Swimwear And Hot Models, Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week Kicked Off

July 19th through July 24th, Miami is the place to be, fashionista or not. So, expect racy swimwear and hot models on Miami’s beaches these days, because Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week kicked off today.

If you’ve been to the previous Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week events, you might already know what to expect. And yes, part of the deal you’ve got brand new designer swimwear, hot models and the chance to rub elbows with insanely popular designers. But, wait. There’s more. Or at least, that’s what producers say.

This year’s edition is branded to be bigger than ever before. Thousands of people are expected to hit the beaches in Miami for a beautiful tan and a preview of today’s trends in swimwear. Obviously, there are a lot of parties you can go to each night, not to mention Miami’s self branded hot parties.

The main highlight of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week is the biggest swimwear tradeshow ever. The 2013 SwimShow will be hosted by the Miami Beach Convention Center and will bring forward creations from almost 2,000 brands.

“It’s only natural that Miami Beach would serve as the swimwear industry’s fashion destination” explains executive director Grisette Marcos for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week. “Miami Beach’s year round warm weather and influx of international designers makes it the ideal place to catch a glimpse of the most current swimwear styles” the executive director added.

The first event in the Mercedez Benz Fashion Swim Week starts today, July 19th, with several parties at the Soho Beach House and The Raleigh. Style Saves will also take part at one of tonight’s opening parties, hosting a fundraiser to help “outfit the students” writes the Miami Herald.

Throughout the upcoming week of fashion delights, expect to see Aqua Di Lara, Mara Hoffman Swim, Diesel and Kooey Australia, among dozens of other designers, present their creations on the city’s runways.

Finally if parties are more of your thing, the Mercedez Benz Fashion Swim Week makes for great socializing. The place to be this Thursday, July 19th, is the Delano Hotel where Ocean Drive magazine is having a party.

Fashion Reality Show “Project Runway” Is Back

Fashionistas are you ready for that highly anticipated Season 10 of “Project Runway”? The fashion reality show is back and host Heidi Klum says watch out for five new things. The premiere is set today at 9/8c on Lifetime Network.

It goes without saying fashion reality show “Project Runway” hit a milestone. In the end, not many reality shows are so highly praised they managed to get to the 10th season. But at the same time, for some people the news that “Project Runway” is back might not be that thrilling. How much novelty can you bring to such a long-running show?

According to host Heidi Klum, this 10 season will have five particular things that will “make it work”. You might think she’s just being protective of the show she often referred to as one of her babies, but Heidi Klum really sells the show. “I started Project Runway from the very beginning, going around New York City trying to sell the show to networks and trying to explain what the show was all about” Heidi Klum told reporters.

“I’m very proud of it. It’s like one of my babies” the “Project Runway” host added. “I love the show and I love what it’s become, and we’ve got a lot of fans, and it’s become…an iconic kind of show that people recognize” the celebrity describes the fashion reality show.

But enough of Heidi Klum praising the fashion reality show. It’s time to talk actual facts. The host told reporters there are five things that will make 10th season memorable. To begin with you’ll be seeing Patricia Field of “Sex and the City” back as a judge. She was one of the very first judges on the reality show. And that’s not all, Lauren Graham, Hayden Panettiere and Krysten Ritter are among the guest judges you’ll see throughout the season.

Oh, and let’s not forget that “Project Runway”’s Gunnar is back. “He showed us that he evolved as a designer so we wanted to give him a shot” said Klum. “We like it when they prove us that we’re wrong, that they’re better than expected” the host added.

In a nutshell, the fashion reality show is back with season 10. We’ll leave the rest three things Heidi Klum was talking about to discover for yourself.

Create Your Own Metallic Cap Toe Pumps

Metallic cap toe pumps represent the latest trend for shoes as many more brands have introduced them in their collections. The models introduced by Louis Vuitton have been the most appreciated, but they are usually too expensive for women to afford them. The best solution: create your own metallic cap toe pumps with the minimum effort.

Fashion trends change from one day to another making it almost impossible for women to keep up with them. Beige shoes used to be very trendy last year, but, according to the new shoe designs presented during the Spring Fashion Week, they have been replaced with metallic cap toe pumps in 2012. This means, you need to throw your old shoes away and get a new pair of creamy shoes, but this time, with a metallic cap. Or is it?

