Kim Kardashian Reveals her Biggest Regret

Kim Kardashian decided to once again open up about her personal life. The famous star decided to reveal the biggest regret in her life. And, it is maybe something that fans would have not expected. Maybe, when hearing this, some fans might think that Kim regretted that she entered a marriage that lasted only 72 days, but her answer was much different.

Kim actually said that she regrets filming so much while she was pregnant because she did not like the way she looked. Kim talked about this subject during a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Actually, the whole family had a photo shoot for the celebrity news provider. The five Kardashian-Jenner sisters, as well as their mother Kris Jenner, enjoyed a family photo shoot.

“I definitely wish I didn’t film so much pregnant,” Kim said, adding that she “looked like such a cow and I can’t stand to see those episodes. I would say, ‘Try to film me more from chest up, so it looks better,’ but I look like a blob.” “I would have rather seen my belly and shot farther away,” Kim continued. Kim also talked about the rumors of her and her husband trying to have another child with the help of a surrogate. “I hope so. There have been a lot of things said and Kanye and I have not confirmed anything. We’re definitely trying. We are hoping so,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star went on to add.

Although marrying Kris Humphries is not the biggest regret that Kim has, the star did open up about her marriage that lasted 72 days and said that she did have a lot of doubts before she made the decision to marry the NBA star.

“The night before, my mom pulled me aside, off camera, and was like, ‘This isn’t it for you. Why don’t you go away and I’ll handle it?’ ” Kim explained. The star went on to say that she “felt like, if I pulled out now, everyone’s going to think I just did it for the show.” Kim said that she wanted to stay married for longer than less than three months, but she just could not do it. She claimed that when she revealed the decision to get divorced, everyone said she did it only for the show.

The Kardashians and Jenners Love Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been a couple for a few months now. The two seem to be getting along very well and the romance is growing stronger. And it seems that they have the approval of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, as the whole family is said to love Travis and be happy with this romance.

So, People magazine reported that Travis received the approval of the entire family. An insider told the magazine that Kylie’s famous family like Travis so much because he is very different from Tyga. “Kylie and Travis are doing great,” the source explained. “Things are so different from Tyga,” the same insider went on to add.

“There is no drama with Travis. He is a cool guy. He treats Kylie with a lot of respect and love. Kylie is very happy,” the source said. The insider claimed that Travis and Kylie celebrated her birthday together and he had a very special gift for her. He offered his girlfriend a beautiful diamond necklace, which Kylie absolutely loved. Kylie celebrated her birthday with Travis and her famous family, attending a Kendrick Lamar concert.

Kylie and Travis then celebrated at home with her family, after which the pair, alongside Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, went out for a movie. Other friends of Kylie’s also joined the two couples. Kylie seemed very happy and it seems that she had a perfect birthday celebration.

Kylie has surely enjoyed a lot of success when it comes to her career and now it seems that the young star has found stability when it comes to her personal life, as well. Before dating Travis, Kylie was in a long term relationship with rapper Tyga. The two ended their romance earlier this year.

So, when it comes to her career, Kylie has been having an amazingly successful year. The star’s beauty brand ranked in 420 million dollars over the course of the last 18 months. However, when comes to her new reality show, Life of Kylie, the young star has dealt with a lot of criticism. The critics claimed that the show was “fake” and it could actually be the fakest reality show that emerged from The Kardashians’ successful television series.

Kanye West Dealing with Financial Problems?

Apparently, famous rapper Kanye West has some financial problems that are putting a lot of stress on the popular rapper. And that might not be all. It has been claimed that Kanye is also dealing with some marriage problems with Kim Kardashian and everything is putting a lot of pressure on the star.

So, Radar Online has reported that Kanye is dealing with a high level of stress because of his financial problems and the fact that Kim is drafting a mid-nuptial agreement because she wants to protect her own finances. This might lead to a new breakdown for Kanye. The report said that Kanye and Kim already have an agreement that protects her financially, but Kim wants to make sure that there will be no impact on her or the children.

