Perfect high heel by Christian Louboutin

A secret in the fashion world is now revealed. The secret of the perfect high heel by Christian Louboutin, the famous Parisian shoe designer.

Recently, in his atelier from Paris (where all the magic happens) the designer idolized by women worldwide talked about the process of shoe’s creation and the  importance of that “little thing that supports the human weight”.  

What you need if you want to create the perfect shoe is wood lasts and some supporting metal that is going to be used for the heels. The heels can reach 6,5 inches but as Louboutin says, this is not a limit. He also added that you can realize in a moment if a shoe has the right engineering just by looking at it, it’s not needed to try it on. “The heel is engineering in itself.” he said.Christian Louboutin talked about the importance of the shoe’s center of gravity.

The metal points should be inserted in the heels exactly in that center, if not, who will wear those shoes will soon be toppled over. Heel height is not that important. No matter it the heel measures 6 inches or just two those metal stems still should be inserted exactly in the center.

He can’ t see the point in wearing a shoe that makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how beautiful it is. His shoes have a special design to protect wearers from suffering.
    Louboutin started to built his own fashion label and he succeeded in 1992. Shoes designed by him, are sold in famous stores from all over the world for an average amount of $700. Celebrities and also fashion editors simply adore his creation.

A lot of famous women, including Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce and also the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker wore shoes designed by Louboutin and they all were noticed being proud of them. Christian Louboutin ended his interview by saying: “For me there ain’t no high heel high enough.”

The made in Italy abroad

The node distribution to SMEs. That to increase sales significantly and need to look across the border, beyond the borders of Europe, I think in many. Few, however, are able to do so. That’s why Confindustria is working on a project to create a sort of franchise that will allow more small and medium businesses have a commercial presence in large areas of the world.
The Paolo Zegna said yesterday, Vice President of Confindustria for the internationalization of enterprises: “It’s a project that I hope to be able to close within a year and a half or two – he said -: we aim to bring together many small food producers , fashion, furniture, shoes. That is the most significant and popular products made in Italy, all gathered under one sign, which acts as a hat. “
So, it came to building a format for distribution of various consumer products, locate manufacturers and brands and then find the most interesting actors (who would take over investment) which provide a ready-made package. “A sort of franchise built by us that allows access to new markets of mid-range brands. We have already received requests from countries like Brazil, South Africa, Dubai and also from the province of the United States. “
Find synergies and alliances is a watchword for Sandro Salmoiraghi, president of Acimit: “It’s bad that small businesses do not become our allies among them – explain – why it becomes so hard to resist: If you break a piece of machinery, not you can wait 15 days for the parts or the technician who fixes. But on-site assistance if the children can not afford. “
If can afford Ettore Lonati, President of Lonati Group, which makes machines for producing socks and technical offices with warehouses for spare parts around the world: “Today we have orders until July 2011 – he said – a which is not happening for some time. Especially from China comes a strong demand for machinery tights.
Overall, in the first quarter of 2010 the Italian textile machinery orders rose 53% overseas and 28% in Italy. “The Italian textile machinery, despite the economic difficulties, keeps intact its innovative and its ability to export,” said Salmoiraghi.
A situation more difficult, however, for Joseph Miroglio, CEO of the group titled “In the last two months there was a decline in flow shops and shopping, particularly strong in the last two or three weeks. The growth must now go and look for emerging markets than in Europe. “

Vivienne Westwood shoes, red platform pumps

Vivienne Westwood is a really incredible designer, his creative genius is unparalleled among the designers and women that is certainly more daring, the most eccentric and original is currently at the top of international fashion. Today I present proposals crazy shoes by Vivienne Westwood in her sparkling spring / summer collection 2010, is a pair of crimson red platform pumps that are designed in a fun and original and reminiscent of traditional shoes, but for which escapes me nationality.

The platform pumps Vivienne Westwood shoes are whimsical and original, perfect if you love the accessories a little eccentric and playful and like to stand out from the crowd with these adorable shoes there is no risk of going unnoticed.
The platform of the Vivienne Westwood show round toe, a heel of 12 cm with base big enough so I am also quite comfortable, the plateau is 6 inches, have three fibiette adjustable metal closure and gold are made of patent leather in a shade that turns red to orange.
If you like these shoes you can buy on for the price of 523.00 euros.

