Awesome Accessories for iPhone 5

There are thousands of accessories for iPhone 5 designed to pertain to your every need, some very useful and multifunctional, many just awesome in concept or in looks. With such great variety, it’s obvious some are more useful than others, not to mention more worth their price. But when it comes to looking for gifts, iPhone 5 accessories have a great offer. From whimsical photo filters and professional camera cases to multifunctional and fashion forward jackets, to lean car radar detectors, speakers, toys and the list can go on for a while.


Muji capacitive gloves for iPhone 5

It definitely sucks typing using those darn gloves, which might be nice and warm and all, but are hell when texting and emailing on the iPhone. Several companies have begun producing something they call capacitive gloves that are smartphone compatible. It’s the conductive fabric that makes these gloves so special, as it transmits the electrical impulse from your body to the device’s touchscreen. The Mujjo capacitive gloves cost $32 and are available in gray, sandstone, lavender and coral pink. The leather model will set you back $167.





Gizmon Clip-On Lenses for iPhone 5

The 8MP iSight Camera on iPhone 5 is a decent one, but when you throw in some cool accessories, you’re going to enjoy a whole new iPhotography experience. Gizmon Clip-On Lenses is just one of the camera accessories for iPhone 5 that caught our eye. It is definitely well worth its $25. Easy to carry around and even easier to attach (the clip on is basically hassle free), the clip-on lenses offers cross-screen filter, center focus filter, fisheye lens and a polarizing lens.


Smallworks Brickcase for iPhone 5
This is most definitely the year’s coolest case for iPhone 5. Well, at least for anybody who loves Lego. Smallworks designed its new case to be compatible with Lego bricks, so basically you can customize your iPhone 5’s case any way you want. Even colors were selected to fit those of actual Lego bricks. Smallworks says its iPhone 5 case supports “any Lego brick experiment you care to dream up” and is able to withstand moderate to high impact thanks to the tough high impact ABS it’s made from. It costs $24.99.

The Sensu Brush Stylus Is A Must-Have for iPad

Drawing and painting on an iPad is pretty exciting the first few minutes, right up until you come to realize you’re really not that great at finger painting. That’s not necessarily a problem if you’re not really interested in actually drawing with ease something that could impress. And for creative people, with love for digital illustrations, painting and photography, apps and an iPad aren’t enough. Investing in a good stylus is an awesome way to take your drawing at a whole new level.

The Sensu Brush and stylus is a great addition to your iPad and a great gift for that artist friend of yours. For $39.99, you get one tool that easily becomes a rubber stylus and an artist brush as fast as you need them. Combine it with a professional drawing and painting app for iOS and you’ll find it’s crazy easy to harness its powers.

The great thing about the Sensu Brush is that it’s been created thanks to an innovative hair technology that gives the synthetic brush conductive properties. The patent is pending, but users have reported it does deliver a real paint brush experience, as it can bend, pull away and flick without sloppy marks and curly lines.

The rubber stylus is also quite impressive although you need to get familiar with it. As in general when it comes to drawing with a stylus on an iPad the whole operation feels more invasive than it actually is. So you might prefer using the brush, although we liked how the rubber stylus performed in browsing.

The Sensu Brush and stylus for iPad is 4.5-inch long when closed and 7.2 inches when you use the brush tip. It’s only .6oz and features quite an eye-catching silver design. Others have said it before and we agree, if you’re looking for an iPad brush that makes you feel like a professional digital painter, then Sensu Brush and stylus is what you’re looking for.

Must-Have Retro Accessories for iPhone 5

There was a time when digital was a dream that felt so far away. The cassette player and the crayon used to rewind it, the landline phone, you know, the rotary phone and VHS tapes are something a lot of today’s high tech users haven’t experienced. For everybody else, retro remains an inspiration and the first cassette ever bought is something they’ll always remember. iPhone 5 accessory makers got that vibe and have released quite a number of retro-inspired products. Here a few of the must-haved.

Griffin DirectDeck HandsFree Cassette Adapter for iPhone

There are many car accessories for iPhone that help make things leaner during your driving, not to mention save you costly speed tickets and potential accidents. The Griffin DirectDeck HandsFree Cassette Adapter is not all that useful since there are easier ways to listen to music and make and receive calls using your iPhone in the car. The accessory is popped in the tape player and connects to your smartphone via an inline mic, which you can use to make and receive calls while you’re driving. It costs $24.95 and it’s as retro as it gets.

