Tom Cruise to Reconnect with Daughter Suri

It has been claimed for quite some time that famous actor Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri are having absolutely no relationship and the star has not seen her in several years. Well, although these claims have never been confirmed, a new report has actually revealed that Tom Cruise decided to reconnect with his daughter.

The rumor was launched by an In Touch report, which claimed that Tom was planning on connecting with Suri, his 10 year old daughter with former wife Katie Holmes. Allegedly, the actor has not seen his daughter in more than three years. Well, the reason why Tom is so determined to remake his relationship with his daughter is linked to an experience that the star had this year.

Tom has this month lost his mother, Mary Lee South, who died at the age of 80. A source talking to In Touch revealed that the Hollywood star wants to make sure he will see Suri on regular basis. “Tom now wants to re-establish his relationship with his daughter and begin seeing her on a regular basis,” the source explained.

The same insider said that Tom is “ready to ramp up his relationship with her in a bay way,” but did not provide too much detail on what this means. The insider also said that Tom is perfectly aware that things may not be simple for Suri and she will need some time to adjust to the situation and get used to having him around. “Tom knows that she won’t just go jumping back into his arms, and that he’s going to have to take it slow and steady to show her he’s back in her life for good,” the insider concluded. Tom is even willing to work less to have more time for Suri.

Apparently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not in talking terms, as Tom will actually notify Katie that he wants to see their daughter through one of his lawyers. However, the report was dismissed by Gossip Cop, which claimed that Tom Cruise is not planning on reaching out to Suri. Gossip Cop said that it talked with a reliable source who denied the story.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Moving in Together?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are no longer a married couple, but it seems that there may be place for a reconciliation. According to some new rumors, the two stars might be trying to make things work. So, it has been revealed that Ben actually moved back in with Jennifer.

The news were reported by Radar Online, which indicated that Ben has returned home to his former wife and his children. Ben and Jennifer actually have three children together. The rumors that Ben was moving back home were actually reported at a curious time. The speculation emerged as it is believed that Jennifer was finally going to file the official divorce papers from her estranged husband.

Radar Online shared some photos of the two famous actors at their home in Pacific Palisades. The report indicated that there was also a construction crew there, who was trying to help empty the guesthouse of all the belonging that were there. Most of the things are believed to be Ben’s. The report claimed that the reason why this was happening is actually linked to the stars’ intentions of renovating the guesthouse into a play area for the children, while Ben was moving back in.

A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that this is actually all that Jennifer wanted, as she was never in favour of divorcing her husband. “This is what Jen has been praying for!” the source explained. “She never wanted a divorce, but felt she had no other options. Finally, Ben has sobered up enough to come home. The kids are thrilled Daddy is finally back. The three of them – and Jen – are only hoping that this time it’s for good.”

Previous reports claimed that Jennifer was upset with Ben because he decided to move out. The reports also claimed that despite this, the two stars remain committed parents and their children will remain their priority. Of course, the claims have not been confirmed and actually a confirmation is not expected in the near future. Ben and Jennifer have always remained quite private and avoided addressing such rumors.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are fighting over their Children

Beyonce and Jay-Z are set to welcome twins, but rumors are indicating that the two famous singers are dealing with some relationship issues despite the fact that they are going to become parents for the second time.

The latest news about Beyonce and Jay-Z were first published by a Daily Star report. The report indicated that Jay-Z and Beyonce are fighting all the time about their children. Allegedly, the rapper was quite upset and stressed with the fact that his wife made him buy two Dodo Bassinet Golden Edition cribs that were wrapped in champagne silk sheets. Reportedly, they cost about $106,000, so there is no wonder that Jay-Z was not happy at all.

A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that this was not the only purchase that Beyonce asked her husband to make in the process of preparing the welcoming of their twin babies. The report claimed that the rapper also paid $85,000 for gold pendants encrusted with diamonds. Of course, the demands that Beyonce allegedly has from her husband are not making the relationship better.

