Tattoos Make Way To New Business: Tattoo Removal

Tattoos may be in fashion, but they have slowly made way to a new business idea, that is, tattoo removal. The first and most successful tattoo removal studio is Dr. Will Kirby’s office which appears to be increasingly more popular as the years go by, Reuters relates.

Very few people used to have tattoos at the beginning of the 20th Century and they were usually sailors and marine officers. Nowadays, their number has increased considerably, so almost every person has at least one tattoo, irrespective of their profession. When they first started their business, Dr. Will Kirby and his associate never thought they would be as successful as they are today. Still, they decided to do it because they noticed that there was not a single tattoo removal studio in their town.

Kirby had a good start, too. On their first day at the Tattoff clinic, they registered 90 requests for tattoo removals. Six years later, Will estimates that he had performed around 50,000 treatments to various people who wanted to get rid of their inks. This growing popularity has enabled Kirby to open two other locations in Texas, but he has bigger plans for the future. He wants to open another location in Texas in the near future and, possibly, expand his clinic in every state within the following five years.

A recent study performed in Northwestern University in 2006 explains what might have pushed people to remove the inks they once made. According to the results of the study, the popularity that tattoos have gained in the past years makes them undesirable among people. This form of art was once reserved for bikers and gang members, but now they have been socially accepted by everyone and this, simply doesn’t make them interesting anymore. Another reason would be that the tattoo removal techniques have been greatly diversified in the past years making it a lot easier for patients to get rid of unwanted body inks. Last, but not least, there is a restrained group of people who love tattoos so much that they no longer have free body parts for new ones. As a consequence, they resort to tattoo removal clinics in order to make way for new inks.

Lady Gaga Tattoos Her Newly Shaved Head

After shaving part of her head in honor of Terry Richardson’s deceased mother, Lady Gaga decided to do something special for the launch of her perfume “Fame”. According to Us Weekly, the artist tattooed her newly shaved head while the guests at the launching party were watching her.

We were finally able to find out the real reason behind Lady Gaga’s decision to shave part of her head: the artist wanted to get a new tattoo and didn’t know where to place it. Turns out, the so-called act of bravery she did in the name of Terry Richardson’s late mother was actually a well-thought marketing scheme. The singer made sure everyone would buy her new perfume by tattooing the back of her head during the launching party of her new fragrance “Fame” which was held in Guggenheim Museum in NYC.

Lady Gaga’s entrance at the launching party was just as unusual as the show she performed for the amusement of the audience. For this occasion, she opted for a black gown signed by designer Prabal Gurung and wore a black elegant wig, as opposed to the eccentric hairstyles we have seen so far. The 26-year-old interpreter was sitting atop a vintage black convertible when she showed up at the party. She remained motionless for several minutes when the car stopped, and then she went inside the museum ignoring guests like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Yoko Ono.

Gaga didn’t interact much with her guests during the party as she was placed in a giant perfume bottle throughout the whole time. The singer prepared herself for the application of the tattoo by drinking several tequila shots and smoking a bunch of cigarettes to ease the pain. A new outfit was required for the special occasion; therefore, the “Born This Way” interpreter was dressed as a gray-haired man with a white shirt and suspenders.

At the end of the party, the guests were able to admire the singer’s new tattoo. The image represents a Statue of Liberty-esque cherub with wings. Guests were very pleased with the show, especially Paris Hilton who told the press that Lady Gaga was probably the best person to launch a fragrance because she is very popular and people will buy the product in order to look like her.

Tracy Reese, First Lady’s Designer, Presented Her New Collection

Right from the Democratic National Convention into the New York Fashion Week. Tracy Reese, one of the First lady’s favorite designers, presented her new collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where the Obama style took the spotlight.

Last week, Michelle Obama donned a beautiful dress by Tracy Reese. It had such a huge success that Tracy Reese’s store and website have been “on fire” since then. And good news, the First Lady’s favorite designer plans to release an Obama dress for under $500. In the meanwhile, Tracy Reese just presented her new collection during the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

Tracy Reese’s spring collection and overall show was so impressive it is by now one of the most successful highlights of the New York Fashion Week. Some say it is because Tracy Reese brought the Obama style to the catwalk, but it’s most likely thanks to the designer’s unique view on women’s attire.