Cushi iPhone 5 Pad Cassette

Here’s another cassette themed accessory for iPhone 5, this time it’s a protective case. Made from soft foam, the Cushi iPhone 5 skin looks really nice and there’s at least one design you’re going to love. The surface is 3D so it makes the cassette look (and feel) all the more authentic, it is shock absorbent and makes it a lot easier to hold your iPhone 5. For $14.95 you get the 3D Pad skin, front clear screen protective film, 6 home button protectors, installation squeegee and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Native Union Clear Pop Phone Handset

I know, this is not just retro but also as hipsteresque as it gets. But it’s definitely a great gift idea for that hipster friend of yours and a great prop for costume parties, where iPhone 5 is decades away. It uses a 3.5mm jack and will remove about 99% of phone radiation. But $48 kind of feels like a hefty price.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad: Paper by Fifty Three

When it comes to the latest iPads, drawing, painting and photo-editing should be a breeze. Well, if you’ve found the right apps, otherwise you’ll end up confused and frustrated thanks to apps that aren’t exactly performing as they’re supposed too. Today, we’re presenting you with the answer to your longtime searches, as we review one of the best drawing apps for iPad, Paper by Fifty Three.

Paper by Fifty Three is a free iOS drawing app that was recently awarded with Apple’s iPad app of the Year (for 2012), which is obviously something that’s hard to ignore. Most reviewers and consumer feedback seem to agree: Paper is the simplest and most beautiful drawing app for iOs, giving the iPad drawing experience quite the real feel and basic awesomeness of a drawing tablet.

“Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web” reads Fifty Three’s short description of its iOS drawing app on App Store. It can also make a PDF version of your sketchbook and share it via Dropbox, GoodReader, iBooks and iOS Kindle.

The app works in landscape mode and gives the user five standard and free tools to sketch, write, draw, outline and color allowing you to make lists and diagrams too in a space that’s 2048 x 1536. The notebook interface is sleek and lean, as you just basically flip through pages with your index finger to see the content. Just tap on the screen and you will be displayed with a clean “dashboard” that contains an eraser, a drawing pen and some basic colors.

For the professional artist, Paper is a drawing app that is well worth the price. For everybody else, the app is great, but the price is hardly justified since the 5 essential tools (sketch, write, draw, outline and color) aren’t exactly that appealing for the average user.

3 Tips You Must Definitely Know about for iPhone or iPad

The best part about owning an iPhone or an iPad is the devices’ tech specs and fast iOS performance that allow you to turn them into a really customizable experience. The huge variety of apps available is what makes the iOS experience so thrilling as dev-teams have made available apps for every little thing you could imagine. But there’s a lot more that you don’t know about your iPhone and iPad’s  own capabilities, features that are even more exciting than installing apps. Today we are presenting you with 3 tips you must definitely know about for iPhone or iPad.

How to enable the Emoji keyboard

Are you a fan of using smileys and fun images in text messages and emails? You don’t have to download an app for that, because Emoji icons are integrated in your iPad or iPhone and accessible simply by a change in Settings. To activate the Emoji keyboard on your iPhone/iPad, just go to Settings > General > International > Keyboards and tap Add New Keyboard. Find and select the Emoji keyboard, which will become accessible via a globe icon next to the spacebar. This activates the international Emoji keyboard and lets you insert all kinds of fun images in your text.

How to use Guided Access to remove certain buttons in app screens

This is a great feature if you’re interested in child-proofing your iPhone or iPad. When Guided Access is enabled you can start apps and simply black out certain buttons or regions in apps. For instance, you can hide a Settings button or connect to Internet option simply by selecting them with your finger. The areas selected will become passive, so no matter how many times you tap on that area, nothing will happen. To activate Guided Access, you have to select General > Accessibility, then in the desired app just triple-click the Home button. To deactivate the blackout areas, triple-click the Home button and enter your passcode.

Have your iPhone/iPad read stuff for you

You don’t need a fancy app to read stuff for you, all you have to do is enable the Speak Selection feature, available under Settings > General > Accessibility and just turn it on by tapping. The Speak Selection feature works with any app where you can highlight text. When you do that, there will be a new option in the contextual menu to enable the Speak command.

Live Grain Free Diet System Review or How Gluten Keeps You Fat and Sick

Wouldn’t you love to live on a diet that allows you to enjoy chocolate cake, cookies, deep dish pizza and lasagna without counting calories and worrying about getting fat?

The live grain free diet system helps you take back control of your health and body, without all the suffering and sacrifices. And it even makes healthy food taste like a forbidden guilty pleasure mouth-watering delicacy, while keeping you safe from auto-immune disease and depression, heartburn, joint pain, brain fog and bloating.

