Best Fashion Comeback – The Peplum

The peplum was first introduced by Dior in the 1950s and was worn by some of the famous actresses of that period. Half a century later, the peplum is back in designers’ attention being a constant presence on catwalks this year. Some women find it hard to distinguish between clothes with peplum and regular flounces or pleats, but there is one aspect you need to take into account: peplum garments are usually tight fitting around the waist and larger on the hips in order to make the latter look more “generous”.

You don’t necessarily have to wear dresses in order to adopt this trend as there are many other garments that have been endowed with peplum. You can find various tops and shirts that are more or less casual. The secret to perfectly wear this trend is to make the peplum the key element of your outfit. For that, it is recommended to wear tight-fitting pants and jeans.

The above mentioned rule is also valid for skirts with peplum. These garments are very popular at present and they can be found in the spring/summer collections of many designers, such as, Burberry Prorsum, Christian Dior and Jason Wu, but also in less expensive store like H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters. Just make sure you combine them with tight tops, so the outfit would not look sloppy.

Peplum jackets are easier to wear in comparison with other types of clothes. Unlike dresses and blouses which can be a little bit uncomfortable during a regular day at work, jackets can be taken off in an indoor space. Most peplum jackets we have seen on the catwalk have thin belts for a bigger contrast between the waist and the hips.

In case you don’t want to invest your money in clothes that are too extravagant, you can always recreate this trend with the help of peplum belts. Some stores have already started to commercialize these accessories, so you can purchase a black peplum belt and combine it with any clothes you like.

Our Favorite Celeb Looks From Coachella

It’s that time of the year again when we can go to as many concerts and outdoor events as possible because the warm weather is on our side. Even so, you still have to prepare your outfits in advance so you can feel comfortable enough while dancing and, nevertheless, make a good impression among your friends. Like always, you can get the style from some of your favorite celebrities who have been present at this year’s edition of Coachella.

Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele evinced the two most appropriate looks for this event. They both adopted the boho-chic trend which is very popular at present. Given that this style was actually invented by people who liked to party a lot – the hippies – it is probably one of the best choices for a concert. Unless it is a heavy-metal or a rock concert, of course. All you need to get Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele’s look is a long white shirt or a floaty dress and team them up with accessories like hats and colorful glasses.

At the opposite end is Rihanna who looks perfect for this occasion thanks to her rock star clothes. The Barbadian singer stayed true to her wild outfits by wearing a pair of jean cutoffs embellished with metallic elements, a short black top imprinted with the word “peace” and a vivid black-and-pink jacket imprinted with the Chanel chain. Her outfit was accompanied by her usual tough attitude, meaning red lips, red nails and very dark sun glasses. You can replace the short jeans with long ones in case you are looking for a less extravagant style.

Tali Lennox, the daughter of Eurythmics’ Annie Lennox, was also present at the 2012 Coachella festival, setting a good fashion example for those who plan on going at future concerts. She adopted a very romantic style made up of a lacey beige dress and sweater. The entire look was completed with a small brown leather bag, so the model wouldn’t be too elegant for the event.

Boho-chic fashion is one of the favorite trends of the summer because it doesn’t require too many efforts to get accomplished. The effects you will obtain by wearing this trend: you will look natural, yet sexy with the minimum effort.

Key Fashion Items For Summer 2012

There’s something about this year’s trends that reminds me of the Miami Vice series. I haven’t figured out what is it exactly, but I assume it could be the sunny mix of pastel shades with vivid colors, the Don Johnson-like blazers and the espadrilles I see everywhere in stores. In fact, pastel shades, colorful prints and statement accessories are the elements that will be traceable everywhere in the upcoming months.

You don’t have to buy all the aforementioned garments or to dress up like a rebel cop from the 90s to prove that you can keep up with the latest trends. There are several key fashion elements that you can add to your wardrobe to create various trendy combinations.

Since the majority of the clothes you see in stores are colorful, it means that your summer outfits will most likely include one such item. If you need to decide between a pastel shaded pair of pants, a skirt or a blazer, choose the last one as it may be used in various combinations and it can save you a lot of money. The hottest color right now is the mint and it works great with neutrals like black and white, as well as with soft hues of pink, beige and blue.