“He’s making all kinds of deals right now that are very high stakes, and Kim’s nervous,” an insider said. Kim “wants everything looked over with a fine-tooth comb, especially as her kids are so involved and potentially impacted at this point,” the same source added. The insider claimed that Kanye’s famous wife is very worried with regards to what the rapper has been doing.

“Kim’s worried sick about Kanye’s current situation, which has incurred millions in legal fees already and is only getting more expensive and complicated. She wants to protect herself, and for all her faults nobody could blame her,” the source explained.

The insider claimed that this whole situation has definitely affected the entire family, of course, also impacting Kim and Kanye’s relationship. The source said that Kim doesn’t know what to do at this point to end the drama surrounding her husband and stop him from making these risky decisions.

Kim and Kanye have allegedly been dealing with relationship problems for quite some time. Previous reports have claimed that the famous couple is close to a divorce and are desperately trying to save their marriage for the sake of their children. Kim and Kanye have two children together, daughter North and son Saint, and are said to be expecting their third child via a surrogate. The baby rumors have not been confirmed for the moment.

Khloe Kardashian Pressures Tristan Thompson to Get Married

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been a couple for quite some time and a lot of rumors have previously indicated that things were going so good between the two that they were planning on getting married and starting a family together.

Well, a new report has now said that Khloe might not have patience for this to happen and she has actually been pressuring Tristan to get married. The new report was shared by Radar Online, which revealed that Khloe had actually given Tristan an ultimatum because she is “desperate” to start a family with him.

Previous rumors have said that Khloe really wanted to have a child and start a family with Tristan. But, now it just appears that she is anxious for this to happen as soon as possible. Some sources talking to Radar Online said that Khloe is tired of waiting for Tristan to ask her hand in marriage and she told him that she is no longer willing to wait.

“Khloe is at the point right now where she is basically like, ‘WTF?’,” an insider said. “She does not know why he has not asked her to marry him already and is just starting to become very frustrated because she wants a family and kids stat!” the same source went on to add. “She wants her ring and she is just so bothered that he has not even gotten one yet.”

The insider also said that Khloe wants to have a lot of children, as her older sisters, and she is willing to have her own family. “Khloe wants nothing more than to start a family and have a bunch of kids with Tristan. She sees both of her sisters with all these kids and it just makes her sad that she is the odd one out,” the source explained. Khloe has not addressed these claims, so the report is yet to be confirmed.

However, the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has previously revealed during an episode of the popular reality show that she gave up using birth control. She also claimed that she and Tristan have previously talked about starting a family.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Trying to Make Things Work

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are without a doubt one of the celebrity couples who are constantly in the media attention. So, there is no wonder after all that constant rumors are linked to the two. A lot of these rumors have claimed that Kim and Kanye are going to soon separate, as their marriage was no longer working.

Well, the latest report linked to this couple said almost the same thing. The new report, shared by Radar Online, said that Kim and Kanye are actually trying really hard to make the relationship work and to reconnect. It has been claimed that Kim and Kanye are set to become parents once again, as they turned to the help of a surrogate to be able to welcome their third child. Kim, after two very difficult pregnancies, is no longer able to carry a baby due to health concerns.

Well, as they are preparing to become parents for the third time, Kim and Kanye are allegedly undergoing couple’s therapy. However, the report said that things are so bad between the two that Kanye has actually agreed to a six-month marriage probation period. This means that the two stars have a period of time during which they need to overcome their issues, otherwise they will stop trying.

One source talking to Radar Online said that things have been difficult between the two after Kanye’s breakdown. “They’ve just never been the same since Kanye’s breakdown and it’s taken a lot of work to get them to this point,” the insider explained. “They’re doing couple’s therapy and making a big effort to reconnect, [especially after] Kanye was not even coming home, instead staying overnight in a hotel near the studio,” the same source added. “That had to stop.”

