Cara Delevingne Talks about Mental Issues

Popular model Cara Delevingne has been dealing with some mental health issues for quite some time. The star decided to talk now about her struggle during an interview with The Edit. Cara, who is 25 years old now, revealed that she has suffered from depression since her teenage years.

Cara is without a doubt one of the most successful models and actresses at the moment. However, this does not mean that the star’s life has been easy. Cara claimed during her interview that depression has been a constant in her life ever since her teenage years. The model claimed that she actually hated herself.

“Teenagers can be very, very cruel. I wasn’t into the same things that all my popular friends were. I was a very late developer,” Cara said during her interview. “I didn’t have boobs or start my period till very late. And that whole thing of being called frigid, and being flat-chested…I felt alienated and alone, because I was like: What’s wrong with me?” she explained.

The popular model revealed that she took all the anger she had against herself. “I always wanted people to love me, so I never got angry with them; I turned my anger on to myself,” Cara said. “Instead of using [my] sword and shield [to protect myself], I just put my shield up and stabbed myself.” Cara also revealed that she was very aware of what was happening to her and she even went to the point in which she thought about committing suicide.

“I hated myself for being depressed, I hated feeling depressed, I hated feeling. I was very good at disassociating from emotion completely. And all the time I was second-guessing myself, saying something and then hating myself for saying it. I didn’t understand what was happening apart from the fact that I didn’t want to be alive anymore,” the model said.

Cara also said that she tried to tell some of her close ones about what was going on with her, but people were not able to understand or help her. The model explained that many of her friends could not understand because she was “the luckiest girl in the world.” “I know, trust me, I know. I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I understand all of these things, and I wish I could appreciate it. There is just something dark within me I cannot seem to shake.” The model said that she finally learned how to deal with depression.

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