‘Woman Fashion Night’ in guitar style

Gap Events Studio has designed during the event Music Heaven Bologna, provided 12 to 17 May 2010, an exhibition at L’Inde Le Palais, known concept store located in the historic center of Bologna (Via De ‘Musei 6). The opening night includes location within the total look of a show dedicated to the theme of rock’s most famous couturiers of the ’80s by the famous affinacati Washburn guitars.
Will be icons of the four stars of the eighties couture openings: the punk-rock Siuxsie, singer and actress Grace Jones, the maverick leader Cindy Louper and glam-rock David Bowie.
The one-night which will take place Friday, May 14 from 19.30, will be restricted to a limited number of participants and guests will have the exclusive Jennifer Batten (pictured), famous guitarist known internationally for his work with artists like Van Halen, Michael Sembello and Jeff Beck, an emblem of female success for his technique of tapping, but especially known for his enduring collaboration with pop star Michael Jackson.
Everything will be immersed in a frame tied to the fashion world with exclusive collections of presentations by a special animation simultaneously to shoot a fashion magazine edited by “LOOK” (photographic look cult to discover forerunners of fashion and trend).
The evening of the link between women, music, art and fashion will be enriched by the presence of DJ Tying Tiffany, known throughout Europe for his sets electroclash. The happening will be accompanied by an aperitif characterized by long finger and bubbles.
The direction of the event will be handled entirely by Gap Events Studio will donate the proceeds to the foundation ANT, in support of Project Women ANT, a major initiative to support women in cancer prevention. Testimonial “Project Women ANT” is Roberta Capua.

Italians have always been extraordinary creators and craftsmen.

Saddler’s now under the careful direction of Michela Calabresi Marconi and ‘turned into a real living room, workshop meetings and creativity’. A venue and date. Customers, especially friends like Christian de Sica, Ludovica and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Benedetta Geronzi and Bernabo ‘Bocca, Giancarlo Giammetti, alter ego and a member of the great designer Valentino, Afef Trochetti Provera, Emanuela Barilla, Gaetano Lovatelli of Gelasius Aragoma, Ferdinand and Ugo Brachetti Peretti. Customers”Saddler’s return after years-told Michela Marconi-A brand that is handed down from father to son, recognizable to the touch, scent, style and design. Unique, original.”
A safe bet, at a time of global crisis, the Roman young businesswoman who is planning to open new boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, New York. ”’Should never be fashionable, not passing fads, I suggested my friend Luigi d’Urso. A kind of testament and that ‘even become one of my motto,”he agiunta. Michela Marconi, a past alongside Valentino, Armani, Ferre ‘, draws some personal items of the brand experience possible solutions, launch mode for the next priomavera – summer. And as’ happened recently with her friend Afef Tronchetti Provera. And ‘she was to launch a new trend. The little bag with leather strap and long golden. Wear on the beach above the pareo.”
Not only creativity ‘and entrepreneurship’. Roman thinks the young entrepreneur already ‘tomorrow’s Saddler. ”I’d like to give opportunity ‘to work for young Italians, but also foreigners and immigrants – announced – through a first phase of training and work experience and a second for those that wish to work. Saddler’s could offer the best opportunity ‘for a job, a stable job. I am in contact with the Province of Rome – he continued – I deeply believe in the synergy between public and private. And do not forget that we Italians are a people of extraordinary creators and craftsmen. History, culture, DNA. Factors essential, non-negotiable”.

Camilla Belle wears a Miu Miu dress

Camilla Belle is an American actress of Brazilian origin that is very “pararazzata” in recent years, her beauty certainly contributes to this pursuit by photographers, but even that is a true fashionista would certainly be a lot of visibility, So ‘ is that we talk about it here on Moda Pour Femme. Camilla Belle chooses a dress Miu Miu’s new collection autumn winter 2010 2011, remember the flowers that have punctuated the fashion show? The pastel colors and chic Miuccia Prada brought to Paris? Here they also look great worn by Camilla Belle.
Camilla Belle chose a mini dress way too cute and romantic autumn winter 2010 2011 collection of Miu Miu, someone might ask but there’s too warm for a winter dress? Well my dear seasons are realative for top designers, as well known on the red carpet, with two degrees, the neckline, straps and light fabrics are in order, for the designers and ultimately for the stars.
Camilla Belle choose a sleeveless mini dress by Miu Miu, this outfit is chic and romantic, made entirely from flowers embroidered side by side, slightly protruding and contrast on the basis of clear yellow chiffon.
This dress has the final part of her skirt as if the petals of a flower, emphasized even more by black tape.

Italian air in Copenhagen

Can not be overlooked. Clarinetist and teacher Umberto Giordano in Foggia,is the first pianist and music teacher at the middle school Pius XII of Foggia, the second. Put on a program that can not be more original. Nothing trivial or inflated, as often happens when these two instruments are to meet. Here Poulenc, Milhaud or Schumann are not concerned.
Bruno Falanga clarinet and piano Sergio Paciello did not need the support of un’ugola to make you fall in love with the most famous arias of Italian tradition, much like that even (especially) abroad. So much so that Thursday, May 6 will fly to Copenhagen. Are expected at the Auditorium of the Italian Institute of Culture, with all the baggage of the scores below, as it has for four years, with the enthusiasm of two boys novice and the experience of those tackles, a pair of decades, the most demanding Italian audiences. The immortal melodies of La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida and Favorita transmit different sensations and perceptions, if blown by a clarinet. Return philosophy and the meaning of a world when we met in the fashionable salons to contempalare the size of the arts. Technically they are “paraphrases concert” of the most popular themes that have made great Italian opera in the world, reviewed by the various Dutch, and Labanchi Lovreglio, the Paganini of the clarinet that made sparks in the Europe of the late nineteenth century. As will happen in a few days in a corner of Copenhagen. When the heart of Europe is another breathe, it is appropriate to say italian air.

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