To lose weight effectively and keep all those pounds off you need to understand that eating just grains and grass might not cut if for you. Drop all the new-age weight loss diets and understand that it’s not eating low carbs that helps you lose pounds, but eating the right kind of carbs that makes the difference. So stop eating brown rice and grains each day, each meal, for weeks in a row or food that is said to be healthy, when it is in fact making you fat and you don’t even know it.

There’s been a lot said about the benefits of living a grain free diet system, but one of the most convincing stories is that of Kelsey, currently a Natural Food Chef and Nutritionist. It was her own struggle with extra-pounds that she couldn’t shake off no matter what she ate that motivated Kelsey into becoming a nutritionist and helping others struggling with belly fat and depression live a healthier life in a healthier body. The live grain free diet system review down the page explains how gluten impacts your health and makes it almost impossible to have a flat belly.

The live grain free diet system review of food that makes you fat and sick, talks about a protein food you might not even know it is actually protein. Eating whole grains will cause belly fat and bloating, impacting your energy levels and even moods. The gluten it contains causes most of the harm, as it triggers in the body swelling, inflammation and even damage to surrounding body systems.

By the way, did you know the word “gluten” is actually a derivate of the latin word for “glue”?

Our own digestive system considers gluten an invader and treats it just like a virus or an infection, as a result it dispatches cells to ward off the invader and sends a painful warning sign that you shouldn’t be eating gluten anymore. So, while you think you’re eating healthy, you are in fact putting your body at risk of auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia.

Basically, if you are at your wits’ end depressed that you can’t shake off 10-20 pounds no matter what you do, think about it: are you poisoning yourself with gluten on a regular basis? Breads, pasta and all kinds of baked goods usually contain gluten but so might soy sauce, salad dressings, chocolate, pickles and cold-cut meals. To remove gluten from your diet avoid any product containing wheat, barley, rye, spelt, malt and Modified Food Starch. The live grain free diet system eBook provides you with food recipes that don’t contain gluten, but are healthy and so delicious the whole family will enjoy them.

Ultimate Top 10s, the Place to Hang Out When Facebook Is Out

Every now and then, when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are down, it feels like there’s nothing fun left to do online. If you like top ten lists, and websites with hilarious takes on things, Ultimate Top 10s is the place to hang out until Facebook and the rest are back on.

The main reason why everybody is so keen on social networking is that it requires some level of participation, whether it’s a “Like”, a “Share” or a “Pin It”. And when some of the most popular websites are down, many feel like the Internet has never been more boring. Looking for something that will match or at least be half as enticing might feel like a chore if you don’t know where and how to do it.

The website is definitely a place online you should bookmark and visit not only when Facebook or Twitter are out. The website meets most of the requirements online users today have from a website that they want to visit on a daily basis. First of all the content is hilarious. It really is, even if their writers are basically just making lists. If you’re expecting “a boring list about the top 10 tallest buildings in the world” you’re in for a surprise. is the sort of website where you will be able to give your brain a well deserved rest with such great acts like the Top 10 Best Harlem Shake Parody Videos or the Top 10 Tattoo Ideas Men Shouldn’t Get. Oh, and let’s not forget about the crème-de-la-crème of the internet, the good old Oh, Crap Moments!

But don’t get me wrong. This top ten list site is educational too, not just hilarious. They just take common things and give them a whole new spin, in a creative way. For instance, gives you 10 new creative ways to use Lego: create a LEGO key holder, fix cracks and holes in walls with Lego building blocks, make jewelry or decorate the hell out of your home.

The website makes even recycling more useful and fun (although we should all recycle to save the planet for future generations). So if there’s a lot of drinking from cans around the house, you can consider making clothes out of can pull tabs, use them to create a herb garden, to build a can stove or a solar heater.

Best Christmas Decoration Trends for 2012

Even when you’re not the kind of person that likes Christmas for the family time or the cheer, you’re likely going to decorate your Christmas tree, or your home. Christmas decorations are no longer just tradition. They are stylish, cute and significant. Since many of you will be having holiday parties around the Christmas tree, we’ve put together a top of the best Christmas decoration trends for 2012.

Every holiday season the most thrilling part is decorating your home and pine tree for Christmas. Whether it’s a fake or a real one, the best decorations always seem to make Christmas a lot more cheerful. Plus, if you’re planning to have people over, you’d better make sure your Christmas decorations are gorgeous if you’re really looking for that holiday cheer.

At the top of the best Christmas decoration trends this year are lace tree baubles, vintage and blue lighting LEDs, themes (red and gold, white and turquoise, multicolored, red and white). You can also take a closer look to the most popular colors on the runways this year to get a better picture of the Christmas decorating trends. For instance, purple hues, ruby and teal are at the top of the list. Also, metallic silver glass ornaments with glitter and colors that draw the eye are in this year.

