Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie trailer, new details revealed

Prepare for some hot sequences in the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward spend a romantic honeymoon and the action turns into horror, the Hollywood Reporter says.

During the Comic Con, at the Convention Center’s cavernous Hall H in San Diego, California, the cast of Twilight presented the upcoming Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Director Bill Condon, who is directing the saga for the first time, announces that Breaking Dawn “is all third act” and will turn into a horror movie. Condon, who has experience with directing horror movies, so he believes that this is an opportunity to prove his talents.

Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner were also present. Pattinson talked about the honeymoon sequence, which was filmed in Brazil. The weather wasn’t what you would call friendly, so they had to film on and off throughout the day.  “It (felt) like having a honeymoon in England, playing board games instead of making love on the beach,” Pattinson said. When the sequence was presented the fans screamed after almost every line. Along with the sequence of Bella preparing for the big night, two more sequences and a trailer were shown.

Later during the presentation, another part of the cast appeared: Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene. The fans had numerous questions. One of the fans said to Pattinson “I think I speak for all of us when I say mnyum, mnuyum, mnyum” while another one, a young girl asked him if he likes “having babies with Bella”.

Actors expressed their feelings about the saga coming to an end. “I would love to say we’ll have dinner every week but I don’t think so — some will keep in touch, some won’t”, Ashley Greene said, adding that they will still keep in touch for the following years as they will have premieres and conventions. “But eventually it will be very sad when it all comes to an end.”

Twilight: Breaking Dawn is set to be released in November. Check out the trailer below:

Mila Kunis had derriere double for Friends With Benefits scene

The sexy nude derriere of Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits scene is not really hers. The actress was hired a body double for the nude scenes where her character had to show her behind. Unlike other stars, she had a saying in the selection process.

It is not unusual for Hollywood stars to have body doubles in some of the movie scenes they play in. Some have body doubles for stunts, others have them for nude scenes of for certain detail scenes (like hands or feet) that for whatever reason have to look different than their own. Some actresses don’t have the right assets for some particular scenes. Others cannot show them because of a temporal inconvenient. For example, in the comedy “Your Highness”, warrior Natalie Portman did not show her own behind in the nude scene, because she was pregnant. She used a body double.

However, actress Mila Kunis had none of these problems when choosing a body double for her nude butt scenes. The 27-year-old hottie was skittish about flashing her own behind. In an interview to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Kunis said that she had a veto right in choosing the perfect butt to represent her. “These young ladies came in and they were in the casting room and I was there with the casting director and make-up artist”, she told Seacrest. “These lovely women had to show us their derrieres and the chosen one resembled my body the most without looking like it’s fake”.

Friends With Benefits is set to hit the theaters on Friday. It stars Mila Kunis along with Justin Timberake in a romantic comedy in which the two engage in a relationship that seems extremely simple to deal with … at first. “It is good in theory, but horrible in execution”, Kunis says about this kind of relationship. Being friends who causally engage in sex “can’t last very long, because ultimately somebody will get feelings. Inevitably.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man” trailer is out

On Wednesday, “The Amazing Spider-Man” trailer has hit the web. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, the original couple in the first movie, were replaced by the “Social Network” star Andrew Garfield, and actress Emma Stone.

The new Spider-Man movie is set to a different type of character personalities than the first one. The blue-eyed Peter Parker played by Tobey Maguire gets a more seductive look through the embodiment that Andrew Garfield does. We may be used to a skinny and not very attractive Andrew, that we saw in “The Social Network”. Surprise, surprise! Andrew has been spending some time at the gym. However, like a true British gentleman, he would not discuss his Adonis body secret. “We all have secrets: The ones we keep and the ones that are kept from us.” Could we trade secrets then? What if werewolf Taylor Lautner would have answered this when asked about his amazing body transformation in the second movie in the Twilight saga?

