 2000, they released no less than 4 albums. All of their albums were big hits and it seems that fans still love these guys. 

Avril Lavigne became a star in 2002, the singer being only 17 years old by the time when she released her first single Sk8er Boi. Throughout the years, Avril Lavigne became even more famous, her unique style conquering numerous fans. 

Ticket prices for the concerts have not been announced yet. However, fans should know that they will be able to buy tickets starting with March 21. Fans can check out the dates when the singers will be performing in each location. Thousands of fans have purchased tickets to see the boy band last year, so probably their concerts will be successful this year, as well. 

Taylor Swift is Top Money Maker on Billboard

Country singer Taylor Swift has been named the top money maker on Billboard, in 2014. This is the second time when the star receives such an honor.

The young singer even managed to top successful stars such as Kenny Chesney, Justin Timberlake and The Rolling Stones. Mostly, the profits from her highly appreciated album Red, have helped Taylor get the first spot on this top. 

It has been revealed that Red has brought Taylor Swift no less than $39.7 million, back in 2013. The second spot on this money making Billboard top was occupied by Kenny Chesney, who managed to make $33 million. Justin Timberlake made $31.5 million, while Bon Jovi got the fourth spot with $29.4 million. 

The Rolling Stones did not make it to top three, but occupied the fifth place with $26.2 million. Other singers who were featured in top 10 are Beyonce, Maroon 5, who earned $22.2 million, Luke Bryan, $22.1 million, Pink, $20 million, and Fleetwood Mac, $19.1 million. Beyonce was expected to be at least on top 3, but it seems that the famous singer was not able to achieve that this year. 

Beyonce surprised her fans releasing a new album in December, 2013. The star made $24 million from her music over the year. Her last album has been a huge success, so far. It accounted more than 1.6 million in sales, which is surely great. The album actually debuted directly on no. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. 

Last year Madonna was number one on this top, but the famous singer did not even make it to the list in 2014. The list is made by Billboard taking into account only the sales that come from music revenue, including here touring, as well as physical and digital music sales. For instance, Taylor Swift made the biggest part of the above mentioned sum from touring. 

Taylor Swift likes to focus on her music and it seems that her dedication is paying off. It is yet to see if the young singer will be able to achieve such a great success this year, as well.

Jay Z and Daft Punk to Record a Secret Track

It seems that Jay Z and Daft Punk are working at a surprise for their fans. It has been revealed that the two musicians were working at a secret track, which leaked online. 

The track is called Computerized and is already available on YouTube. None of the musicians confirmed the release of this single, although it sounds to be real. And it actually sounds great. It has not been revealed how the track was leaked, either. 

It is unclear why the track was recorded and if it is going to be featured for the new album of Jay-Z, Magna Carta Holy Grail, or the latest album of Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. Maybe the single will not be featured on any of the two albums. 

Some reports indicate that the track might be false, as there were no suggestions that Jay-Z has teamed with the French group to release this song. So, we cannot say for sure if the collaboration is real. The mysterious track became available online over the weekend.

It was previously revealed that Jay-Z showed interest in working with Daft Punk since 2010, but the two released nothing in almost 4 years. This is why some hypothesis exist saying that the track actually dates back to the time when Daft Punk were working on Tron.

It has also been rumored that Kanye West produced this track, but Pitchfork indicates that the rapper had no involvement in the development of Computerized. Naturally, it is unclear who was involved in the project and when it was recorded for the first time. Moreover, it is unclear what Jay-Z and Daft Punk plan on doing with the single, if it turns out being real. 

The truth is that no matter if this new track is real or not it sounds legit, which surely made numerous people like it. The song has almost 250,000 views on YouTube already, so apparently people enjoys listening to it. You may check out the song yourself, below. Meanwhile, we can only wait to see if Daft Punk or Jay-Z will confirm the news and if the track is really a collaboration between the two. 

Adam Lambert to Join Queen on Summer Tour

Adam Lambert will join Queen for their summer tour. The news has been confirmed, so it is official. This means that Adam will soon be seen on tour with the famous band. 

Fans of Adam Lambert are surely extremely pleased to see their favorite singer on tour with the highly successful and famous band.

