Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review – Does it Work?

In the modern-day way of life, back pains have actually become extremely usual among people of every ages and gender. Whether you are a male or a woman, having back problems can take away your peace, and also limit your motion in lots of possible ways. Criticize the way of life problems or job tensions, but the truth is that lack of regular exercises have actually resulted in a radical boost in the lot of chronic back pain situations reported in the last 5 years.

While conventional physicians often suggest surgical procedures as the last hope, it is always better to choose less all-natural and intrusive techniques to deal with such a sensitive issue like back pain.

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Baseding on recent data, back pains influence every 8 out of 10 people at one point of time in their life. There can be numerous factors, yet a few of the most usual ones consist of falling, lifting weights or severe mishaps. Growing age is another irrepressible factors for advancement of lower pain in the back in grownups. As we age, the physical body’s adaptability level lowered bring about damaged muscle mass. Permit’s look at various back ache sources at a look:.

  • Back injuries.
  • Maturing.
  • Mechanical spinal issues.
  • Growths.
  • Persistent states like arthritis, renal system stones, endometriosis, pregnancy, spondylolisthesis, back stenosis etc.

Just what Is Back Pain Relief 4 Life?

The Pain in the back Relief 4 Life is an eBook created with an objective to assist individuals get rid of their chronic pain in the back problems.

It contains methods and methods that can make you obtain steady alleviate from your pain in the back and get your life back to normal.

This reliable program includes detailed video clip tutorials and quick guides, which should be adhered to with decision to see great results. Pain in the back Relief 4 Life offers methods to get relief from the following types of back problems.

  • Pressures.
  • Lumps.
  • Disc Herniation.
  • Strains.
  • Spinal Constriction.
  • Spondylolysis.

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  • You acquire all updates of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life overview.
  • It utilizes professional technique to discuss the ideas.
  • The guarantee and service provided in this program exceeds all the other items available in the market.
  • It offers useful ideas based upon genuine truths and helpful alternatives.
  • It is versatile and feature-packed item.
  • It is incredibly individual friendly and most likely to be made use of.
  • It is portable, meanings you could carry it throughout your smartphone, mobile tool PC or other movable tool.
  • Most recent attributes with every release.
  • Simple to run.
  • Secure and quite easy to download.


  • You’ll need to review all the web pages to locate your specific states and act as necessary.
  • You’ll have to determine and select your procedure yourself.
  • It demands to invest a lot of time reading.
  • Readily available simply in ebook style.


In conclusion, the Back Pain Relief 4 Life System is an useful, greater appropriately, and wonderful product that will eradicate all of your back discomfort troubles within weeks. With best usage of this program, you can bring your life back to typical. It has actually assisted millions overcome their back pain and now it’s your turn to try it out.

5 Tips To Lose Stomach Fat – Does it Work?

Does 5 Tips To Lose Stomach Fat Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a Review of Caleb Lee’s Product:

5 Tips To Lose Stomach Fat is a program created by fitness guru Caleb Lee. It includes some innovative techniques for burning off pounds of flab and getting into the best shape of your life. . Caleb’s methods may be somewhat unorthodox, but he offers a complete explanation of how they work, and why they are superior to many of the more common fat loss methods you may be familiar with.

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Most weight loss guides recommend a lot of cardio or aerobic exercise combined with a low carb/low calorie diet.

Caleb’s recommendations are a complete 180 from this approach, as he recommends performing a variety of different bodyweight exercises done in specific ways to burn off unwanted fat while increasing your muscle mass.

The program is completely customizable based on your current level of fitness and mobility, and since it uses bodyweight exercises you will not need to have access to a gym or own your own equipment. You may initially be puzzled by some of his recommendations, but as you progress with the course you’ll start to see the methods behind his (apparent) madness.

Caleb includes complete instructions for each and every exercise, and explains what the benefits of each exercise are. The guide is very easy to follow, and is written in terms that even a complete fitness novice will understand.