“There were a lot of really cool juxtapositions, technical fabrics but also a lot of organic fabrics – neons, brights, but also a lot of neutrals” says Tracy Reese of her collection presented at the New York Fashion Week.

“The fabric is where we started, and there were so many wonderful fabrics offered for spring from all of our favourite mills, so I was playing with organic fabrics as well as technical fabrics” Tracy Reese told AFP of the 40 outfits in her spring collection.

The aim was for the “mash up prints, embroideries and beaded designs to create a look that was fresh and unique”. “But most importantly, the clothes had to be comfortable, versatile and have a lot of ease so that they’re super-easy for our customers to wear and enjoy” Obama designer Tracy Reese explained.

In a statement for The Daily Beast, designer Tracy Reese added her spring collection presented at the New York Fashion Week is meant for women who are “relaxed and confident” in their own skin. Well, the first lady does really meet those requirements.

Tracy Reese confessed it was “a huge honour” to be championed by the First lady. “She look amazing in our things – and in everybody else’s things, for that matter…and it was an amazing speech…It was, all in all, just one of the best experiences of my life” Tracy Reese confessed of the day Michelle Obama went in front of millions of Americans to support her husband.

Katie Holmes Debuts As Designer At NY Fashion Week

We know Suri didn’t become a fashionista all of a sudden and we’d love to know what she thinks of her mom’s clothing collection. Katie Holmes is preparing to debut as designer at the NY Fashion Week.

For the past five years all that Katie Holmes seems to have been doing was raising a daughter and taking care of a husband. Now that she’s divorced Tom Cruise, we get to see a whole new Katie Holmes. Holmes’ first collection will take the stage at the New York Fashion Week. From what the actress told WWD on Tuesday, for her fashion is all about trying “to make beautiful things”.

Katie Holmes and her business partner Jeanne Yang decided to debut as designers during the New York Fashion Week. Apparently it was just the right time, “because the brand is growing and expanding”. The Holmes & Yang collection already launched at Maxfield’s and her clothing items can be found in the Barneys New York store as well as Forty Five Ten in Dallas.

“We thought we would have something a little more substantial” said Katie Holmes in her interview with WWD. “We’ve been very gradual from the beginning, and part of that has been because we’ve wanted to take the time to get to know the business, get to know the right stores” the 33-year-old actress told WWD.

Katie Holmes’ debut as designer is set for September 12 during the New York Fashion Week. Katie Holmes’ spring/summer 2013 collection will hit the catwalk at the Lincoln Centre. “In terms of the presentation versus the show, we felt a presentation was more appropriate for the clothes we sell” said Suri Cruise’s mother.

“It’s a little more our speed in the way we wanted to go about it, and more of a transition for us from meeting privately with buyers in a hotel room to going right to a big show” said a very confident Katie Holmes.

According to Katie Holmes, her fashion collection is “very simple, with very classic lines”. She told WWD there’s “a lot of silks and leathers and suedes”. And this year’s Holmes & Yang collection incorporates “a lot of new trims”.

“It’s basically pieces that have evolved from basics, but not too far. They’re just nice, well-made luxury items that highlight the woman wearing them” said Katie Holmes of her fashion collection.

80 Designers Take The Stage At The New York Fashion Week

If there’s any place fashionistas must be these next days is definitely New York. 80 designers will take the stage at the New York Fashion Week.

When the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hits New York it’s a sort of a fashion fest, where fashionistas, bloggers, designers and celebrities meet for several days of bliss. This edition, 80 designers will take the stage and show off their spring/summer 2013 collections, and guess what, Katie Holmes is one of them.

If you’ve already decided you’re not going to miss the runway shows at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center, then designers say the new collections were inspired by the recent Olympic Games. So, expect collections along the lines of a relaxed chic.

Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director Saks Fifth Avenue, told Reuters: “The Olympics were probably on many designers’ minds when they were designing these collections… so we will see sporty jackets and track pants and some athletic inspirations”.

Ken Downing, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, confirms Sherin’s take. “It’s hard to deny that everyone has been paying attention to the Olympics. We’ve been looking at these fit and healthy individuals and all these interesting sporty silhouettes” he told Reuters. “But it’s not the idea of wearing casual clothes in casual fabrics. It’s often this movement about doing something with a relaxed sensibility, with less structure, but often doing it in a very luxe fabric” he added.

But it’s the celebrities that make the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week so spectacular. Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Kimye if you will, is expected to make sensational appearances. In the end, we’re talking about two of the most popular celebrity fashionistas today.

The Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week will also mark some debuts. Katie Holmes for instance will debut as designer on the runway at the Lincoln Center next week, while Heidi Klum will make her debut in the single celebrity life. It will be her first Fashion Week single since she and Seal called it quits.

And let’s not forget Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga are bound to leave everybody breathless with some unusual fashion styles. They’ve become best friends lately and they sure make for one fun and full of surprises team.

Highlights Of Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Fashionistas and designers have been waiting for Fashion Night Out 2012 for one whole year. The fashion event is at its fourth annual edition and from the looks of it, Fashion’s Night Out is going to carry on for years to come.

One night out shopping in malls and all kinds of boutiques, discounts, fashion shows and celebrities. How could one fashionista stay away from Vogue magazine’s “shopoliday”? Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out evolved into a nationwide and international phenomenon, with more highlights a night than one person could check in one night.

Fashion Night Out 2012 spread throughout the years to 18 countries. In the United States alone, there will be 4,500 dedicated events this year. Fashionistas in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles will have a hard time trying to figure out which shops, parties and events to choose. It doesn’t make it easier to take your pick seeing as all Fashion Night Out 2012 events are free and open to the public.

So here’s a list of highlights of Fashion’s Night Out 2012:

Chicago fashionistas will have a very booked schedule for their Fashion Night Out this year. To begin with, Blowtique is offering a free style during the afternoon. It’s best to look your best, because the night features a long list of hot parties and fashion events you shouldn’t miss.

Nordstrom Chicago is hosting the official launch party for Cole Haan’s collection Chelsea Pump, while Zara offers free champagne during their fall collection presentation. Macy’s State Street welcomes “The Real Housewives of New York City”’s Aviva Drescher and “Fashion Star”’s Nzimiro Oputa to host a runway presentation.

Still, it is Michigan Avenue Magazine, McGrath Lexus and Acura of Downtown Chicago where the hottest action is. “900’s Night Out: Fame, Fashion & Flavor” promises three hours of manicures, hair styling and massages by Mario Tricoci and Bloomingdale’s. Beverages and food are provided by Stella Artois, Gastronomy by Groupon and several top restaurants in Chicago. All while Chicago stylist Eric Himel shows off his looks for the fall.

In a nutshell we wish you happy shopping and have a great “shopoholiday” on Fashion’s Night Out, Sept. 6!

Kelly Osbourne Launches Fashion Collection; Gives Advice To Real Woman

Being a musician, an actress and a reality star is not enough for Kelly Osbourne who plans to launch a new fashion collection in the following period. In addition, the gray-haired “Fashion Police” presenter took her time to offer advice to real woman in a recent interview with E! News.

She was frequently criticized for her rebellious look, but Kelly Osbourne is determined to show people that she has great fashion sense. The show host revealed some of her future career plans during the E! News program. She told reporters that she wants to create her own fashion line. However, the 27-year-old star doesn’t want to be just another name on a pile of clothes; she wants to supervise the entire manufacturing process.

In the following period, the daughter of musician Ozzy Osbourne will be busy creating her own brand. She reassured everyone that she will take care of every single aspect because she is determined to learn where the clothes or items are usually created, as well as to select the place where they will be commercialized.

Creating her own line of clothes is not the only project that Kelly will develop this year. She was also selected to kick off several important fashion events by the end of the year. The first one, named the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival just took place this month along Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. The event turned out to be a success given the large presence of international fashion stars and designers.

Even though she is very popular among celebrities, Kelly Osbourne feels more connected to real women, so she never misses any opportunity to offer them some pieces of fashion advice. Now that she has planned a fashion event and she was part of the models’ preparations, Kelly knows that spraying tan is the main rule that women should obey in order to look flawless. Wearing Spanx is a must even for women who are skinny because it chisels the body and hides all possible imperfections. In the end, Kelly recommends real women to take a pair of ballet flats, so their feet won’t get too tired at the party. 

Kardashians To Produce Eyewear Line For Sears

The Kardashian sisters will produce an eyewear line for Sears in the upcoming months. The Kardashian Kollection, as it is called, will soon be available in all Sears stores and it will include both reading and sun glasses, says Us Weekly.

