Hypothyroidism Revolution’s 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment Review Answers Consumers’ Questions

Hypothyroidism is a condition that is most often believed to be the result of iodine deficiency, although the number of risk factors and underlying causes is considerable. Since the thyroid regulates the energy dispatch in the body an imbalance affects the entire metabolism causing brain development problems, muscle weakness, heavy menstrual cycles, increased weight, high cholesterol levels, heart and breathing issues.

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Conventional treatments replace the natural hormone with a synthetic one, and although the side-effects are not life-threatening, the drug must be taken for a lifetime. Today we are presenting you with an alternative treatment for hypothyroidism: 

Download Hypothyroidism Revolution’s 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment.

Before we get down to the actual Hypothyroidism Revolution’s 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment review, here a few things about hypothyroidism you should know as a caretaker for your mother or children:

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

The onset of hypothyroidism is signaled by fatigue and weight gain, factors that many patients will simply disregard as being temporary symptoms of an active lifestyle. But as the body remains damaged and imbalanced, symptoms, although varied, will increase.

You might feel an increased sensitivity to cold, have an elevated blood cholesterol level, experience muscle or joint aches, tenderness and stiffness, thinning hair, memory problems, puffy face, dry skin, constipation as well as depression. In children or teens most common symptoms of hypothyroidism are constipation, poor muscle tone and excessive sleepiness, whereas infants will experience frequent choking, a puffy face and the yellowing of the skin and white of the eyes.

Who is at risk of hypothyroidism?

According to the National Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases Information Service about 4.6 percent of the US population age 12 and older has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition that causes a full body hormonal imbalance.

Causes and risk factors are varied, whereas complications are distressing. Most at risk are women over 60, people that have an autoimmune disease or have been treated with anti-thyroid medications or radioactive iodine. Others at risk are those that have a close family member with auto-immune disease, have had thyroid surgery or have been pregnant or had a baby.

What are the risks of conventional drug-based treatments for hypothyroidism?

Conventional treatments are based on the oral intake of synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine which has side-effects such as insomnia, heart palpitations, shakiness and increased appetite.

Not as expensive as other drug-based treatments, the levothyroxine therapy for hypothyroidism does has some incompatibilities. For instance, iron supplements, some anti-acids, Cholestyramine, Calcium supplements as well as some food items, such as soy products, could hinder the body’s ability to absorb the synthetic hormone.

The 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment is developed by Tom Brimeyer, functional medicine practitioner, health researcher and author of numerous articles and e-books about nutrition, hormones and the treatment of hypothyroidism.

The 3-step treatment Brimeyer has developed aimed to cure hypothyroidism by addressing the underlying causes. “The Revolution is about saying enough and taking our health into our own hands instead of relying on outdated, inadequate, and ineffective medical treatment that most people are stuck with today” Brimeyer explains about his treatment.

The Hypothyroidism Revolution’s 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment is a 60 day step-by-step daily plan that aims to help the patient understand what is hypothyroidism, what are the secret causes, how testing works and how to treat it. The manual in itself works in three phases.

The first aims to recuperate your energy levels and get accustomed with a thyroid healing diet which although will remove from your daily a lot of harmful dishes, you will be helped to avoid food cravings. As you get more and more accustomed with that diet, you will begin to see positive changes in your wellbeing and work flow.

The second phase of the Hypothyroidism Revolution 3-Step Hypothyroid Treatment is meant to introduce 3 key nutrients that balance the hormonal cycles that are wreaking havoc in your body. During this phase, the treatment will begin to fix your sleeping problems and chronic fatigue.

It is during this process that the damaged thyroid is being healed and you will be switching to a full thyroid healing diet. During the last phase of this natural treatment for hypothyroidism you will be introduced to exercises that boost the thyroid performance.

Thanks to a hot deal, Brimeyer’s 3-Step Hypothyroid treatment will set you back only $97 for the digital version) and $127 for the hard copy, the first down from $297, the second down from $347.

