Beyonce’s Move Your Body helps you to lose weight

Beyonce has joined Michelle Obama`s “Let’s Move” campaign.This campaign is against childhood obesity and it promotes dance as a very fun and efficient way to move.

Singer joined the movement “Let’s Move! Flash Workout” in March this year and now she has released a video in which she moves like an aerobics instructor.

In America one child in three is overweight or obese and 150 billion are spent annually to treat diseases related to obesity, so we know very well that is an important issue.

About 32% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese, according to recent statistics. Almost 20% of children aged between 6 and 11 years and 18% of those in the 12-19 years age segment are obese. Overweight children risk to became obese in adulthood and are prone to problems with cholesterol or diabetes.

If you want to lose weight with the help of  Beyonce, now’s your chance! In the video, the singer proposes some simple and quick movements, which help you  to burn enough calories  to tone your muscles(in just 4 minutes).

The lyrics also sustained the move: “Let me see you run / Put your knees up in the sky /  A little sweat aint never hurt nobody / Don’t just stand there on the wall / Everybody just move your body”.
The music is very funny and the rhythm motivates you to jump up!

The video will be distributed in all high schools across the country to promote the benefits of living and eating healthy.

Weight Gain Connected to Lack of Sleep

According to a recent study, sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain .Not getting enough sleep can affect our health in many different ways. We lose energy, as well as the ability to concentrate, and we become more exposed to various health conditions. But research also seems to indicate that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain.

This is because we tend to eat more when we don’t get enough sleep. A recent experiment has shown that the calorie intake for people who don’t sleep enough is significantly higher than for those that do get enough rest.

Researchers at Columbia University, led by assistant professor Marie-Pierre St-Onge, conducted the experiment in question, and presented the outcomes at the American Heart Association conference, which took place last month.

26 adults, both men and women, of various ages and average weight, took part in the study. They were closely monitored during two 6-day intervals. Over the duration of the first 6-day phase of the research, 13 of the participants slept 4 hours each night, while the other half slept 9 hours. During the second phase, the first group slept for 9 hours, while the second only had 4 hours of sleep each night.

The results were concluding: the people who got less sleep consumed more food. They ate around 300 calories more per day compared to those who weren’t sleep deprived. Not only that they ate more, but they also chose foods rich in calories and saturated fats. Actually, the most popular food amongst the sleep-deprived seems to be ice cream. So, a poor diet could also be related to lack of sleep.

The results also showed that women are more at risk than men to over-eat in case of sleep deprivation. They had an average of 329 extra calories per day, while men only ate an extra of 263 calories. However, both these amounts of calories aren’t easy to burn, especially when you’re tired.

The findings of the study mean that the link between lack of sleep and obesity can now be confirmed. They could also mean a new basic rule for dieters: when you’re on a diet, you must get enough sleep. A few extra hours of sleep could make a difference when it comes to losing weight.

A normal adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Not getting them could lead to gaining a few extra pounds.   

Apples proven to reduce bad cholesterol

Research shows that the popular fruit can indeed help us keep healthy.

We all know the old saying about avoiding the medical profession, but how true is it? Very much so, according to researchers. A recent study has confirmed that eating an apple a day can bring important health benefits.

It’s far from being a new discovery that this tasty fruit is packed with nutrients, but apparently its health benefits are more than we knew till now. According to brand new research, a diet rich in apples can help prevent heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol – the “bad ” cholesterol in the blood.

160 women, between the ages of 45 and 65, took part in the study, co-ordinated at the Florida State University. Half of them consumed a diet which included 75g dried apple per day for a duration of 12 months, while for the other half the apple was substituted with dried prunes.

According to Dr. Bahram Arjmandi, one of the scientists involved in the experiment, the outcomes were more than the researchers had expected. The women’s LDL cholesterol levels were significantly lowered. It only took six months for the “bad” cholesterol in their blood to go down by almost a quarter, while the levels of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) went up with almost 4%. Another effect of the diet was weight loss, with the women getting rid of an average of 3lbs.