No one would ever expect the Kardashian sisters to wear nerdy reading glasses. Yet, the three brunettes have proven one more time that they would go all the length in order to make their business work. Thus, they buried the hatchet with Sears and they have now decided to work together for the production of a new line of eyewear called Kardashian Kollection.

The new line of glasses was announced by Kim and her sister, Khloe with the help of their Twitter accounts. Khloe posted the picture of their new ad asking her followers to say whether they like it or not. Kim, on the other hand, was so excited about the new project that she simply praised the ad saying it is one of the best she has ever made and hoped that her fans will love it as much as she does. 

Several pics have been created for the new collection of glasses. One of them portrays the three sisters wearing reading glasses. The spectacles have thick frames and square shapes reminding everyone of the sexy librarian look. The sun glasses have black lenses, thick frames and elongated shape, so they are great for an elegant look.

Glasses are not the only products created by the Kardashians that are being sold at Sears. They will also commercialize a new line of lace dresses. In fact, some of the items have been included in the two ads that were posted on Twitter. Kim concluded her message by drawing the attention of her followers to the range of lace dresses, more specifically, she described it as very feminine and pretty, which is why it is always in style.

Victoria Beckham Launches Designer Glasses Line

What do you do when all your celebrity money can’t buy a pair of sunglasses you like? Well, you take Victoria Beckham’s example and launch your own designer glasses line. The stylish former Spice Girls’ star decided to release her own eyewear line to match her taste in fashion.

Isn’t it nice when you’ve got everything you need to create a product just like you want it? For most mortals, shopping for clothes, shoes and even glasses is challenging, given that finding something that fits well and is within budget is not exactly easy. Eventually, you’d end up with a product that makes you feel self-conscious.

Victoria Beckham is well aware of that feeling. In a recent statement for WWD, the world-renowned fashionista talked about her issue with wearing glasses. “I do need to wear glasses – but I haven’t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like” Victoria Beckham confessed. “I’ve always been quite self-conscious, so that’s why I’ve decided to do them myself” the fashionistas added.

The former Spice Girls star has already launched a line of designer sunglasses. So, obviously the next step was to have an optical line that would match her style, right? The new eyewear line Victoria Beckham launched features a six-piece collection with frames handcrafted by experts in Italy.

Each of the six pieces in Victoria Beckham’s designer glasses collection comes in three colors and that Posh style so many people love. A pair of designer glasses signed Victoria Beckham will cost about $410 and will be available in yellow and forest green hues, tortoiseshell and jewel tones.

There’s also a unisex pair called “Heavy Square” which seems to be both Victoria’s and her husband’s favorite glasses in the collection. “I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I will be going for once” said Victoria Beckham in her statement for WWD.

Victoria Beckham’s designer glasses line will become available as of next January in Harrods stores in London. For the moment, there’s no word about Victoria Beckham’s optical line coming to stores in United States. The designer glasses signed by Posh Spice should be available in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus in the U.S., given that her eyewear line spans through these retailers too.

Must Have: Inverted French Braid Top Knot

French braids have been around since last year because they are very versatile. After the side braid look and the crown French braid comes a new season must-have: the inverted French braid top knot. This hairstyle is expected to make a hit because it combines two of the most requested styles at present: the braid and the top knot.

There is one small inconvenience when creating this hairstyle, that is, the inverted French braid top knot has to be created while having your head upside down. This could be difficult at the beginning, but with a little bit of practice, you will eventually get the hang of it.

The best way to achieve this hair style is with second day hair because it is a lot easier to manage. Also, make sure you brush it thoroughly, especially if it is very long, because this step will enable you to prevent any tangles.

Relying on your tactile sense is the key to achieving this hairstyle because you won’t be able to see almost anything while you braid. Tilt your head forward and get a small section of hair from the nape and divide it into three equal parts. Take the right subsection of hair and place it over the middle one switching places between them. Then, grab the left subsection of hair and place it over the new middle section. As you proceed higher towards the crown, you will add other sections of hair from the right and the left of your head.

It’s up to you how high you want your top knot to be, so once you’ve reached the desired height secure the remaining hair with a bobby pin or an elastic. Depending on your length of hair, you can choose between an elegant top knot or a half bun ponytail. Women with longer hair can place a hair donut around the ponytail and then perfectly wrap the ends around it until it is fully covered. Those with shorter hair should use an elastic and make a messy half bun ponytail.

There are many more ways you can personalize this hairstyle according to your wishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to add as many hair accessories as you like.

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