Why I Recommend 5 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat

  • Caleb is obviously a knowledgeable authority on fitness and weight loss, and his expertise is evident throughout the book.
  • The book contains a lot more than just 5 tips; it is a complete guide to losing weight, building lean muscle tissue, and improving your health. The guide also includes video files where you can watch each exercise being performed.
  • The guide will work for individuals of any age and experience level. Everything in the program is completely customizable, and this is in no way a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • There are some awesome bonuses that come with the program that will help you turbo-charge your results.
  • It’s not just another rehashed guide that recommends hours of cardio and a near-starvation diet. Caleb’s methods are nothing short of brilliant, and the exercise program is actually a lot of fun, and quite challenging.

As mentioned above, you get a lot more than just the eBook when you purchase Caleb’s guide. Below is a list of everything you’ll receive with your purchase.

  1. The main 125-page guide that contains the meat of the program
  2. The 24-hour Superdiet eBook
  3. The World’s Most Effective Fat Burning Workouts.
  4. The Common Mistakes People Make That Kill Their Results eBook.
  5. An eBook full of healthy dessert recipes
  6. A quick start guide to start you off on the right foot.
  7. The complete video exercise database
  8. Two more weight loss guides

Restore My Blood Pressure Review – Is it Worth it?

High blood pressure is one of the biggest threats to our way of life today. It’s not called the silent killer for no reason. High blood pressure could be a ticking time bomb that is waiting to go off at any time and many of those at risk don’t even know it. Once you know you have high blood pressure, you can start to do something about it.

The Restore My Blood Pressure book is created by Michael Warner, who was a walking time bomb for high blood pressure, diabetes, and even probably an early grave.

Restore My Blood Pressure review on is based on the experience of a real user – Sam, who used to suffer from high blood pressure before finding out the real solution for his problem within Michael Warner’s e-book. The main guide of Restore My Blood Pressure program contains 7 chapters which cover all basic information about e-guide, such as the hidden dangers of this condition, understanding of blood pressure, root causes, and natural ways to deal with the problem.

In fact, according to Sam, this Restore My Blood Pressure program is chock-full of tips as well as strategies to get him lower blood pressure. We both know that high blood pressure is called the “silent killer” as much of the damage it causes to the human cardiovascular system, kidneys, brains, and other organs does not instantly present any noticeable signs like discomfort or pain.

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How Does It Work?
When it comes to high blood pressure, the list of life-threatening conditions that are directly caused by this problem is stunning. Maybe, the greatest damage caused by high blood pressure is the damage of the vessels which move the blood around the human body.

That is why, in this program, the author – Michael Warner – stresses the importance of foods towards the development and the treatment of this condition.

Within the e-guide, you are about to discover the hidden dangers of high blood pressure which are heart diseases, kidney dysfunctions, brain damage and even problems in the bedroom and by how these problems will shorten your life span fast.


It’s a listing of a few of the most important elements of the Restore My Blood Pressure Program:

  • Everything is really simple to read as well as understand. You’ll be able to place it in your mobile phone or even any kind of device you would like to get it convenient when you want it.
  • Regardless how old you are, the methods you discover inside Restore My Blood Pressure are secure and efficient to work with all kind of age group!
  • You’ll obtain a few of bonus deals together with a method to remedy heart problems, one on weight loss rapidly, an ebook of over Fifty healthful formulas, and other nutrition and diet instructions an info. There is indeed a lot of things provided for everyone who really wants to get interested in their own health and achieving their high blood pressure levels under control.
  • Best aspect of the entire thing is purchasing with full confidence since you realize you’ve got a full Two months to test this program and still be capable of getting a refund. Whether it doesn’t do the job, only get a full money back guarantee!


When making the decision regarding investing in a production, make sure that you bear in mind a few of the items you may have by using it.

Here’s a listing of a few things I experienced may be really worth considering or even thinking about a little more prior to buying:

  • Clearly it effects everyone differently as their specific health requirements. Therefore it’s necessary for remember that outcomes about how quick you’ll observe outcomes will be different. Generally, this program states you want a month for the best outcomes. Provided get Sixty days to ask for your money back, there’s plenty of time for most of us to understand when they will get outcomes.

