Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Features Three Topless Models

Three topless models can be seen on the newest Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. Models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen were the three girls chosen to be featured on the cover of the magazine for its highly expected 50th anniversary edition. 

The three beautiful models have now joined a list of impressive names that include Heidi Klum, Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks and Kate Upton, among the models who have been featured on the cover of the famous swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. 

In the cover photo, the three girls can be seen wearing nothing else but bikini bottoms. Naturally, the girls smile for a perfect picture. 

The choice that Sports Illustrated made to work with these three models is not surprising at all. In fact, Lily Aldridge is a popular Victoria’s Secret underwear model. Moreover, this is the first time since Heidi Klum when such a model graces the cover of the magazine. 

The anniversary cover is already a big hit. In fact, it is estimated that more than 70 million people have already seen it. The photo was taken by popular photograph James Macari, so there is no wonder that the pic looks great. 

People willing to purchase the latest edition of Sports Illustrated should know that it will be released on February 18. In fact, the swimsuit edition of the magazine is its most read release of the year. 

Analysts say that for a model being featured in the magazine actually is an important achievement. Moreover, a feature in Sports Illustrated can launch the career of every girl in the fashion and modeling world. 

When it comes to the choice that Sports Illustrated made this year, it is important to know that this is the first time since 2006 when the cover of the swimsuit edition features multiple models. 

However, in the golden issue released now, fans can admire more than 22 former models and their beautiful covers. The magazine claimed that the image they are trying to promote is the one of an athletic, healthy and pretty girl. Models are not thin, they are just athletic.

The swimsuit edition was developed by Sports Illustrated in 1964 with the main purpose to help the low sales of the magazine in wintertime. However, throughout the years the popularity of the swimsuit Sports Illustrated has increased a lot. 

Donna Karan Celebrates 30 Years in Fashion

Donna Karan, one of the most famous American fashion designers, now celebrates no less than 30 years in the fashion industry. The popular designer claims that the industry, as well as women, have changed a lot throughout the years. 

According to the famous designer, a lot of changes can be seen in style, which has surely meant an evolution.

Donna Karan claims that the collection she presented at the autumn/winter fashion show in New York was actually dedicated to New York. 

The fashion collection dedicated to this fascinating city is inspired by its nonstop motion, as well as its architecture, lights and amazing charm. After all, there is no other place like New York. 

The Donna Karan New York 30th Anniversary Fashion Show was naturally attended by some famous stars, including Katie Holmes and Rita Ora. The event was part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014, taking place on Monday. 

However, the two famous actresses were not the only stars spotted at the event. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, as well as Chrissy Teigen, were also seen at this fashion show. 

All the stars present at this beautiful event praised Donna Karan and all her amazing work. Katie Holmes actually showed up in a dress designed by the famous designer. 

The show itself was absolutely fascinating, Donna opting for a punky and futuristic make-up to present her latest collection. The designs were sexy and stylish, while black seems to have been the color of this fashion show. 

“I was so clear in what I wanted to say. I wanted to show the strength of the woman. I wanted to show that after 30 years I think we stand for something that is absolutely, iconically Donna Karan,” the designer said after the show, Donna being extremely happy with the way the fashion presentation went on. 

The star also added that she wanted this show to be a “reflection of the past and the present, coming into the future.” The designer explained that her collection is about art, the city, but also about movement and strength. Well, Donna Karan surely managed to achieve her purpose, the show being described as a powerful fashion moment.

5 Things to Know about Winter Fashion Trends for 2012

Dressing for the winter season isn’t as pleasant as we women would like too. Layers, coats and heavy fabrics make the fall/winter season not as glamorous. Even so, the winter season is the time for the best parties and dressing to impress isn’t taking into account the low temperatures outside. I looked at the best winter fashion trends for 2012 and found five things in designers’ collections that are essential for a look in-style.

1.    Peplum jackets, dresses and belts

Designers have focused for the season on dresses and jackets tailored to highlight the waist. Peplum dresses and jackets are back and even trendier than before.  Some are flamboyant, really great for making a statement at a party, while others are insanely feminine with their hourglass line that work for the day too. The belt is also at the top of the winter fashion trends for 2012, whether we’re talking about peplum jackets and dresses or pencil skirts/dresses. Look at Christian Dior, Victoria Beckham, Dolce & Gabbana and Philosophy Di’s fall/winter collections for more examples.