The purchase contains the 60 Day Step-By-Step Daily Plan, the Quick-Start Diet Guide, the Quick-Start Resource Guide, the Quick-Start Supplement Guide, the 16-chapter Hypothyroidism Revolution Program and done-for-you meal plans, hypothyroidism cookbook and meal balance calculator.

Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet for Fat Loss and Muscle Building Gets the Full Review and Great Ratings

Although all people on a diet would love to eat whatever and whenever they want, when fat burning programs that promise to teach how to do that, consumers are oftentimes put off by that.

Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet is at a first look just that, but out of the many weight loss plans the Daily Gossip has been reviewing lately, this was the one that not only worked, but convinced it was the most valuable purchase for the online buyer interested in a healthy, fast and permanent fat burning system.

Download The Renegade Diet

The Renegade Diet is the work of Jason Ferruggia, an 18-year professional in the fitness industry and currently chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine as well as member of the advisory board for Live Strong.

The author himself has authored articles for magazines and websites such as MMA Sports Mag, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness. The diet itself has been reviewed by some of the more popular websites and magazines today such as Shape, ESPN and Men’s Fitness.

Renegade Diet – 30% Discount- Customer Testimonials

There are a few things about the Ferruggia Renegade Diet that catch the eye immediately. First of all, the Renegade Diet for fast muscle gain and fat loss promises it will allow you to “feast til your hearts content every night of the week”.

Although it aims to deliver muscle gain and lose fat at the same time, it works because it is quite the effective body-recomposition plan. It’s not similar nor to the Paleo or Atkins or other difficult diet programs and one thing is for sure: the nutrition advices will seem a bit odd, not because of weird foods and plants, but because these might contradict what you’ve been taught how everyday nutrition should be.

There’ve been other fat loss diets that have claimed you can eat all the delicious carb stuffed meals you want and still be leaner. The Renegade Diet says it can do that for you by teaching you a few things about how your body works.

But first you will have to change your concept of nutrition. Although cereal commercials have taught the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to The Renegade Diet it’s not. Just as false is the concern of not eating after 6 pm, since studies have actually shown it’s not the timing that matters. Even the six meals per day advice is in the same category.

So, how does this diet help you gain muscle mass, burn fat and enjoy the best shape of your life? The secret is balance of what, when and what you eat and how the body works. And did I mention there’s a fasting phase?

Each such phase will be followed by a few light meals consisting of protein, fat and vegetables to push up your energy levels and productivity at work for instance. The fasting helps speed the fat loss process by giving the digestive system a well-deserved break and keeping your stamina at steady levels. Then, at the end of the day, there’s a four-hour feast that refuels your body with carbs.

Consumer reviews grant The Renegade Diet 5-star ratings. Consumers report losing anywhere from 10 to 39 lbs of body fat following this diet.

“I started The Renegade Diet three months before my wedding and lost 39 pounds of fat and simultaneously improved all my lifts” reads one of the product reviews. And even professionals have great reviews for The Renegade Diet. “Forget what you think you know about dieting and read this book” says Adam Bornstein, Editorial Director of LIVESTRONG.com. “The Renegade Diet a byproduct of a real life search for the best way to build muscle and burn fat” he concludes.

The Jason Ferruggia Renegade Diet book costs $39.99 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Best Summer Desktop Wallpapers of 2013 Are Here

You might not be the kind that actually has enough time at work to glance at the desktop wallpaper, in fact you might be still running the default background or the Christmas family picture.

You might be the kind that is always searching for the best desktop wallpapers, switching from one to the other every week or so. For both of you, there’s a place where you can find the trendiest and best wallpapers of the year, but for the day we’re just going to say the best summer wallpapers of the year are here, thanks to www.SuperbWallpapers.com.