Home Skin Whitening In-Depth Review

I have long looked for a Home Skin Whitening information and/ or product so I need not rely on chemicals to lighten my skin.

I have an inherent apprehension about the cosmetics available for this purpose, especially after reading so much about the after effects chemicals have on your skin in particular and your body in general. I was gifted this eBook by my sister and I cannot stop praising it. I am writing this review to ensure that others too, can benefit from its invaluable guidance.

This Home Skin Whitening review will take you through the merits and demerits of this eBook to help you decide whether or not this is a suitable product for your use. I have used this eBook and the review here represents my opinion about it.

This eBook is written by Dr Shah and Laura Jefferson, MD, a leading dermatologist who has researched for long years – about three decades to be more accurate – to rediscover skin whitening recipes and put together formulas that use exclusively natural ingredients. Each one of the formulas and recipes that found their way in this eBook has been tried and tested for accuracy.

Product Details


The Home Skin Whitening is an eBook written with passion. As with every product of passion, it is close to perfection. The authors have ensured that the information is accurate and true and that it can be understood and used easily by anyone who wants to acquire white and blemish free skin.

It comes with a 60-day guarantee that implies the authors’ confidence in the product. Priced at $37 this eBook does provide high value for money since the simple recipes and formulas are easy to put together and use – and what is most important, work exceptionally well.

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What If The Most Effective Home Skin Whitening Program By Laura Jefferson MD & Dr. Shah Don’t Work For Me?

Inside the Laura Jefferson home skin whitening manual, you’re going to discover recipes which you can use to make effective mixture of creams without having to spend thousands of dollars on treatments or incur unnecessary expenses on home skin whitening by Laura Jefferson. You’re also going to discover homemade skin whitening method that you can use to improve the way you look.

Is It Safe To Invest Into Home Skin Whitening Program By Laura Jefferson MD & Dr. Shah?

Home skin whitening by Laura Jefferson uses secured channels to protect their database; they make use of clickbank as their payment portal. Clickbank is one of the best credit card payment processor that you can find on the internet. Because, they make use of the latest security measures to protect their database. This is a confirmation that no one can be able to have access into your payment details except for the bank which is responsible for the processing of your transactions.


Among the many advantages the Home Skin Whitening offers you are:

  • Extensive information about skin and the factors that contribute to its health;
  • Step-by-step guide on how to put together the formulas and recipes that help in skin whitening;
  • Enlightens you about what harms your skin, so you could avoid these factors and/ or ingredients in the future;
  • Provides explicit diet programs to suit your skin and ensure its best health;
  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can try the recipes/ formulas without any risk;
  • The recipes consist of 100 percent natural ingredients that really work;

While it is advertised as a source of information for lightening the skin, the eBook also provides a wealth of information about how to improve your skin in the face of other very serious problems such as blotchy lifeless skin, aging, skin staining, brown spots and so on.

– All the recipes and formulas have been tried and tested, and hence there are no surprises.

6 minutes to skinny Review: Truth Exposed

As many overweight people know, our bodies aren’t machines. They don’t respond in quite the way you predict to simple changes indiet and lifestyle.

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on diet programs, personal trainers, gym memberships and special weight loss pills and still get no results. Sweating your tush off with exercise every day doesn’t cut it for everyone, either.

The 6 Minutes to Skinny program is split into a series of short, informative videos. Each video contains a condensed presentation on a specific topic, so you can pick and choose what to watch when.

Rather than having to wade through a bunch of information you don’t care about, you can jump right in and get started on your favorite topic.

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Looking to shape your legs? Try video 2 — it contains a simple exercise that will shape your things and butt with the minimum time and effort. Looking to lose weight all over? Video 7 explains how you can do a series of movements and unlock your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms.

