What is MS? What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition which affects the central nervous system. The disease is also known as MS, a condition that can lead to the development of many complications.

In the most severe cases, the patient can become even paralyzed and blind. However, in most situations sufferers experience numbness in the limbs, due to the development of this condition. 

Multiple sclerosis is quite a common disease. More than 350,000 individuals are diagnosed with this condition in the United States, while thousands of other cases are traced all around the world.

In most cases, symptoms appear in patients aged between 15 and 45, but anyone may suffer from this condition. Statistics reveal that MS is more common in men, compared to women. 

The disease is commonly described as an auto-immune condition, as it is a well-known fact that multiple sclerosis is developed when the nervous system is attacked by the immune system.

The immune system fails to recognize the myelin, attacking and destroying it. Nerve fibers are surrounded by myelin, which has the role of protecting them. So, in the most serious cases, the nerve itself can be affected. When this occurs, unfortunately there is nothing that patients can do.

Unfortunately, specialists have been unable until now to determine what exactly causes multiple sclerosis. Actually, they cannot tell for sure what determines the immune system to act this way and attack the myelin. Some studies have revealed that the cause might be genetic, so this means that the genes inherited by sufferers may increase their risk of suffering from MS. 

Other studies have revealed that the risk of MS is increased by certain environmental factors. There are studies which indicate that there might be a link between the development of MS and the level of vitamin D in the body. Too much salt might determine the immune system to cause autoimmune diseases, other studies reveal. 

Even though specialists cannot determine for sure what makes the immune system attack the myelin, patients are advised to be careful at the symptoms that may indicate that their health has been affected. After all, with the right treatment MS can be kept under control.

The 3 Week Diet System Review

There are countless of diet and weight loss plans that promise you will lose an impressive number of pounds in just a few days. Many claim it’s going to happen over-night.

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One of the most eye-catching such diets is the 3-Week Diet that promises you will be able to lose 12 to 23 pounds in body fat and 2 to 4 inches from your waistline in just 21 days.

But be warned, like every other effective weight loss diet, this is something that requires dedication.

Most people won’t lose weight effectively because they’re doing it wrong, and it’s not their fault. Oftentimes they seek to lose weight by tormenting themselves with exaggerated diets and aggressive workouts which they eventually give up or stop abiding by when they’ve lost the desired number of pounds.

So, then, they start “indulging” again in bad food, bad habits and not working out. Without even knowing it, they end up in a situation that demands urgent weight loss again. Frustrated and panicked, most people today will ignore the need for a healthier life and diet, concentrating primarily on losing weight as fast and as effectively as possible. But that’s not exactly solving the problem, is it?

According to the 3-Week Diet system, the main reason you’re failing in losing weight is getting bad information from a diet industry that just loves when you’re yo-yo dieting. It might also be that you’re suffering from cellular inflammation which is widely ignored by weight loss diet plans even if it is the main cause behind the belly fat.

The 3 Week Diet review looked at the four manuals that promise to help you lose 12 to 23 pounds of body fat in 21 days. The Introduction Manual looks at specific supplements that make the diet “ultra-successful”, explaining how these help you lose fat and increase your level of energy.

The Diet Manual is what you can easily call the centerpiece of the 3-week diet as it teaches you to customize it to serve your needs best. It teaches how to calculate lean body mass vs. fat percentage and provides you with a rapid weight loss plan that will match your body type and weight loss goal. It also teaches you what food to avoid as it might impact the fat-burning process. There’s also a diet plan to avoid any yo-yo dieting.

The Workout Manual is an essential part of the 3-Week diet as it allows for weight loss without needing to spend dozens of hours in gym every week. The workout recommended focuses on intensity of the exercise as opposed to the duration with “short and intense, full body exercises that get every muscle in your body metabolically active”. There are also two exercises for a fast flat belly with a beautiful set of 6-pack abs.

The last manual in the 3-Week weight loss diet plan pertains to your mindset and motivation, two very important areas when it comes to losing weight and sculpting your body. The manual features “usable mindset and motivational tips, tricks, tools and secrets…to ensure you stick with your diet and keep all your lost weight off forever”.

The 3-week weight loss diet manuals would normally cost $97, but thanks to an exclusive deal you can get it at only $37. The diet manuals are also available in PDF form and there’s a “lose the weight or it’s free” guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with the results of this weight loss diet “for any reason whatsoever” you will be promptly and courteously refunded “no questions asked”.

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Natural Urticaria Treatment by Dr M. Levin Review

Chronic hives is a serious condition diagnosed in a wide number of patients. The disease, also known as urticaria, can cause severe discomfort to the patient. Itching, soreness, inflammation and redness are the most common symptoms of this illness.

Dr Gary M. Levin has developed a very efficient treatment for this condition, which helps patients overcome it in a matter of a few days.