These spectacular results would seem to indicate that the apple is truly a miracle fruit. The decreased amount of cholesterol leads to a healthier heart and better functioning of the cardiovascular system. Also, there was a drop in other substances connected with heart disease (lipid hydroperoxide and C-reactive protein). So, an apple a day can at least keep the cardiologist away.
Previous studies had shown that apples are a rich source of fibre and other beneficial substances, such as pectin and polyphenols. They have been known to aid digestion and play a part in the prevention of various types of cancer. Now, the health benefits of apples are confirmed once more.

Although the researchers used dried fruit, the fresh variety is thought to bring the same benefits, maybe even on a larger scale, since some of the nutritional content of the apple is probably lost during the drying process.

The conclusion is that a healthy diet should always include apples, fresh or dried.

Drinking – a real problem, not a relieve

Many people thinks that alcohol is a solution for getting out of the problems. The scientists had demonstrated that drinking has the opposite effect and makes you remember all your problems.

The legend that appeared above getting rid of all our negative thought by drinking is more about the environment and not on the alcohol precisely. Scientists from The University of Texas said the pleasure is given by facing the problem and the way that we treat them when we are drinking. This is the way how the dopamine is relived, because of the synapses that are created when we are thinking of our problems.  

But the habit of getting drunk in order to forget about stress might turn into a serious problem: alcoholism. The beginning of this serious problem is the habit of drinking while you are facing a difficult period. There are people who think that alcohol makes them powerful and very much capable dealing with the every day stress. That is a fake thought because this is the beginning of a very serious problem.

Here it starts the addiction and much later is very hard to control it.  In a long term, the habit of drinking will turn into an addiction and, if at the beginning only a few problems seems to bother someone’s life, in the end, negative thoughts will come over and over again. So, if you think that drinking will make you forget about loosing your job, a friend or another bad think from your life, you have to think twice before it turns into a habit and in the end in a destructive addiction.

In many cases this is the cause of trespassing. Studies had shown that the treatment of this huge problem reduces criminal act up to 80%. Lots of people who got through this addiction can be employed and the medical costs of the alcohol abuses are decreasing.  Only in U.S, 50.000 people get sick every year from alcohol abuse.

This problem is growing among teenage because they see in drinking a way to make friends and have fun. In a very short term the situation is out of hand and without realize they become the slave of this apparent inoffensive habit. The scientists had shown that drinking is the most common reason for death at younger people and this is a great alarm sign for the parents who should spend more quality time with their kids and observe closely their relationships with their friends.

Vitamin D may prevent blindness

Vitamin D may help prevent blindness, according to a recent study realized in the United States. The researchers found that those who take supplements with vitamin D reduced the chances  to lose their sight with the age, by 60% .

The study shows that vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent the problems that occur with age. But researchers warn the patients should seek medical advice before taking supplements with vitamin D.
The study was conducted on a sample of 1,300 U.S. women, aged between 50 and 79 years. It was found that women who had high levels of consumption of vitamin D were less likely to lose vision.
Vitamin D can be obtained through a balanced diet, but also by exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D is one of the most important for the body. Numerous studies have shown that it has many benefits:it keeps bones in a healthy form, is very important for the heart and reduces the risk of some cancers, including the breast cancer.
Half of the women doesn`t absorb naturally the quantity required of vitamin D. Experts say women need to absorb between 800 and 1,000 units per day.
You can “get” this vitamin through supplements or by eating foods rich in vitamin D.


100 grams of salmon consumed daily can offer 360 international units of vitamin D. This amount represents about half the quantity needed daily.

Cow’s milk and soy milk

Cow’s milk is an important source of vitamin D. A glass of 250 ml of milk can provide 98 international units of vitamin D. If you are a fan of soy products you can use the soy milk, very tasty and healthy.

Tuna in oil

85 grams of tuna in oil provides 25% of the daily need for vitamin D. If you’re at work you can quickly prepare a sandwich for lunch. In this way you will fill your mouth and you will absorb more vitamins.


Yogurt is recommended for healthy diets and not just maintenance. At 170 grams of yogurt you will absorb 80 international units. Besides vitamin D, yogurt contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B2 and B12.


Not all grains contain vitamin D, so check the packaging before you buy it. Experts recommend you eat whole grains. They are a rich source of fiber.