DIY designers have come up with a solution for women who prefer to transform their old shoes in new ones instead of throwing them away. For this, you will need painter’s tape, silver spray paint and finishing gloss spray. And of course, the pointy toe shoes. 

Start by measuring the size of the so-called metallic cap and make sure the lines you have drawn are symmetrical on both shoes. Wrap the painter’s tape all around the shoes, so you don’t stain other parts besides the tip. Once you have finished applying the painter’s tape, you may begin to spray the silver paint over the parts that interest you. Read the instructions on the bottle and carefully observe them so the paint is uniformly applied. After the coat of paint has dried, you may apply finishing gloss spray for a more metallic look. You may now remove the painter’s tape and enjoy your DIY pair of metallic cap toe pumps.

You don’t have to use just silver spray; you can also mix other colors to create your own style. Color blocking is very popular, too, so you can feel free to paint your shoes in the shades you like the most. Glossy black shoes with neon tips would make a perfect combination, especially now that these colors are highly sought-after. 

Lady Gaga Is Naked In Fame Perfume Ad

When it comes to Lady Gaga, the best way to develop a successful marketing campaign is to spark controversy. Lady Gaga is at it again, giving her breakthrough in the cosmetics industry all she’s got. In this case, it’s looking awesome without wearing any clothes. Yes, Lady Gaga is naked in “Fame” perfume ad.

For the most part, Lady Gaga is one performer that knows what attention-grabbing means. She’s done things that many celebrities today don’t even dare to think about and successfully wore clothes and dresses that other stars would have sent to the garbage. But that’s what makes Lady Gaga so appreciated. She’s not ashamed to show off her naked body and be just as bizarre as she is in everyday life.

Obviously not your average fashionista, when it comes to Lady Gaga nothing is conventional. Her latest photo for her perfume’s marketing campaign is just a good enough proof. Lady Gaga is barely covered by little men. She lounges fully naked, wearing only a face mask and with miniature men trying to conquer her (we guess).

The unconventional photo is the work of photographer Steven Klein. Lady Gaga herself released the photo on Twitter this Monday. “I won’t lie I’m a bit nervous. Its been a while since I’ve shared some work with you” she said. “But I’m so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep” Lady Gaga tweeted before revealing her black-and-white naked ad for “Fame”.

Branded as “The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum”, Lady Gaga described her unconventional fragrance to an Australian radio last year as what “an expensive hooker” would smell like. Well, that’s not exactly the line that would make most women buy a perfume.

Lady Gaga said the perfume carries some almost horrifying ingredients: blood and semen. But don’t worry, she says the perfume “doesn’t smell like it”. “You just get sort of the after feeling of sex from the semen and blood is sort of primal. And the blood was taken from my own blood sample so it’s like a sense of having me on your skin” added Lady Gaga.

But leaving horror stories aside, the perfume’s label reads there’s some belladonna, tiger orchidea, apricot, saffron and honey drops.

Rihanna To Produce Clothing Line With River Island

Rihanna’s reps communicated on Monday that the Barbadian singer will soon get involved in the fashion industry. The singer will produce a new clothing line in collaboration with the British brand River Island, according to Hollywood Life.

Rihanna is probably tired of making millions out of music records, so the 24-year-old singer started to expand her career horizons. After a timid and rather brief appearance in the 2012 “Battleship” movie, the singer has also decided to test her luck in the fashion industry. Her reps confirmed that RiRi will produce a new clothing line in collaboration with one of the famous British brands, River Island.

Both parties were delighted to inform people about the future collaboration. The “Where Have You Been” interpreter told her fans that she has always wanted to design her own collection of clothes. She was very happy that River Island gave her the possibility to make her dream come true. In the end, the Barbadian beauty confessed that she has always been a fan of the British family-run business, so it is a pleasure for her to work with them.

River Island, on the other hand, released a statement letting people know that they are equally pleased to work with Rihanna. They justified their decision to collaborate with RiRi by saying that the singer has always been a style icon, choosing the best outfits for any type of occasion. They further reassured fans that the items included in the collection will be entirely designed by Rihanna; the British brand will only promote her work and give her a few pieces of advice in relation to the fashion industry.

The announcement pleased most, if not all, of Rihanna’s fans because they have always admired the singer for her style. The 24-year-old interpreter was declared a trendsetter by most fashion stylists, so everyone expects her models to be just as interesting as the clothes she has displayed so far. The collection won’t be available sooner than the Spring 2013 season.