6 Magical Staples of 6 Minutes to Skinny

The program itself tends to be a magnum opus of all quick and healthy weight loss and body shaping methods. Going by experience, they all work. They are as follows…

1. Be S-M-A-R-T to Get Noticed

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Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound, that’s what SMART stands for. Motivation is just not enough for most cases. Whatever it is that you are aiming, make sure that it is highly feasible. In the context of weight loss, you can start by setting all your expectations realistically.

For starters, measure the desired weight that you want to lose on a weekly basis. Match this with the extent of activity and discipline that your well-being could handle. You don’t need to start in huge steps, small ones could spell the difference between losing 10 lbs in a week than nothing at all.

And don’t forget to take pictures of yourself everyday as this will help determine the gradual fall of your weight should you have done things successfully bit by bit. As such, people should notice the difference, particularly those who haven’t seen you for a while — compliments are to come your way.

The Penguin Method Review: Truth Revealed

The Penguin Method developed by the famous Samantha Sanderson has the ability to learn how to both understand and decode men without ever having to ask.

Penguins are the embodiment of faithfulness, loyalty and devotion. This program got its name from discerning how the penguins live their lives.

The penguins mate for life and the male penguin can go to extraordinary lengths to capture the concentration and attentiveness of the female penguin exhibiting adoration and deep affection while guarding and taking care of its infant for as long as they get to life.

The system consists of The Masculine Mind Mapper which helps a woman lay bare the unseen and concealed meaning behind everything their man says or does not say, considered to be one of its best techniques.

Another great technique is The Law of Sexual Attraction which flickers immense feelings of lust and desire in the man of your dreams.

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Is this program for women in relationships, or single women?
Samantha’s program could be used just as effectively by both single women, and women in relationships. There is a bunch of content specifically for single women on how to meet great men, have great dates and so forth, that you. wouldn’t really need if you are already in a relationship with the guy that you want to use this on… but it’s there if you need it. For women who are already married or already in long term relationships this program is ideal for getting your man to actually start acting like he is EXCITED about the relationship and not just going through the motions..

Check out Video testimonials

Is The Penguin Method easy to use?
One thing that I have found very frustrating about alot of the women’s relationship guides that I have reviewed is the fact that while they present good information, there is very little structure, and no clear plan for you to follow. That’s one of the reasons I like the Penguin Method so much. Samantha has a very clear and easy to follow 3-step “shortcut” that you can use to 0get your man to develop this “habit of love”.

Is this any different from XYZ relationship guide?
There are a lot of relationship programs out there these days – most of which I have reviewed on this site! One reason I was excited to review the Penguin Method is because it is very different and unique in both its approach and also with the result that it intends for you to acheive. This isn’t rerally a product to get a lot of male attention or anything like that, it’s all about getting that one guy you want to become “penguin-like” in the way he courts you, commits to you, loves you and so forth…


It could be used by anyone

Due to the fact that this product is based on the belief that every woman deserves a man who would love her for the rest of her life, any woman could take advantage of the system. It doesn’t matter how old they are, the size of the dress they put on, whether they’ve been divorced, or rejected for a million of times. With the Penguin Method, you’ll be guided on the right path, making sure that your man would only set his eyes on you. Not just that, who knows, he might put a great deal of effort just to show how much he loves you every single day.

Memory Healer Program Review – DOES IT WORK?

What is the Memory Healer program? Can you really treat diseases like Alzheimer’s And Dementia? Read Alexander Lynch’s Memory Healer Review and find out.

The Memory Healer program is authored by Dr. Ron Goldman and Alexander Lynch and has gained amazing appreciation from the users since its launch. Being specialists in the discipline, the authors have carefully designed their product to improve and even enhance memory power of individuals.

Since memory loss is a disastrous thing that usually occurs as a person approaches his late years, it can still happen to young people due to any reason. Avoiding situations like this and taking appropriate precautions can help improvise health and mind simultaneously. Alexander and Dr. Ron Goldman have provided valuable information in the product for customers to benefit from every bit of it.

Features of Memory Healer Program

The authors providing useful information in the Memory Healer program have also kept their product budget friendly so everyone could benefit from it.

