Kyle Leon’s Best Tips To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Daily Gossip interviewed Kyle Leon to find out more about his personalized fat loss program. The professional body trainer revealed some of the secret tips and tricks he normally uses to help his clients get rid of cellulite. Read the full article to learn how to stay in shape this summer.

Very few people are familiar with Kyle Leon’s Fat Loss software, but those who have had the opportunity to test it, have been very pleased with the results they have obtained. The program is the only one at present that guarantees unique, customized fat loss schemes for each and every user.

According to Leon, the mistake that people often make when trying to lose weight is that they resort to the same diets as most people. What may be good for one person is not always right for another one; therefore, Leon suggests his clients to adopt a program that is more appropriate for their body shape and their lifestyles.

After lengthy researches, Kyle Leon has discovered six main categories of bodies that he has included in his Fat Loss program. Subscribers will, therefore, receive a series of questions they will have to answer the moment they create their Fat Loss accounts.

Based on the answers they provide, the program can determine the body type of a respective person and which method will have better results. Your body measures, your daily schedule and your favorite food are some of the details you may have to insert in the software before getting access to the customized diet and physical exercises.

Depending on the pieces of information you provide, the program will come up with a list of products you should consume and the correct quantities. This way, you don’t have to restrain from consuming your favorite dishes as you will never get fat as long as you observe the quantities provided by the software.

The Weight Loss diet is complemented by a list of physical exercises you should practice to diminish fatness, tone muscles and get rid of cellulite. Your skin condition will be significantly improved as long as you consume the right products for your body type.

There is no universal recipe, when it comes to losing weight, but Kyle Leon’s Fat Loss software can be applied to everyone simply because it creates unique solutions for every person. Thanks to the individual program offered by Leon, you will be able to lose weight and get ready for the summer holiday.
1. Personalized body solutions
2. Diversified list of food and exercises

1. Does not take into consideration possible diseases
2. Ingredients are hard to find outside America

Generic OxyContin Banned by FDA to Stop Painkiller Abuse

Generic OxyContin products and manufactures have been banned by FDA from selling in the US market following longtime requests by the original OxyContin producer and health organizations asking the agency to stop painkiller abuse.

Oftentimes, painkiller abuse in the US has been referred to as a major plaque sweeping the US, with estimates pointing to a death toll of 15,000 individuals per year because of prescription pill overdoses. The CDC went as far as declaring painkiller abuse as an epidemic. On the overall, prescription drug abuse has been estimated to cost a whopping $524 billion a year (, as addiction to tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and a desire to forget about the everyday nuisances have been pushing the overall prescription pill abuse by 400 percent over the past 13 years.

With that in mind and seeing as recent data places prescription painkiller abuse among American teens today 40 percent higher than the previous generation, banning the generic version of the crushable OxyContin, is just one step of many that should be in place to come. The crushable generic version of OxyContin was the easiest way addicts could abuse of the painkiller. In Kentucky alone, nearly 1,000 residents die each year because of prescription-pill abuse, mainly crushed and snorted OxyContin.

“The development of abuse-deterrent opioid analgesics is a public health priority for the FDA” said Douglas Throckmorton M.D. and deputy director with the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA regulatory programs. “While both original and reformulated OxyContin are subject to abuse and misuse, the FDA has determined that reformulated OxyContin can be expected to make abuse by injection difficult and expected to reduce abuse by snorting compared to original OxyContin” he added.

It’s a decision that Kentucky law enforcement and health advocators have taken well. “I think (it) saves lives” said Karen Kelly, president and CEO of Operation UNITE Eastern Kentucky. “Preventing this from hitting the streets is a major victory” she added. A similar statement was released by Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway who said he is “extremely pleased that the FDA heeded the bipartisan advice of state attorneys general and policymakers throughout Kentucky and elsewhere”.