The first concert will take place on June 19 in Chicago, at the United Center. On July 20, the band already has scheduled a performance in Washington DC. 

The fact that Queen even considered Adam Lambert as their frontman during their next tour was considered to be quite curious by many. However, it seems that the star is really appreciated by the members of the band. 

“Adam is the most incredible frontman,” Taylor said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “He’s a great diva, and I mean that in the best possible way. We need that theatrically,” he explained. Maybe Adam is after all the perfect pick for Queen. May explained that Lambert is a good choice for the band, adding that they will pay tribute to Freddie Mercury in the show. 

Adam Lambert has numerous fans, but there are many those who have criticized the star since his first appearances, too. However, Lambert always found the strength to not pay any attention to these comments. The singer said that he just focuses on his music and his career and after all everyone has an opinion and a comment. 

This is not the first time when Adam will be seen performing with Queen. The first appearance of Queen with the singer dates back to 2009, when the talented young star was a contestant on American Idol. Following that performance, Lambert and Queen have met together on the stage several times. 

It seems that they liked working together, as they also performed in this format during a European tour in 2012, as well as last year at iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. 

For Adam Lambert it is a great honor to be the frontman of Queen during its summer tour, but also a huge pressure. “At first it was a little daunting when we did our first incarnation of this. I definitely felt apprehensive. Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest singers that ever lived,” Adam Lambert said according to the Washington Post. 

Miley Cyrus Can’t Remember Her Songs’ Lyrics

Miley Cyrus was spotted using a teleprompter during her concert, as the singer seems unable to remember the lyrics of her songs. 

The star was caught using an autocue machine during her Bangerz tour. It is quite strange for a star to be unable to remember the lyrics of its own singles. Well, it seems that for Miley it is quite difficult to perform in the lack of a teleprompter. 

RadarOnline first reported to have spotted Miley using the teleprompter, while a fan recently claimed that the star looked at it during her last concert more than a few times. Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus performed in Las Vegas. 

Probably, the singer’s focus on her moves and dancing during her concerts makes Miley forget the lyrics of her songs. The fan who talked to RadarOnline said that he was extremely surprised to see that Miley needed to look at the teleprompter for each of her songs. 

“I was at Miley’s Vegas concert and took these pictures because I couldn’t believe she needed a teleprompter with lyrics to all of her songs throughout the entire concert,” the fan said. “And it’s not like they were just there for nothing – I caught her looking at them more than a few times! The show was entertaining, but she didn’t sound great,” the same fan explained. 

Miley’s shows have already raised a lot of controversy and the fact that she carries a teleprompter with her is not the most shocking thing about her performances. Simulating sex on stage, kissing a fan or smoking marijuana on stage, are just some of the main events that Miley showed on her tour. 

Miley was also seen kissing Katy Perry, while reports indicated that maybe this event is the one that has led to the breakup of Katy and John Mayer. It is claimed that Mayer does not approve too much exposure, while Katy likes it. Katy recently made a joke about this kiss. She claimed that she walked to the stage to give Miley a friendly kiss, but Miley wanted more. 

“God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!” Katy said.

Singer Rihanna to Release Concept Album

It seems that popular singer Rihanna is working to release a new concept album. The singer will actually work at an album for the upcoming animated movie, Home

The movie is set to hit theaters in November, so until then Rihanna will have to complete the work at this album. Several new songs performed by the artist will be featured on the movie. 

The upcoming animated DreamWorks movie Home is considered to be a quite successful project, so it is expected to be a hit. The movie is based on the book The True Meaning of Smekday, released by Rex Smith. 

The cast for the movie has already been established, as Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin are going to be the actors who will provide the voices of the main characters in the animated movie. 

Well, Rihanna seems to be focusing on her music right now, the singer actually being one of the hardest working women in music at the moment. Besides releasing new singles and planning a tour with Eminem, Rihanna seems to be quite enthusiastic to work at this new album. Variety revealed that the singer will perform several new songs in the movie. 

The new collaboration is not shocking at all and most likely other stars will also show an interest in working at the soundtrack of animated movies. This path was opened by singer Pharrell, his highly successful Happy song from Despicable Me 2 being one of biggest hits of the year. 