Natural Urticaria Treatment by Dr M. Levin is the book that offers all answers linked to the treatment of urticaria.

Dr Gary M. Levin is a physician and a surgeon with more than 30 years experience in the medical field.

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The researchers developed a functional treatment which can help patients effectively overcome urticaria, with no need of drugs or medical interventions.

His book, Natural Urticaria Treatment by Dr M. Levin, features all natural remedies for this disease. The treatment has become extremely popular, as patients from all over the world have tried it with great results.

In his eBook, Dr Levin discovered that in most cases the real cause of urticaria is an overactive immune system.

What is an overactive immune system?

This actually is a condition in which the immune system attacks the body’s cells and destroys healthy tissues. Many conditions can result from an overactive immune system.

As urticaria is an overactive immune system disease, traditional treatments are inefficient, Dr Levin claims. This is the main reason why drugs and classical diets are effective only for limited periods of time.

To treat the overactive immune system disease, the researcher has developed a vitamin regime that can heal the cause and offer a permanent cure to urticaria. Lifestyle changes, diet plans and tips to improve overall health are featured in Natural Urticaria Treatment eBook, as well.

Urticaria will be completely cured within 2 and 3 weeks after the moment when treatment begins. Dr Gary M. Levin’s eBook will teach all patients how to include vitamins into their everyday diet. The book is very easy to understand and everyone can access it.

Recovery In Multiple Sclerosis

 Although Multiple Sclerosis is incurable, after recovery, patients can benefit from improved living conditions and prevent complications.

Multiple Sclerosis occurs because the immune system attacks the myelin (a substance that insulates axons and speeds up nerve impulse conduction), slowing or blocking the communication between nerve cells.

Lesions occur mainly in the white matter, optic nerves, brain stem, cerebellum and spinal cord. Genetically susceptible individuals can get it in terms of viral or bacterial infections, lack of sun exposure or smoking.

In general, there are four types of presentation of the disease:
1. with remissions and exacerbations;
2. progressive with exacerbations;
3. primary progressive;
4. secondary progressive.

In the first case, symptoms are solved completely, followed by months or years of silence, until a new exacerbation. The cycle is repeated several times until no longer complete remissions and disease begins to progress, becoming so-called secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Approximately 85% cases of Multiple Sclerosis manifests in this way. Women are 2.5 times more likely than men to make this form and age of onset ranges for 30 years.

For the other 15% of cases, evolution has no remission, it is called primary progressive, so is affecting equally men and women around the age of 40 years.

A small part of these patients shows progressive form with exacerbations. Symptoms of nerve conduction changes are multiple, different from patient to patient, depending on the areas of the brain or spinal cord which are affected.

No other neurological disease is not manifested by the coexistence of so many problems. Listed in decreasing order of frequency, they are: fatigue, loss of muscle strength, impaired sensitivity (tingling, numbness, insensitivity), balance disorder, sphincter dysfunction (constipation, urinary or fecal incontinence, urinary retention, feeling urgency) and sexuality dysfunction, spasticity, cognitive impairment (decreased memory, attention), depression, pain, decrease or loss of vision, tremor.

On average, it takes about 20 years to use stick and about 30 until they will need a wheelchair. Being female, younger age at onset, complete recovery after the first attack lasted more than five years between the first attack – all these are associated with a positive prognosis.

There is an effective treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?
Some immunoactive drugs seem to be effective in a certain degree, can induce remission and slow down evolution. Firstly, using immunomodulatory substances such as interferon beta (beta-1a, Betaseron, beta-1b, Avonex) and glatiramer acetate polymer (Copaxone), which inhibits cells that destroy myelin.

Another category of drugs have antiproliferative or cytotoxic effect on inflammatory cells (mitoxantrone, methotrexate, azathioprine and so on). The third category uses ways of blocking extracellular processes that influence disease (intravenous immunoglobulin, plasmapheresis, monoclonal antibodies, methyl-prednisolone).

Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis seems to be the disease whom’s results are less satisfactory in terms of long-term evolution. Despite the medications mentioned above, during the patient’s condition worsens. In no other neurological disease are not affected so many areas of the central nervous system. Rehabilitation approach involves intervention on each disturbance occurred.

Motor function and balance
To improve motor function, aerobic exercise are the best. Besides maintain normal muscle fibers innervated,aerobic exercise can reduce significantly  fatigue and depression. Exercises to increase muscle strength are using weights adjusted after Multiple Sclerosis possibilities.

Three sets of 10 reps seem to be an appropriate program. Exercise should not be too intense, not to cause a significant rise in body temperature.

Also, exercise must be regularly done and on long-term, a way of life. Patients with a higher degree of disability can do some lighter activities, which require unused segments. It’s about simple daily activities such as toilet, dressing, feeding or showering.