“Beyonce has been yelling at almost everyone who works for them because she says that no one is living up to her expectations right now,” the insider said. “They are still fighting non-stop and Jay-Z is just super stressed out right now,” the same source added. As imagined, there are no official comments from the two stars at this point.

However, it is safe to say that Beyonce and Jay-Z will most likely not address any of these rumors, as the stars have always tried to stay very private about their personal lives. Well, despite that, this is not the only report saying that the pregnancy has not made things easier between Beyonce and Jay-Z. One report claimed that things are not that great between the two stars.

The report said that despite the fact that they are set to become parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z were actually planning on separating. Rumors on a potential divorce have been ongoing for years when it comes to this celebrity couple, but it seems that Beyonce and Jay-Z have always proven these rumors wrong.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are Still Happy Together

As it always happens when it comes to all celebrity couples, it seems that some rumors are already saying that Selena and her new boyfriend, The Weeknd, may separate. The rumors indicated that the two stars are dealing with some relationship problems, but they were soon dismissed.

So, this means that the two star’s fans have nothing to worry about, as there is no drama when it comes to Selena and The Weeknd. The claims were dismissed by a Gossip Cop report. The potential problems in this new romance were reported by a previous In Touch magazine story, which claimed that the relationship has “hit a speed bump.”

The same report went on to say that Selena may be the one to blame for the fact that things are not working that well in this relationship. The report claimed that the duo are “experiencing significant problems in their relationship due to [Gomez’s] insecurities.” “The Weeknd is starting to feel suffocated by Selena,” one source said according to In Touch. The same insider explained that the famous musician actually feels that Selena is “moving too quickly” in the relationship.

The source explained that one of the reasons why Selena is insecure is actually linked to the fact that she fears that her boyfriend could cheat on her while he is on tour. “She’s so scared that she’s threatened to dump him if he doesn’t let her come along on tour,” this source said. “Selena’s acting so crazy that he’s starting to have second thoughts about their relationship,” the same insider claimed, adding that Selena’s behavior may make her end up in tears. “Friends are concerned that it’s only a matter of time before it all ends in tears due to Selena’s self-sabotaging ways.”

Well, fans of the two stars can rest assured that the romance is going well and there is absolutely no problem between Selena and The Weeknd. Gossip Cop claimed that there is no truth in this report and the two stars are still happy together. Well, there is at least one person who does not seem to be happy for the two, and that is Justin Bieber, who appeared to make a joke about not listening to The Weeknd’s music anymore.

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Controlling Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are another celebrity couple who has constantly been linked to a lot of rumors. In the past few months, it seemed that the rumors indicating that Kim and Kanye are dealing with relationship problems have become even more intense. Now, a new report has indicated Kim is actually controlling her husband, Kanye West.

The new report, from Radar Online, claimed that Kanye has almost complete control over her husband and revealed that Kanye does almost everything that his wife demands. The report claimed that Kim has made from Kanye “a puppet” who “does whatever” she says. The new report comes after a lot of speculation has been on regarding the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Of course, the marital problems of the two stars have been even more debated in the media following the by now famous breakdown that Kanye had last year, when he was hospitalized. Some rumors at that time said that Kim even thought about leaving her husband given his many issues. However, despite these rumors, Kim remained by Kanye’s side and it seems that they are still a couple.

Well, the new report claimed that Kim is actually Kanye’s “caretaker”, as well, and has been since his hospitalization. “She not only makes his schedule for him, but she tells him when and where he can go,” the source explained. The same insider claimed that Kim has been acting as both her husband’s mother and his manager. Kim and Kanye have two children together.

The source also revealed the reason why Kim has become so interested in Kanye’s program. The insider said that the star wants to make sure that he will stay on the right track and will not deal with similar issues as last year. Furthermore, Kim wants to make sure that Kanye will not do “more damage to her brand.” And it seems that Kim is quite happy with the way things are right now.

The insider revealed for the celebrity site that Kim “likes having the power in their relationship now… Kanye is not really allowed to do anything without asking her for permission.” No official comment came from the two stars.