World Health Day – Facts about Antibiotic Resistance

In 1948, the first World Health Organization felt the need to create a World Health Day and and from 1950 the World Health Day was celebrated on 7 April each year.The purpose of  this day is to raise the level of knowledge at global level to a particular health issue and to draw attention to priority areas to deal with the World Health Organization.

World Health Day 2011 theme is resistance to antimicrobial agents and slogan that you can heal is Act today to hill tomorrow, calls for increased global commitment to protect the effectiveness of these essential medicines for treating infectious diseases for the benefit of future generations.

Flu, colds,the most sore throats and bronchitis are caused by viruses, not by bacteria,and use of antibiotics can do more harm than good because antibiotic-resistant bacteria can infect other people and can spread from one country to another.

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are modified so that antimicrobial drugs (antibiotics used against bacteria) are losing their effectiveness due to natural adaptation of microbes or inappropriate use of medicines.

The more antibiotics we use, the more bacteria become resistant

Microbes who become resistant to multiple antimicrobial agents (often called “superbugs”) are especially feared, because an untreatable multidrug-resistant infection can kill, and can spread and lead to huge costs for individuals and society.

Among antibiotic-resistant microbes are included bacteria such as Escherichia coli , Myobacterium tuberculosis (TB case), Neisseria gonorrhoeae (the cause of gonorrhea), Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae – if it’s community, or Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis – whether it is hospitals.

In the world occur annually around 440,000 new cases of tuberculosis resistant to multiple antimicrobial agents the cause at least 150,000 deaths. Resistance to antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine, is widespread in most malario-endemic countries. Resistance is becoming a worrying concern for the treatment of HIV / AIDS as a result of increased access to antiretroviral drugs in recent years.

Antibiotics may not work when people need them

Antibiotics are drugs extremely important for treating or preventing all types of infections caused by bacteria. However, since we use more antibiotics , the more bacteria become resistant to them. It is a natural phenomenon and occurs worldwide, particularly where antibiotics are used and misused in excess. They used to be balanced when they are necessary for therapeutic reasons.

Unfortunately a new series of antibiotics will not occur very quickly, whereas research and drug development requires huge investments, which will be made only if future income is considered profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

In these circumstances, if not cease the abuse and misuse of antibiotics, they can not work when people need them.

Imagine that your doctor would tell you that there is no treatment for your child or a friend, because he has a bacterial infection that can not be treated with antibiotics. In this time already in the EU, Iceland and Norway 25,000 people die each year because of bacterial infections  who do not respond to antibiotics, most of them occurring in hospitals. The society could return when the antibiotics weren`t discovered, when a simple infection could mean a death sentence .

Resistant bacteria occur and spread rapidly. At present, some bacteria are resistant to multiple agents, making the risk of deadly infections, such as the blood or pneumonia, to be potentially untreatable. In addition, loss prevention through effective antibiotics can make more advanced medical interventions and diagnostic tests (such as arthroscopy, hip prostheses and operations of the colon) become impossible, because the antibiotics would not provide protection against bacterial infections.

Antibiotic resistance is an urgent issue for everyone. To stop growing it, everyone has the responsibility to use antibiotics only when needed and only with prescription.

Simple measures to combat infections and antimicrobial resistance:

– carriers of germs control (vector) through actions supported by community hygiene

– consistent observation of hygiene in food preparation and household

– Wash your hands

– Cooperation with family doctors use alternative treatments to those antimicrobials whenever appropriate

– refusal of self-medication may be beneficial to his health and for the present and future communities.

Abuse and misuse contributes to antibiotic resistance, and it generates more severe illness and unnecessary deaths. Antibiotic resistance can lead us back to the prebiotic was when a common infection can easily lead to death. If you do not act now, tomorrow we will not have to deal with! 

The emergence of antibiotic resistance is a natural biological phenomenon that occurs after antibiotic use. Antibiotic resistance resulting from the ability of bacteria to resist the attack of antibiotics, which can occur either by mutation or by acquiring resistance genes from other bacteria already resistant.



Analysis of breast milk to detect breast cancer

Breast cancer can be detected earlier by examining cells in breast milk, according to presentations made ??by the American Association for Cancer Research.