Designers seem to have fallen back in love with prints. These elements have been absent from the catwalk during the past decades, but they have made a powerful comeback this year. The animal print is the favorite trend of the summer, but you will also find numerous floral shirts and dresses in stores. Unlike the previous years when printed items had to be carefully mixed with other garments, this year, you can wear them with all sorts of outfits, be they colorful or not.

Pointed toe shoes are back in fashion in 2012 leaving round toe ones behind. If you want to take this trend to the next level, you may opt for footwear with metallic toes. Since ballerina flats are still in, you can purchase one model with metallic pointed toes and thus, you will be both stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Claudia Schiffer In Sexy Photo Shoot For Guess 30th Anniversary

World’s famous model, Claudia Schiffer has agreed to take part in a sexy photo shoot for Guess 30th Anniversary Ad Campaign. The pics were taken by photographer Ellen Von Unwerth in Sorrento, Italy. The special collection will encompass 15 pieces worn by beautiful women like Laetitia Casta, Naomi Campbell, Bridget Hall, Drew Barrymore and Estelle Lefébure.

There seems to be a strong bond between Claudia Schiffer and Guess as the two parties collaborated on various other occasions. This is, in fact, the seventh campaign as the 41-year-old model took part in six other campaigns between 1989 and 1991. This time, the photographer wanted to recreate the Mediterranean atmosphere of Italy by taking black-and-white pictures of Schiffer in restaurants, on the beach or on scooters. The pics are similar to the ones that Unwerth created 23 years ago during Claudia’s first photo shoot for Guess.

The internationally renowned model confessed that Guess will always hold a special place in her heart. She was very pleased to see that she can work just as well with the team even though 23 years have gone by. Schiffer had a great time during the photo session because the setting brought back great memories from the 1989 photo shoot.

Paul Marciano, CEO and creative director at Guess, was also excited about their new collaboration with Claudia Schiffer. He told reporters that the company chose the German model for this special anniversary because she represents a turning point in the company’s history. Thanks to her, they became very popular as everyone was talking about the Guess Girl when the first pictures were made.

Guess has prepared a special collection for their 30th Anniversary. The garments are inspired by the pieces that were worn by famous Guess Girl throughout the past three decades. Thus, you should expect to see numerous wide-neck T-shirts printed with images of Anna Nicole Smith, sheer leopard-print blouses, sleeveless black-and-white gingham tops and the famous three-zipper Marilyn jeans that got the brand started. The festive collection will be available in Guess stores starting April 24.

H&M launches The Pants Collection 2012

The famous Swedish retailer, H&M, announced on Monday that The Pants Collection 2012 will soon be available in stores across the United States. The new collection includes various models of trousers that are comfortable enough for the summer, yet fashionable enough to make you look stylish on any occasion.

Judging by the pictures that the spokespersons of the company have released to the press, the black is definitely out this summer with the accent being placed on colorful clothing items. H&M is the store you want to visit in case you are looking to purchase a pair of flowery pants for the upcoming sunny season. The retailer has communicated that their new collection of trousers was mainly embellished with flower and fruit prints. 

Denim pants represent the second most popular item in the new H&M collection given their large presence in stores. Marin blue is the color that designers at H&M propose for the summer 2012, but there are also light blue and beige jeans, as well. Neutrals continue to be popular this season, too.

The diversity of the collection is not given by the colors or the prints that have been used, but by the models of the pants. Female customers can choose any length they want for their trousers as the Swedish retailer has created various designs from ankle-length, to ¾-length and to shorts. Slim-fit and wide-leg pants seem to be very popular this summer, which is why H&M offers its customers numerous such models, so women can create all sorts of combinations.

Unlike the previous years when the high-rise pants were the favorite products of H&M’s customer, the Swedish clothing manufacturer claims that low-rise pants will be very popular this summer. As a consequence, the majority of the trousers that may be found on the shelves of their stores belong to the second category. This shouldn’t be a problem for women as these pairs of pants can be easily combined with long shirts and blouses for a professional look.  

