Nordstrom starts big anniversary sale

Since 1960s, the Nordstrom anniversary sale begins every year on July 15, tempting shoppers with low prices for the upcoming collection. The discounts offered are from 20 to 35 percent, NWsource says. The sale begins on Friday, July 15 and lasts about two weeks. It ends up July 31, on Sunday.

Since the 60s, people have gotten used to the nationwide spread Nordstrom anniversary sale, which offers women, men and children the latest clothing and accessories. Some people, as reported, are used to plan their whole summer according or around this sale. The collection available for the Anniversary of the local retail powerhouse includes sweaters, jackets, tops and skirts, boots and purses, scarves and many more, that benefit from a significant discount. For example, a lambskin jacket with a vintage look from Lafayette 148 New York is reduced from 748 dollars to a price of 499 dollars. A knit poncho with faux-fur trim which has an original price of 148 dollars can be bought for only 98 dollars. The Frye boots for men and women have a discount of 35 percent.

The fall collection is designed by great names in the industry, such as Trina Turk, Hudson, Eileen Fisher, Alexis Bittar and Kate Spade. And besides the designer clothes label, keep in mind that the sale has a limited stock. So you will have to make up your mind really quickly, because once the products are gone, there is no way you can get them at this price.

If you are interested in something else than the clothes, you get the chance to experience the best fall make-up that the store has to offer. These, too, are part of the Anniversary sale. Enjoy the products branded by Chanel, La Mer, Kiehl’s, NARS and many more. For 38 dollars you can get a Dazzlecreme Lipgloss plus a bag. A set of 5 CineMatics Brush Musts All Over Brushes is 49.5 dollars. Plus, customers have the chance to win a 400$ Nordstrom giftcard every day of the sale.

Miranda Kerr talks about motherhood

Model Miranda Kerr opens up about motherhood in an interview to InStyle magazine. She says that many aspects of her life have changed now that she is a first time wife and a first time mother, the Us magazine reports.

New mother Miranda Kerr has given an interview to the Australian magazine InStyle, in which she speaks about the experience as a mother and wife and the changes that she has made since saying “I do” to actor Orlando Bloom. “I was working 18-hours day”, she says, adding that “now the pace has slowed so I can spend the majority of my time with Flynn”.

The 28-year-old mother shares one of her most intimate mother-son moments: “We have a bath together every night.” Of her life changing perspective, she tells the magazine that she is “a wife and mother first. When I work, it needs to be the best decision for us as a family.”

Kerr also confesses that her experience during childbirth was extremely painful. “I actually thought I was going to die at one point and left my body” the model admits. “I was looking down on myself, the pain was so intense.” Then she says that something made her gain strength: “I kept thinking ‘How do women do this?’ If other women have done this, I can do it, too. I was determined.”In the Japanese magazine Love Celeb, she confesses that despite the pain, the birth of her baby boy was the best thing that happened to her. “He is the light that illuminates my life” adding that “of course, Orlando is also the light”; she said that she loves them both very much. 

Now, she and baby Flynn are best friends. She told the magazine that the family is now planning on changing their home to Australia. “Flynn would love it and I had such a wonderful childhood in the country. He is going to have a diverse upbringing,” Kerr adds.

Vera Bradley fall collection is out

On Thursday Vera Bradley launched its bag collection for the fall, announcing that the products will be found now at Dillards stores. The company recently started collaboration with the store chain and its handbags will now be available in 35 Dillards around the country.

The spokesman for Vera Bradley announces the excitement regarding the partnership with the store chain and says: “Their core values are really in line with our core values, along with the brand positioning, and we’re excited that we are starting to be sold in Dillards Stores.”

Vera Bradley is known for the diversity and the hypnotic look of its bags. The collections include different shapes, sizes and many many colors. The bags are always new, leaving behind older designs and coming up with new ideas for every season. Vera Bradley is not popular only for the bags and purses, but also for the other accessories it offers. Its stores are a great choice if you want to buy a great pair of sunglasses, a chic wallet, jewelry boxes, napkins, placemats, rolling luggage and other accessories.

The Vera Bradley Company was founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. The name, Vera Bradley is taken from Barbara’s mother. The concept was created by the two women in 1982. at the time, they observed the luggage bags had nothing in common with femininity. So they decided to design luggage that would fit the women’s tastes and necessities. They also created pouches and dividers, so the clothes and anything going into the bag stays organized.