Annette Funicello’s Death Caused by Multiple Sclerosis Complications

Many of you might not remember Annette Funicello, but the death of the former Mouseketeer actress raises awareness for more than 400,000 Multiple Sclerosis patients in the United States. Annette Funicello’s death at 70 was caused by Multiple Sclerosis complications.

Annette Funicello became famous thanks to her part in “The Mickey Mouse Club” and even if it was more than half a century ago, her death and longtime struggle with Multiple Sclerosis is putting under the spotlight a condition that impacts millions worldwide and several hundred thousands in the USA. There is no cure and for longtime patients there is constantly a struggle between relapse and relief, heavy medication and their side-effects.

For Annette Funicello it’s been a long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. She was first diagnosed in 1987, but it wasn’t until 1992 that she informed the public about her condition, the year that she launched The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases. Since the 90’s, the actress has been making fewer and fewer public appearances as the MS symptoms and episodes increased in intensity and duration.

People first reported that the Mouseketeer was in a coma and was kept on life support before passing away. Her daughter told Extra Blog: “She’s on her toes dancing in heaven. No more MS. My brothers and I were there, holding her sweet hands when she left us”. The actress died at 70 “from complications due to multiple sclerosis, a disease she battled for over 25 years” reads a press release from Disney.

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that makes the immune system attack the myelin sheath, causing damage to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms vary from one person to another, but according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine, most common are fatigue, tremors, vision and memory problems, numbness, pain, depression, whereas complications range from epilepsy to paralysis. There is no cure for MS, but the FDA has approved 10 drug therapies meant to slow the progression of the disease. Natural treatments for Multiple Sclerosis have become a lot more appealing to many patients, as they avert the damaging side-effects of drugs.

Annette Funicello became popular as a Mouseketeer, but her music and beach party movies helped skyrocket her popularity in the 50s and 60s. Beach Party” (1963), “Muscle Beach Party” (1964), “Bikini Beach” (1964), “Beach Blanket Bingo” (1965), and “How to Stuff a Wild Bikini” (1965) were quite popular back then, as they gradually revealed more and more of America’s favorite girl.

Muscle Spasm And Stiffness in Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease with many variations, and the symptoms depend on which part of the central nervous system is affected. There is no pattern to MS and everyone with MS has a different set of symptoms that vary over time and can change intensity and duration, even in the same person. Muscle spasm and stiffness are part of the symptoms very common in Multiple Sclerosis in more than three-quarters of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Muscle spasm affects many aspects of daily life. For example, it can affect walking, the state in the chair or turning in bed. Comfort can affect sexual desire and mood in general. Vary from one episode to another, from one day to another, from one time to another.

What is spasticity?
In a normal move a muscle group relaxes while another contracts. Spasticity occurs when multiple muscle groups contract simultaneously, causing musxle spasms and stiffness. Spasticity causes a range of symptoms that are uncontrollable, embarrassing and sometimes painful.

-more frequently may occur in one of the leg or hand and may hinder normal activities, especially delicate movements of the hand or fingers.
-if hardness affects leg muscles, walking will be more difficult.
-as a good thing some people find that hardness can compensates stiffness and muscle weakness which makes standing and walking more easier.
-despite stiff limbs, it is likely that muscles may be very weak.

These uncontrollable muscle contractions are very painful indeed. Can be a pretty serious problem during the night and sometimes strong enough that you can wake up your partner, throwing him on the bed. Or arching limbs twitch violently, also a spasmodic back arches in both chair or bed. The result of these spasms is fatigue.

It is often associated with spasticity. If there is often associated with spasms, rigid muscles due to incorrect body positions during the day or sleep.

Spasticity control:
– it involves a combination of medication, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and Multiple Sclerosis patients should avoid factors which are causing symptoms.
– it involves more people and more time.
– drug therapy also involves several attempts to find the appropriate dose of the drug.

Factors causing spasticity
-infections, constipation, full bladder, pain, bruising, urticaria, skin irritation, changes in humidity or temperature, tight clothing, coughing and sneezing.