Happy has even brought Pharrell a nomination at the Oscars, for Best Original Song. And the single is actually expected to be the big winner of this year. 

Well, Rihanna revealed that her new record will in fact be completely inspired from the new 3D DreamWorks Animated movie. The singer will voice one of the characters, too, Gratuity Tip Tucci. Until now, there is no word on when Rihanna will release her new album, but the release is expected to be made sooner than the moment when the movie will be out. 

The last album of the singer dates back to 2012, when Rihanna released her Unapologetic album. Rihanna chose to take a year off in 2013, but apparently the singer is back and she is ready to work very hard. She already joined Eminem on the stage and the two stars will be seen performing together.

Katy Perry Releases Video for Dark House

Katy Perry chose to use quite an interesting idea for her Dark House music video. The star can be seen in the recently released video dressed as Cleopatra. 

The latest video released by Katy Perry is colorful and playful, while the singer looks great. Katy chose to add a modern approach to her character as the queen of Egypt and she surely looks great. The new Dark House video was released on Thursday.

Naturally, Katy Perry plays the role of the Egyptian queen, but she is dressed colorful and of course the setting creates the image on an odd era of Cleopatra. 

For the single and the video, Katy Perry decided to work with rapper Juicy J. The video is very entertaining and quite fun to watch. It will surely make fans love Katy Perry in her role of Cleopatra. 

Katy Perry has tried to change her image or better said the way she is seen in her music videos starting with the release of Rear. Now, the singer is trying to pose as a man-eating evil queen. The 29-year old singer actually has magical powers in her video. 

The video starts with a message that sets the time when it all happened: “Memphis Egypt a crazy long time ago.” Male slaves dance around Katy Parry, the star electrocutes a man by lighting from her hands and can be seen dancing alongside rapper Juicy J. 

Juicy J claimed that he loved working with Katy, who according to him is a genius. “She was by the mixing board and telling the guy what to take in and take out. She’s really hands-on with her music. She knows music,” the rapper said. 

A series of impressive outfits are worn by Katy in the video. One of her dresses was designed by Nicolas Jebran. However, in another moment of the clip, Katy dances wearing sneakers and a skirt by Maggie Barry. 

Well, the video is quite interesting and it looks that Katy Perry worked hard at its release. The star looks absolutely beautiful in the video and the new single is very catchy. There is no wonder after all that Katy Perry’s song and her new video are expected to be very successful. 

“So you wanna play with magic?” Katy Perry asks in her latest single. What do you think about Katy Perry’s latest video?

Health Problems Determine Justin Timberlake to Postpone Concert

It seems that Justin Timberlake decided to postpone his upcoming concert due to some health reasons.

The actor and his reps revealed nothing on the illness that might have determined this choice. 

In fact, Justin Timberlake postponed two concerts that were set to take place at Madison Square Garden. The official announcement was made on Wednesday. 

The reason cited by the star was given by some health problems, although Justin decided to reveal nothing else.

This means that how serious this health problem is remains unknown. The star tweeted at about 5.30 p.m. that the show that was going to start at 8 p.m. will not take place.

“Hey NY. There is never an easy way to do this… Unfortunately, I have to postpone tonight’s show to Friday due to health reasons,” Justin tweeted. As expected, the singer and actor apologized to his fans. 

“It kills me to have to do this. I hope to see you all on Friday,” Justin added. The singer ended his twitter posts without specifying the nature of his health problems. 

Fans who were unhappy with the fact that Justin postponed his concert may get a full refund if they want. MSG posted this news on its website. 

Naturally, fans weren’t very happy to find out that Justin Timberlake changed his plans on last minute. Mostly, since many fans came from all over the area to see the concert, they spent more money than just what they paid on the ticket. 

On the other hand, some people who purchased the tickets claimed that they will be unable to make it to the concert on Friday, so they are trying to sell their tickets now. Naturally, people may also ask for a refund in case they no longer want or cannot attend the Friday concert. 

While the nature of Justin’s health problems remains unknown, it is believed that it is not something very serious, since the singer will be able to perform on the stage on Friday.

Justin Timberlake currently is on tour. The singer has numerous concerts scheduled in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. The tour is set on a period of 6 months.