Vera Bradley isn’t responding only to the necessities and tastes of adult women. The company seeks to fulfill the needs of the younger generation as well. The prices for the bags range from 16 dollars to 120 dollars. Also, if you hurry up, you will benefit the discounts and the special offers that come with the new collection.

Dior in no hurry to replace Galliano

The Paris fashion house Dior is in no hurry to name a new creative director, thus replacing the ex one, fashion icon John Galliano, Relaxnews reports. The chief executive of Dior declared on Monday that the house will take its time to find the perfect long time replacement.

Sidney Toledano, chief executive of Dior, told AFP that the fashion house follows a certain policy when searching for a replacement: “You know when you ask young girls all the time when they are going to get married, they reply: When I find the right man.” Said Toledano and added that “all options are open for the future.”
The same Monday, Dior presented the first haute couture collection by Galliano in the absence of the designer. The applause and the cheering were received by right hand-man in the Dior’s atelier, Bill Gaytten. He has taken the collection into his hands and is assisted by Susanna Venegas. The fashion presentation was organized at the Rodin museum.

John Galliano is now facing chargers of anti-Semitic behavior that may come down to several months in prison. This year in February, the famous designer was video recorded in a bar, chatting with some women, while drunk. At one point he tells a woman that he loves Hitler and that her parents would be gassed if the Nazi were still in charge. “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead.” In addition to that he calls her “ugly”. The woman filed for a lawsuit against Galliano.

The process starts on September 8. If found guilty, he faces up to 6 months in prison and a fine of 22,000 euros (31,000 dollars)

Galliano has been the creative director of  Dior for a long time. He took charge of the haute couture of the fashion house in October 1996.

Givenchy presents tropical spring menswear

Riccardo Tisci, the designer of the Givenchi’s house set the trends for menswearin the spring of 2012: it is splashy tropical, it’s summer hot, it’s sexy, colorful, chic and extremely appealing to the ladies. Boys, pay attention to this!

This summer don’t be afraid to go over the line with colors and printings. This is if you want to be ahead of the Parisian fashion.  If Riccardo Tisci gave the green light, then go for it. You will make no mistake wearing tropical prints. The designer showed his latest menswear collection for the spring of 2012. The fashion show was presented June 24, in Paris. The runway was taken over by sequined kilts, militaristic postman’s blousons, strictly cut jerkins and sweat shirts in enlarged exotic prints. When asked about the trends in his new collection Tisci replied he concentrated on “Hawaii obviously, surfers and urban sportswear.” One of the main attractions of the show was the Birds of Paradise print, which was used in almost one third of the clothes. Besides the exotic birds, the audience could also enjoy the tropical flower prints with the bright colors looking like an explosion over the white cotton of the tunics.

The collection also included leather sandals with zipper like trim, chic cotton jackets and comfortable soft cotton shirts.

Tisci is known for setting the trends in menswear, offering the male population a chance to be “avant-garde. His latest collection included T-shirts with the designer’s own Rottweiler printed on them and aviator jackets. Some of the men in the audience were wearing them at the Pompidou Center where the show was held.

Being more the conservative type, men usually don’t wear bright colors and the most certainly don’t wear flower or bird printed fabrics. Only the nonconformist ones would dare to wear the Birds of Paradise on their pants. But Riccardo Tisci is definitely a godmother of the men’s fashion so, maybe you, guys, should give it a try and see how they fit. If you don’t like it, you can always blame the artist.

Celebrities Favorite Fragrances To Inspire You

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities smell like? Did you ever wish to wear the same fragrance as your favorite Hollywood star of singer? This is your chance. Find out what their favorite fragrances are and write them in your book, as a style guide for perfumes.

Adriana Lima – Victoria’s Secret angel wear “So In Love” as she says it is not a powerful or strong fragrance and she loves it”.

Alec Baldwin – the Hollywood veteran has more than one favorite fragrance. Depending on the mood and the occasion, he wears Annick Goutal, Habit Rouge, Bulgari Eau Parfumee.