There’s nothing worse taunting us while at work than the idea we’re not on holiday, having the time of our life partying on the beach, or simply gazing at the sun, enjoying the most relaxing and work-free day ever.

But then there’s the desktop wallpaper depicting a Caribbean sunrise on some exotic island, it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel and you start counting the days left before you will actually feel the sand in between your toes. You need a vibrant seaside desktop wallpaper from a place like Bora Bora, Greece, Maldives and let’s not forget the Caribbean.

There’s really nothing better to give you hope, boost your energy level and just put you in a positive mood like a great summer desktop wallpaper. Add some Haitian music or a recording of waves gently touching the beach and you’ll be getting a private spa session in no time. Just the right thing if you’re one of the billions of stressed-out parents and corporate employees.

Seeing as SuperbWallpapers has released its best summer desktop wallpapers list, it would have been a shame not to take a few minutes off work and relax watching breathtaking scenery with lovely beach houses, palm trees, lush beach resorts, lively swimming pools, refreshing park ponds, river mountains and islands from all over the world.

And if you’ve had your fair share of ocean and seaside wallpapers, then go nuts and choose poppy fields, storm clouds conquering the hill, green fields under the sun, dandelions in mountain scenery or even cities and towns that are simply amazing to be in during the summer. You might just find your next holiday destination.

Don’t panic if you’ll suddenly check the time and see you’ve been relaxing for more than 30 minutes with the best summer desktop wallpapers. It’s well worth the time!

Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Website Endorses PlexConnect as the Alternative to Jailbreak

It’s been years now since Plex has become a must-have presence on any jailbroken Apple TV and its absence on Apple TV 3 has had a lot of users disappointed of their experience.

Not anymore, because Plex devs have made a breakthrough that is bound to cause a new shift in the jailbreak community. With this occasion, the ATV3 Jailbreak website endorses PlexConnect for Apple TV 3 as the alternative to jailbreak.

It goes without saying, the release of a powerful and smart tool such as the PlexConnect is going to get attention and from the looks of it, this is the kind of breakthrough that could rechange the way users and devs have been thinking about hacking into iOS devices. The PlexConnect is an intelligent workaround Apple’s software restrictions, using Apple’s very own apps. It is able to get you access to all your Plex content without requiring a jailbreak first and it is compatible with both Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3.

As soon as the PlexConnect became available, AppleTV3Jailbreak.com devs took it for a test and we’re impressed. They released a review and tutorial for PlexConnect, explaining with enthusiasm how it works and why it marks an important shift in the jailbreak community, but more importantly for the end Apple TV user. “The PlexConnect hack is basically an app and a server that uses XML and Javascript” explains the website, “an amazing feature” that although requires some Terminal command knowledge, the installation tutorial makes it a lot easier.

The release of PlexConnect is the kind of morale booster the entire jailbreaking community seemed to be in need of. It not only gives the user a successful alternative to the ATV 3 jailbreak, but it is a brilliant solution that’s good enough evidence there’s still room for improvement and creativity when it comes to workarounds for Apple’s restrictive system. “It works by masquerading a program on your computer as the Trailer App” explains the PlexConnect blog post, “to give you access to your library on the Plex Media Server” and “it does all this just by changing one setting on your Apple TV”.

The tutorial on how to install PlexConnect on Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 without jailbreak required has been published earlier this week on the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak website and consists of easy-to-follow guidelines and explanations that cover the entire process, including the DNS configuration and IP address change.

Mike Davies, team leader at AppleTV3Jailbreak, recommends users who are really eager to use their Apple TV 3s to take advantage of the alternative provided by PlexConnect, while the dev team is busy working on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3. All progress will be announced via the News section of the jailbreak website.

To read more about PlexConnect, get the installation tutorial as well as jailbreak news and tutorials for Apple TV (3, 2 and 1) please visit www.appletv3jailbreak.com

Best Desktop Wallpapers of 2013

Looking for new art for your desktop wallpaper? Finding awesome HD wallpapers for your desktop is considerably easier, with countless dedicated websites at hand, but if it’s the trendiest you are looking for, you might be in for a bit of a hassle.