Spring/Summer 2012 Haircut Trends

We don’t know whether it is the rebirth of nature or just the good disposition that sunny days give us, but people feel the need to make a change during the spring season. Women, in particular like to opt for a new haircut, which is why we think it is important to let you know what trends experts recommend for the spring/summer season 2012.

Layers represent the greatest comeback of the year. After being replaced with blunt long hairstyles in the last couple of years, layered cuts seem to gain more and more territory lately. In fact, there have been many actresses who donned layered hairstyles, during the most important events of the year. It doesn’t matter whether you have long, medium or short tresses as layers look great with any length of hair. Moreover, your hair will stay healthy for a longer period of time because the hair dresser will be able to trim all the damaged locks.

At the opposite end, there are hairstylists who suggest various blunt haircuts for the warm season of 2012. The blunt bob continues to remain the favorite look of designers even though it was first launched four years ago. If you want to make a change without entirely modifying your look, you can ask your hairdresser to give you a blunt bang. This hairstyle seems to be highly appreciated in Hollywood where numerous actresses were seen wearing it since the beginning of the year. Reese Witherspoon, Rose Byrne, Liv Tyler and Rooney Mara are some of the celebrities who were seen wearing this look at the Golden Globe Awards 2012.

Straight hair is no longer interesting to hairstylists as most of the coifs they presented at the New York Fashion Week were curly or wavy. The news is great for women who have natural wavy hair as they will no longer have to use heat tools to make their locks stay straight. This doesn’t mean the rest of the women will have to use curling irons to achieve the popular “beach-wave” look as the curls have to look natural. The best way to achieve this hairstyle is to use curl-enhancing foam on damp hair and scrunch locks to create waves.

Ke$ha reveals chic makeunder

Ever since she made her first appearance in the public, Ke$ha stroke us with her extravagant make up. This time, however, the blonde singer decided to leave the glitter and the body paint aside revealing chic makeunder. The photos were first published in the new issue of the Glamour magazine.

Following in the footsteps of Snooki, Ke$ha decided it was her turn to prove people that she can actually live without make up. The singer is another example showing us that Hollywood techniques don’t always help prettify celebrities; they can work the other way around, too. Wearing too much makeup, glitter and body paint has prevented us from realizing that Ke$ha is endowed with a pretty face and feminine traits.

Despite the success she registered with her natural look, the singer confessed reporters that she will not cease to use body paint as a way of expressing herself. She further added that getting covered in paint is one of her favorite activities. Moreover, she likes to throw parties at her home in Nashville where people don’t necessarily have to wear clothes because they can be replaced with body paint.

The 25-year-old singer is in fact preparing to launch a new line of body paint that will be available to all major stores. She decided to do so because she figured out there may be other people out there who like to wear body paint like her. And because it is her trademark and it could help her improve her income, we might add.

Ke$ha is determined to become a better performer; therefore, she decided to learn to play several other instruments and to write the follow-up to her 2010 “Animal” album. Her major interest right now is guitar lessons because she thinks that this way she can revive rock’n’roll.

Since Ke$ha is now involved in so many projects and activities, she doesn’t have time to focus on her love life. However, this doesn’t seem to bother the Nashville singer at all. As a matter of fact, she confessed that she has other things on her mind, so she doesn’t feel the need to get involved in a relationship.

Hot swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret 2012 collection

Victoria’s Secret has announced the launching of a new collection of hot swimsuits for the summer of 2012, says InStyle. The new items may be found on the official website of the company where you may choose to purchase them or skim through the models to get familiar with the 2012 trends.

Similar to the previous collections, the new bathing suits were introduced by some of the famous top models of the brand. Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio will enchant your eyes as soon as you access the website.

There are various styles you may choose from, depending on your preferences and on the looks you want to achieve. Patterns and shades are the most important elements you need to consider if you want your new swimsuit to help you create a perfectly proportionate body. Sequin and prints are often recommended by fashion experts for women who want to shift the attention to their best assets.