Alicia Keys – she is a queen of fragrances. She does not believe in the saying that a womand has to have a unique identifiable smell. She is not a one fragrance woman. She wears Healing Garden Waters Pure Joy, Stella Rose Absolute, Sugar, Issey Miyake, Gucci, loves all the Bulgari scents. In her opinion, Bulgari has what she calls “magic scents”. If she were to choose one in particular, though, she would choose Bulgari Black.

Amber Valetta – the model turned actress has realy expensive tastes. While she always travels with a bottle of Sage Ambel Oil in her bag, her favorite scent is a custom blend of Aftelier Perfumes, which starts at 600 dollars. Now, that’s what I call scnet glamour!

Beyonce Knowles – one of Beyonce’s favorite perfumes is Fleurs de Rocaille, a true classic.

Calista Flockhart – skinny, sexy and funny Ally McBeal smells like So de la Renta.

Cameron Diaz – she stated in a recent interview for Maxim magazine that she doesn’t believe in marriage as it I an old institution and in our days is incredibly overrated. Could this mean that, in fact she has not made up her mind regarding one single man? When it comes to fragrances, we can say for sure that one is not enough for the blonde diva. She likes Happy, Samsara, Petite Cherie, Monyette Paris, Clean, DNA and the list is still open.

Dita von Teese – Marilyn Manson’s ex tease has a favorite fragrance but many more scents that she enjoys wearing. Quelques Fleurs is her secret love, but she also “flirts” with some other perfumes, such as Red Tea from Bulgari, Magie Noir from Lancome, Viviene Westwood, Chantal Thomass and more.

Stylists say you will feel best wearing a perfume that suits your personality. We offered you a list of celebrity icons that you can compare with. Are you the seductive diva Dita? Are you the girl next door like Calista? Are you the exotic goddess Adriana? Find out which one you are similar to and try the specified scents. Tell us how you feel then!

John Galliano, 6 Months In Prison For Anti-Semitism

Fashion designer John Galliano could spend up to 6 months in jail if found guilty for the anti-Semitic insults on his June 22nd trial, reports Reuters.

Fashion faces crisis. One of the most impressive visionaries of haute couture fashion, John Galliano is facing trial. The accuses that are brought to him are racist insults to Jewish people. A few months ago, in February, the fashion designer was in a trendy bar having some drinks and at one point he said he loved Adolf Hitler. He also threw anti – Semitic insults to two people in the bar. The whole scene was filmed and, in March, the video was made public. In the capture, John Galliano could be seen abusing some of the people in the bar and saying that he loved Hitler.

“I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead.” Apparently he was talking to two women. At first they were amusing themselves, but at one point, after the rough comment, one of them got angry and said to him “Do you have a problem?”. He then answered “With you? You’re ugly”. The discussion carried on, we don’t know for how long, but the video found on Youtube lasts less than one minute.. After the abusive comments shown above, Galliano continued to swear and calling “ugly” the woman. It was very clear that he had a bit to much to drink.

After the accusations brought by the two abused fellow drinkers, there came a third person that claimed to have been the victim of a similar abuse last year, in October.

Until now, the outburst already cost Galliano his job at Dior, where se was working over the last decade. He was first suspended and then, after the video appeared, he was fired. Some people say it was fired too fast, other say it took Dior too long. Firing Galliano was not a pleasure for the luxury brand. This was, in fact a big hit for the House of Dior. At this point, there are no new about who is going to replace the eccentric designer.

Sidney Toledano, chief executive stated that it was no hurry to announce a new name. This could mean that they didn’t even find a replacement.

If found guilty, John Galliano may face up to 6 months behind bars and a fine of over 22,000 euros (approximately 31,000 dollars).

Is Dior waiting for the finality of the case? If found not guilty, will it give Galliano a second chance? Somehow, the show must go on!

Jessica Simpson Walks Half Naked

Sexy blonde singer and actress Jessica Simpson was seen last week wearing a green oversized sweater, accessorized with an animal print bag and blue platforms and NOTHING ELSE. She was walking the streets of Beverly Hills apparently half naked, because there was nothing seen underneath that sweater.

