Angelina Jolie Spotted with New Man

Angelina Jolie seems to be moving on from her divorce from famous husband Brad Pitt. The famous actress was spotted with a new man in Malibu. So, there is no wonder that rumors immediately emerged saying that Angelina was dating someone new.

The famous actress was spotted at her Malibu home with a British entrepreneur, but this is all that has been revealed at this point. So, the identity of this man remains unknown for the moment and there are absolutely no speculations on this particular aspect. The news was first reported by Hollywood Life, which revealed the meeting with the mystery man.

“It is challenging for Angelina [Jolie] to move on from Brad [Pitt], but she is doing what she can to nurture a secret romance with a new guy,” an insider claimed according to the celebrity site. “Angelina and her new man, a handsome British entrepreneur with strong political ties and aspirations, have held a few secret rendezvous at the Malibu estate where she has been staying occasionally since her split from Brad.”

The same source went on to say that things have not been simple for Angelina, either, and the star is actually hardly managing to find the time for everything. “She struggles to find time for herself, so during the infrequent times Brad has the children, Angelina organizes romantic rendezvous with the British hottie,” the source explained. The insider also said that the actress has been trying to keep her dates with this mystery man a secret, and they mostly spent time together at her Malibu home.

Of course, there are no official comments on this report, so it is yet to see if the claims will be confirmed. Meanwhile, it is interesting to mention that while Angelina appears to have moved on, Brad Pitt is said to be dealing with an eating disorder resulting from his struggle to cope up with the divorce.

Beyonce Dealing with Health Problems?

Famous singer Beyonce is pregnant with twins and she is definitely very happy to bring an addition to her beautiful family. However, it has been claimed that things have not been easy for the star and actually Beyonce could be dealing with a health crisis.

The new report from Radar Online indicated that because of the health scare Beyonce actually had to move out from her Beverly Hills home. The star is married to popular rapper Jay Z and they already have a daughter together. So, an insider talking to the celebrity site claimed that Beyonce might be fearing that her home was not safe enough for her at this point.

“Beyonce and Jay-Z hired health inspectors to come to their home to make sure that it was safe, and during inspection they found mold!” the insider explained. “Beyonce freaked out because she feels that it could possibly endanger her babies,” the same source went on to add.

The insider also said that Beyonce did not wait for long until she decided that it was time to move out. “They immediately moved out of the house, and into a luxury Beverly Hills hotel,” the insider said. The change is not permanent, but without a doubt Beyonce and Jay-Z “are going to remain there until the birth of the twins.”

Apparently, the reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z made this decision is linked to the fact that they don’t want to risk when it comes to the wellbeing of their upcoming children. They “are not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of their entire family.” “Jay-Z has hired an army of security to make sure that they are safe and he is making the purchase of a new home his number one priority at this time.”

It is not very clear at this point when Beyonce is due, but hopefully the star will enjoy an easy pregnancy and her twins will have absolutely no issues.

Brad Pitt Moved In with his Mother

Famous actor Brad Pitt is said to be living with his mother now. The popular Hollywood star allegedly made this decision as he is currently battling an eating disorder. The star has been single since his divorce from famous actress Angelina Jolie.

So, it has previously been claimed that Brad has not been handling very well the divorce. The famous actor and Angelina separated last year and the divorce was not free of scandals. Brad was accused of child abuse and was investigated by official authorities. He was later cleared of the allegations, but these accusations have definitely made things more difficult for Brad to handle.

Now, it has been claimed that Brad Pitt has actually decided to move back with his mother for support during these hard times. “Brad’s mother has moved in with him during this difficult time to make sure he is not alone and that he is taking care of himself,” a source said according to Naughty Gossip, “She is worried about him. He has lost a lot of weight and she just wants to keep a close eye on him. They are a very close family and Brad doesn’t have a lot of friends. He is happy to have his mom around,” the same insider went on to add.

The new rumor is not that shocking, considering that a very recent report claimed that Brad was suffering from an eating disorder because of the stress caused by his divorce. Star Magazine reported that the famous actor lost no less than 40 pounds since his separation from Angelina. The report claimed that things were so serious that even Angelina was worried about her estranged husband and because of this she decided to take things slower when it comes to their custody battle.

Brad Pitt Suffering from Eating Disorder?

Brad Pitt has been single since his former wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce last year. The popular actor has been dealing with a lot of issues since that moment and it seems that he became so stressed that he actually has been dealing with an eating disorder.

The divorce is said to have impacted the actor’s physical and mental health, and he is actually barely eating or sleeping. The news was reported by Star magazine, which claimed that Brad is in a very bad place in his life. When being spotted out, the famous actor indeed looked quite thin.