Analysis of epithelial cells may determine the risk of each mother to cancer.

Doctor Kathleen Arcaro at the University of Massachusetts Amherst said that about 80% of women give birth to children and non-invasive testing of breast milk for early detection of cancer indicators could provide early screening for most women when it is difficult to diagnose  breast cancer. Early diagnosis increases the chances of making the necessary treatment at time.

Breast cancer – things to know

What is breast cancer?
Every month a woman’s breasts go through a series of temporary changes associated with menstruation, which include the formation of a nodule. Although most of these lumps are not cancerous, any lump that occurs should be examined by a doctor immediately.

Nodules are most common in the lobules -the small sacs that produce milk – or the ducts that carry milk to the nipple. But sometimes they form in other tissues. The two main types of breast cancer are lobular and ductal carcinomas.

Breast cancer
Breast cancer usually begins with the formation of a small and well-defined tumors. Some tumors are benign meaning they don`t invade other tissues, others are malignant, or cancerous. Malignant tumors have the potential to metastasize, that is to spread. Once such a tumor reaches a certain size, is more likely to irradiate cells spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

Different types of breast cancer grow and spread with different speeds, some tumors need  years to spread outside the breast, while others are spreading rapidly.

Men also can get breast cancer, but their number is less than half percent of all cases. Among women, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer,  is the second leading cause of cancer deaths – after lung cancer.

Statistics show that among the eight women who could reach 85 years,one will have this disease at some point in her life. Two thirds of women with breast cancer are over 50 years, and that the remaining, most have between 39 and 49 years.

Breast cancer is treatable
Fortunately, breast cancer is treatable if is detected early. The tumors finded can usually be  treated with successfull before the cancer spread, and in 9 of 10 cases, sick woman will live at least another five years. Experts generally believe that during the 5-year survival is a cure.

Once the cancer begins to spread, getting rid of it completely is more difficult, although treatment can often keep it under control for years. Improved procedures for screening and better treatment options that are more than seven in ten women suffering from breast cancer survive five years after initial diagnosis, and half of them survived more than 10 years.

What are the causes for breast cancer?
Although the precise causes of breast cancer are unclear,they are known major risk factors for this disease. The risk is slightly higher for women who have benign breast lump and increases significantly for women who have had breast or ovarian cancer.

Family Factor
A woman whose mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer, risk is two to three times more likely to develop disease, especially if in the family are affected by this disease at least two first-degree relatives . Researchers have already identified two genes responsible for some occurrences of breast cancer in the family – called BRCA1 and BRCA2. Approximately one in 200 women carries the genes. Woman who has the gene is prone to cancer, but that does not warrant the onset.
In general women older than 50 years have a higher risk of breast cancer than younger women and women of African-American race had a higher risk than those of Caucasian race to develop breast cancer before menopause.

Exposure to estrogen
Gradually it becomes increasingly clear link between breast cancer and hormones. Researchers believe that withthe increase exposure of women to estrogen,the risk of getting sick of breast cancer is higher. Estrogen control the divide of  cells, as cells divide more, so is more likely to be abnormal, possibly becoming cancerous.

Women’s exposure to estrogen and progesterone varies in life, being influenced by the age at which she has her the first or last menstruation,  average length of her menstrual cycle and age at first child birth.
The risk that a woman exposed to breast cancer increases if:
•she had first menstruation before age 12
•her first child is born after 30 years
• has the last period menstrual after 55 years , or
• the length of her menstrual cycle is outside the range of 26 to 29 average days (that is shorter or longer).
Current information indicates that probably the hormones in birth control pills do not increase breast cancer risk. Some studies suggest that taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause may increase risk, especially when the therapy lasts more than five years. High doses of radiation may also be a factor, but not low-dose mammography hardly shows any chances.