Multiple Sclerosis sufferes can get advice and help in controlling these factors at Multiple Sclerosis center, to the family doctor, neurologist or treating physician.

Hemp Oil – A Healthy Way To Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Hemp seed oil can be seen as the ingredient that does wonders for your health. Hemp oil is the only oil which does not contain saturated fatty acids, and it is formed in approximately 90% by unsaturated fatty acids. Hemp seed oil contains linoleic acid (omega-6) at a rate of 50-60% alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) in 15-20%.

Report linoleic acid  alpha-linolenic acid, unique and natural combination of meets the recommended daily need of fatty acids. Along with these compounds, hemp oil contains about 2-6% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Hemp seed oil helps maintain health and beauty every day, because the optimum ratio of omega 3 and omega 6, which makes it very compatible with the human body.
Hemp Oil - A Healthy Way To Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Ten years ago, researchers discovered the existence of cannabinoids receptors in the brain. These receptors have been identified mainly in the central nervous system and the immune system. So-called endogenous cannabinoids, cannabis-like substances, forms the subject of recent research. These compounds can be synthesized by the body. At the cortical level it plays an important role in promoting inter-neuronal contacts, enabling memory and cognitive processes.

Why hemp Cannabis sativa is not illegal
Hemp seeds obtained by hybridization (Cannabis sativa hemp useful =) do not contain THC, which has no side effect on consciousness, but has many other positive effects. Seed extract is consistent with the EU rules and regulations.

What are the areas that show the beneficial effect of hemp seeds
-Symptomatic treatment of chronic diseases of neurotic nature (based on nerve) such as Multiple sclerosis.
-Mitigation of menstrual pain.
-Treatment of symptomatic articular inflammatory processes.
-Parkinson’s disease.
-Glaucoma (green cataracts)
-Rheumatoid arthritis.
-Inflammation of skin tissue.
-Relief of cough.
-Dystonia (disruption of muscle tone).
-The process of muscle regeneration in athletes.
-Treatment of dry skin.
-Lowers cholesterol levels. Successfully reduce blood pressure and regulate blood flow.
-Positively influences work-organs and stimulates the immune system.

Hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of hemp and is one of the healthiest natural oils. In countries such as Britain, Germany or Canada is constantly used in food, due to the ideal 31 ratio between essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. The imbalance between omega 6 and omega 3 predispose to obesity, fatigue, depression, cardiovascular disease and skin illness. It has been calculated that in the modern diet, the ratio of the two essential fatty acids reach up to 201, far from the optimum.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil helps maintain healthy the nervous system. Essential fatty acids are needed for healthy structure of cell membranes, especially nerve cells, is vital to the myelin sheath (the one that insulates nerve cells). For this reason it is recommended for those who already are suffering from demyelinating process such as multiple sclerosis patients.

MS and sexuality

It is not surprise that people with Multiple Sclerosis reports a decline in their sexual activity. When you’re tired, you have muscle spasms and bladder control problems, who would think about sex?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease with whom thousands of people lives day by day, over the entire lifetime. If the disability is less happy or not occur at all, the lifestyle of the patient and his family will not be modified at all. The impairment of life depends on the severity of symptoms and the frequency of their event.

But here are some steps that Multiple Sclerosis sufferers can follow if they are looking to improve their sexual function and intimacy.

How Multiple Sclerosis affects sex life? Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is an inherited disease, although there is a genetic predisposition, which explains the higher frequency in families in which the disease is existing. Multiple Sclerosis is not contagious. There are generally affected young adults, early manifestations of the general age is between 29-33 years, but this area is much wider, from 10 to 59 years.

Although there is a pattern of Multiple Sclerosis among symptoms can be include: disorders of vision, the muscle tone and the senses, problems with balance and coordination of movements, spasms, speech problems, urinary problems, bowel and sexual dysfunction. Changes in sexual function are the result of neurological and psychological disorders of Multiple Sclerosis.