Apart from its affordable cost, the product’s official website is created to be safe for the visitors. The secure environment created to satisfy the visitors may attract many of them to buy the product and even refer it to others.

Customer satisfaction is the real deal for any publisher and so is the case with the Memory Healer program developers. They have also ensured a 60 day money refund guarantee to comfort customers.

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60 Money Back Guarantee

What is the use of such a guarantee as no one can ensure what happens after the product is bought? This question may arise in minds of most visitors and readers. This is a fact which nobody of us can deny that there are plenty of scam cases being heard over the internet every other day. For the security and safety of customers, programmers and publishers ensure their customers with the money back guarantee. But in some cases, these guarantees do not work even.

Are there Any Risks Involved?

What if the publisher regrets the payment ever made by his customer or denies his claim? Here’s where worries start from in most people’s minds. To avoid such circumstances, a thorough review survey should be made on any product beforehand. Read and judge plenty of written stuff over the internet about the concerned product and only then decide what is good. Till now the reviews coming up for the Memory healer say that the refund policy is secure and safe. Bloggers have mentioned about the policy over and over again to satisfy the audience. Once the product is bought and proves to be beneficial, there is no question about the refunding money but the reverse case may create fuss.

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There are a lot of methods that can help improve memory in less time and the effective ones are described in the Memory Healer program. Enhancing one’s own memory is also as interesting as bringing back one’s memory. The Memory Healer program is purposed to be authorized for both reasons. Inspiration is what keeps the customers following the program till the target is achieved. The outcomes of the memory improvisation can be seen from 3 weeks of starting the program. Improvements that can be seen within a month from start will be amazing as the reviews say. Betterment in psychological memory also improves emotional sense and broadens an individual’s mind to think effectively.

Who Can Benefit From Memory Healer Program?

Anyone suffering from memory loss or a poor memory may benefit from the Memory Healer program. Relief from Alzheimer, referred to as the lack of memorizing ability, is the main target to achieve from this program. The authors being specialized in the discipline know very well about the causes and treatments related to it.

The Memory Healer program is better than over the counter medicines that are of no use. Affordability and effectiveness is what takes lead for the Memory Healer program. Moreover the refund will further ensure that the program is safer to approach compared to other programs or products.

What Could Cause Hurdle in Product’s Purchase?

The lack of knowledge about the program may create hurdles in purchasing the product. Online products most often do not get enough response due to the lack of advertisement and this makes them seem scam. Although there are many scam ones there too, reliable programs also fall in the same category unfortunately.

Why Buy Memory Healer?

Improving memory power has always been a dream for some people and here’s the chance to benefit from the Memory Healer. The specialist authors of the program must have left no questions unanswered in their program. Alzheimer can be cured with the product within months and people should even try it for further memory enhancement to avoid memory loss or poor memory in old age. Memory is a blessing and we realize this only when it is lost. Grab the program before it is too late and rebuild memory in matter of few months. 

The Drama Method Review – Does it Work?

What Is The Drama Method By Aaron Fox?

The Drama Method by Aaron Fox gives you instant access to a downloadable PDF ebook, corresponding audio, and 3 bonus reports which reveal a step-by-step system along with strange tricks and clever techniques for using drama to make a man intensely desire you.

Using these techniques you will develop the uncanny ability to make a guy experience “extreme love” when he’s around you and the “emotional highs” that will keep him interested for as long as you want him to be.  It’s about finally getting the love, admiration, and attention from that one special guy you’ve always craved.   

Does The Drama Method Really Work And Do Men Actually Respond Positively To Drama?

Visit the official website: Download The ” Drama Method” Book

Creating drama with men is bad…REALLY BAD…right?  I always thought so, but it turns out that may not always be the case…

In fact, according to Aaron Fox, creator of the Drama Method, you can actually use a special kind of drama in your relationship that significantly magnifies a man’s love and attraction for you. 