However, it seems that Kim’s famous family does not have a lot of trust in the fact that things could be solved between the two. “The Kardashians are extremely skeptical right now because they do not think that Kim and Kanye’s marriage is strong enough [to have a third child right now],” the source said. However, despite it all, Kim and Kanye are trying their best to make things work, including spending a lot of time together and giving up bad habits.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian to Settle Custody Battle

It seems that things might finally be settled between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. According to some new rumors, the two might soon end their custody battle. As negotiations have been ongoing between the two parties, it has been claimed that Rob and Chyna are close to reaching a settlement.

Apparently, the reason why Chyna is ready to settle is given by the fact that she actually started making much more money than Rob. The two have to reach an agreement when it comes to the custody of their daughter Dream. TMZ reported that the custody deal will be easier to reach considering that neither Chyna nor Rob have asked for child support.

TMZ reported that if one of the two would be entitled to ask for spousal support that would actually be Rob, as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been taking more care of Dream than Blac Chyna has. Dream is 9 months old. Furthermore, it has been claimed that Chyna makes much more compared to her former boyfriend.

Apparently, most of the money that Rob makes come from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. On the other hand, Chyna makes a lot of club appearances and attends hosting events, which bring her more money than what Rob makes. This means that Rob could be asking for child support even though the two agree on a joint custody arrangement.

It is yet to see how the final custody deal will look like. Meanwhile, it surely seems that at least one of the two has managed to move on. Of course, we are talking about Chyna, who is dating a new man, Mechie. The two were seen together on various occasions, including at Project LA Night Club last weekend. On the other hand, Rob seems to have decided to stay away from the spotlight for a while after his social media rant on his ex-girlfriend. He may still have to face some consequences because of this, as revenge porn is illegal in the state. Chyna obtained a temporary restraining order against Rob.

Kylie Jenner is Tired of the Spotlight

It is safe to say that popular Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner has grown in the spotlight. However, it seems that the media attention might be too much for Kylie now. The star is said to be very much willing to escape the spotlight and she actually feels that she is “going insane.”

So, it appears that despite the fact that she seems very happy, Kylie is dealing with serious issues in adjusting to her life as a star. The popular reality show star has been telling her doctors that she feels very stressed and she might be “going insane.” To be able to escape the media attention, Kylie is allegedly planning to move to a farm and eliminate all the stress.

Kylie has been dealing with some new criticism lately, as Keke Palmer claimed that the star was not being authentic at all. It looks like these types of comments get to Kylie and the star does not want to deal with it anymore. Life & Style reported that Kylie underwent her first therapy session in the upcoming episode of her own reality show, Life Of Kylie. The show is set to premiere on Sunday and promises to be extremely genuine when it comes to presenting the young star’s life.

“Sometimes, I’m like, ‘This is it, I’m going insane,'” Kylie allegedly told her doctor. “Like I’m going crazy,” she added. A source said that Kylie has been undergoing therapy, but it did not help her a lot and she definitely needs more help. “Kylie doesn’t feel she got anything out of therapy on the show, but her friends think she should still be going,” the source said. “Kylie acts like she is about to have a breakdown. She’s super moody and has a short fuse,” it added.

The same report indicated that Kylie has been thinking about moving into a small town, maybe Diablo or Paskenta, as she believes she would be much happier there. “Kylie is romanticizing a life far from celebrities, but the reality is that she’d be bored out of her mind,” the source explained. Of course, there is no official comment from Kylie on this report.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna to Settle Custody Battle

Apparently, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are ready to put their differences aside and reach an agreement on the custody of their baby daughter, Dream. According to some new reports, the two stars have started negotiations on a custody deal.

Since his very public rant on Blac Chyna, Rob has remained away from the spotlight. He made no comments or official statements and mostly remained quiet following the incident. However, we cannot say the same about Chyna, who has several times talked about the whole story and claimed that she did not expect that from Rob. She even filed for a temporary restraining order against Rob, which she obtained.

However, Chyna never said that she intended to keep Rob away from their daughter. She actually claimed she would never do that. Well, now an insider has told Radar Online that the case may be settled sooner than imagined. Chyna and Rob’s lawyers have allegedly met to discuss and negotiate. “Rob and Chyna’s lawyer are working out the details of their custody situation quietly,” the insider explained.