Neurological Disorders Sexual arousal begins in the nervous system, as the nervous system sends messages to the sexual organs along nerve pathways in the spinal cord. Neurological changes in Multiple Sclerosis occurring within these pathways may directly or indirectly influence sexual function.

For example, the following symptoms may occur as a direct result of damage to the myelin sheath of the spinal cord or brain:

– Decreased sexual activity

– Abnormal genital sensations (numbness, increased sensitivity)

– Difficulty to maintain erection or inacapacitatea

– Decreased vaginal lubrication

– Decreased vaginal muscle tone

– Difficulty in ejaculation

– Problems in having an orgasm.

The following symptoms may occur as a result of physical changes or  Multiple Sclerosis treatments applied:

– Fatigue can suppress sexual desire;

– Spasticity can interfere with sexual positions and in that way can cause pain;

– Sensory changes may be unpleasant on physical contact;

– Pain during intercourse.

Psychological disorders A loss of interest in sex or intimacy can occur as a result of psychological or social problems as:

– Depression

– Sexual performance anxiety

– Changes in self-image and body image as a result of disease.

What can do a patient with Multiple Sclerosis to improve his sex life? Usually, for a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer is better to discuss with his/her partner. The most important way to treat this sexual dysfunction is by discussing to their loved one. Trusting your partner, increase intimacy and can help resolve all concerns about sex.

Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis

Through the positive effects of exercises on fatigue, pain, social contacts and self-efficacy bodily activities, the patients with Multiple Sclerosis  can favorably influence the quality of their life. This has been proven by 2 researchers of University of Illinois in the journal Health of Psychology.

Robert Motl and Edward McAuley brought 276 Multiple Sclerosis patients for seven days in an accelerometer. Volunteers have been asked a series of questions, both at its beginning, and six months later. In this study, the 2 authors tried to show the changes in body after baseline activities which have led to remarkable improvements of quality of life in Multiple Sclerosis patients.

At the end of the study data evaluation revealed that more exercise leads to less physical fatigue and pain but increased social contact and self-efficacy. In other words, these changes have led to an increased quality of life in these patients. This model confirms that physical activity influences the quality of life of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

It should not be ignored the fact that every person with Multiple Sclerosis shows a unique combination of symptoms and factors which can influence their physical condition.

Prescription of exercises in Multiple Sclerosis patients is depending on many factors, such as:

* The functional;

* Individual tolerance;

* Physical experience;

* Symptoms;

* Age related diseases;

* Access to gym equipment, etc.

Doctors advises all Multiple Sclerosis sufferers to avoid exhaustion and pain during their daily training. Also, patients with Multiple Sclerosis should avoid behavior like “do that, or you will die” and also should not forget to listen to their own body signals because they need to conserve some energy for the rest of their daily activities.

At any sign of fatigue, they should pass to a lighter exercise, or to start to work smaller muscle groups. Fatigue is not “static” – it fluctuates at different times of day, and the program may be modified or postponed on the same day. There are numerous studies showing that if exercise is performed regularly and with moderation, it reduces fatigue and it is improving their physical condition.

A good start for patients with Multiple Sclerosis would be by choosing a good program, assumed exercise that they enjoy. Furthermore they should noted their program elements, so that they could easily remember and track the hole progress by keeping a journal or drawing a graph. Exercise for patients with Multiple Sclerosis should be made at the time of the day when they are feeling more energetic, like in the morning. During exercise they need to maintain their body temperature at a low level, taking care to maintain a good hydration, good ventilation, air conditioning and adequate clothing. The purpose of exercise is to extend installation of locomotion disorders, and also to have some fun. So, it is highly recommended that patients with Multiple Sclerosis who choose to play some sports to try to do their exercises in group or to find a partner program.

Here are some recommendations for patients with Multiple Sclerosis who want to train their concentration and coordination. At the same time with them they will improve their mobility and have a great day with some fun.