2.    Purple is in

Wearing colors during winter makes you pop up, there’s no doubt about it. And dressing only in layers of grey, brown and black is just not fun. So this winter season the fashion trends dictate purple is the must-have color. “Historically purple was only worn by an elite few, but in autumn/winter 2012-13 it will be for everyone” says Francesca Burns, Vogue fashion editor. Check out fall/winter collections by Prada, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Peter Pilotto and Miu Miu for more.

3.    Oversize it

I love it when fashion trends turn in my favor. Oversize bags are in, but so are big coats, trousers and jackets. “Oversize was the cool new message this season: shoulders were dropped, lengths were long and trousers had low crotches” says Lucinda Chambers, Vogue fashion director. Look at Gucci, Moschino, Francesco Scognamiglio, Jil Sander and MaxMara.


4.    Wearing summer in the winter

It’s not much of a fun season for dressing, but thanks to designers, this year we’re wearing summer in the winter. The winter fashion trends for 2012 feature floral prints and embroidery at the top of the list. “Flocked fabrics and lace overlays added an air of ornateness, putting a fresh spin on the idea of flowers in winter” Lucinda Chambers explains. Check out Dolce & Gabbana to see what I mean.

5.    Layers shouldn’t be boring

Dressing properly for the winter season requires wearing layers. It’s more than a fashion trend, but more of a choice to feel warm… But you don’t have to be boring about layering. Collections by Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are making layers look lavish.

Vogue’s Anna Wintour Could Become An U.S. Ambassador

Even if you have nothing to do with the world of fashion, you must have heard about Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Bloomberg News reports that Anna Wintour could become an U.S. ambassador to an European country.

Anna Wintour is one of the most powerful women on this Earth. Sure, it sounds like a bit too much, but nothing goes past here when it comes to fashion and etiquette. Plus she’s not just the editor-in-chief of Vogue, one of the most popular fashion magazines there is, Anna Wintour was also the muse behind the book and movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. Apparently, Barack Obama thinks Anna Wintour has all it takes to be the next U.S. ambassador to UK or France.

Bloomberg News writes that Anna Wintour got on Barack Obama’s list for U.S. ambassadors after she helped him raise huge amounts of money during the campaign. For instance, she hosted a $40,000 –a –plate fundraising dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. On the overall, Anna Wintour alone helped raise $500,000 and donated tens of thousands to the Obama campaign.

So naming Anna Wintour an U.S. ambassador would be Obama’s way of rewarding Vogue’s editor-in-chief, and this won’t be the only such decision. Bloomberg News writes that Obama wants “to reward his biggest fundraisers with embassies never out of fashion, according to two people familiar with the matter”.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Matthew Barzun is also a strong candidate for the U.S. ambassador to the UK job. Barzun was Obama’s finance chairman during the presidential campaign and has shown interest for the job. Sources also told Bloomberg that Marc Lasry, managing partner and founder of Avenue Capital Management, wants the U.S. embassy in Paris.

Anna Wintour is next in line to replace outgoing ambassador Louis Susman in the UK but also in France. Born in the UK she could be a great fit and a change of pace for the politics of today. Plus, given all her connections, maybe things will move a bit faster in the diplomatic area. So, what do you think? Would Anna Wintour do great as an U.S. ambassador, or is this too much?

Olsen Sisters Launch Expensive Line Of Bags

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen, the famous Hollywood twins, have proven that they can be great fashion designers, not just actresses. The Olsen sisters have recently launched an expensive line of bags produced in collaboration with British artist Damien Hirst, according to Reuters.

The Olsen/Hirst collection was designed only for the members of the high society, judging by the large sum of money that designers are requesting in exchange of their bags. The collection contains only 12 handbags which will be released for sale on 12/12/12. Neither the two sisters, nor the designer have given any explanation in relation to the significance of the figure 12 that was extensively used in the promotion of the new line.

Mary Kate and Ashley told the press that the handbags will be sold for $55,000 each. The highly expensive price tag is partially determined by the qualitative products that the designer has used and partially by their very limited run. The handbags will be sold exclusively on Just One Eye, next Wednesday, but analysts expect people to buy them all by the end of the day.