Emma Stone plays the lead female character. The 22-year-old blonde is Gwen Stacy. Stone has appeared in a series of movies before, including the high school comedy “Easy A”, which brought her a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy category.

“In The Amazing Spider-Man” Peter, as a child, is left to live with his aunt and uncle. His parents never explain to him why they have made the decision to go and leave him behind. They just tell him he is much safer with his aunt. Years later, as a young man, Peter manages to sneak inside a lab, where he is bitten by a spider. From that moment on, his life begins to change radically.

Garfield explains he has several reasons for which he chose to play Peter. “I related to Peter Parker so much because I felt like someone else inside,” he told Entertainment Weekly. Plus, he loves comic books.

And so, the action hero trend goes on. The film will premiere July 3, 2012.

Want a sneak peak at “The Amazing Spider-Man” ? Here it is!

Lindsay Lohan to present community service progress in court

Lindsay Lohan is set to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautnerin court on Tursday. The purpose of the appearance is to present the community service progress she has been made since she was released from house arrest, Los Angeles Times reports.

Actress Lindsay Lohan will be at the Airport Courthouse on Thurdsay morning to report her progress on the hours spent in community service at the county morgue and at the women shelter. The Hollywood star was sentenced to 120 days in jail for shoplifting. Earlier this year, she has stolen a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice. However the judge allowed her to stay at home, in house arrest for 35 days, because of objective reasons: the women’s prison in Los Angeles is overcrowded and Lohan had a low-risk status.

During her house arrest, the police was alerted several times. Her ankle monitor, which was placed to monitor her status in the house perimeter, broke during a party, when she split some non-alcohoic beverage on it. She has proven positive when tested for alcohol. She was rushed to court once again and she was told that she was not allowed to throw any parties at the house, while she was in house detention. “Don’t give people a reason to hate you” Judge Stephanie Sautnerin had told her at the time. While under house arrest, the Mean Girls star missed her brother’s party and was really disappointed. She had told Life & Style magazine that she is realy focused to serve her sentence and community service as right as she can so she could start working again in the fall.

Now, that she is done with the house arrest, Lohan has started her 480 hours of community service. The hours will be split between a women’s shelter (360 hours) and the L.A. coroner’s office (120 hours), where she will do a janitor’s work.

Eric Dane checks himself into rehab

Actor Eric Dane, who is best known for his role in the Grey’s Anatomy series, has checked into rehab because of the addiction he developed over pain medication. It all started when he was prescribed pain pills for a sports injury, according to an official report sent to Access Hollywood.

A representative of the actor Eric Dane issued an official statement in which it is confirmed that the “Grey’s Anatomy” star has recently checked into rehab to deal with an addiction to pain medication. The statement that came out on Wednesday said that the actor “checked himself into a treatment facility to help him get off of pain medication that he was prescribed for a sports injury that he suffered over the recent hiatus”.

His stay at the medical facility will not be very long, as the actor continues to work on the ABC drama. He will be returning on the set of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Mark “McSteammy” Sloan, the character that made his famous. “He reports back to work this week. Business as usual”, the representative said.

Eric Dane, 38, is married with actress Rebecca Gayheart, 39, since October 2004. He says their story wasn’t interesting at all as they met like all normal couples. They dated for 10 months and then they tied the knot. They have a daughter, Billie Beatrice, who is only 1 year old. The couple announced on July 8 that a new member of the family is already on the way.

Dane first appeared in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005 as a guest star, where he first introduced Dr. Sloan to the audience. The positive response of the public made the producers of the series to give it a thought and offer him a long-time contract and making him a regular.
The actor made the headlines in 2009 with a story that had little to do with acting. He had made a nude tape together with his wife and former Miss USA, Kari Ann Peniche.

Jenna Fischer is going to have a baby boy

During the Tonight Show, actress Jenna Fischer tells Jay Leno that she will soon be the mother of a baby boy. She confesses she has known for a while, but wanted to make the announcement on Leno’s show.