Tom Cruise Linked to a New Woman

Tom Cruise has been single for quite some time. The famous actor has actually not officially confirmed to be dating anyone since he divorced his famous former wife, Katie Holmes. The two Hollywood actors separated back in 2012 and they have a daughter together, Suri Cruise. Well, that may have changed now, as Hollywood Life reported that Tom Cruise has a secret girlfriend.

The report indicated that Tom and this lady have been seeing each other quite some time and things have evolved between the two without any media attention. “He was introduced to his new girlfriend by a mutual friend on-set of one of his films,” the source claimed. “Tom has been dating the new woman for a while,” the insider went on to say, adding that they “are working hard to keep the relationship secret until the time is right.”

If the rumors turn out being true, without a doubt, Tom and this new lady in his life have made a great job in hiding their romance. Of course, the name of the woman has not been revealed and at this point it also remains unknown if she is someone famous or not, but some have claimed that this woman might be Rebecca Ferguson.

Well, the source said that things are going great between Tom and his new girlfriend. “The secrecy of their romance is making everything fun, sexy and thrilling. Tom does not want the scrutiny of again dating in the public eye. He knows that everyone will be watching them and pick her apart and he doesn’t want to go through that again,” the source explained.

Tom Cruise is very well-known for his high-profile relationships and marriages. He has been married to famous actress Nicole Kidman, before his marriage to Katie Holmes, but he also dated other famous women, including Penelope Cruz. The actor and Katie Holmes have a daughter together, but a lot of rumors have been linked to his relationship with Suri.

Some previous reports indicated that Tom actually has not seen his daughter for quite some time and refuses to spent time with her. Certain reports have revealed that he has last visited Suri three years ago and was very upset with the fact that Katie was dating Jamie Foxx. This romance has not been confirmed, either.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez Make Valentine’s Day Preparations

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are definitely very happy together. The romance is evolving fast and things seem to be going great between the two stars. Of course, Selena and The Weeknd are going to spend Valentine’s Day together. Well, it has now been revealed that The Weeknd and Selena want to make this a very special and beautiful moment. 

So, a report from Hollywood Life claimed that The Weeknd would love to hear Selena singing for him during their first Valentine’s Day together. This means that all that the musician wants on this special day is to hear his girlfriend’s voice. Apparently, Selena and The Weeknd are going to enjoy a romantic dinner date and Selena will sing for her boyfriend. 

This would surely be a unique and a memorable moment in the relationship of the two stars. “If she insists on giving him a gift, he’d love it for her to sing to him,” a source told the celebrity site. “[Selena’s] voice is so magical and lights up his heart the way Times Square lights up Manhattan. Her voice is such a gift. A rare talent,” the same insider went on to add. “If she shares that with him on an intimate and quiet Valentine’s Day, it would be a night he’d never forget.”

Well, The Weeknd may want a romantic and unique gift for Valentine’s Day, but Selena surely has something impressive and luxurious for his birthday. The Weeknd will turn 27 on February 16 and his girlfriend plans on giving him a luxury sports car. Apparently, Selena understood that he is passionate about cars and she wants to give him something special. After all, this is the first birthday gift that she offers to her boyfriend. 

“Abel gets very excited when he talks to Selena about muscle cars and she knows it would blow his mind if she got him a new Bugatti or Aston Martin,” a source claimed. However, Selena worries a bit that a car would be too much considering that she and The Weeknd have just started dating. Selena wants to make her boyfriend happy, but “she doesn’t want to scare him with such a demonstrative gift.”

Nick Cannon Don’t Believe Mariah Carey is Dating Bryan Tanaka

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are no longer a couple. The two ended their romance quite some time ago and they both moved on, although they remained friends. Since the split from Nick, Mariah has officially dated casino mogul James Packer. However, the romance ended, although Mariah and James were set to get married. 

Since the split from James, Mariah has been linked to her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka. In fact, it has been claimed that Bryan was the reason why Mariah ended her relationship with James. The two have not confirmed the relationship, but without a doubt Mariah and Bryan seem to be very close. However, there is at least one person who does not believe in these rumors. 