Those who will opt to pay $55,000 for the handbag will also benefit of good quality products. The handbags were made entirely out of black leather from Nile crocodiles and they were accessorized with prescription pills of different sizes, colors and shapes. The idea of using colorful pills to enliven the aspect of the bags was suggested by the controversial British designer.

Since the Olsen sisters love casual outfits so much, the handbags were purposefully elaborated in order to be easily transformed in backpacks. Just One eye described them as being easily customizable depending on clients’ preferences. Thus, buyers can detach the handle, can adjust the canvas straps and use the internal zip pockets as additional storing places.

All of the bags that have been included in the collection called “Prescription Pills” are signed by Hirst. For Mary Kate and Ashley, this is not the first expensive bag they create. The two sisters designed a $39,000 handbag last year for The Row and it was immediately sold.

Miley Cyrus’ Brother, Braison, Is A Hot Model

Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray Cyrus are not the only talented persons in the family; the singer’s brothers and sisters have all flirted with one form of art or another. After her younger sister and her rock star brother, it is time for Miley Cyrus’ brother, Braison to become a hot model.

Braison Cyrus could soon be the most wanted man in America as he just signed an important contract with the modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. The 18-year-old has all the necessary assets to make it big in the fashion industry, according to the agency. They have already started to promote his image by publishing some of the photos that were created for his first professional photo shoot. The pictorial will debut in January’s issue of the Troix magazine.

Being hot is not the only thing that will most likely propel Braison in his fashion career; he also has an emotional story to conquer women’s hearts. His mother told E! News reporters that the aspiring model went through a near-death experience four months ago after surgically removing his tonsils. One week after the surgery, an artery began bleeding and Braison was very close to choking on his own blood. Luckily, his mother was able to take him to the hospital before the 18-year-old boy lost too much blood. “We are lucky we were a few miles from the hospital and I could get him there,” the mother stated.

Braison, Miley and Noah are the three children that Billy Ray and Tish conceived during their marriage. Miley has two older siblings, Trace, 23, and Brandi, 25, who are Tish’s children from her first marriage. The two have been adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus after he and Tish tied the knot on December 28, 1993.

The Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Launched

The headline should just say shop till you drop! because the Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection was just launched at Target Stores this November 28. The launch of Target’s new brand created a shopping frenzy.

The launch of the Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection gives you a chance to buy goods, outfits and accessories designed by some of the most popular designers. The great thing about it is that you can buy creations by Diane von Furstenberg, Jason Wu and Tracy Reese at huge discounts and prices that range from $7.99 to $499.99.

The Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection isn’t the first collaboration with popular fashion designers for budget collections. The Jason Wu and Missoni collections for Target created just as big of a shopping frenzy as the current Neiman Marcus Holiday collection. Unfortunately, while you might imagine leaving the stores with so many shopping bags you forget the number, in the New York pop-up store you will only be able to a buy maximum 5 items.

For the launch of the Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection in New York, fashion stars and celebrities showed up. Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth both attended the launch, but so did Leighton Meester, Shay Mitchell and Diane von Furstenberg herself. It’s easy to see why….The Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection features high fashion stars such as Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler at insanely available prices.

“Each piece in this collection is unique and reflects the specific aesthetic and personality of its designer, so it’s hard to choose favorites” Target spokesperson Erica Winkels said in an interview for CBS Minnesota. “We’re thrilled to offer consumers this eclectic mix of product from such a talented roster of designers” she added and is sure that “no matter their interests or tastes…guests will find a piece from this collection that they have to have (or give) this holiday season”.

In other news, watch out for another Neiman Marcus collaboration fashionistas should keep an eye on. Victoria Beckham has started her Neiman Marcus tour in the United States. Monday night she was in Las Vegas, then she flew to Los Angeles and then again in Dallas. The British designer will spend time with Neiman Marcus’ clients in several stores across the United States.

Celebrities’ Hair Trends: The Pompadour

Among celebrities’ favorite trends at present is the pompadour which was first worn by France’s King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour in the mid-1700s. Since then the hairstyle has suffered various modifications, but it remains one of the best choices when it comes to pulling off a casual, yet stylish coif.

Unlike other hairstyles, the Pompadour is rather easy to recreate. The best part about it is that it looks totally different from one person to another depending on the texture and the length of the hair. As a matter of fact, various artists have adopted this trend in the past 50 years and it looked different on almost every one of them. Elvis Presley, James Dean, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Jenny McCarthy have all donned pompadours, but the hairstyle was unique each and every time thanks to the personal touch they added to it.