It can help you regain the interest of a man who has gone cold.  It can build more passion with the man you are currently with. It can help you keep a guy interested so he doesn’t get bored with you over time. 

It can compel a guy to call you, so you never have to deal with guys who say they are going to call and then flake out.  It can make a man see you as super-hot and sexy even if you don’t think you’re very good looking.  And a whole lot of other stuff too…

Those are just some examples, and I swear Aaron has a “trick” for turning around just about every relationship dilemma you might find yourself in with a man…and every one of them uses drama.  Good drama, not the “oh, by the way, I slept with your best friend” type of drama.  It’s crazy.

Visit Aaron Fox’s Official website

Is The Drama Method Right For You?

If you want to have better relationships with men and have the desire to make men want you more, then the Drama Method is for you.

Investing in the Drama Method gives you access to the ultra-clever techniques of Aaron Fox whose unique approach to using drama to intensify your relationships with men is refreshingly strange, weirdly addicting, and deliciously controversial.  With an open mind I think you’ll be both excited and somewhat alarmed by the way men respond to you once you implement Aaron’s methods.

In the end, I was super glad this came across my desk for review because it’s one of the most interesting and innovative “relationship guides” I’ve come across in a long time.

Definitely gets a thumbs up from

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review: Does it Work?


This diet plan is designed to lose large amounts of fat in a very short time through calorie restriction and calorie burning. It’s a very intense plan that will result in the loss of 25 pounds in 25 days when followed precisely.


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It very cleverly avoids the survival mode syndrome common to most quick weight loss diets through the use of “cheat days.” In fact, you will finish the plan after 25 days with a higher metabolic rate than when you start.

Included in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is adequate provision for consumption of appropriate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients.


Visit the official website  – Download Xtreme Fat Loss Diet System

1. IT WORKS! You WILL lose a large amount of fat in a very short time.

2. The plan provides for appropriate levels of vitamins and other nutrients so you won’t suffer damage from deficiencies.

3. The plan comes with complete, easy to read instructions on every aspect of the program.

4. The “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet” has been put together by Joel Marion, a dedicated nutrition expert who has spent years developing this strategy. The plan is thoroughly researched and tested,  and is even used by advanced industry experts.

5. The plan bypasses the negative issues caused by using just any quick weight loss diet. In this regard, Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is truly ingenious in how it utilizes the body’s own mechanisms to burn fat quickly without being injurious.

6. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is sold with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Xtreme Fat Loss Diet system is based on a specific diet and exercise plan that lasts for 25 days – called strategic synergy. It works by combining the power of intermittent fasting, cheat days and strategic workouts to prime your body into the best possible state for fat loss. This is done in a 5 day cycle.

I know how well intermitted fasting works and how important having cheat days can be. Combine that with workouts that are specifically designed for how you are eating and you can lose a considerable amount of fat.

Okay so I’ve got the background on the program, now I wanted to know….

Who Is Joel Marion? …..and can I trust him?

When I was first researching what products I was going to review, I picked a few by authors I knew nothing about and a few by authors who I did know something about.

I tend to lean towards people I trust when buying things online, and that’s why I identified Joel as one of the people I would take a look at. Now, it wasn’t Joel I directly lay my trust in. I actually first heard about Joel through Craig Ballantyne (Author & Creator of Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution). Craig is one of the few people I listen to in the fitness industry, so when he recommends someone I tend to have a lower ‘Wall-of-Trust’ up than if someone else was to do the same.

But with that said, I still like to know exactly who the person is I am buying a product from.

Joel started his fitness venture around the age of 19. When he started, he admits to falling into the same trap most people fall in to when the first take up fitness – long gym sessions. In fact he actually admits to spending 2 hours in the gym every day.

Anyway, after finally realizing he was doing something wrong, he decided to bite the bullet and hire a coach to help him out.

He went from spending 2 hours a day in the gym to spending 2 hours a week in the gym – only then did he start seeing results.

Like a lot of people who change their lives round due to health and fitness, Joel decided to go and get himself qualified. He is now a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist – with an honours degree in Exercise Science to boot.