So, a source talking to the magazine explained that the stress caused by the divorce from Angelina is “killing him” and this is the main reason why he is not managing to eat or sleep well. Allegedly, the famous actor has lost no less than 40 pounds since the official breakup was announced. The pair revealed that they were ending their marriage in September 2016.

The magazine claimed that Brad is in such a bad place that his estranged wife is actually worried about him. The famous actress has asked Brad to seek help. “I heard that she’s so concerned she even agreed to back down on her custody fight,” the insider said. “Angie fears he’s caught in a dangerous downward spiral,” the same source went on to say.

As imagined, there were no official comments or confirmation from Brad on these claims. However, as usual, Gossip Cop did came to dismiss the report. The tabloid said that Brad is not dealing with an eating disorder and the famous actor is perfectly fine. Another report claimed that the Hollywood star lost some weight because he has been working out regularity and there is nothing wrong with him. Allegedly, the weight loss could also be due to the fact that Brad will be starring in a new role which might require all that.

Michael Buble’s Son is Doing Well

Luckily, Michael Buble’s son is doing well now. Michael’s wife, Luisana, talked about the condition of her son during a press conference. She said that Noah is in recovery mode now. Noah is only three years old and he has been battling liver cancer.

This was actually the first time when Luisana talked about the health of her son and she surely had some good news to share. Noah is in remission after battling liver cancer. The star made the revelation during a press conference for her new movie, Those Who Love, Hate.

“It’s difficult for me to speak about this, it’s very recent and I’m still a bit sensitive about the subject,” Luisana said. “My son’s recovery is a long process as you all know and he has to continue with checkups. But we are very happy. We are looking forward to thinking about the future, to seeing our children grow,” she went on to add.

“Thank God my son is well,” she said. “When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes,” she added. Luisana also made an emotional statement by saying that this struggle has made her value “life much more, the now and the today.” Luisana also thanked everyone for their support and prayers and claimed that because of this support she and her family were able to get through everything.

Luisana also revealed that she got strength from her religious believes. “My faith in the fact God had a miracle helped me. I became strong so my son would get better. I transmitted that to all my friends and family,” she said.

And she is definitely sharing some amazing news for her family and the little Noah. Luisana and Michael revealed back in November 2016 that their son was diagnosed with cancer and that he was undergoing treatment.

Khloe Kardashian Wants to be a Mom

It seems that Khloe Kardashian is in such a good place in her relationship that she actually thinks about becoming a mom. The star may be ready to settle down with her current boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, and welcome her first child.

Khloe revealed the fact that she wants to have a family during a new interview with ES Magazine. The star claimed that she actually talked to Tristan about the possibility of welcoming a child. Khloe also claimed that she is absolutely sure that Tristan will be a great father.

Khloe is 32 years old now. The star is featured on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue and it appears that Khloe also had a lot to share. The famous star and Tristan have been a couple for about seven months now. However, it seems that things are as serious as possible between the two. Still, this does not mean that Khloe is anxious to get married. Actually, she said that there is no rush for that.

“[I’ve] never been in this type of love,” Khloe said. The star went on to say that she would accept to wed her boyfriend if he would ask the big question. “Yes, I would,” Khloe said. “I would love to have a family. We’ve talked about it. [Tristan already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father,” she went on to add.

“I definitely want to be a mom,” Khloe also added. “But I don’t put the pressure on it.” “It’s not like, ‘the clock is ticking.’ I feel in my soul it will happen,” she concluded. Well, the fact that she does not want to pressure anything is quite understandable considering that Khloe has already been through a long and painful divorce.

She was married to Lamar Odom. The two wedded in 2009 and separated in 2013. Since her divorce, Khloe was linked to rapper French Montana and she also dated James Harden.

Brad Pitt Interested in Sienna Miller?

Since becoming single last year, Brad Pitt has surely been associated to a lot of famous women. The famous actor and his wife, Angelina Jolie, separated in 2016, and as imagined the divorce was not free of allegations. Actually, Brad was linked to a huge scandal, the famous actor being accused of physical and verbal abuse against one of his children.

Well, the actor has been cleared of the allegations and he seems to be moving on now. Since the split, Brad has been linked to several stars, including actress Kate Hudson. Some rumors said that the Hollywood actor was also back in touch with his former wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Well, now, the rumors claim that the actor could in fact be interested in Sienna Miller. According to a new report from Page Six, Brad and Sienna were spotted together, enjoying a great time. The report claimed that the two stars were actually talking to each other all night during a private dinner. The two were seen at a restaurant near the ArcLight movie theater in Los Angeles.

The magazine reported that the dinner was held after the premiere of The Lost City of Z, and was attended by about 25 people. However, the report said that the two did some “serious flirting” and seemed to be very interested in each other. Furthermore, they talked to each other all night and enjoyed each other’s company.