Prostate cancer probability of conception increased

The prostate is the most important gland of the male reproductive system. This gland had the size of a walnut and is located below the bladder and produces fluid that makes up the majority of sperm. The functioning of the prostate depends on testosterone, the male sex hormone known because it is product by testicles.
Prostate cancer is becoming  a public health problem in men’s lives. Although it rarely occurs to men aged up to 55 years, experts believe that there is no older man that does not have a “beginning” of prostate cancer. This type of cancer, prostate cancer, is characterized by a tumor that grows slowly, often without symptoms, they appear only in later stages. So most men who have prostate cancer die from other causes, sometimes not knowing  that they are suffering from this type of cancer.
On the other hand, once the cancer advances and spreads to other tissues, the situation takes a different turn. Evolution of the tumor is slow, but once it reaches the advanced stage, can be deadly. In early stage prostate cancer can be treated and cured and fortunately, most cases are detected at this early stage.

The causes of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects four of the five men aged over 65 and less than 1% of those under age 55. Rarely, cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men aged 30-40 years.

Also men with a family history of prostate cancer are exposed to greater risk than other men.

Experts believe that diet also plays a major role in the onset or development of prostate cancer. Thus, men amateur of  foods that is containing animal fat or red meat presents a much greater risk of developing this cancer. Why? Because fats stimulates the production of testosterone and growth of this hormone promotes tumor growth.

Prostate cancer is more common in countries who consume intensive meat and dairy than in countries that are preferred healthy food, rice, soybeans, vegetables or chicken. That is why prostate cancer is rarely seen in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Doctors know more details about what does not cause prostate cancer. So men must know that this type of cancer can not be caused by: sexually active, vasectomy, masturbation, circumcision, infertility, infections of the prostate.


In early stage, prostate cancer does not present any symptoms or any alarm. But once the tumor  is growth it cause growth of volume of the gland, or, once the cancer has spread beyond the prostate, these symptoms occur:
– the need to urinate very often and mostly at night:
– weak urinary stream;
– Inability to start and stop the urinary stream, as is normal;
– pain and burning during urination or ejaculation;
– blood in urine or semen.
Warning! These are not symptoms of  prostate cancer.These symptomps are for the blockage caused by an increase in tumor volume, but not only of the prostate but also of the surrounding tissue.

Symptoms of advanced prostate cancer are:
– pain and numbness in the pelvis;
– pain in the lumbar and thoracic region;
– loss of appetite and weight;
– fatigue continued and apparently without reason;
– nausea and vomiting.
Warning! If you suffer from one or more of the above symptoms, especially those related to advanced cancer you must provide immediate medical attention!


To diagnose prostate cancer is necessary to do lot of tests . The first two are : digital rectal examination and blood analysis.

During the digital rectal examination the doctor examines prostate through the rectum to determine if the tissue is modified, it is cured or have nodules. Blood analysis is to detect a substance secreted by the prostate called prostate specific antigen (PSA ).

Even so, these two tests are not 100% reliable, nor sufficient in detecting prostate cancer. So, we need a third test and perhaps safer: biopsy, which consists of harvesting a small piece of tissue from the prostate. With the biopsy, prostate cells can be examined microscopically.

Types of treatment

One of two men diagnosed with prostate cancer are older than 72 years. Since the evolution of this type of cancer is often slow, many men may die because of another severe disease but not of the prostate cancer.

Regarding treatment, it is good to know about the complications can occur or significant adverse effects. Therefore, drug therapy might not even be the best choice.

For early-stage prostate cancer, there are three types of treatment:
– treatment by surgery;
– treatment by radiotherapy;
– permanent monitoring of the patient, and this option is called “management of expectation. “

For prostate cancer in intermediate and advanced stage, treatment involves a combination of the three above treatments. However, there is a fourth treatment: hormone therapy, especially for older men or for men with advanced cancer. Chemotherapy is the final solution for those who do not respond or hormonal therapy.

Romantic breakups cause physical pain according to new study

How do we get out from a relationship?How easily we accept that we are alone? There is a therapy that we can apply to ourselves  to overcome the crises?

As we know for centuries,poets and composers try to describe in their own way, using art, pain caused by a “broken heart”. Scientists  showed the pain caused by suffering in love can be more complex than a simple emotional response.

These are just some questions that psychologists and anthropologists have tried to find an answer for yaers. Helen Fisher, a researcher who has studied more than 30 years’ love chemistry, argues that the rejection by the partner and the deprivation of affection triggers changes in our brain.