The most appreciated trend in Christmas decoration are, as always, the personalized ornaments. Be it something you did yourself or bought from an arts and crafts store, personalized ornaments for Christmas have become more and more popular as people think about them as souvenirs. “Mothers and grandparents are probably the most likely to buy personalized ornaments – they often collect them for their children and grandchildren every year, and buy them for the holidays whenever and wherever they see them” says Christine Casey with the Ornament Central.

Handcrafted is also an option, particularly since most of the Christmas decorations are unique. Designers and crafters have surely adopted the new trends in Christmas ornaments for 2012, so don’t be afraid of picking tree baubles and table decorations that don’t have a supermarket label on them. Etsy and other online shops have plenty of creative and gorgeous looking Christmas decoration for your home and tree both.
When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree and home, whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you like. Experimenting is nice and all, but don’t just copy a Christmas tree decoration theme from a magazine for the love of being trendy.

Best Flight Simulator 2012

Real-Life Flying with Accurate WorldWide Scenery Based On Actual Terrain With Over 20,000 of the World’s Real Airports & 120+ Different Planes

Watch this Video and and enjoy ProFlight Simulator With 120+ Aircraft to Master, From the 1903

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20,000+ Real Airports With changeable Weather and NASA Flight Models.

Realistic Worldwide Terrain Based On US Defense Mapping Agency + Lifetime FREE updates/upgrades.

Used On Television Episodes & Professional Flight Schools – The Most Realistic Flight Sim To Date…

ProFlightSimulator gives you the experience of flight right from your own computer. Everything from terrain, aircraft reactions, to planetary alignments & movements is based on actual world data.

Check out this video testimonial and customers reviews

The virtual controls are based on Real Life cockpits and you will find night flying more enjoyable with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas, car headlights on major roadways and accurate airport approach lighting. With realistic flight dynamics and controls…

With ProFlightSimulator, you can learn to fly without ever leaving your home. This is a HIGH quality, professional grade airplane flight simulator with the option to add scenery and airports that encompass the entire globe! Over 20,000 airports can be added with additional scenery sets.

ProFlightSimulator’s Flight Simulator Full Scenery Set, one of the most incredible flight sims ever created.

The entire purpose of ProFlightSim is to be as close to real life as possible with real world scenery based on military mapping and full realistic pilot control with hundreds of aircraft & helicopters to fly from.

Chose an airplane and fly over the world- LITERALLY. You can fly your chosen plane over The Great Wall of China, Europe, Africa, even your own house!

Can You Wear Red Lipstick?

Wearing red lipstick has always been my secret longing, so every once in a while I buy a red gloss hoping that it will be the one that will make me look like beautiful girls in the magazine. That never happens, but I guess no lipstick can work miracles. Just when I was getting ready to abandon my quest for red lipstick, I have come across an article on the Internet teaching women how to choose the correct shade of red based on the color of their skin, hair and eyes.

It is important to make the right choice when using powerful shades of gloss; otherwise, you will end up emphasizing your wrinkles and flaws instead of hiding them. The natural color of your lips is a good indicator of the red shade you should use. Women with purple lips should opt for cold tones of red, whereas those with pink or coral lips look better with warm shades of red.

The previously mentioned distinction between cold and warm tones of red is the most important aspect when choosing not just a lipstick, but also your entire makeup. Stylists recommend women with dark hair, medium or dark skin and light-colored eyes to use bright shades of red because they can draw the attention upon the eyes. Megan Fox and Miranda Kerr are known for the fiery makeup they usually wear on their lips.

Women with porcelain skin and dark hair are usually afraid of wearing red lipstick because they think the contrast is too powerful. However, Dita von Teese, the best example in this case, has managed to find a cool shade that seems perfect for her. If you fall into this category, make sure you use tones of wine or carmine and avoid as much as possible orangey shades.

Coral, vermilion and tomato are the nuances of red that work best for women with golden undertones, that is, women with brown or red hair, amber skin and hazelnut or brown eyes. Although they have blue eyes, Angelina Jolie and Mila Jovovich are the actresses who often don warm tones of red.

When it comes to red lipstick blondes don’t have so much fun as they have to stick with a palette of very soft oranges, such as, papaya, peach and apricot. These shades, however, work best with honey and warm blonde, so avoid using them if your hair has ashy undertones. You can follow Charlize Theron and Blake Lively’s examples as they are the blondes who best represent this category.

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