That’s why Daily Gossip has decided to look for the best desktop wallpapers of 2013 to make sure your wallpaper art matches your craze for originality, trends and yes, your personality.

So, how do you know which are the best and trendiest desktop wallpapers of the year? It’s easy. Just look for wallpapers linked to the year’s latest trends and most popular events, like a legendary movie or a highly anticipated game release. And of course, then there are the landscape and hot bikini models HD wallpapers that are always popular, no matter the season or the latest action movie hero.

Here is a list of the best wallpapers of 2013 that caught our eye. Check these HD wallpapers if you’re looking forward to change the looks of your desktop or are simply interested in knowing what are the trends for wallpapers this year:

Iron Man 3 made a huge splash, being Marvel’s latest hero movie. So if you loved the movie, an Iron Man HD wallpaper would be just great for your desktop. You can find a huge selection of awesome Iron Man wallpapers right here (http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/818041.html).

Same goes for Game of Thrones http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/794551.html and The Avengers http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/799862.html
Let’s talk games, because dedicated wallpapers are always top of the list in terms of image quality and design, and rest assured there is a great offer at hand, to suit all gamers. From Tomb Raider http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/818840.html to Minecraft http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/817882.html and World of Warcraft and Diablo III, you can find here http://hdw.eweb4.com/best-wallpapers-of-2013/ everything your heart desires.

But if you’re looking for trending games and wallpapers, download a sleek BioShock Infinite HD wallpaper that will totally rock your world, or get the latest version of Lara Croft kicking ass from your desktop.

When it’s not a statement you’re trying to make with your desktop’s wallpaper, you can always keep it safe with landscapes or hot models. Both are always popular, keeping current with the season and nobody will argue that waking up to a HD wallpaper of a serene and beautifully-detailed mountain landscape (http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/800610.html) is anything but a great way to start the day. And so is waking up to a hot bikini model (http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/801780.html) washing your favorite car on that same desktop.

The TT Boot Camp Games Review: 31 Addictive Games to Put Off Boredom and Triple Membership Fast

Boot camps are all the rage today, as working out and muscle toning has become a priority for many people today. People will turn to boot camps because they want something more intense than just a fitness class and something more muscle sculpting than karate. However, although more and more people want to live a healthy life, some boot camp businesses fail to achieve success. To keep your clients happy and committed you need to offer them an experience that makes your boot camp stand out.

According to the TT Boot Camp Games review of reasons why some boot camps fail, it is boredom eventually breaks everybody’s spirit and desire for workout. The program has 31 addictive done-for-you boot camp games that promise to triple membership as fast as four weeks and ward off boredom. The following review of the TTBootCampGames aims to see if this plug-and-play client magnet is actually worth the money.

The problem many boot camp owners today face is losing clients tired or bored with the session format. As they start to lose clients, they market aggressively to get new ones, but that doesn’t happen also.

Visit The Official TT Boot Camp Games program for More Info and CUstomer Testimonials.

Brian Kalakay, the brain behind the TT Boot Camp Games program, found that all you need to do is to keep current clients motivated and the new clients will come too in no-time and it’s all because of the addictive, fun and exciting boot camp games.

Boot Camp Games combine several recess style games and Turbulence Training fitness drills, which are particularly “designed to inflict ‘turbulence’ on the body”, burn fat and toning the muscle. Evidently, these aren’t your common boot camp games, but adding the martial arts and fitness elements to drills and games, Kalakay might have just stumbled upon a killer program that “would break boot camp boredom and keep them coming back for more”.

Exercises in the Boost Camp Games manual are designed for all fitness levels and promote variety of workout for fun sessions. Boot Camp Games will require stability balls, medicine balls, hula hoops, cones, balloons, tennis balls and body weight. The manual includes team building games, small group competitions and partner playoffs that encourage social interaction and teamwork.