Allegedly, until now Chyna and Rob had nothing official in place when it comes to handling the custody of their child. Allegedly, they both had daughter Dream at various times, but there was no legal arrangement between them. The source explained that the lawyers are going to do all the talking because “Chyna and Rob don’t talk to each other at all.”

“Only the lawyers are in communication with each other. They’re doing this so they can get along for the sake of Dream,” the source added. Allegedly, the lawyers are also seeking a delay when it comes to the upcoming court appearance scheduled for the two, as they hope that the former couple will be able to finally reach an agreement. “The case will be done and closed quietly,” the source concluded.

As expected, there are absolutely no official comments and no confirmation on these claims, so it is yet to see if Rob and Chyna will really be able to reach a custody agreement.

Robert Kardashian dated Priscilla Presley?

It seems that it is not the best time possible for Kris Jenner. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is dealing with a lot of scandals and a new one is ready to pop. It has been claimed that Kris was dumped by her late former husband, Robert Kardashian, for no one else than Priscilla Presley.

The secret love affair between Robert and Priscilla was revealed by Radar Online, which claimed that Robert had pursued Priscilla for quite some time. He wanted to date her before he married Kris. The latest revelations were made in the new book The Kardashians: An American Drama, by Jerry Oppenheimer.

The book indicated that Robert practically dumped Kris, and he was the one who forced her to work as a flight attendant, so he could have time to see Priscilla. “It was while Kris was learning to schlep a drinks cart up and down a narrow aisle above the clouds that Robert Kardashian was on cloud nine, having put Kris mostly out of mind and fallen hard for another woman, and not just any woman, but rather a gorgeous divorcee with a daughter and an internationally known pedigree,” the book said.

Robert kept the secret on the fact that he and Priscilla were dating. However, he allegedly wanted the whole world to know it, because Robert wanted to marry Priscilla and have children with her. “Priscilla really changed a lot of my brother’s thinking of how he should dress, how he should even drive, and what he should do – and she changed him easily because she was so attractive, and so she had a lot of influence on him,” Robert’s brother, Thomas, allegedly told Oppenheimer.

Allegedly, Kris tried very hard to win Robert back, and was very jealous of Priscilla. It has been claimed that Kris tried to spend as much time as possible with Robert in the attempt to conquer him. Robert’s romance with Priscilla did not last, as the two dated for only about one year. Priscilla allegedly loved Robert, but she told him that she wouldn’t remarry until Elvis would die.

Blac Chyna Enjoys Night Out

It surely seems that Blac Chyna is having a great time. The star is said to be dating a new man following her split from Rob Kardashian, and Chyna seems very happy. She was recently spotted enjoying a night out with her former boyfriend Tyga, and Lamar Odom.

Chyna partied with Tyga and Lamar in Beverly Hills. The trio was spotted together last week at the iGo.Live event. The three apparently did not go to the event together, but they met there. Chyna and Lamar also took some pictures together. Tyga did not take pictures with the two. Allegedly, he attended the event alone.

Well, while Chyna seems to be having a great time, we cannot say the same thing about Rob Kardashian. Rob has been having a rough time following the split from the star and of course his rant on social media has become widely famous by now. Well, a new report has claimed that Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, is actually quite worried for her son and she is thinking about sending Rob to a psych to seek help.

Allegedly, Kris has asked Rob to search for a professional. Following his online meltdown and messages against Chyna, Rob has decided to stay away from the spotlight. And it has been claimed that he took quite a bad approach on coping with what happened, turning to food.

A source talking to Radar Online said that Rob has gained a lot of weight because he eats thousands of calories a day, including a lot of candies, soda and fast food. “He’s the biggest he’s ever been,” the source claimed. “He’s well over 300lbs now – we don’t know as the scales don’t go up past that – and he’s a heart attack waiting to happen,” the insider went on to add. “He’s been comfort eating big time. His fridge has become his best friend.”

Kris has allegedly told Rob that unless he gets help, he will not be welcomed into the family. Kris also refused to give Rob money until he “confronts his problems” and addresses his anger and addiction issues.

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