Management of spasticity
Is based on frequent use (20 minutes every few hours, if possible) of muscle stretching (stretching). Preferred are mild and long stretches instead of intense and short stretches. Antispasmodic drugs may be related to decrease muscle tension, such as baclofen, botulinum toxin injections,  cold applications.

Approximately 50% of Multiple Sclerosis patients experience significant degrees of pain, most often having neuropathic origin.

Treatment of pain is using AEDs (gabapentin, pregabalin). Other causes of pain recognize muscle pain, especially in the lumbar spine inflammatory pain. To treat them Multiple Sclerosis patients can use lumbar orthosis, analgesics, NSAIDs, stretching exercises.

Cognitive and affective disorders
The most common cognitive impairment are related to memory. Treatment is based on identifying the problem, then on scheduling different activities, memory usage exercises, environmental restructuring, notes using. Fatigue, depression, intolerance to heat can contribute to memory loss, and is requiring treatment.

Urinary disorders
Are very common, with a particular psychological and social impact. Treatment requires a good diagnosis of the type of dysfunction, and then if it is necessary the use of anticholinergics, alpha-blockers or flashing survey.

Fatigue and sleep in people with Multiple Sclerosis
Certain drugs used to combat fatigue appear to have adverse effects on neuronal plasticity. Due to massive loss of neurons in Multiple Sclerosis patients, performing tasks is with higher energy expenditure than in healthy individuals. Sleep is very necessary for energy recovery of neurons and the development of new connections between neurons.

Breast Actives Review: Effective Natural Breast Enlargement Program

Numerous women from all over the world suffer from low self confidence and self-esteem problems because of the fact that they are not happy with the way they look.

Many women are not satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, which can turn out being a serious issue. This may cause severe self-confidence problems. In this context DailyGossip.org reviews the Breast Actives supplement, which promises to offer the solution to all these women.

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Breast Actives ReviewAbout Breast Actives
Breast Actives is a popular breast enhancement program that can be extremely safe to use. The program is all natural and can be completed by women in the comfort of their home.

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In fact, there are three phases to this program.

The first one includes ingesting one pill each day.

Then, the breasts have to be massaged with the cream featured in the program, each morning.

The third step is formed by an exercise program. Users will find here a series of massage techniques, but also diet and health recommendations to enhance the efficiency of the entire program.

The most obvious benefit that women will obtain is larger breasts. Naturally, breast enhancement can also improve the shape of the breasts and can confer women a sexier look. Enhanced self-confidence, regardless of what they wear, may be achieved by anyone who chooses to implement this new program.

There are some things that recommend this program, but there are also certain disadvantages to the Breast Enhancement Program.

•    This is a unique breast enhancing program.
•    The program is based on natural techniques and promises to provide fast results.
•    It has zero side effects, being formed by a combination of powerful herbs.
•    It is quite affordable for anyone to try it.
•    At the end of this Breast Enhancement Program women will feel better and will be happy with their looks.
•    Thousands of testimonials of women who accessed this method recommend it as one of the most effective ways to have larger breasts.

•    Women using this product will experience positive results only if the method is implemented correctly, with no pauses or moments of forgetting to implement the treatment plan.
•    The program needs to be followed accordingly to see the positive results, which will be felt in time.

Daily Gossip concludes that the Breast Actives program can be an effective solution for women who have complexes due to their small breasts.

The Breast Enhancement Program can be implemented at home, so women don’t have to worry about undergoing embarrassing visits to the physician’s office or undergoing risky medical procedures.

5-HTP Max Review: The Most Effective Solution to Enhance Serotonin Level

5 HTP MAXLooking great and feeling great is crucial in making you be more confident and happier. It is not a secret that the mood of a person determines his appetite.

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This means that each time you undergo a type of emotional crisis, you only tend to eat more, making your body and your whole alimentary regimen suffer.

Learn more about 5 HTP Clinical Research and Find out if it Works for You

Naturally, increased weight will only tend to cause more emotional issues for the individual dealing with such problems. Consequently, this is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped as fast as possible.

Daily Gossip found a new product that promises to break this chain forever. This new product, 5-HTP Max, claims to reverse the bad consequences of improper alimentary habits, while promoting healthy appetite.

About 5-HTP Max   

This product is based on a series of clinical studies which have shown that serotonin levels have a certain influence on mood and appetite. 5-HTP can work to increase the level of serotonin that normally exists in the body, determining a boost of the mood.

This substance can also work as an appetite suppressant. This means that it aims to promote wellbeing, while decreasing weight. The new supplement is so fast that it will produce impressive weight loss results in only a few days.

There are many benefits that 5-HTP Max promises to provide all users. However, there are both some pros and some cons to this program. Below, you can discover them both.