Blogger: Kate Upton Is A Fat ‘Piggie’

In a world where most models remain see through skinny, Kate Upton makes for one unusual but racy appearance. Truth be told, when it comes to swimsuit models, curvy should be the standard. But one blogger with the “Skinny Gurl” had another take. The blogger said Kate Upton is a fat ‘piggie’ and a cow.

If for the past few months, skinny models have been scrutinized against for setting bad models for teenagers, now it’s time for the curvy girls to get under the spotlight. This June 10, the “Skinny Gurl” website published a story by a female blogger that felt Kate Upton was to curvy and unaesthetic to be a swimsuit model.

The blogger’s controversial June 10 post promised readers it will prove that “humans are 80% genetically identical to cows”. And the blogger posted a photo from behind of Kate Upton doing the catwalk in lingerie. 

The post reads Kate Upton was “confidently lumbering up the runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it”. From the blogger’s point of view, Kate Upton is a “little piggy”, with “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition”.

This July 8th, the “Skinny Gurl” blogger that called Kate Upton a fat ‘piggie’ published another post. She was amazed to see how many people reacted against her comments. Her post reads about rape and death threats and numerous angry emails fashionistas and Kate Upton fans sent.

Her earlier comments sparked so much controversy, even the hacker group Anonymous got involved. Hackers attacked the website, forcing the blogger to switch to another web host. 

Editor in chief of More magazine, Lesley Jane Seymour, commented about the unflattering Kate Upton blog post and the “Skinny Gurl” website on the overall. “Running this site where you actually praise women for staying emaciated and skinny and then go out there and then track someone who has a normal body, I mean she’s got issues”, she said.

ABC News writes the comments prompted the “Skinny Gurl” owner to make some changes. “Starving Tip of the Day” was removed and the owner made a plan to add more info about eating disorders, depression and self-injury on the website.

Vera Wang And Husband Call It Quits


Not many celebrity couples have managed to pull together for over two decades. Vera Wand and husband Arthur Becker were for 22 years some of the luckiest couples under the media spotlight. A rep for the fashion designer confirmed for E! News Vera Wand and husband have decided to call it quits. 

It’s a sudden decision, at least from an outsider’s point of view. However, some have pointed the couple might have had problems a long time now. The proof is Vera Wang’s black wedding gowns collection that was recently released. WWD reports the couple split only two weeks ahead of their 23th wedding anniversary.

This Tuesday the fashion world was rocked by the separation news. Mario Grauso, president of the bridal fashion designer’s company, said yesterday morning: “Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters”, Cecilia 22, and Josephine, 19.

An insider told E! News the couple has been having issues for a long time now. In fact the decision to call it quits was taken last year. “Vera and her husband were all but done last year. In fact, Vera attended Kardashian’s wedding with Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek as her date” the source revealed.

Arthur Becker has been intensely involved in the management of Vera Wang’s company. A source told WWD the two “will not let this impact the running of the company. They have worked too hard to build it up”.

Although the two have separated, nobody is using the term “divorce”. In fact, the fashion designer’s rep told E! News there is actually “no divorce to report”.

Vera Wang and Arthur Becker got married in 1989. As Vera Wang later told the New York magazine, the wedding was a surprise for everybody. “I was the girl who nobody thought would ever get married. I was going to be a fashion nun the rest of my life” she said. 

Another famous couple has decided to end a long time relationship that from the outside looked to be the perfect mix. No, it’s not necessarily the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce, so abrupt it stunned everyone. We’re talking about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise, who decided to call it quits after 14 happy years in Hollywood and a fairy tale like love story.



Target And Neiman Marcus Release Limited Collection For The Holiday Season

Not quite your average partnership, but one that everyday consumers are going to appreciate. In the end, you don’t see very often a discounter and a luxury retailer joining hands. Anyway, Target and Neiman Marcus announced they will release a limited collection for the holiday season.

Ever wished to get your hands on pieces created by designers such as Jason Wu but never had the money? Target and Neiman Marcus are preparing a collection that will give you designer made products at incredibly low prices. Fashionistas better start saving for a holiday season shopping session to remember!