Celebrity hairstylist Jose Eber noticed in his most recent interview with Time Magazine that every generation of celebrity has brought a different type of pompadour. It was Elvis Presley, however, who seems to have worn the hairstyle better.

According to hair dresser Tai Young, this trend looks high-maintenance, but it doesn’t even require a visit to the salon. She advised women who want to wear this coif for holidays to prep the mane with lots of hair spray because the pompadour is easier to style on textured tresses. All versions of pompadours are accepted; however, as a general rule, you must divide a large section on top of the head, tease it and gently gather it into a puff. You can use bobby pins to hold the section in place.

The rest of the locks may be arranged into whatever style you like. You can either leave all your hair down, gather it in a ponytail or even a French twist as the pompadour looks great on pretty much anything. In addition, you can wear this hairstyle with elegant dresses, suits or grunge because it works on every occasion.

Chris Brown Gets Modeling Deal With Wilhelmina Men

All the fuss with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran wasn’t for nothing, particularly that the Real Chris Brown video. For being more than an R&B star with a unique style, Chris Brown got a modeling deal with Wilhelmina Men.

Kanye West is somewhere biting his lips over Chris Brown getting praised for his unique style and getting a modeling job on top. The 23-year-old singer has been getting a lot of attention, while he is still under a lot of scrutiny for bruising Rihanna a few years ago. Some say that’s part of the past now and obviously Rihanna is one of them. Now companies are looking at Chris Brown in a different light, forgetting about the past too.

“We recognize that Chris Brown is not just a voice, a dance or a lyric; he is a multi-faceted artist with a unique take on style, and we are excited to translate and extend his brand into these industries” reads a statement by Taylor Hendrich, director of Wilhelmina Men, the international modeling agency.

Chris Brown now joins celebrities such as Fergie, Keri Hilson and Natasha Bedingfield as the models for the agency.  Obviously, Chris Brown makes for a colorful addition to the agency’s celebrity models, given his abusive past. Which by the way, Chris Brown is done apologizing for.

“I can’t hate people for making judgment on me or making a decision of liking me or not liking me” the 23-year-old rapper told MTV during a recent interview. “All I can do is try to be better as a person, and I’m good with knowing everything isn’t always going to be perfect” he told MTV for a “This Is How I Made It” interview.

Well, see it’s not that people won’t forget about it and start seeing you in better colors, but all this Rihanna thing keeps this thing alive. It’s a red flag and many are outraged that a woman once battered by a man, forgives him, defends him and then seeks another relationship. It’s a sensitive issue that some fear it will be a bad example for many fans.

Victoria’s Secret Apologizes For Use Of Native-American Headdress

The famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret issued a statement on Monday apologizing for having used a Native-American headdress on their fashion show last week. The moment was severely criticized on the VS Facebook page, so the company agreed to remove the scene from their televised show, Reuters relates.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was not as well-received this year as it used to be in the previous editions. Organizers seem to have made one terrible mistake this year, namely, they have used a Native-American headdress during their presentation triggering millions of negative comments on behalf of customers.

The company’s Facebook page was assaulted this weekend with various messages related to the use of the war bonnet in a highly sexual context. Native American people were upset that Victoria’s Secret and other major companies borrow elements from their culture and use them without knowing what their implications are. Others, on the other hand, took sides with the lingerie brand in an attempt to calm spirits down.

On Monday, the spokesperson of the company posted a message on their Facebook account apologizing for any inconveniences they might have caused. The statement read that Victoria’s Secret is sorry for having upset individuals with the use of the headdress replica. They reassured customers and fans that they had no intentions of offending Native Americans during their show. As a matter of fact, the company agreed to remove the controversial item from its list of products, as well as marketing materials. The show, which will be broadcast on December 4, 2012 by CBS, will no longer feature a headdress.

Some customers continue to be upset with Victoria’s Secret, in spite of the company’s attempts to come to terms with its customers. They were expecting the brand to do a little more than just post a Facebook apology so people would avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Victoria’s Secret is not the only company that was involved in an interracial conflict this year. “No Doubt” was forced to remove their most recent video after fans criticized them for mocking the Native American culture.

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