Ball games such as soccer, handball or basketball requires skills, ability and coordination. These games serve more to social integration.

Gymnastic or aerobic exercise should be included in every workout. By different individual exercise programs, Multiple Sclerosis patients should do some exercise for the back muscles, the abdomen and legs. At the same time it improves strength, range of motion, muscle relaxation and coordination.

Besides swimming cycling is the healthiest sport. If there are increased balance disorders, can be mounted on the bicycle training wheels support, or  the patient can use a bicycle room. In cycling are involved all muscle groups, heart and blood circulation. There are also involved balance, coordination and reaction power.

Nordic Walking is a way of very effectively training for the whole body. Even for those who are untrained it is required perseverance. Multiple Sclerosis will form their walking aspect, but also, they will train muscular of shoulders and arms. At the same time sticks offer safety and support.

Nowadays, Pilates has turned into a sport. Training calm the entire body, can occur regardless of age or physical condition. It consists of a combination of exercises to increase concentration, coordination and physical activity.

Riding is for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis, the most appropriate sport. Will form the balance, coordination and will make them to be more sensitive. At therapeutic riding, so called hippotherapy, the characteristic movements of the horse are used to transmit different impulse on patient.

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports. Heart, blood circulation and muscles are trained. Weight in water is reduced to a tenth. This automatically leads to a loosening of joints, movement is made more easier. Swimming and gymnastics in water are indicated for specific symptoms such as paralysis, uncertain gait and impaired coordination.

Multiple Sclerosis in Children First Attack Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis in ChildrenMultiple Sclerosis is the most common neurological disease among young adults in United States, with 350,000 and 400,000 of Americans diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis disease is a demyelinating of the central nervous system which can cause a range of symptoms, including spasticity, movement disorders, fatigue, impaired bladder and bowel dysfunction, pain, depression, visual disturbances, cognitive difficulties, and dysphagia.

The clinical course of Multiple Sclerosis is usually characterized by episodic acute periods (recurrent exacerbations or attacks), gradual deterioration, or both. Episodes of neurological multiple sclerosis symptoms are often followed by neurological deficits. However, the progress and severity of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are unpredictable and vary from person to person, with a different degree of limitation of activities.

Multiple Sclerosis has been regarded for long time as a disease of young people, often diagnosed between 20 and 40. However, more and more younger sufferers come to light, and 5% of the total number of Multiple Sclerosis cases are involving children under 16. Multiple Sclerosis in childhood was equally prevalent 20 years ago, but with the advent of new technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging, is it normal that nowadays the number of children diagnosed is increasingly  high.

We know so little about this disorder in children that even now there is a delay in diagnosis, and most children with symptoms at an early age, are typically not diagnosed until their early maturity. Early diagnosis is more important than it was 20 years ago, because now, there are disease-modifying drugs that can slow disease progression. Most drugs used to treat Multiple Sclerosis in adults are also used to treat children, although more needs rebuke to determine their safety and efficacy in the ms treatment of young people.

Children living with Multiple Sclerosis

Studies show that the disease appears to be more prevalent in men until the age of 12, but after puberty it reflects a gender imbalance, with more girls diagnosed. The explanation could be the existence of a possible hormonal links with Multiple Sclerosis. Vision problems, coordination and balance seem to be predominant symptoms. Children and most youngsters are diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Like adults, children with Multiple Sclerosis can lead a completely normal life. Because they have contracted the disease from a young age does not necessarily mean that symptoms will finish earlier. In fact, studies show that the disease could be less aggressive in children. They can go to school, participate in employment full time and can have their own children. Psychological disorders can occur, especially during difficult age – in adolescence, a time when life is confusing enough already.

Some of the simplest tasks can be more difficult during relapses. Sports, going to the cinema with friends, making new friends or even going on a date can be all some major challenges. If you are a child newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, you probably do not have a clue how to tell your friends about this. How they react and how you will deal with their reaction? There is no right or wrong way to handle this situation.