According to the press release, the limited collection will launch December 1st. It will feature incredible discounts at luxury items. It’s not that often Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu pieces are available at prices ranging from $7.99 to $499.99. On the overall there are 24 designers taking part in Target and Neiman Marcus’ limited collection, each one with one to three pieces.

The limited collection carries 50 gifts you can take your pick from. A statement from the two companies reads the designers will use 18K gold, hand-blown glass, leather and silk to create anything from outfits and accessories to sporting and home goods.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said of its collaboration to the luxury retailer: “We’ve set the stage for a redefining moment in retail. This collaboration is unlike anything Target has ever done before, and we’re confident our guests will be thrilled with this extraordinary collection”.

Neiman Marcus has been approaching Target with the idea for years now. “We couldn’t produce the collection at this price” said Neiman Marcus’ spokeswoman Ginger Reeder. “Target has a scale to do that. We’ve seen they’ve done this very successfully. We have the contact with the designers. They have the experience of executing at scale”.

Hopefully, Target’s collaboration with Neiman Marcus will go better than last year’s September Missoni collection. Before it had opened its doors, Target made available the discounted Missoni products on its online shop. Target.com crashed, shelves emptied fast and the retailer ended up giving free merchandise to customers whose orders got cancelled.

007 Exhibition Explores The Spy’s Style

The Associated Press reports that the producers of 007-related movies have decided to organize an exhibition to explore the style of the famous spy. The collection, which encompasses outfits from different decades, will be displayed in various international museums in the following period.

How can you tell when a movie has been on the screen for too long? When you can open a museum with its props and costumes. The James Bond series is a similar movie considering that the heartbreaking 007 agent has been on the big screen for almost half a century. Its success is not due to the script, but to the talented actors, beautiful women, as well as to the luxurious clothes and cars that usually get destroyed in the films.

Since actors and models are too expensive, film’s producers chose to gather all the James Bond costumes and reunite them in a high-class exhibition. 007 fans will, thus, be able to get a close look at the well-tailored 007 costumes, the sexy Bond girl gowns and the vestments that were worn by villains.

The fact that the movie has been around for more than a century makes the exhibition all the more interesting because visitors will be able to witness the evolution of the fashion by taking a look at the outfits. In addition to these clothes, the center has also included set pieces, props and design drawings that are relevant for the display.

According to the statement released by the organizers of the exhibition, the collection is meant to celebrate the work that the British, European and American craftspeople and designers have made to create the style of the agent. Although 007 is a British icon, it encompasses influences from various international designers.

The exhibition is called “Designing 007” and it will first be available at the Barbican Center in London, on September 5. The collection will then embark on an international tour reaching as many U.S. states as possible.

Mick’s Daughter, Jade Jagger, Married Adrian Fillary

Jade Jagger, the daughter of the famous rock musician, Mick Jagger, said ‘I Do’ to disk jockey, Adrian Fillary on Saturday. The ceremony and the reception were both held at the Aynhoe Park Hotel near Banbury, Oxfordshire, says Us Weekly.

Judging by his looks, nobody would have ever guessed that Mick Jagger has such a beautiful daughter. Jade’s wedding pictures impressed everyone and particularly me as she embellished the pages of many online publications with her perfect face and body. She tied the knot with disk jockey Adrian Fillary on Saturday, after announcing their engagement in February 2012.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Aynhoe Park Hotel in Oxfordshire because the couple thought it was the perfect place to exchange their vows. After the two lovers said ‘I Do’ the guests continued the celebration with an exclusive reception that was hosted in the same location. Many celebrities were invited at the wedding including Mick Jagger’s second wife, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss and Jade’s mom, Bianca.

Kate Moss’ daughter was chosen as a flower girl. Assisi, 20, and Amba, 17, Jade’s daughters from her relationship with Piers Jackson, were bridesmaids. Mick Jagger wanted to do something special for his 40-year-old daughter, so he hosted a brief concert during the reception.

Many designers were also present at the ceremony because Jade, herself, is a fashion designer. She even created her own dress, a simple, scoop-neck white gown matched with diamond earrings and numerous accessories. Her hair was embellished with white flowers because Jade is very passionate about the ‘boho’ style. The groom, Adrian Fillary, was also dressed in a white suit that he matched with a navy blue tie.

While Jade’s mother, Bianca chose a very sober outfit for the occasion her husband, Mick Jagger was just as fabulous as always. He wore a lilac-striped suit like the ones we have seen during his previous concerts.


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