A source went to say that Brad was very happy and actually he seemed happier than he had been for a long period of time. Of course, the rumor is yet to be confirmed, but it is important to mention that this has not been the first time when the two stars have been linked. In fact, Brad and Sienna were also linked back in 2015, when they worked together, with rumors saying that the two were seen flirting. At that time, Sienna denied the rumors.

Nick Cannon Says He Had Nothing to Do with Mariah’ and Bryan’s Split

One of the main news of the week when it comes to celebrity couples is the fact that Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka have separated. It has been claimed that the two stars are no longer dating because Mariah has had it with Bryan’s extreme jealousy.

The news was initially reported by Naughty Gossip, but a series of other reports also emerged on this subject. The rumors claimed that Mariah ended her romance with her backup dancer because of his jealousy and the fact that she was the one paying his salary. One report also claimed that Bryan was getting very mad about everything related to Mariah and was very jealous of the singer’s close relationship with her former husband, Nick Cannon. Bryan and Mariah have been a couple for about five months.

When asked about his potential involvement with this split, Nick Cannon said that he had nothing to do with it. The famous star told Entertainment Tonight that he knows nothing about this separation. “I got too many of my own relationship issues to be worried about an old relationship,” he said.

Although Nick claimed that he had nothing to do with this split, he revealed that he and Mariah will always be a family. “Most men are jealous of me. I’m joking. But I know nothing about it. For me, at the end of the day, she’s an amazing mother and we focus on our kids. That’s never going to change no matter who’s in my life or who’s in her life. We have kids together, so we’ll always be family,” he said.

Nick also said that he does not get involved and does not care what Mariah does in her personal life, and even claimed that he does not know what type of relationship Mariah and Bryan have. However, the star revealed that there are always chances for him and Mariah to get back together, as they are a family and he “will always love her.”

Prince Harry to Propose to Meghan Markle

According to the latest rumors, Prince Harry might be willing to propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle in the near future. The fact that the two plan on getting married has been speculated for quite some time now, but the rumors were never confirmed. Some rumors went even further than that and said that Harry and Meghan plan on having a child together.

Now, the rumors are saying that Prince Harry will propose to Meghan during their upcoming trip to Africa. The two allegedly plan on visiting Africa later this year. The news was reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which indicated that Harry is actually inspiring his proposal from the one of his older brother William, who proposed to Kate Middleston when the two were in Kenya.

Well, this is not the first time when Meghan and Harry go on a trip together. The two went on some gateways various times, the most recent trip for them being to Jamaica, where the pair attended the wedding of one of Harry’s friends. After the wedding, some sources claimed that Harry really liked the whole experience and was willing to get married himself.

Meghan and Harry started dating last year and it surely seems that things are going great in this romance. Harry officially confirmed the fact that he was dating Meghan in an official statement released in November 2016. And apparently the Royal family has no issue with this romance. However, some new rumors claimed that Kate might have something against Meghan.

Allegedly, Kate is worried that if Harry takes his girlfriend to the wedding of her sister, Pippa Middleton, the couple will take all the spotlight from the bride. The news was reported by Life & Style, which claimed that Kate doesn’t want Meghan at the wedding to overshadow her sister. None of these rumors has been confirmed, so it is yet to find out what will actually happen for this couple.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Separated

Only a couple of days after being claimed that Mariah Carey was giving Bryan Tanaka money to buy her gifts, it has now been said that the two actually separated. Apparently, the reason why the two ended their romance has nothing to do with gifts.

In fact, it has been claimed that the pair separated because of his jealousy. The news was reported by Naughty Gossip, which claimed that it talked to a source close to the famous singer, who revealed that Mariah decided to end things because of his “insane jealousy.”

“Mariah is over paying for everything,” the source revealed. The same insider went on to add that Mariah does not like the fact that Bryan is only working for her. “Mariah even has to pay him a salary. His only job is working for her and she doesn’t like it. [Her ex] Nick Cannon had his own money as did every other man she has ever dated,” the source said.

The insider also explained that even though the famous singer likes Bryan, things cannot continue between them. “[Mariah] likes [Bryan] a lot and will always care for him, but she has to let him go if he is ever going to grow up. Also, he is very jealous. He gets mad when everything is about Mariah, but it always will be. It takes a very special man to be comfortable in her shadow and he just isn’t that man,” the source said.

And actually this is not the only report talking about the jealousy of Bryan. Other insiders also told TMZ that the backup dancer is actually jealous of Mariah’s former husband, Nick Cannon. And he is trying to show Mariah that he is not fine with her relationship with Nick by flirting with other women in her front. The separation report has not been confirmed for the moment and there is no official comment from Mariah or her team on the claims.