•    As this is a 100 percent natural product, it can be used safely, as there are no known side effects to it.
•    The increase of serotonin levels has numerous benefits on the sufferer’s whole body.
•    The product will keep food cravings under control.
•    It is a clinically tested product, being presented even in a show on CBS, show which debated the role of 5 HTP in reducing appetite.
•    It sustains weight loss and it brings an important contribution to improving mood.
•    The product has a money back guarantee, making it free of all risks.

•    If the supplement is used in very high doses, it could cause dizziness, although it is not yet clear if the product causes such an effect or not.
•    Some researchers have suggested that the product can be used in treating headaches, insomnia or even depression, but none of these uses have become certain, at least not yet.

We found that this new product has already been tested by thousands of clients, who managed to achieve all the desired results. Users can obtain great benefits, including enhanced mood, reduced stress and anxiety, as well as improved sleep. Moreover, the drug can also be recommended in reducing the symptoms commonly caused by depression.

Cure Tinnitus With Dr. Thomas Coleman’s Tinnitus Miracle E-Book Treatment

Thomas Coleman is a reputed doctor who has had the opportunity of interacting with many patients suffering of tinnitus. He was, thus, able to create a step-by-step online guide that can completely remove ear buzzes, noises and other sounds that are usually related to tinnitus.

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The majority of the patients suffering from tinnitus have lost their hope that they can get rid of the dreadful symptoms affecting them. Their skepticism was almost entirely fuelled by the disappointments they have experienced with other treatments. Thomas Coleman, however, has recommended his step-by-step cure to numerous patients and they have all been satisfied with the results they have obtained.

The Only Clinically 5-Step Holistic System For Curing and Preventing Tinnitus Permanently

The success of Coleman’s recipe is guaranteed by the holistic approach that he is using. Thomas has realized that it is not just the auditory system that needs to be cured, but the person’s entire lifestyle. The buzzes, the noises and the rumors that people hear are most of the times determined by an unhealthy lifestyle, so Thomas Coleman has conceived a step-by-step guide using all the knowledge he has gathered throughout his entire career. Thanks to the pieces of information he included in his Tinnitus Miracle e-book, patients can get fully recovered within 2 months; if not, the author vows to offer a full refund to the buyers.

The 200-page e-book written by Thomas Coleman contains numerous dietary advices because the doctor believes that the products we ingest are directly linked to the patients’ health condition. However, making a correct diagnosis is a step that must not be neglected by patients, which is why the author of Tinnitus Miracle has included an exhaustive list of symptoms and the type of tinnitus affection they correspond to. There are three main types of tinnitus: pulsatile, muscular and vascular; Coleman provides a different treatment for each and every one of them.

Buyers, who have tested the product, have been very satisfied with the results they have obtained. They weren’t just suffering from mild ear noises; some of them had severe symptoms and yet, Thomas Coleman’s program has been very effective for all of them. The first results will be visible after a couple of weeks and the disease will be completely eliminated at the end of the two-month period.

Thomas Coleman guarantees to offer a full refund to customers who may not be satisfied with the instructions included in his Tinnitus Miracle e-book. In addition, unsatisfied patients will benefit of one-on-one counseling for three months.

Heartburn No More System Review: How to Stop Pain in 30 Days

Heartburn No More is one of the newest remedies for curing your acid reflux and enjoy quality lifestyle. The system was developed by Jeff Martin, who actually experienced problems with acid reflux himself.

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In the great majority of cases, heartburn interferes with normal lifestyle, causing patients many disrupting symptoms. There are numerous types of treatments that can be recommended by doctors in the treatment of this condition. Most of them include powerful medications. Now, Jeff Martin has released a 100 percent natural treatment that can help patients overcome heartburn in no less than 30 days. The first positive results will be felt in 48 hours.

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Heartburn No More book explains readers what to do to eliminate chest pain and burning sensation, belching, burping and flatulence. Digestive and intestinal health will be enhanced, while digestive disorders will be overcome easily.

As this is a natural treatment, there are no risks and no side effects patients should fear. In fact, patients will be able to eliminate all risks of cancer, high blood pressure and even the risk of developing Alzheimer’s from prescription medications. Medications or surgery will become unnecessary, regardless of your condition.
If you respect all recommendations found in Heartburn No More, you will be able to restore energy levels, improve life quality and enjoy being healthy.

The Heartburn No More eBook features 150 pages and can easily be accessed by anyone. This book provides readers a series of natural cure methods, as well as powerful techniques for a step by step curing system. Actually, this program includes all information users may need to eliminate heartburn in only one month. Diet plans, recommended supplements for your condition, as well as adequate exercises are presented in the eBook.

Not only that Jeff Martin’s eBook will help readers find a cure for heartburn and acid reflux, but it will also prevent recurrence. The disease will be cured permanently, while your general health will be much improved.