The TT Boot Camp Games exercise manual sells for $39,00, a price tag that shouldn’t be overwhelming for the business owner interested in improving monthly membership revenue and client retention figures. The boot camp program is tested and basically served on a plate, saving you about $300 and about 60 hours of work. There deal also includes two bonuses worth $164. The resources you get for free teach you how to market using games, Facebook, reward systems, promotional prizes, referral tools and smart prizes. You will even get video tutorials that explain how to play each of the 31 addictive games and a manual that helps you with over 300 variations of relay races you and your clients can perform during the workout session.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with the TT Boot Camp Games program you can have your money back within the next 60 days after the purchase.

Top 3 Drawing and Painting Accessories for iPad

Nobody is arguing with your drawing and paintings skills, but if you’re planning to do it professionally, then you definitely need a brush or a stylus. You might be a master of canvas oil painting or lifelike drawings, but painting with your finger isn’t exactly the same kind of skill. But don’t worry, there are lots of iPad accessories for drawing and painting that pertain to all skill levels, budget and appeal for design.


Sensu Brush Portable Artist Brush and Stylus

For $39.99 you get a two-in-one drawing, painting and web browsing accessory that does quite a great job. The brush is made from synthetic hair with capacitive abilities that make painting on the iPad very similar to the real experience. When you use the brush, the tool is 7.2 inches, but the light design keeps things lean and doesn’t weight on the hand.




Nomad Compose for iPad

This brush is one of the top drawing and painting accessories released so far for iPad. It’s priced at $35 and features a low-friction brush with a tip that is definitely one of the most precise. The body is made from aluminum and it is quite the slim design making the paintbrush experience all the more leaner. There are several Nomad styli and brushes designed for iOS devices, including a $19.99 model for iPhone.

Pogo Sketch Pro

This is by far PC Mag’s favorite iPad stylus, the review concluding there’s no con against buying one. This is the premium stylus in Ten One Design’s offer for iPad drawing and painting accessories and PC Mag is sure the $24.95 price is well worth it. This “is a serious, well-balanced stylus” versatile enough for writing and drawing both. There are two screw-on tips available, each offering a different texture, one squishy, one rougher. According to its maker, the Pogo Sketch Pro stylus “is the most sensitive stylus on the market, and it’s 100% effective at every angle”. That’s definitely going to come in handy for all those countless papers that need your signature.

Best Animal-Themed Cases for iPhone 5

Cases aren’t just protective products for your iPhone but also great accessories that help you customize the exterior of your device to what your heart desires. Elegant, with minimalist design, see-through, with intricate designer-signed patterns, with in-built functional items or shaped as retro devices, cute and fluffy animals, there’s literally something in the iPhone 5 case market for everyone. Today, however, we’ve prepared for you a list of the best animal-themed cases for iPhone 5, and we found the cutest things ever. Just check them out for yourself.




Waddler Penguin case for iPhone 5 by Case-Mate

So, how much do you love penguins? Case-Mate is selling for $30 sleek-looking cases for iPhone 5 that make it look like a penguin. It’s what you’d call the black-tie animal themed case for iPhone 5. The case is made from flexible silicone and features textured and raised pieces that create the penguin design. The flipper charm is a nice final touch.




XING for iPhone 5 by Case-Mate

If we’re talking about Case-Mate and the coolest animal theme iPhone 5 cases, then you must definitely check out XING. It’s a cute panda case, also made from flexible silicone and also selling for $30. To add all the more to the cuteness overload, there’s a paw charm that comes with the panda case.






Animal Parade Case Series for iPhone 5 by Griffin

Transform your sleek iPhone 5 in a cute tiger or koala bear. The cases are made from silicone and although aren’t exactly slim, they do give you access to all screen, ports, controls and connectors, not to mention they’re definitely going to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s definitely a great gift for a kid or someone who loves or works with animals. A case costs $19.99.