“The Office” star Jenna Fischer is going to me a mom. That is nothing we don’t already know. But on Tuesday she revealed the sex of her baby on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”. She tells the show host that the news is exclusive. “When I went to my movie (‘A Little Help’) premiere the other day, a reporter asked me if I knew what I was having.”, the actress told Leno,  “I said that ‘I do, but I’m not sharing that yet because I’m going to have Jay be the first to know.”

Nevel failing us, Jay Leno, with his original comic style, answered “Like a lot of girls, you were saving yourself for Jay”. 

Fischer had yet another announcement she premiered on the Tonight Show. She revealed the month when the baby is due: “September -we’re in what they call the home stretch”.

This week, it’s been reported that Jenna’s character in the movie, Pam, will also be pregnant. The creative team will work her pregnancy into the story this fall, when “The Office” returns.

Actress Jenna Fischer, 37, married screenwriter Lee Kirk on July 3, 2010. They got engaged in the summer of 2009, two years after Fischer divorced her first husband, screenwriter James Gunn. He was the brother of her childhood friend, Sean Gunn. On May 13, 2011, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together.

Jenna Fischer has gained popularity especially for the role on Pam Halpert in the series “The Office”, which airs on NBC. She has also appeared in Blades of Glory, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Promotion and Hall Pass.

Meet Brad Pitt’s brunette assistant

During his shootings for the World War Z in UK, Brad Pitt has been seen spending time with a brunette who was shadowing him everywhere. Despite the rumors that they were seen flirting, Angelina has nothing to worry about as the woman is only Brad’s assistant.

Seeing Brad Pitt walking beside a woman, no matter her name, age or status, is always a subject of gossip. So it is not something out of the ordinary to make it a national incident when pictures like this came out. The Hollywood star, who is 47 years old and a father of 6 children was in a break. He was wearing a v-neck blue sweater and comfortable jeans. If anything struck about his look, it was the slightly grown grey beard which went perfectly with his blonde locks.

His assistant was wearing an identification card hanging from her neck down and a pen hung on the string of the card, just in case she needed to write down some of the star’s claims. She had a matching style outfit (to Brad’s): jeans, sports top featuring a drawing of a cat’s head and the slogan Showcats across the front.

After filming in Malta for his upcoming movie, World War Z, Pitt flew to the UK together with his family. Angelina and the two girls, sweet Zahara and tomboy Shiloh, spent some quality time with their husband and dad in Malta, then accompanied him to England during the weekend. Then they got back to L.A. leaving Brad to his job.

World War Z is a horror story based on the novel of Max Brooks, “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War”, which was released in 2006. The book came as a follow-up to “The Zombie Survival Guide” released in 2003. The movie is about a zombie epidemic that spreads around the world in an extremely short time and forces the people who remained untouched by the disease to withdraw and hide. From this point on, the battle for survival of the human specie begins.

Olivia Wilde, nude in “Cowboys And Aliens”

Hollywood sexy star Olivia Wilde is going nude in a “Cowboys and Aliens” scene. In an interview to Access Hollywood, the actress says that she is not shy and if the movie requires it, then she is going to do it.

“A little butt action?”, Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos asked Olivia Wilde in a recent interview about one of the latest movies she stars in, “Cowboys and Aliens”. “There is! Yes” Wilde answered and laughed. Admitting that there is a bit of nudity in the upcoming movie, she explains that she would strip for the right reasons: “I feel like if I feel really safe and if I feel like the story calls for it then I’m not so shy” the actress confesses to Menounos.

Currently, there are two movies in which Olivia Wilde’s butt stars in, and they are both coming soon. One of them is “Cowboys and Aliens”, due to hit the theaters on July 29. The movie casts Daniel Craig, whom you all know from the latest James Bond movies, and Harrison Ford, who does not need introduction anymore.

