Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC, secure and fast

The Buffalo MiniStation Extreme is not just a simple portable drive. Moreover, this new device not only that is fat, but it also includes protection against accidental drops and shocks.

To complete the list, the Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC is also water-resistant. So, what to ask more from a portable drive? Well, it comes with a secure data encryption feature that can use a near-field communication, known as NFC. Yes, just like a smartphone. This portable drive also features its own integrated wraparound USB cable, which can save the user from carrying an extra cable. 

Along with these great features, Buffalo MiniStation also has some catches. Unfortunately, the drive is bulkier compared with other portable drives on the market, and obviously is more expensive. This portable drive can be found at the price of 130-200 dollars for 1TB and 2TB capacity. Probably, the Buffalo is not for any customer, but if someone is looking for a drive that can protect their data against mishaps, this is the perfect device. Buffalo is also an excellent buy due to its NFC-enabled phone.

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC measures 3.51×5.04×0.71-inches, meaning that this drive is quite large, approximately twice compared with a typical portable drive on the market. Probably, many customers will opt for WD Elements or Seagate Expansion, due to their smaller volume. When buying a Buffalo MiniStation, users will not be able to easily put it in their pocket. However, it is important to be mentioned that it is still portable. The reason that this portable device is this bulk is due to the fact that it comes with layers of protection. The company declared that this drive features US military standard shock protection and specialized internal bumpers designed to absorb and transfer shock away.

This means that the drive can survive drops from approximately 1.3 meters and it can handle water spray at an up to 50-60-degree angle. It is also worth knowing that this drive is dust-proof. The Buffalo MiniStation also support 256-bit AES Full Disk Encryption to protect user’s data from unauthorized access. Owners will need to pick a password that they need to enter each time when they plug the drive into a computer.

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