So, Mariah’s former husband, Nick Cannon, claimed that Mariah is not really dating Bryan and she is faking the whole story to get more attention on her new reality show. Nick made these claims during an interview with Howard Stern. The star revealed that he thinks that Mariah’s relationship with Tanaka is just a publicity stunt. 

“First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s**t doesn’t happen,” he said. “I don’t buy none of that s**t,” Nick Cannon added. Nick also revealed that he was not happy to be in one of the episodes of Mariah’s World, but he was not upset, either. It happened at the birthday party of his twins with Mariah. 

“I actually came. It was a party, so I showed up to hang out with my kids and I was like, ‘There’s f**king cameras here. But all right, y’all do whatever you gotta do.’ So that type of stuff doesn’t bother me because, again, we’re in it,” the star said. “This is the world that we’re in, but when you start trying to pull a fast one on people, that s**t is silly.” Nick also claimed that Mariah’s show is too staged and revealed that he is not a fan.

Jennifer Lopez and Drake Separated

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are no longer a couple. At least, this is what the latest rumors seem to be indicating. The rumors first emerged with a report from E! News, which claimed that the two singers decided to end things, at least for the moment. 

The report said that the reason why Jennifer Lopez and Drake separated is actually linked to the fact that they need to cool things off. So, it has been claimed that the two “have taken some time apart” and are separating “because they don’t want to be with each other.” The insider went on to say that J LO and Drake no longer have time for each other. 

So, the source said that the two stars’ schedules have “started getting insane” and this is the reason why they decided to call it quits at this point. However, this does not mean that all connection stopped between the two singers. 

“Jlo and Drake are still talking, so people should know they are not in any means angry or that some incident happened. It mainly had to do with timing,” the insider explained. “They have just cooled things off a bit and it’s not as fast as it was in the beginning,” it added. The source also said that Drake and Jennifer Lopez may get back together at any moment. “They very well may go to dinner tomorrow or in a month,” the insider added. “They are in each others’ lives, just doing their own thing now.”

Well, Drake and Jennifer have made no official comments. However, there is no shock in that as the two have never talked about their romance. What is certain at this point is that Jennifer and Drake have very busy schedules. The two stars are busy with their work commitments and performances. 

Jennifer Lopez and Drake were first linked in December, 2016. The two were constantly spotted spending time together and they definitely seemed to be very close. However, some rumors claimed that the two were not really dating, but were enjoying the media attention of their rumored relationship to promote their music.

Kourtney Kardashian Allegedly Refuses to Marry Scott Disick

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have been having relationship problems for quite some time. Well, the main reason why the two have been dealing with issues has reportedly been Scott’s wild partying. However, now, a new report has claimed that maybe things no longer work between the two because of Kourtney. 

The report indicated that The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star actually refuses to marry Scott. And this is the reason why the two are done. This latest report, from US Weekly, claimed that Scott has in fact decided to give up trying to get Kourtney back. A source talking to the celebrity site revealed that Scott actually asked Kourtney to be his wife, but she refused to accept the proposal. 

The insider said that it all happened during the trip that the famous family took to Costa Rica. Kourtney was accompanied by her mother, her famous sisters, but also her three children with Scott. The insider revealed that Scott wanted this trip to be memorable for his family, but it turned into a disaster for him. “Scott proposed to Kourtney,” the source claimed. “Not with a ring,” the same insider explained. 

“He just said, ‘Let’s get married.’ [But] she told him no. Scott was embarrassed, upset and angry.” Well, the source also said that the star has been trying to win Kourtney back for more than two years and has been making a lot of efforts for that, including going to rehab and avoiding wild partying sessions. The insider claimed that Scott’s efforts did not help the relationship just because “Kourtney is over being with him.”

Well, being rejected by the mother of his children has definitely been difficult for Scott to handle. However, this does not mean that he stayed at home crying. Actually he flew with another woman to the Papagayo Peninsula, which, as imagined, made Kourtney very upset. The insider clarified that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is not upset because Scott is seeing other women, but because he was an irresponsible father and left from the family vacation to go partying.