Victoria’s Secret swimsuits come in one or two pieces. Push-up halter tops are perfect for women who want to add a little bit of definition to their bodies. Triangle tops, on the other hand, represent the perfect choice for sporty women who look for support while practicing their favorite summer sports in and out of the water.

The famous American retailer has created numerous models of bandeau tops for women who want to get an A-list bronze. Thanks to the strapless design you will no longer have to worry about white marks on your shoulders or your back. There is, however, a drawback; the bandeau top is not the best choice if you like to practice volleyball or other sports on the beach.

Side-tie bikinis are very popular in 2012, judging by the numerous models exposed on the company’s website. Apparently, many more women prefer this type of swimwear because it can be easily adapted to any body size and shape.

The color-blocking trend seems to have entered the swimsuit realm as most pieces in the collection contain complementary colors. Floral prints, animal designs and polka dots are some of the patterns we will most likely see this summer on the beach.


Spring/Summer 2012 Hairstyle Trends

Although we literally have to wait for more than one month until the official spring season begins, we have decided to anticipate things a little bit. For that, we give you the latest Spring/Summer 2012 hairstyle trends as presented by Daily Makeover.

Waves represent the most powerful trend of the upcoming season. The short bob seems to have been completely forgotten by hairstylists as the majority of them have opted for long locks in 2012. Natural looks are to be preferred to any other type of long hairstyles, so opt for soft, slightly laidback waves like the ones introduced by Givenchy and Chloé or try the retro-fabulous, glossy curls proposed by Versace.

Fashion designers have become more and more indulgent with women in the past years or, at least, this is what it looks like judging by the natural hairstyles they have chosen for 2012. Now you no longer have to worry about bad hair days because the classic ponytail is in. Some designers opted for a sleek ponytail, others for a more ruffled version, so you can choose whatever style suits you.

Buns continue to be one of the most appreciated hairstyles of the warm season. Each model on the catwalk had a different style, so you can wear anything from messy low knots like the ones in Phillip Lim’s collection to the wild French twists from Badgley Mischka. Wet chignons are perfect for those summer days you spend at the pool which is why they were present in most collections.

A quick way to take your hair from dull to dazzling is to adopt a side-swept hairstyle. Whether you let your hair loose or you gather it in an updo, you will look more elegant with the side-parting.

After seeing them in most fashion collections last year, braids have gradually lost their charm in 2012. Very few designers chose to continue this trend and it was usually the super-feminine wraparound French braid that prevailed. If you want to learn more about this trend watch Valentino’s collection.

Victoria’s Secret Angels in “the sexiest night on television”

On Tuesday night, on CBS’s sexiest show of the year, Victoria’s Secret fashion presentation featured its Angels wearing million dollar bras and overwhelmingly hypnotic wings. The fashion show was dubbed as “the sexiest night on television”.

When Victoria’s Secret announces a fashion show, you know what to expect. Basically, the most beautiful women on the planet gather behind the scenes of the glam runway, dress-up in the sexiest most expensive lingerie items and practice their well-learned catwalk in front of a huge audience. It is a show that reminds every woman in the world that she is …a woman.

The lingerie fashion show was opened by blonde supermodel Candice Swanepoel, who gains more and more privileges in the Victoria’s Secret empire. Earlier this year, she was named the spokeswoman for the launching of the new fragrance: Sheer Love.  The 22-year-old model, who comes from South Africa, was discovered at age 15 model scout in a Durban flea market. Since then, her career went up and last night, she was given the opportunity (and responsibility) of opening the show. “It’s amazing to be trusted with starting the energy of the show”, she told Us Weekly.

New mom Miranda Kerr made a comeback this year, after missing from the catwalk in 2010 because of baby Flynn. Last night, during her appearance on Chelsea lately, she told the show host that the Treasure Fantasy Bra she was wearing was worth 2.5 million dollars. She admitted she does not know who would buy such a bra, but in the end, it’s not about the financial value of the items, it’s about the beauty of the presentation.
Brazilian beauty Alexandra Ambrosio, also a mommy, was crowned queen of the angels when wearing he largest wings ever designed for Victoria’s Secret runways. “Before the show I got my trainer and did lots of squats, focusing on the gluts and the core”, the model says.