Fashion critics say that Jessica got a little bit too comfortable in that green turtleneck sweater that she is wearing since 2005 (we don’t know if it’s the same sweater, or the same model). was asking if she is possibly trying to start a new trend, replacing the common jersey dress with the “king size” sweater. Omg! believes the look is poor and has nothing to do with trends or fashion in general and it would have been better suited with a pair of long jeans or shorts that are at least visible. In addition, they say that the heels are too much and the purse likewise.

I am no fashion expert, but I feel like the sweater “screams” for something underneath it. It is too short for a dress and I don’t even think she meant for it as a dress (what was she thinking anyway?). In my opinion, she just wanted to say “I can wear anything and still look good”. I don’t like the combination of those color shades (electric blue and swamp green). The purse might go with the shoes or with the sweater, but not wth both of them at the same time.The overall look appears improvised like when you go to a party and someone spill wine all over your outfit and you cannot go home naked, so you borrow something from the host. This time, the host isn’t very fashionable and all she has is a big sweater.

Jessica Simpson has been criticized before for her mom jeans choice at a concert and for some extra pounds. She explained in a later Oprah appearance that they made her look fatter than she really was. Well, then it’s clear, Jessica has to change her dressing habits. When you have the body of a goddess, why ruin the image with some awful clothing? Especially when you have a fashion brand that sells like hotcakes.

Fashion Passion: pregnant Kate Hudson on “Sky Heels”

Kate Hudson is known to have good taste in fashion. Even when pregnant she doesn’t hesitate to embark on a sky high heels journey.

Although she has a few weeks before giving birth to her second baby, the Hollywood actress is working hard on promoting her new movie, “Something Borrowed” in which – coincidence – the main subject in a wedding.

This fits Hudson’s general state because a few days ago she announced she is engaged to be married. On the Today show, the actress showed off her beautiful big diamond rock engagement ring that she received from her partner, Muse rocker Mat Bellamy. When the TV show host spotted it, she said: “I was wondering when someone was going to notice”. She was very happy about it.

A couple of days ago, Kate Hudson was seen in front of Kimmel Live studio in Hollywood wearing a very beautiful white and blue babydoll dress accessorized with very high heel shoes designer by Christian Louboutin.

She looked very chic in the white babydoll with navy blue embroidery. It looks like she is trying to maintain her physique toned even though pregnant. The cream high heels shoes showed off a good tonus in her legs.

Later on that day, she was spotted in the company of new husband to be Matt Bellamy and this time she was wearing something more comfortable and totally different.

When exiting the television studio, Kate was wearing a long wavy dress, brown and with small lighter colored models. The dress was covered by a jersey. She left the sky high heel shoes for classical simple flip flops.

Kate and Matt met last year at Coachella music festival, where they kind of bumped into each other.

She was advised by the show’s host, Kelly Ripa to pursue him. He winked at her and Rippa said to Hudson “I think this guy likes you!” And the rest is history.

The couple is very eager to meet their baby. But until now, they refused to find out whether the little one is a he or a she. And they probably will keep it a secret ( from the world, them included) until the due date.

Kate Hudson had yet another child, a boy, Ryder, who is now 7 years old. His father is Black Crowes  rocker Chris Robinson, Hudson’s ex husband.

Kate Moss pays tribute to Alexander McQueen

Supermodel Kate Moss pays tribute to Alexander McQueen by wearing two of his dresses in a photoshoot for the UK Harper’s Bazaar magazine, June edition. She once again play the role she played in 2006, when at one of the McQueen fashin shows, her image was represented by a hologram, wearing a a gorgeus ruffled organza dress. Now, for the Harper’s Bazaar cover, she wears the same dress.

Late Alexander McQueen earned his reputation in pretentious fashion world as being an expert in tailored look creation.

Kate Moss is a huge admirer of his, and she wanted to do something great in his memory. About the great designer she says: “He gave women power, while letting them be fragile and vulnerable at the same time.

People always used to say he was a misogynist, but it took me a while to realise that he was actually empowering women and not the other way around.” She also believes that he can’t be compared with anyone else, and that his amazing talent is very hard or even impossible to equal. “There’s never ever going to be anybody like him. There was so much tension, but we had the best laughs. He was a dear friend of mine. I miss him terribly.” the supermodel added.

June edition of Harper’s Bazaar is scheduled to appear at the same time with the opening of the “Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty” which is a fashion costume exhibit set to open next month at Metropolitan Museum of Art.