Suspension Revolution Workout Program Review

What is Suspension Revolution 2.0?

Suspension revolution is an extreme exercise program by Dan Long, a suspension-training professional, life coach, fitness expert and coach and the developer and owner of kill mode Training co, that assures to blast away persistent fat and tone muscles.
The program focuses on suspension training, a kind of resistant training that includes making use of ropes and webbing the bodyweight. Suspension training will not just assist you construct muscles and burn persistent fat, but will certainly assist you get improved strength, versatility and balance.

Dan offers 191 special suspension workouts and 27 metabolic workouts and finishers to help you burn fat even in your sleep. Dan describes that standard workout programs leaves one tired and generally takes long prior to you can see outcomes. With Suspension Revolution, results are optimum and quick.

Product details

Download Suspension Revolution 2.0 Click here

The program comes in a set of PDF’s and videos explaining different suspension exercises and metabolic workouts to turn your body into a fat burning machine. The program comes with:

  • Week Beginner Workout Program – This PDF manual gives clear workouts and exercises to trigger the muscles to wake up and prepare them for next training level. This phase will get your muscles ready for the intense exercises and workout that lie ahead.
  • Week Intermediate Program – Once the muscles are prepared and strong enough, this phase moves you onto new and progressive workouts. The exercises are meant to avoid a plateau and bring on new stimuli. To avoid hitting a plateau, Dan provides different exercises to ensure your body continues to burn fat and chisels lean, sexy muscle.
  • Week Suspension Revolution – After eight weeks of training the body is now ready for the “kill mode”. This phase takes you into full throttle fat loss mode. Dan provides advanced exercises and suspension techniques to break your fat loss record and help you tone muscles you weren’t even aware you had. You will get toned arms, shoulders and a tighter belly.
  • Strap – after burn finishers- Dan includes finishers at the end to maximize everything. In this final phase, he teams up with Mike Whitfield, a finisher expert to make this part interesting by providing effective after- burn finishers you can tag with any of the suspension workouts to replace the conventional boring intervals and cardio.
  • Bonus video – The video shows 10 suspension exercises to help burn fat and transform your body into levels impossible with any other workout program. You can integrate these amazing workouts in any of the workout phases.

The phases are meant to ensure that your body gets maximal results from the program. By starting gradually, your body is readied for intense workouts that lay ahead in the phases ahead before delving into more intense workouts to burn fat and tone muscles.

Visit Dan Long’s Official website (Customer testimonials, free guides and Video tutorials)


  • The program is well written, comprehensive and easy to follow. It contains the best techniques and workouts to increase fat loss, gain muscle and stamina clearly explained throughout the different phases. You can’t go wrong if you follow the program to the latter.
  • Dan provides exercises and workouts that are different from anything you can find out there. The program contains workouts that will force the body to use muscles that normally lie dormant. This increases your body’s energy needs making it easier for you to get rid of stubborn fats that refuse to go.
  • Since the program works dormant muscles, you will lose fat even in your sleep. Suspension Revolution awakens the dormant muscles that keep you away from your dream body meaning that you will lose fat even in your sleep unlike other programs.
  • The program takes you through different phases; from the beginner to intermediate phase. This means that the risk of injury is minimized since the body gradually gets used to the different levels without stress.
  • 60 – Day money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the results. If you don’t see the results you are looking for, you can request for a full refund.
  • Dan is a suspension training and fitness expert. The exercise and workouts given have been tried and tested on different people including athletes and actors and are proven to work. Through examining his client’s results and fine tuning, Dan designed the best solution for people looking for the best way to lose stubborn fat and get toned muscles.


  • The program isn’t easy. It requires hard work and dedication for best results. You have to follow the different exercises and workouts detailed in the program to lose fat and build muscles.
  • Suspension training isn’t for everyone. It’s for the dedicated people looking to get an edge into their workouts. The program isn’t a quick fat loss solution. You have to be patient and ready to earn the results.

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