As a parent, how much you tell children about his illness? Children can be hyper sensitive and even the smallest sense can worsen mood so it’s very important for parents to not allow them to believe that this is a terrible family secret. Most therapists recommend to tell the truth, taking into account what you think your child is able to understand. Older children will learn everything they need to know and something more, usually via the Internet, so honesty is always the best policy.

One Cigarette a Day Doubles Risk of Sudden Death

You’re likely very much attached to that one cigarette you allow yourself the “pleasure” of smoking at the end of a long day. But as a new study comes to suggests, that one cigarette doubles the risk of sudden heart death in women.

Smoking remains one of the top health urgency in the United States, tobacco being the biggest killer. Each year, there are about 443,000 people who die prematurely from smoking while 6 million deaths each year are linked to tobacco use. By 2015, experts estimate smoking will kill 6.5 million people. In the meanwhile, researchers are trying to solve the rest of the puzzle, finding new risk factors linked to smoking.
The study published in the journal of the American Heart Association shows that not even light smoking is safer, although for the most part people believe smoking less isn’t as harmful as going through 1 to 2 packs a day. The research conducted by researchers with the University of Alberta Canada on 101,000 US nurses over three decades found that even light-to-moderate smokers face a significant risk of dying from sudden heart problems than those who had never smoked.

“Even with a very small amount, one to 14 cigarettes per day, women’s risk of sudden cardiac death was almost two-fold higher compared to women who did not smoke” the research reads.

Basically, for every five years of continued smoking of one to 14 cigarettes a day, the risk of sudden death increased by 8 percent. Quitting smoking however, cuts the risk of sudden death to that of a person who had never smoked, but it takes two decades of cessation for that risk to be reduced.

“Sudden cardiac death is often the first sign of heart disease among women so lifestyle changes that reduce that risk are particularly important” reads a statement by lead researcher Roopinder K. Sandhu, of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. “Our study shows that cigarette smoking is an important modifiable risk factor for sudden cardiac death among all women” the researcher added.

Smoking Makes Hangovers Worse

When it comes to the best tips to cure a hangover, nothing and everything can work just as much. But knowing how to drink is the best way to make sure the next day’s hangover won’t damage you. A new study says that drinking and smoking make hangovers worse.

The cure for hangover is one of the most sought after discoveries. Many advise for different solutions, but there’s no wonder pill that would take the pain away. Others took a different approach in the search for making hangovers less distressing, by looking at what is it that makes hangovers worse. A study by researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island indicates that smoking combined with drinking is one of the factors that are likely going to make you feel worse the next day.

“Research indicates a loss of productivity in the workplace due to hangovers and that students report problems with academic performance due to hangovers, so there is a public health reason for us to study them” explained lead study author Dr. Damaris J. Rohsenow. “One of the puzzle we’ve had is what predicts an intensity to hangover, and what predicts a severe hangover” he added.

113 participants took part in the study that required them to undertake a survey each day for two months about their smoking and drinking habits. When data was analyzed, researchers noticed that those participants who drank and smoked were more likely to have a worse hangover than those who didn’t. Smoking while having a hangover also made things worse.

“At the same number of drinks, people who smoke more that day are more likely to have a hangover and have more intense hangovers” said Dr. Damaris J. Rohsenow with the Center for Alcohol and Addictions Students at Brown University. However, researchers haven’t figured out what exactly is the reason why smoking and drinking makes a hangover worse.

There is previous research that says nicotine receptors in the brain will somewhat react to alcohol. One theory believes that smoking makes hangovers worse because it releases cytokines, seen in brain injury.

“It’s not just that the smoking will increase their discomfort the next day, but it may be increasing brain problems in the long run” the lead author added. “The fact that smoking aggravates hangover may be a warning sign that people should heed”.