Her studies show that when we are dumped, physical pain is correlated with the emotional. Therefore, a separation can take dramatic proportions. The expression “die of a broken heart”is not just a figure of speech. After separation, people are prone to heart attacks and strokes caused by their depressive states.

What happens when a person is dumped?

After scanning some brains of “rejected people”, it was found that their bodies secrete dopamine, and cortisol  in excess, explains Fisher, a researcher at Rutgers University in New Jersey. After a break, people still show intense feelings for their ex- partners and cann`t accept that they were leaving forever. Therefore dumpee  resort to various ways to reconnect with “he” or “she”. Often, strategies are downright humiliating and degenerate into harassment: from sending several letters to his/her  ex home
 to slipping into his/her ex home  to beg to change their minds.

Initially most of the dumpee pass through many physical changes that aren`t so good for their body like: smoking in excess, skipping meals, find refuge in food.

Women react differently to men. The fact is that both face the same depression as in the case of a death, in this case the death of a relationships. Accepting that we were dumped isn`t spontaneous, but it passes with time with therapy or autotherapy.  After a break-up, each part reveals a series of differences between what they they thought about the relationship that their were involved  in and what was it in fact.

Women  get out of a relationship more easil than men who are more proud, more possessive and aggressive in  nature.  But depression is a personal reaction, some are more affected than others. Therapy for a breakup: women passes the crises through changes in the image and with help of friends. With a new hairstyle and a few pounds less, they had a more active social life. Women looks much better after they have been abandoned and, consciously or not, women are preparing for a new relationship.
In contrast, men need  physicall effort to remove the frustrations, they are started to make sport and most drowning their sorrows in work.

Between love and hate is just one step, say scientists who carefully studied the processes involved in this whole mix of emotions that arise after a breakup. Love and hate are connected in the brain. Brain scans of people who were shown photographs of people they hated revealed intense activity in  brain area known as responsible for love feelings.

This proves the strong connection between love and hate in real life. Therefore, once a person is lonely, she can express negative feelings towards his former partner. Moreover, it appears that the same brain regions are used to process the emotional and physical pain. Therefore to be rejected by someone is not only upsetting the brain, but can damage the body’s inner balance.

However , there is still a hope: the study shows that in time all signals are less active in the brain in emotional adapting.

Daily use of Facebook leads to teen depression

Doctors warn of the link between use of Facebook and adolescent depression.Depression developed for adolescent users is the new threat related to social networks, according to an influential group of doctors from the United States .

Researchers are not  sure yet whether this type of illness is an extension of classical depression, or if there is a separate issue strictly linked to the use of Facebook.

According to Gwenn O’Keeffe pediatrician in Boston, certain aspects of social network use can impair teens who already suffer from lack of confidence. Thus, exaggerated statuses or photos of friends in which they seem happy,  can make the kid feel worse if they feel they haven`t  a life like others.
Some young people say  that they have never had such problems with depression, caused by Facebook, but admited  that social networking can lead to such a condition.

If  they don`t have very many friends, don`t do much with their life and saw others happy with their friends, we can tell how upset this kids are.On Facebook everything is like a big popularity contest, whoever receives the most requests for friendship and who appears in most pictures.
No matter how useful  is Facebook , people should not abuse and trust too much  in him. Here’s what happened to people who have not done that.

Is Facebook safe for our kids ?

A young man of 18 years suffered terribly after being abandoned by his girlfriend, and when the girl removed from the list of Facebook friends, he made ??another account to fool her. He noticed that his ex had made ??new male friends who was very … friendly. This thing has caused an asthma attack to our young man. Every time he come up and see the pictures or comments  the crisis repeats again. The boy suffered from asthma for a long time, but he control it through medication. Doctors who examined the case say that mental stress and anxiety can cause some serious asthma crises, so that their recommendation for teenager was a break up.

Even if Facebook is a social networking, psychologists say that online conversations are not comparable with real interaction. When you sit at the computer  you are isolated and the isolation has many effects on health. Risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer or stroke is higher among lonely people.

The conclusion is that those who spend too much time on Facebook may have health problems, especially  the people  whho are generally sedentary and have a bad diet.