Carolina Panthers change logo

Carolina Panthers have announced on Monday that they have changed their logo for the first time in 17 years. The new emblem is not very different than the previous one. There have been several updates made so it would look more modern and stylish.

The announcement accompanied by the new logo was first posted on the company’s website. According to the declarations of the Carolina Panthers President Danny Morrison the new logo is more aggressive and contemporary due to these subtle changes. He further stated that the company wanted to preserve the logo because it enables fans to identify the team.

Even though the new emblem has been publicly presented, Morrison claims the sign will be gradually adopted throughout 2012. The company’s next move is to create new uniforms decorated with the new logo. The eye and the mouth of the panther are the only elements that have been modified. In addition, the panther is much more defined now because the white outline around the image has been removed.

The intention of the art designer was to create a three-dimensional logo. Consequently, the panther’s whiskers are no longer white, but blue and the eyebrows have been completely deleted for a sleeker look.

The logotype has also suffered certain modifications. The 1995 emblem was written with a more flexible font, whereas the new one presents straight and equal letters. According to the company’s statements, the logotype had to be refined in order to become a modern reflection of the Panthers brand. The artist has alluded to the swipe of a panther by incorporating a three-stripe element in the ‘A’ letter of the word ‘Panthers’.

Even though Cam Newton did not impress his fans through his Sunday Pro Bowl performance, the American football team drew everyone’s attention with its changed logo. The team has no games scheduled until April 2012, so we shouldn’t expect to see the uniforms anytime soon.

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