Kazoo for iPhone 5 by Griffin

It’s the same accessory maker, but different animal-shaped chases for iPhone 5. Griffin’s Kazoo cases are slightly more expensive ($24.99) than the Animal Parade Case Series, but are so darn cute it’s hard to resist those faces. The cases are offered in two models: elephant and monkey shaped, are also made from soft and durable silicone and have a “paw print” covering the Home Button.

Are You a Busy CEO? You Must Try these iPhone Apps

As soon as the novelty and thrill of a new iPhone wears off, it’s time to actually put this powerful device at work and make it earn its money-worth. Multitasking and productivity apps will definitely help you harness the power of iPhone, particularly iPhone 5. And if you’re always on the go, having your trustworthy iPhone all geared up will help you stay in charge of your own business (small or big).

Have Expensify help with expense reports

Expensify is a free finance app for iOS that promises to give the experience of “expense reports that don’t suck”. That’s quite the hefty job, but Expensify does deliver on its promise. Well, as much as possible anyway, expense reports are nobody’s cup of tea. Expensify will sync credit cards and list purchases as you make them, can scan receipts and retrieve electronic receipts too. It also puts together a PDF report of expenses you can forward to the financial department.

Use CamCard when exchanging business cards

CamCard is a business app for iOS that basically transforms your iPhone in a scanner and works as a Business Card Reader. Just take a picture of a business carder being handed to you and you’ll definitely know where to find the information. The app saves contact information in your device’s Address Book or Card Holder. It also recognizes text in five languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Install FlightAware Flight Tacker to avoid delays and missed flights

Nobody loves to be stranded in an airport because of a missed flight, simply because of a wrong turn or confusing buildings. FlightAware Flight Trace is a free iOS app (that means iPad, iPhone and iPod) that gives you real-time info about flight status, commercial flights and even private and charter flights in US and Canada. It allows you to search information by using route, airline, flight number, city pair, airport code and aircraft registration. It also keeps you notified about cancellations, delays and gate changes.

These Are the Best Car Accessories for iPhone 5

Apps and accessories can transform your iPhone in the most useful device ever. Whether you need it to communicate with the guys at the office, to plan the day’s schedule with your assistant, to avoid route delays and speeding tickets or just to make the long commute less boring and annoying, we’ve put together a list of the best car accessories for iPhone 5. Remember though that in some states accessories such as radar detectors are illegal.

Proclip Mounts

Oftentimes, the only car accessory for iPhone 5 you need is a mount. There are lots of models available and Proclip’s mounts are top of the list. You can order an iPhone 5 mount that will fit your exact vehicle. Just choose the maker, the model and the year, then the smartphone brand and model. Some mounts and holders don’t work with cases, covers, shields, wraps or skins, but just select an adjustable folder to fit those too.




RAM Mounts

If you’re really looking for an iPhone 5 car mount that does more than just sit there, you need to consider investing about $24 in a RAM mount. This accessory can be used for cars, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes and it comes in several adapted versions such as Universal X-Grip, Weather Resistant Aqua-Box 20 and Model Specific Cradle.






Cobra iRadar

This is an accessory that serves as you must have figured it out by now as a smart radar detector. You mount it on your windshield or dash and it sends data about your car’s battery (if it’s electric) and announces speed traps using GPS. You need to combine it with the app (free on App Store), which allows you to change settings, receive red light camera alerts and view visual alerts. It costs $129.95.




Escort SmartRadar detector for iPhone 5

Escort is Cobra’s main competitor when it comes to radar detectors for iPhone 5. It not only alerts you of upcoming speed traps but also lets you know when your driving puts you at risk of an accident or speed ticket. There’s all-band radar and laser protection, real time alerts on North America driving lanes and it can also locate red light and fixed-speed camera locations. The best part is that the detector isn’t visible from the windshield. It does have quite a hefty price, $399.95 on App Store.

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