The other movie is “The Change-Up”, stars recently divorced Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, whom you can also catch in the dark comedy “Horrible Bosses”. “The Change-Up” is a comedy which will premiere in the United States on August 5. Talking about the role in “The Change-Up” Olivia Wilde says that she had no idea that she showed off more than she thought. “I didn’t really realize that’s what was happening, as if I didn’t really know where the camera was”, she explains. She only realized it when she observed more and more people told her that. “So then people saw the movie and they’re like, ‘You know your butt’s in the movie?’ and I was like, ‘What?'”. The actress believes that it is not a big deal and a true actor should only worry about what to do best for the movie. “I think when you agree to do a movie, like that you have to go 100 percent for it!”, she adds.

Charlie Sheen stars in new sitcom: “Anger Management”

After being kicked out in a shameful way from the series that made him famous, the Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen sees the light at the end of the tunnel: a new sitcom wants him. The sitcom is a series made after the movie “Anger Management, Associated Press announces.

Tables are turning around for actor Charlie Sheen. After being fired from the Two And A Half Men series, after being dumped by his wife and then by his two porn star girlfriends, after being sued for alimony, he is now stepping back on the path that brought him fame in the first place: the film industry, and more specifically, the sitcom industry.

And this time, he will not only be paid for his role in the film, but will also have “significant ownership stake”, according to Lionsgate television, the company that produces the sitcom. The channel’s representatives announced on Monday that “Anger Management” will be broadcasted by Debmar-Mercury, Lionsgate’s subsidiary, and that Sheen will be given “a certain amount of creative control.”

The new series is based on the movie which originally beared the name in 2003. The action was concentrated around Dave Buznik, a businessman who was wrongly considered as having a problem with anger management and has to deal with an instructor, Dr. Rydell, who seems more troubled than him. Adam Sandler played the lead role in the movie, while Jack Nicholson was the mad doctor.

In regard to his part of the work in the sitcom, Charlie Sheen, 45,  explains why he chose to be a part of the project: “I chose ‘Anger Management’ because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept.” One of the causes that led to Sheen’s dismisal from “Men” was the fact that he did not get along with the executive producer, Chuck Lorre. They had several clashes regarding the creative view upon the sitcom. Now, with more freedom and power over the artistic direction of the new Lionsgate series, Sheen will be challenged to give it his best.

Angelina Jolie, Zahara and Shiloh return from Malta

Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie was seen landing at the Los Angeles Airport on Wednesday. She has returned with her girls, Zahara and Shiloh from a trip to Malta, where they visited Brad Pitt on the set of “World War Z”.

Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh were photographed on Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport, where they landed after a trip to Malta. The three girls have spend quite a while hanging out with husband and dad Brad Pitt, while he was filming for “The World War Z”. The movie, a horror, is made after the novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks. The novel, released in 2006, was a follow-up to the book “The Zombie Survival Guide” released in 2003. The movie is set to take place a post-apocaliptic era in which a zombie pandemic leads to quarantine. People’s chances of survival diminish rapidly. Brad Pitt plays Jerry Lane, the lead man role.

At the airport, Angelina was wearing an all black outfit, never letting go her iconic sunglasses, while Zahara and Shiloh went for something more colorful. Cute Zahara was wearing a white top matched with jeans. She was holing a teddy bear with a cute velvet red outfit. Tomboy Shiloh went retro with an old style Rolling Stones T-shirt and a funky jacket on top of it.

Recently, the rumors say that Angelina and Brad are planning on tying the knot officially. After six-years of being together as a couple, Brad and Angie may have second thoughts about keeping their relationship in a modern state. According to several sources talking to Us Weekly, the two are planning a wedding pretty soon. The couple had said before that they would get married if their kids wanted them to walk down the isle and when all types of marriages will be legalized – this referring to both gay and straight marriages. Now that the law allows same-sex people to marry in New York, and the children getting older, maybe the couple has made some wedding plans.